In just one spritz, a single fragrance can transport you back through time. Scents are powerful. They can bring back memories in an instant. But they can also make them. If you have a special holiday with a loved one or your best friends coming up, why not treat yourself to a new fragrance this summer and make it unforgettable? In the world of perfumery, fragrances become legendary and live on for decades. So, in years to come, when you least expect it, you’ll stumble across that fragrance again and it will be like the summer of 2019 was just yesterday. Here are some incredible new-in perfume and aftershave picks to give you some inspiration!

Summertime calls for Black Opium! We’re in the depths of festival season and you couldn’t pick a better fragrance than this one. YSL Black Opium Exotic Illusion is a new limited-edition bottle of the original scent for women with an added shot of ‘summer vibes’. We mentioned making memories earlier and what better way to make them than to associate your new fragrance with your favourite music? With a blend of rich black coffee, cedar, patchouli, sensual vanilla and vibrant jasmine, this one is addictive with an electrifying edge!

Alternating now to a new men’s fragrance is the Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend which is a fierce aftershave made up of spicy-woody notes. Featuring metallic geranium, green laurel and salty grapefruit, this fresh aftershave is intoxicating. It also has smoky guaiac wood, red amber and honey too which just give it that extra something.

Next up is their legendary fragrance for women: Paco Rabanne Olympea Legend which is an oriental fragrance for the ultimate goddess. If you’re a fan of sweet floral scents, this might just be the one for you. This one is voluptuously divine with salty vanilla-plum and tonka beans – it’s dazzling and completely arresting.

Back to men’s aftershaves, a great fragrance for summer is the Calvin Klein Eternity Flame For Men. It has luxurious scent layers of rich amber and leathery tones over bright fruits giving it a slightly warmer feel with enough intensity to generate a surge of confidence. This rich scent is a must-have and one of those that would also make a great gift too.

Prada Candy Night is a cocktail of femininity. This night-time fragrance would be perfect for the woman who enjoys a long-lasting scent for the evening, whether that’s dinners with friends or a night on the town. The patchouli, musk, tonka bean and cocoa notes ensure irresistible depth to give you the perfect deep, fruity scent for the night.

Finally, our last recommendation is the Davidoff Run Wild fragrance for men. It’s a great one for the warmer season and truly is summer in a bottle. Discover a new sense of freshness with raw and noble notes as this elegant yet sensual fragrance is set to spread the addictive scent of freedom. With lavender bush, fir balsam, tonka bean and cinnamon bark, Davidoff’s Run Wild will quickly become a favourite.