If you’re looking for a sexy, classy summer scent, YSL have it covered. We’ve always been big fans of the Mon Paris range. Bottling the essence of the world’s most romantic city, this gorgeous collection of perfumes is heady, sensual and 100% stylish. In fact, you could say that Parisian chic has never smelt so good.
The real question for any true French-inspired fashionista, is which Mon Paris perfume calls to you? Here’s the lowdown on the original Eau de Parfum compared to the brand new, and utterly scrumptious YSL Mon Paris EDT. And if you can’t decide which one is your next signature scent, you’ll just have to plump for them both!

Are you a Mon Paris Eau de Parfum girl?
If you’re a strong, sophisticated, confident woman, this is the perfect perfume for you.
This intoxicating fragrance is inspired by lovers everywhere. Seductive, passionate and bold, a few dabs and you’ll feel like a true goodness of love. Even better, it’s sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons by your big crush.

Perfect for:
This is the ultimate date-night scent. At the heart of the fragrance, you’ll catch the bewitching signature of Datura Orchid, a flower that blossoms in the night-time. This makes it the ideal fragrance for a big night out, especially during those longer summer evenings.

Is the new Yves Saint Mon Paris EDT for you?
Also inspired by the first flush of love, YSL’s new Paris EDT spins those heart-fluttering themes to a new level.
Fun, captivating and romantic, it’s just the thing when you need a compelling fragrance. It’s light enough to suit any occasion, and it’s always sure to make you feel utterly glamourous.

Perfect for:
Sunny daytime revelling, and fun nights out. The fruiter notes of blackberry and raspberry give the original fragrance a whole new dimension. It still has that signature musky base, and the Datura Orchid means it’s a fragrance with special allure, but there’s an element of play with this scent. So, if you need a feminine, sensual pick-me-up, this is the Mon Paris for you.