It’s going viral and that’s because Korean skincare trends are some of the most innovative in the beauty industry and can always be guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention. Today, we’re going crazy over glass skin which is actually the fancy name for clear, luminous, seemingly transparent skin, that transparent you can see through it like glass! It’s all about cleansing and layering lightweight, hydrating skincare products to help create the appearance of glowing, dewy skin. So, if you’re up for jumping on to this new trend and testing it out for yourself, just carry on reading…

A gentle cleanser is the perfect place to start. As with any and every skincare routine, it’s super important to make sure your skin is free of any oil and dirt throughout the day or from your pillow at night while you sleep. As you’ll be following up with an exfoliator, a gentle cleanser is the way forward.
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The next step is to, of course, exfoliate. It’s a totally crucial step in achieving that ‘glass’ skin look because it works to buff away all the dead, dull-looking skin cells from the surface of your complexion. However, because you’ll be aiming to have this super nourished-looking skin for the whole day, you’re best off using a gentle exfoliator for the morning time so that you aren’t making your skin all red and irritated underneath some of the makeup you’ll be applying.
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After this, it’s time to get serum-ous! Seriously. Glass skin is all about that dewy goddess glow so hydrating your skin to the max is not up for debate – it’s an absolute must. After you’ve cleansed and exfoliated, you can apply your serum onto damp skin to provide you with the most intense hydration. Most serums are absorbed fairly quickly and will leave your skin looking and feeling plump and youthful.
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Layer up! That’s right, more moisture is coming your way. You’ll want to layer a moisturiser on top of the serum you previously let soak in. What this will do is effectively lock in the moisture and give you that ‘glass skin’ glow. A water-based moisturiser is definitely the best way to go, just apply a light, even layer and smooth it all over your entire complexion until it’s all absorbed.
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For that extra coverage, you’ll want to choose a foundation or bb cream that is moisturising – steer clear of any mattifying or oil-control formulas as they will reverse all the work you’ve just put in. A medium-coverage is great to correct any redness or dark under eyes as well as letting your beauty marks and freckles show through.
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Do NOT set your foundation. As tempting as it may be due to it being part of your holy grail routine, instead of powdering immediately afterwards, pick a lotion instead. And by this, I mean a hydrating lotion such as illuminator drops. To add a gorgeous bright sheen, squeeze a little bit on your fingertips and tap it delicately onto your skin in a c-shape around the outer corners of your eyes stretching from your cheekbone to your browbone on each side. For a cute effect, add some to the tip of your nose, cupids bow and inner corners of your eyes.
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Finally, you’re going to want to give your cheeks a lick of colour with a cream blush or bronzer but keep your eyes as subtle as possible. This will also give you that no-makeup effect that everyone is always going crazy after! Your eyebrows will always be a staple in framing your face and are bound to make you feel more put together too so adding some product there will help you to really complete this natural, ultra-nourished look. Have fun re-creating!