Every girl knows how much of a key player bronzer is to their makeup bag. Whether you rely on it for adding some colour to your complexion or sculpting your face, a good bronzer that is perfectly matched to your skin works wonders. Today we are looking at 3 reasons why we LOVE bronzer here at fragrance direct and how we use it;

When buying yourself a bronzer you want one that is 1/2 shades darker than our natural skin tone. This will help give your winter skin a much-needed sun kissed healthy glow. When applying bronzer, you want to work in the number 3 motion, working your way from your forehead, around your eye to your cheek then round your mouth to your chin, this will emphasis your cheek bones and give shape to your face. When trying to find the perfect match if you have a paler complexion, we would suggest a shear coppery colour that has peachy undertones. We want to stay clear of any shades of orange as we all know that is not a good look. If you have medium to olive tones in your skin, then you want to be looking a chocolatey matte bronzer that will bring a warmth to your face. If you have a darker tone don’t look for one too much darker than your natural complexion. You want it to have blue undertones to emphasis your shape and add some definition.

Another reason bronzer has rightly earned its position amongst our make up bag heroes is due to it being a fabulous eye eyeshadow colour. Whether you use it to add a little warmth to a simple everyday look or as a neutral base for a heavier eye bronzer is a fabulous way to draw subtle emphasis to your look. With an eyeshadow brush, in circular motions work the bronzer into your crease, blending out the edges so you don’t leave any harsh lines.

Bronzer is not only used for the details it is used to blend everything in. Often when applying makeup, we can get build ups in areas which cause things we refer to as ‘lines. This can often happen around our ears and jawline so using your bronzer you can work the make up into our neck. This means there is no change in tones, and uneven matches. Brushes, when applying makeup can make an invaluable difference to the application so make sure you are not using a brush which will cover the entire surface area of your cheeks. Here are 3 recommendations from Fragrance direct from a high, medium and low-price budget;

The first is the popular W7 Life’s a Beach Matte Bronzing Powder in the Beach Please shade this gives you that sun kissed glow while sculpting your face in the areas you want. When applying this bronzer, use a fluffy brush and knock off all the excess before applying.

Our next choice would be the Mii Bronzing Face Finish for its velvet finish. This ultra-refined mineralized powder gives you a super smooth, sheer, natural glow and sweeps easily across your skin.

Then the Collistar Silk Effect Bronzing Powder in Bora Bora shade 8 gives you that subtle everyday sunned look. With its ultra-light and easy to apply formula it gives you that gorgeous healthy glow with a silky texture.

If you’re looking for a bronzer that you can use to blend your neck, shoulder and body into then the Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body shimmer is one will enhance all your targeted areas such as your collarbones. This is an easy to use, quick fix solution for those summer nights you haven’t pre tanned for.