And now… for our final instalment of the bargain series. Today we’re showcasing a whole load of goodies that are all less than £1. Are you excited or are you excited? It’s items like these that are the perfect add-to-bag purchase to get your total up so you’re eligible for free delivery. Now, when you think of products for less than a singular pound, you might be thinking that they wouldn’t be the best quality, but little did you know, thanks to our amazing discounts we’re always serving up luxury for less. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Aussie Mini 3 Minute Miracle Treatment Colour – First up is this hair treatment that protects and strengthens your coloured strands. From the cult brand Aussie who is much-loved by the influencers of Instagram’s beauty world, this product is a favourite thanks to its rich Australian Wild Peach Extract that deeply conditions dry and damaged hair and replenishes your colour to give you vibrant, healthy and bouncy locks!

Nuage Argan Oil Cleansing Facial Wipes Twin Pack – Next we move on to a staple for any makeup-wearer and that is, of course, a packet of makeup wipes. But these aren’t just any old wipes. They’re immersed in nourishing exotic argan oil to provide you with a quick and easy makeup removal experience. Great for removing all traces of makeup, dirt and oil from throughout the day on your face, they’re a classic. For just 99p you can get hold a twin pack right now too. What more could you ask for?

Nuage Skin Energising Facial Scrub – Another incredible product from the brand Nuage is this beauty. After you’ve removed your makeup, why not go ahead and refresh your skin with this ginseng and ginger goody? Its unique scrub formula penetrates to remove even more dirt and oil from your pores to leave your face feeling fresh and purified whilst looking energised and the healthiest it’s ever been.

Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish – If you’re after a nail polish that isn’t going to break the bank, this range from Maybelline has totally and completely got you covered fingertips to toes – literally. It’s not every day that we can afford to whisk ourselves off to a beautician for a full set of gels or acrylics so on those days or evenings that you’d like something a little extra, this is the perfect polish range. We’re also currently stocking an absolutely stunning green glitter shade called Make A Scene that you just need to try out!

Cyclax Nature Pure Handwash Amber & Lemon Blossom – As we begin the transition into autumn it’s nice to transition scents around the home too. Now, we all know that hand wash isn’t the most exciting beauty product on the planet but an indulgent scent really does make a difference. So why not try out autumnal amber and lemon blossom? It’s a delicious scent that will leave your hands feeling well-cleansed, soft, supple and refreshed after each wash.

Royal Cosmetics Pink Duo Pencil Sharpener – Finally, we have this little gadget that is last on the list. We’ve all been there when our favourite lip liner or kohl pencil has gone blunt or is at that awkward angle where it half-applies correctly and half-scratches and pulls at your skin while you desperately try and get all of the pigment out of it you can. Therefore, this duo sharpener from Royal Cosmetics is the answer to all your blunt-ended problems.

Even though those are all the products we’re sharing with you today, you can still go ahead and visit our website for even more goodies that are all less than £1!