This week sees the return of the god of festivals after last year it was temporarily replaced by the London Olympics. This year’s line up will see the likes of the Rolling Stones, Primal Scream, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Kenny Rogers.


The somewhat controversial line up sees many ‘comeback’ bands joining the stage on Friday with the striving youth bands of today, causing a mixed reaction from avid festival goers.


Our very own Rich from the team here at Fragrance Direct will be leaving us one man down for the rest of the week to attend the very beast of a festival. He has been slowly building up a collection of inventory, along with what we believe to be a pop up children’s tent, he has also sensibly purchased Australian Gold sun lotion (£5.99) and Purex Face wipes (only 99p for 3 packs!) in order to maintain his survival.


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Rich who’s 24, seems to be more than content with the itinerary, and personally I’d love me some Primal Scream, and I’m 19.


Do you think this year’s line up is 30+ years out of date or are you glad to see the legends back doing what they do best?


Published by Nicola