In todays world the modern man takes pride in his appearance and with more products out there, life is made easier. Here is a men’s grooming guideline with top tips and product recommendations as it can be hard to know the good from the bad. This guide is perfect for anyone who needs a little extra guidance for finding what works best for them.

Firstly, for gents something that is always important is hair, no matter how much you have you! If you have thick hair it will be able to withhold pomades which are thicker, waxy, water-based products and for those who have a thinner head of hair we recommend using a spray for hold. American Crew Pomade is the perfect product for hair that can sometimes be a little wild, this styling product is a great formula excellent for taming curly or straight hair if you are wanting slick back or roughly textured hair. The alternative would be the firm hold spray with a medium shine finish by American Crew. This spray can be worked into damp or dry hair to give long lasting hold and is easily restyled throughout the day. American crew are renowned for their reliable, affordable men’s grooming products so you should check out their brand whatever products you are needing.

If you are keeping on trend with the long stubble, maintaining definition and tidiness is key – think Jake Gyllenhaal! This type of beard suits all face shapes, but needs trimmed meticulously to eliminate stray hairs, particularly those which grow on the cheek areas as well as on the Adam’s apple. Having good beard clippers is essential and cost effective as it saves you popping to the barbers every week, our recommendation would by the BaByliss for Men Ceramic Smooth Clipper which is a cordless or mains clipper, which gives a precise engineer ceramic cutting blades for smooth effortless cutting of the hairs. Finish up with a beard oil which will nourish your beard and soften up the tougher hairs, the Admiral Nourishing beard Oil with Olive extract is a favourite.

Everyman should have a signature scent, if you are wanting to be cost effective use a value one for every day and you’re favourite for weekends or evenings. A man’s fragrance should not be overpowering it should be a part of his presence, something people recognise him for. Run Wild the new scent from Davidoff is perfect for everyday as a light, fresh, unique blend of lavender, fir balsam and Tonka bean. This scent has just launched and is predicted to be very popular so grab yours now for summer. For a classic style for the evening or weekends we recommend the top new launch for men this year Giorgio Armani Code Absolu Eau de Parfum Spray. This is an oriental scent with a rum herb balanced with Tonka bean and vanilla notes and with the highest percentage of essential oils this is ensured to last all night long.

A smile goes a long way so looking after your teeth is important. An electric toothbrush is proven to be more effective at moving plague and maintaining gum health in comparison to a manual toothbrush because of the rotating motion. At fragrance direct there is a range of great rechargeable toothbrushes such as the Oral B Vitality Cross Action Rechargeable toothbrush, this is currently great value and offers superior cleaning motion.

For your skincare routine look for a facial wash that is going to keep your skin clear of any outbreaks or blackheads and if you have had a heavy week use one that is micro-bead free because it is more abrasive and will remove any dirt of bacteria you have built up! The award-winning Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm from Balance Me has Virgin Coconut Oil and May Change which have impressive anti-bacterial properties, leaving your skin plump and nourished, protected and hydrated!

We all try to hide signs of aging whether we are male or female a good eye cream allows you to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles the Total Eye Care by Dermalogica is formulated without artificial fragrances and colours. It is a bonus that this cream is SPF 15 considering your eyes are a sensitive area.

Lastly any grooming tools such as tweezers and clippers you need for keeping on top of nails or eyebrows you can shop all on the fragrance direct website for great value. Keeping on top of if will be cost effective and easy to do, so we hope you found this helpful.