Stoptober has been and gone, and many of us are already feeling the benefits of those 31 days without drinking or smoking , but what if you’re inspired to kick a different habit? Since many of us are in the mood to give up our sins, we thought we’d bring you the ‘whats’, ‘whys’, and ‘why not trys’ of habits to break for a healthier – and more gorgeous – you.

This may not be the most relevant for the autumn months, or so you may think’ Sun damage can and does happen throughout the gloomier months, as UV rays aren’t affected by cold temperatures and will still penetrate your skin to cause damage. Skipping the sun protection leaves your skin vulnerable to this damage, which can appear as redness, dryness, and – in the long-term – premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. Boo!
Beat it with’ SPF 15 or higher, and start straight away!
Why not try’ A sun-protection product that you can use daily, all year round. Clinique Repairwear Lift SPF 15 Firming Day Cream provides the recommended sun protection factor alongside a whole host of other complexion-beautifying benefits, including extra hydration for all skin types, firming action and wrinkle-smoothing properties. We’ve already made it a part of our daily routine for future fabulousness.

Stress has been linked to everything from memory loss to weight gain, but are you aware of the impact it can have on your appearance? Stress can worsen skin problems like psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema, and can even cause your skin to produce more oil – leading to acne and blocked pores. Since we often neglect our skin in times of stress, things can get even worse.
Beat it with’ Regular exercise, plenty of sleep and some me-time doing something you really enjoy. WebMD reminds us it’s OK to say no if you feel you’re taking too much on; set limits and boundaries to lower your stress levels.
Why not try’ A quick and easy skincare routine. When you’ve got a lot on, you need high-performance products that are quick to use. Try Skin Doctors’ Accelerating Cleanser; it cleans your skin, gently exfoliates and primes your face to absorb your next product in a flash, so follow with a good quality moisturiser. Be sure to head to your doctor’s surgery for treatment for any specific skin issues.

From dehydrated skin to spidery-thread veins, puffiness and flare-ups, alcohol can leave you looking frighteningly less than fresh-faced.
Beat it with’ A budget. One way to make sure you don’t drink too much is to only take enough money out with you for a few drinks (and enough to get home safely). You should also alternate your alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks, and have at least two alcohol-free days a week. Drink Smarter has more top tips, and we have just one thing to add: mocktails! They’re just as good at a party and are nearly always tastier than their alcoholic counterparts!
Why not try’ Rehydrating skin with a rich moisturiser like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant Cream, helping to give nutrient-depleted skin a boost with The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz and, most importantly, cutting back on the booze and drinking plenty of water. You’ll be glowing again in no time!