So we’re definitely in that time of year when it’s cold, miserable and a bit grim. When we’re talking about hair we often discuss sun damage, dry ends or frizz which are all problems in the summer’ however winter can bring its own set of problems for your tresses! When you’re thinking about a haircare routine that works for the winter months you need to consider the elements. The dry and dreary weather makes it difficult for your hair to retain moisture, making it prone to breakage and brittleness. But worry not, we have some top tips to keep your hair as healthy as possible through till May!

1. Control frizz. Static is an absolute nightmare in the winter months, usually down to the fabrics we wear. Jumpers, scarves, gloves and hats are all definitely not your hair’s best friend! The best way to tackle frizz and try to reduce the tangled mess is to use a leave in conditioner after washing. The vitamins in leave in conditioners will help keep your hair smooth and manageable but also protect it from other elements. We love the Alba Botanica Leave In Conditioner as it’s rich in coconut oil and natural plant proteins!

2. Itchy and Flaky Scalp. Your scalp can become drier and itchier than normal due to the colder weather and the lack of moisture in the air. This can lead to issues of dandruff and scalp irritation which will also affect the condition of your locks. This problem is super manageable though (hallelujah!) and the best option is to go natural. A couple of tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil rubbed onto your scalp before bed will work wonders over night and then you can just wash it out in the morning. Alternatively, there are plenty of dandruff specific shampoos that can be used daily that are super gentle on your scalp, try the Avalon Organics Medicated Anti Dandruff Shampoo.

3. Commit to a weekly treatment to keep hair hydrated. I know we keep going on about hydration but it really is the key for everything, skin, hair, body, mind and soul! Using a weekly treatment will give your hair the hydration boost it’s definitely lacking in the winter. Slather on a hair mask and sit back and relax for at least 30 minutes, this gives it chance to really absorb into the strands. We obsessed with the Macadamia Ultra Rich Moisture Mask, it’s packed with amazing ingredients like argan oil, tea tree and chamomile.

4. Cut down on heat styling. Excessive use of heat styling is not going to do your hair any favours in the colder weather. All the heat and dryness will just result in breakage, split ends and frizz. If you can cut down on curling, straightening and blow drying it will do your hair no end of good! How about cutting down to just using styling products at the weekend? Seems like a good new year’s resolution to me’

5. Darker hair over platinum locks. Thinking about switching up your colour? Then the winter months are a great time to do this! Platinum or very light colour can be incredibly damaging on your hair. Paired with the colder weather, the hair has no way to get any moisture into it. Using darker colours on your hair are much kinder to your locks and make it super shiny and soft. We’re all about that super platinum look but maybe save it for warmer weather!