Just how powerful are they? Will they really give you the feeling of being at a beach all winter long? How and when are you supposed to use them? Today, we’re answering everything you’re wondering about those daylight mood lamps that are popping up more and more every day.

When you live somewhere where you experience all the seasons of the year, as excited as we all may get about the seasonal hot drinks in coffee shops and all the candles, blankets and cosy nights in, when it’s dark early in the morning and early evening, the days feel so much shorter and they’re a lot harder to wake up for let alone feel energised.

The changes that come with the winter season can actually cause people to feel depressed enough to hibernate inside for prolonged periods of time which tends to have a rather negative effect on mental health. This is also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is marked by downshifts in mood and energy starting in the fall and lasting throughout winter. In rare cases, it can continue on into spring and summer too. After a quick google search on the topic, you’ll find that a commonly recommended treatment is light therapy. However, there is an alternative cure for treating your winter blues…

The Power Of Daylight Mood Lamps

Beurer TL100 2 In 1 Daylight And Moodlight, £124.99 / RRP £144.99

This 10,000 lux light is said to stimulate good well-being for the body and soul. It has a 2-in-1 bright light and moodlight too which is great for using in the winter months to balance out that lack of sunlight and energy we have. In addition to this, the moodlight feature is great for playing around with colours and setting a calming tone to relax or fall asleep too. You can even use this light with the Beurer LightUp app to control ten brightness levels and 256 colours.

Now that’s one funky piece of technology, right? The bright light in the ironically named ‘SAD’ lamp hits the retina and sends nerve signals to the brain to kickstart chemical and hormone levels which then helps improve your mood. It’s pretty crazy when you think about how just one lamp can have such a positive effect on our mood but it all makes sense why there’s an uplift in people’s mindsets for the day when the sun is out shining whether that’s co-workers going for a walk on their lunch break or children not completely dreading another day at school.

What are your thoughts on daylight mood lamps? If you tend to struggle with the shorter, darker days of the winter, why not invest in one and experiment? It could be totally life-changing. Or even if you don’t feel like you suffer as such, the fact this lamp can be controlled by a single app on your phone with over 250 colours to choose from is definitely something worth checking out.