So last week we rounded up all our top selling perfumes for women. Now we don’t want to make all you guys out there feel left out, or if you’re looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life and don’t know which to go for’ let us give you a little help! Our top 10 choices for the Men’s Aftershave coming up!

1. Armani Diamonds. The Armani Diamonds range if a firm favourite here at FD, for both men and women. The Diamonds scent is fresh and daring, it includes notes of bergamot and guaiac wood with base notes of cacao and amber. Its masculine aroma is really long lasting and perfect for those special occasions where you really want to make an impression.

2. Next up we have Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet. Now this aftershave comes in a sleek luxurious bottle that is made of glass, metal and silicone to really give off that masculine look. The scent is intense and bold, with strong notes that will be sure to leave you irresistible! A powerful combination of notes including Amber and mint, pepper and a base of vanilla and oakmoss. This powerful scent is the definition of masculine and is perfect for the confident male.

3. Carolina Herrera 212 Man is a contemporary scent for the young, modern man. Fragrance Direct customers love the 212 range and this one for males is a firm favourite for its deep, masculine scent. The fragrance opens with fresh notes of green apple and grapefruit and finishes with base notes of musk, cedar and sandalwood. It’s the perfect aftershave if you are looking for an everyday scent that can be worn both day and night.

4. Davidoff Cool Water is a classic scent that was first introduced in 1988, the first aquatic male scent to hit the market. Ever since the Cool Water range has been really popular and it’s easy to see why. The scent is cool and sexy, a distinctive scent that will soon be your signature! It is a refreshing and interesting blend of sea water, mint, lavender and rosemary and base notes of musk, oakmoss, cedar and amber. This iconic aftershave for the striking man.

5. Burberry Touch for Men is a unique fragrance that is loved by men of all ages. This classic scent is a woody, floral aftershave that is perfect for daytime or evening wear. The notes include Artemisia and violet leaf complimented with a splash of citrus mandarin orange. With base notes of tonka bean, vetiver and white musk. A truly classic scent that is loved by many.

5 of our top 10 mens aftershaves

6. Next on the list we have Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. This aftershave is a popular choice here at FD, the aromatic and wood scent combined with spicy elements gives it a cool and modern edge. Top notes include Brazilian rosewood, clary sage and rosemary and base notes of honey, amber and musk make this the perfect casual fragrance for every day wear.

7. Armani He EDT is described as a mossy and woody fragrance. Ideal for any occasion you need to make an impression because of its deep and masculine aroma. Notes include bergamot, sage, cardamom and tonka bean.

8. Another popular brand for FD is Diesel and the Only the Brave range is a winner. The aftershave is a woody and oriental fragrance, opening with notes of leather, lemon, amber and cedar wood. The fragrance is perfectly represented by the clenched fist shape of the bottle, a rich and masculine scent!

9. Calvin Klein Obsession for Men is a timeless and classic scent for men. The aftershave always holds a place in our top sellers for men due to the masculine and powerful aroma. It has a distinctive scent that is instantly recognisable; notes include bergamot, grapefruit, lime and cinnamon and base notes of amber and sandalwood. A perfect choice for the classic gentleman.

10. Finally on the list we have Joop Homme. Joppe Homme is a sensual, masculine fragrance that is perfect for the younger guy. The aftershave includes notes of orange blossom, mandarin, bergamot and Amalfi lemon, finishing with sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla to create a warming oriental side to the composition. This aftershave is super long lasting and perfect for casual, everyday wear.

our other 5 top 10 aftershaves for men

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