Plum and Ashby produce beautifully designed, high quality products for your home. The brand was founded in early 2013 and ever since they have had many successes with their beautiful product range. Including beautifully scented candles, hand creams, relaxing bath salts and gorgeous reed diffusers you’ll be sure to find the perfect home gift or a treat for yourself!

The hero product in the Plum and Ashby range is the scented candles. They smell divine and have so many options to suit your individual taste. Lighting a candle can do so much for you other than just smell great, here’s a few of the benefits the Plum and Ashby candles can offer you:

Mood boosting ‘ scented candles are well known for being mood-enhancers. Certain smells and aromas affect our emotions and also our mood. So when you feel like you need something soft and calming, go for floral scents such as rose, lavender and jasmine. Try the Pomegranate scented candle from the Plum and Ashby range, it’s super calming.

Stress relief ‘ one of the biggest benefits of scented candles is that they can help relieve stress. Exposing our noses to the pleasant essential oils in scented candles affects our hormones by helping to ease anxiety and worries. The best Plum and Ashby candles for stress relief are the Green Fig and the Citrus and Basil candle.

Improved sleep ‘ your busy lifestyle and every day stress can affect our sleep patterns and leave you lying awake at night. Lighting a scented candle in the evening releases relaxing chemicals that help leave you feeling calm and content. Try the Bergamot & Lavender candle or the Eucalyptus candle from the range, they are super calming. Just make sure you blow them out before you drift off!

Whenever you’re deciding on what scented candle you want to buy make sure you think about what it is you need, is it something to relax you or maybe you need a mood boost? Have a look through the different fragrances and choose wisely. It’s always a luxury to light a scented candle, whether you’re enjoying a night alone or cuddling up on the sofa they always create a beautiful atmosphere. Plus all the Plum and Ashby candles smell incredible (we can vouch!) so we’re sure you’ll love them as much as us.