Come rain or shine, festival happenings are pretty unpredictable. Will it be the time of your life? Will it rain? Will the sun be unbearably hot and burn every last inch of skin on show? You’ve got to give it to English weather – you never know what you’re going to get. However, one thing you can do to take control of whatever situation is to be prepared. Beyond the essentials. Today we’re bringing you some of the best tips out there when it comes to surviving any music festival. Take a look.

Wipes, wipes, wipes

Baby wipes will be your saviour along with deodorant, of course. They’ll also be your shower. When you’re well into your third day of camping and there’s no bathroom in sight, a pack of refreshing wipes will keep you somewhat refreshed. You can even go as far as buying deodorant wipes too. Paired with a fresh fragrance, this combo will help to give you an extra boost of energy.
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SPF, don’t forget
When it comes to SPF, so many people reserve sun creams for only the sunny days. Don’t. To fully protect your skin, you should be wearing it every day. Many clinical trials have proven that one of the biggest environmental factors that contributes to skin ageing in exposure to the sun. Knowing that, why wouldn’t you choose to protect it if that means you can increase your chances of having youthful-looking skin for longer. When you’re at a festival, outside and dancing around all day, this is a prime time to wear it!
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Keep it clean
A little bit of hand sanitiser goes a long way. There’s no way to prepare yourself for the monstrosity that is the state of the portaloo when you need it most. So just go in, get it done, come out and have a pump (or ten) of your hand sanitiser and you’ll be good to go. By killing off any nasty bacteria on your hands too, this should mean that you’ll be a lot less likely to come home feeling under the weather too.
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Bags and bobbles