Buying gifts should be exciting and something you enjoy doing as it’s a great way to treat someone special. However, we’ve all been there when you just don’t have a clue what to buy for that one person you feel like you always give the same stuff each year. Not today. We’ve uncovered a super interesting study on ‘The Big Five Personality Traits’ and have matched each type to one of our FD Beauty Gift Sets. Once you’ve had a little read of this, you’ll never be stuck again. Are you ready?

According to ‘The Big Five Personality Traits’ study (medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD), personality psychologists believe that there are five basic dimensions of personality. There are other theories out there such as Raymond Cattel’s popular ‘16 Personality Factors’ however many of these are deemed a little too complex. ‘The Big Five Personality Traits’ includes openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. So let’s take a look!

This trait features characteristics such as imagination and insight. People who are high in this trait also tend to have a broad range of interests. They are curious about the world and other people and eager to learn new things and enjoy new experiences. People who are ‘high’ in this trait tend to be more adventurous and creative. To fuel all this creative energy, one of the most important things is sleep. For that imaginative soul in your life, why not treat them to a luxurious and relaxing gift to use in the evenings!
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Standard features of this dimension include high levels of thoughtfulness, good impulse control, and goal-directed behaviours. High conscientious people tend to be organised and mindful of details. They plan ahead, think about how their behaviour affects others, and are mindful of deadlines. If you’ve got someone in your life with this personality type, the likelihood is that they’re a hard-worker and high achiever when it comes to their career. The perfect gift for her could be a luxurious makeup set featuring a killer lipstick to rule the office and for him a refreshing, powerful new fragrance!
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Extroversion is characterised by excitability, sociability, talkativeness, assertiveness, and high amounts of emotional expressiveness. People who are high in extroversion are outgoing and tend to gain energy in social situations. Being around other people helps them feel energised and excited. A great gift to get someone special with this personality type would be an explosive, new fragrance to take with them on their adventures in life. We always associate memories with scents. Even after years of doing something and wearing a particular fragrance at the time, in just one second, it can all come back in an instant!
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This personality dimension includes attributes such as trust, altruism, kindness, affection, and other prosocial behaviours. People who are high in agreeableness tend to be more cooperative, a team-player and incredibly understanding. If you have someone of this personality type in your life, count yourself lucky. These are some of the best people out there who are always doing selfless good deeds. A box of beauty goodies would be the perfect gift to treat them to!
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Neuroticism is a trait characterised by sadness, moodiness, and emotional instability. Individuals who are high in this trait tend to experience mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and sadness. People high in this trait are definitely in need of lots of love and support from family and friends and that’s where you come in. Of course, not everyone feels great all day every day and it’s likely that you have someone in your life who struggles with mental health so the perfect gift for this person is something to show them just how special they are and how much they mean to you! Pampering and self-care is definitely the best way to go.
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What did you think of these FD Beauty Gifts for ‘The Big Five Personality Traits’? We hope you found it helpful and perhaps you’ll finally be able to wave goodbye to feeling stuck on what to get that special someone each year!