If you have fine, limp or thinning hair then Swell is a hair care brand you need to know about. The products in the Swell range were designed to provide a real, natural, long term solution for people with fine and limp hair. Whether you have fine hair, baby fine hair, thinning hair or are just looking for some extra volume Swell can dramatically help you. The secret of Swell lies in our Root Nutrient Complex, a unique blend of 18 carefully selected botanical actives sourced from around the world.

We caught up with the founders of the brand Jonathan Stallick and Andrew Bidwell to have a chat about their inspirations for the range.

Jonathan Stallick is the founder of Barefoot Doctor (which later became Barefoot Botanicals) and has been in the cosmetics industry for nearly 20 years. When they first launched Barefoot Doctor they were one of the only few natural cosmetics brands on the market. Now, there is so much more competition with new natural brands entering the market every month.


So where did Swell come from?
Jonathan looked at the hair care market and saw that volumizing products just weren’t that good. He was also interested in finding out if there was any natural active combinations that could work to improve volume. Then he met Andrew Bidwell, a successful hair stylist. They quickly discovered that fine, limp and thinning hair was a real problem and wanted to introduce a product that was new, natural, superior and results-driven that offered a new approach to volume and health.

What does Swell offer that other products don’t?
When Jonathan and Andrew looked at the products on the market they found that there was a big gap in terms of expectations and performance. Most volumizing products tended to focus on a quick but temporary fix, rather than getting to the root of the problem. They spent almost two years formulating and testing Swell so that it would give immediate volume, blow dries that lasted for days rather than hours, improved hair growth and reduced hair loss when used regularly. Swell makes hair healthier and stronger, rather than damaging the hair as some brands can do.

What are the best things women with thinning or fine hair can do to keep their locks looking their best?
The best thing women with fine, thinning hair can do is invest in Swell! The sooner they start using it the sooner they will see results and start to love their hair. Women with fine hair should avoid using silicones at all costs, silicone is the death of volume for fine hair as it lays industrial oil on already soft hair.