As we bid farewell to 2018, many of us set our new year’s resolutions… Every year most of us attempt to change our ways but often fail, sometimes even before the end of January. We all like to think we will earn more money or reach our goal weight and who’s guilty of setting the same resolutions every year? On a more positive note there are easier, everyday resolutions we can set and be more likely to achieve and carry on throughout the year! Keep reading for some inspiration and add them to your list…

Staying committed to a skin care routine – This is a biggy. If you read any skincare article their biggest advice is finding and sticking to a good skin care routine. We all know that feeling before bed when sometimes you use a makeup wipe instead of a proper cleanser or when you alternate your moisturizer as you use whatever is closest to hand. But if you want to improve your skin, you must give your skin time to properly adjust and benefit from the products. It takes a few extra minutes of your day to properly cleanse, tone and moisturize but in the long run is can slow down aging, improve health and appearance, giving you that extra confidence boost! We would recommend trying REN clean skincare products, such as their gentle foaming cleanser. This cleanser is designed to remove dirt and make up without stripping the good oils from your skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and revived when cleansing with it. Often people like a toner to give your skin that fresh finish, so try the Revlon Gentle Toner, it is a nice one to leave your skin silky soft.

To stop biting your nails – Most of us grow out of it but for a lot of people it is impossible to fully stop. Biting your nails can not only be painful as you can end up with redness and swelling, you also increase the risk of catching colds or other illnesses as you’re putting your unwashed hands in your mouth. For whatever reason you want to stop, whether appearance or health we have some tips to help you out. If you use a building coat this will deter you from biting them as it strengthens and doesn’t taste great. The results are visible quickly so give Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails a try.

Use the makeup you already own – Everyone can relate. Treating yourself to a recommended eye shadow palette and end up using three shades of the twelve. People stick to what they like for example the classic smokey eye and don’t experiment. Well this resolution is to experiment and use all the make up you have before buying more. Now we’re in the New Year why not push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Completing Dry January – This one for many is an annual thing but if you haven’t yet tried it here is a few reasons why you should give Dry Jan a go. Alcohol is metabolised into an acetaldehyde compound making your body’s blood vessels relax which causes dehydration. Dehydration causes the skin to appear duller with lines and wrinkles becoming more prominent. Adding to that the huge sugar levels that are in wine and cocktails cause insulin spikes which can result in breakouts. So, give yourself a break for a month and reap the rewards. One tip we would recommend for an extra boost is to look for products with hyaluronic acid, this gel-like water-holding molecule helps retain over 1,000 times its weight within the cells of the skin keeping your skin from drying out. The Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster is great and will work to the best of its ability if you are taking part in Dry January. This product is a fluid concentrated to help revitalise skin, restore moisture balance and hydrate tissues to smooth skin.