When you’re halfway through the month and have still got quite the distance to go until payday, a trip to the salon is simply just not an option. Especially for luxury treatments like blow dries. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure you’ve been there where you’ve secretly envied that girl with the perfect bouncy, loosely curled hair that’s been styled to perfection. Am I wrong? Didn’t think so. Well, today we’re delivering you the ultimate guide on how to achieve the blow dry of your dreams and we even stock all of the products. Let’s dive in!

First up, when washing your hair, you’re going to want to use a super nourishing hair mask in preparation for the heat and styling coming your way. Exposure to high heat while unprotected can leave your hair feeling parched and looking visibly stressed so this step is a must in order to get that gorgeous shiny, healthy-looking finish. When applying, pay close attention to the ends of your hair and leave it on for five to ten minutes to truly work its magic.
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When you’ve stepped out of the shower, whilst your hair is still damp, spray in a bunch of heat protector. It’s just part of the process. Any heat protection spray will do just the trick but we recommend this one from Label M as it features the latest innovation in heat protection technology.
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Then to really lock in that heat protection and give the product something else to sink into your hair with, hair oil is a perfect match. It will also give your hair that gorgeous glossy shine you’ve been pining over for so long. The texture of your hair will depend on how absorbent it is, the general rule is the thicker or curlier your hair the more oil you add till it feels super nourished.
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Now, this next step is super important to give your hair that classic blow dry ‘memory’. As you may have seen from the results of someone getting a professional blow dry at the hairdresser’s, the beautiful bouncy results normally last for a few days and even up to a week if well cared for every day and evening. To do this, you need a slightly thicker product in the form of a lotion. Therefore, once this product has been blow-dried into your hair, it will act as a mould for your hair once it’s been styled.
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So you’ve got all the products in to give your hair that shiny, bouncy finesse but the trick to emphasising the style is lifted roots! To stop your hair from falling flat, creating height at the crown in vital. All you need is a little bit of specially made root lift spray followed up by a good blow dry technique which we’re just about to move on to.
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When it comes to blow dry techniques you’ll be able to find a bunch of tutorials online that will show you just how exactly to do it. However, to really get the most lift and bounce to your blow dry, use a big barrelled brush and take small sections and blow dry your hair upwards from the root and out. You’ll need to repeat this all over your head and make sure you fully dry your hair as this will fully fuse the products together too.
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Finally, to finish off, take a small amount of a styling product to tame flyaways and add that final layer of gloss. It will also act as a barrier to help protect your hair from frizz and other environmental factors too.
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