Scents are something to celebrate. Not only do they feed us positive energy that inspires us to feel confident and empowered when we walk into any room, but they also help us to capture important memories even if we don’t realise their significance at the time. Fragrances keep memories alive. Something may have happened, last month, last year, or even a decade ago and just one sensory overload of a particular scent will send those experiences rushing straight back to your head and heart in an instant. Today, the FD team are indulging in nostalgia as we look back on some of our favourite memories and the magical scents behind them!

Lucy, Product Marketing Executive
Anna Sui Dreams Eau De Toilette
My Scentsational Memory:
This fragrance was my best friend’s absolute favourite perfume when she was little – a relative had bought it for her as a gift one Christmas and she just fell in love with the scent. They discontinued the fragrance from high street shops a few years ago and she was so gutted until I found out that we stocked it! I bought it as a surprise for her birthday this year and her face was priceless. When she was that little blue handbag bottle, she was over the moon!

Liv, Graphic Designer
Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle
My Scentsational Memory:
This fragrance reminds me of coming out of a bad relationship but feeling great for it! I’d finally found a scent that suited me and always got me loads of compliments whenever I wore it. Whenever my friends smell it now, it reminds them of me too.

Emma, Junior Graphic Designer
Davidoff Cool Water Woman
My Scentsational Memory:
Ever since I was a child, I was transported into my mother’s hectic night out routine whenever there was the right occasion to do so. The night would start off with all of the classics of the past 50 years (yep, including ABBA), drinks flowing around the kitchen and every makeup and skincare product you could imagine sprawled out on every counter. Just before they left to go out, I would be overwhelmed with the scent of Cool Water Woman – her favourite fragrance. The scent lasted so long after they left the house you could still smell it hours later; evoking a lot of emotions over the years such as sadness as a child, happiness as a teenager and nostalgia as an adult.

Lauren, Ecommerce Marketing Manager
Armani Si Eau de Parfum Spray
My Scentsational Memory:
This fragrance takes me back to one of my favourite holidays – a week in Barcelona with my boyfriend. I wore this everyday I was there so now, every time I smell it, it takes me back to the sun, the sea and the sangria! I don’t tend to wear it very often so now whenever I do, it makes me smile and instantly reminds me of the amazing time I had in Barcelona and brings back all the best memories of that week away!

Beth, Product Marketing Executive
Boss Orange Eau de Toilette
My Scentsational Memory:
Boss Orange was bought for me as a gift when I was young – my first ever perfume! I remember feeling so grown up and so excited to have my own perfume that I wore it every day until it ran out. Years later, it was bought for me as a gift again as a going-away present when I moved away from home to go to university in Leeds. At that point, I smelt it and so many childhood memories came rushing back, I fell back in love with the scent and back into the routine of wearing it every day. Every time I smell it now, I am reminded of my freshers year – my friends at uni always say the scent reminds them of me too!

Mia, Social Media Intern
Diesel Loverdose Eau De Parfum
My Scentsational Memory:
This fragrance will always be a favourite of mine as the smell of it instantly reminds me of my favourite teenage years. I think my dad had bought it for me as a Christmas present one year and I instantly fell in love with how it smelt and looked. It felt like my very own signature scent as well as reminding me of my mum’s favourite, Thierry Mugler Alien, that she used to spray on my Me To You Tatty Teddy bear that I’d take with me to sleepovers all throughout my even younger years before this. Smelling Loverdose instantly reminds me of being blissfully happy in my first ever relationship and going on hilarious road trips with my friends when we finally passed our driving tests! Whenever I finish a bottle, I give them to my Nan who collects them so I’m instantly thrown back to different memories of mine whenever I visit her and see them displayed on her vanity too.

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