ManFace Reviews Ralph Lauren

ManFace Reviews Ralph Lauren

We’re extending a warm welcome back to Thom from the ultimate men’s grooming blog, to review one of our best selling men’s fragrances, Ralph Lauren Polo Red. As a qualified beauty industry insider, we trust him to give you the best in-depth review of this classic scent for men, so it’s over to you ManFace..

With red sage, red saffron and lavender, mounted on a base of red woods, amber and coffee beans, Polo Red by Ralph Lauren created by Olivier Gillotin is something rather fabulous and a welcome addition to the world of men’s fragrance.

Olivier Gillotin is renowned for fabulous men’s scents including one of my first and all time favourite scents, Be Delicious Men by DKNY. It strays away from the classic Ralph Lauren fragrances with those sweeter notes contrasted with a soft and prominent base. There’s a top of grapefruit, lemon and cranberry; a heart of saffron and lavender and a base of woods, amber and coffee beans.


Housed in a red-painted glass bottle, Polo Red is all about the daytime for me ‘ being easy to wear and accessible to all. It’s got a touch of Paco Robanne fragrances such as Invictus and 1 Million, and correct me if I’m wrong but maybe a teensy touch of Eros by Versace, the same mellow fruitiness (Eros has a top Lemon and Apple whilst Polo has Lemon and Cranberry).

It’s pretty long-lasting and if you decide to wear it for work say, you might want to give yourself a quick top-up around lunchtime. What’s fabulous about this is that as you’re ready to leave the office, for drinks or a hot date, you can throw on your favourite evening scent without fear of it becoming an unsavoury blend.

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren comes in three fabulous sizes, 125ml for £49.99, 75ml for £34.99 and 40ml for £25.99. There’s also a gorgeous hair and body wash that will allow you to layer the scent for a longer lasting fragrance, priced at £16.99 for 200ml.

By Thom Watson.

Meet The Perfect Signature Scent for Him

Meet The Perfect Signature Scent for Him

Men are tricky to buy for ‘ Fact. Men are even trickier to buy for when it involves a fragrance ‘ Double fact. Whether you’re on the hunt for a signature scent for yourself or if you’re a lady looking for the right fragrance for him, it’s important to consider a number of factors.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon (yes, I dropped the V word!), you should want to smell incredible, whether it’s a hot date you have lined up or a hot ready meal for one. Having a signature scent is important because a favourite fragrance can actually tell a lot about your personality and interests, not to mention the fact that it’s always good to smell nice.

There are many reasons why you should find your signature scent ‘ most importantly, it makes it quicker to get ready in the mornings. Yes, really! If you find a fragrance that you can rely on, then it’s simple to just spritz and go ‘ no need for trying to cater your scent to an occasion or outfit. Did you also know that the right scent can attract women? Just like the smell of an amazing piece of leather or our favourite food cooking in the oven, we’re enticed by scents we like. If your first date goes well, we’ll also always remember the first fragrance we smelt on you so make it a good one!

Fragrance Families

Each fragrance belongs to a family, so it’s good to identify the type of scents that you like. Do florals take your fancy? Are ambers more your thing or do you love the strong scent of woods? These are the things you need to consider before you make a purchase.

More modern scents have evolved to include citrus-based fragrances and aquatic ingredients which usually classify them as a unisex scent. Alternatively, there are also green scents which are light, breezy and usually contain notes like cucumber or grass.

Let Your Personality Be Your Guide

What kind of guy are you? Take your interests and hobbies into consideration when it comes to selecting your signature scent. If you’re the more sporty type, it’s good to opt for fragrances that are fresh and long lasting, so that if you hit a hard session in the gym, you’re going to be remembered for your eau de toilette, not your sweaty stench!

Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water is a sharp and intensely fresh fragrance for men. Not only is Cool Water an iconic scent but it also contains notes of peppermint, spicy coriander and lavender which classes it as a musk and amber scent. Although it’s a classic, Davidoff Cool Water is suitable for men of all ages and is a great signature scent to start with.

212 Men

Do you consider yourself quite the ladies man? If the answer is yes, we couldn’t think of a more befitting scent than Carolina Herrera 212 Men. This is a fragrance for the confident, modern male who specializes in urban seduction. This is an energetic smell that contains a floral blend of lavender, grapefruit and bergamot which creates a very sensual scent. 212 Men is quite a romantic fragrance that will be a sure hit with the ladies.

Joop homme wild

So there’s confident and then there’s cocky with a little bit of a wild side. If you like to unleash your inner animal, Joop Homme Wild is a fragrance to consider. The ultimate bad boy scent, Homme Wild entices the wearer with a sensual sweetness which is created with notes of Pink Pepper, Blond Wood and the unusual addition of Absolute Rum. Wear this and you’ll become the man that all the other boys want to be.

Top Tip – One thing to remember when you’re looking for a new fragrance is to not smell too many at once! Spraying more than 3 fragrances in an instant can de-senitise the nose, meaning that all fragrances will eventually smell the same!

Christmas Starts Here

Christmas Starts Here

It may not be time to get the Christmas tree out just yet but if one thing’s certain, it is that Santa is getting his list ready. If you’re like many of the Fragrance Direct customers, beauty essentials and new fragrances will be top of your wish list this festive season. Whether you’re browsing for yourself or putting in the preparation early, Fragrance Direct have gone all festive, just for your shopping needs.

Working hard this year, we’ve put together a range of Christmas categories that are full of gift ideas. We’ve really thought about what you would like to find for that special someone this year so if you’re searching for your other half, your parents, your brother or sister, hopefully you can take home a little piece of Fragrance Direct this winter season.


Top Gift Sets for Her

If you know what fragrance your loved one likes, then why not add a little extra to their present with a gift set? When it comes to gift giving, I think we all have our own unwritten rules about finding that perfect gift and personally, I think taking the gift set route has never led you in the wrong direction. You get to receive a new bottle of your favourite scent or have the exciting opportunity to find a new fragrance with the added bonus of more for your money! One ladies gift set that has caught the eye of the Fragrance Direct team is from Marc Jacobs. The Marc Jacobs Daisy 50ml gift set is so characteristically Marc Jacobs with cute with its bow like box design which houses the iconic Daisy fragrance along with a body lotion and shower gel that will see the receiver long through the new year.


Top Gift Sets for Him

Men have typically been categorised as ‘easy to buy for’ but this doesn’t mean that we can’t put any thought into their present! Aside from the practical, humorous and generic present ideas that we usually delve into every Christmas, it’s time to think outside of the box by looking at the perfect ‘box’. Do you catch our drift? This Christmas, we’ve put together a list of gift boxes for him that will become the perfect way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to the man in your life. One of this year’s winner fragrances has to be Paco Rabanne Invictus, which has taken the male grooming world by storm. It’s now available as part of a stylish 50ml gift set which includes the fragrance, along with a shower gel so that he can incorporate this new scent into his everyday routine.


Fragrances Under £20

You’re shopping on Fragrance Direct, so we suspect you may be looking for a perfume or aftershave to treat someone this Christmas. It truly is the thought that counts this festive season, so we wanted to take the heat off of your present buying and your bank balance by putting together some of our top fragrances for under £20. One Direction ‘Our Moment’ is one of the popular fragrances that feature in this category. This fruity fragrance is perfect for treating any One Direction fan, young or old and even if you aren’t a fan of the The X Factor born group, this is a fresh and floral scent that is suitable for wearing on any occasion.


Secret Santa Suggestions
We’re already thinking about our Secret Santa gifts here in the Fragrance Direct office. No matter how tempted we are to make it a funny one, we know that we have to add the element of ‘fragrance’ into the mix, therefore, we’ve put together a list of Secret Santa Suggestions for you to choose from. You don’t even need to spend over £5 to surprise someone and treat them to fragrances from the likes of Brut; the classic fragrance brand for men. The Brut Original Gift Set is the ideal reminiscent fragrance gift that will become his next signature scent.


Gifts for Girlfriends

Listen up boys, because I know you’re reading! You may think you have it all sussed when it comes to your girlfriend’s Christmas present but before you go purchasing that elaborate gift that you’re certain she’ll ‘love’, take a minute to think about what her favourite fragrance is. Fragrance is such a personal gift, so if you get it right, you’ll earn major brownie points for being the best partner ever! The Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Femme Gift Set is a sweet and floral fragrance which is easy to wear during the day. Included in this pretty gift set is a shower gel and body lotion so that your girlfriend can pamper herself during the winter months.


Gifts for Boyfriends

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be rushing around like a headless chicken in the run up to Christmas, trying to find that ‘unique’ and perfect present for your boyfriend. Leave the stress at home and treat him to a fragrance that he’ll love. Carolina Herrera 212 Men Eau de Toilette is a masculine and sexy fragrance that you’ll be happy to have him wear. Containing notes of lavender, grapefruit and musk, this is an intense scent that is good for every day wear.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Let us know by leaving a comment below!