What Your Favourite Fragrance Says About You

What Your Favourite Fragrance Says About You

We all have our favourite fragrances and we tend to stick to ones we know and love, but is there more to the scents we choose? Read on to find out what your choice of fragrance says about you…

Fresh & Fruity

 If you adore sweet smelling notes of sumptuous fruit and fresh hints of crisp sandalwood then you’re probably a fan of all things fresh and fruity fragrances! 

It’s likely that you have a fun and playful character whilst also having a perfectionist side to you too. The first thing that springs to mind when you think of fruit is bold, bright colours, much like your personality, you’re probably the life and soul of every party and know your way around a dancefloor like a pro. You can often be seen mingling between groups, getting to know new people and trying new things.

On to the fresh side – Sandalwood is a scent that’s a little unique, much like those who wear it. Sandalwood reflects on someone who strives to work hard and be ambitious in life. If you’re always looking for a new adventure, or you’re a high-achiever in life then a Fresh & Fruity scent is for you.

We recommend: DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum Spray

Juicy and irresistible, DKNY Be Delicious is a fresh floral scent bursting with playful charm and spontaneity. Mouth-watering fresh apple blends with crisp cucumber and sparkling grapefruit to charge the senses. Sweet magnolia and a core of violet and rose dance into a smooth finish of creamy sandalwood and white amber-creating a fragrance that celebrates everything it means to Be Delicious. 


Floral fragrances are timeless and certainly a popular choice for many. Seemingly, it’s not only the scent that’s popular!

Those of you who enjoy wearing floral-scented perfumes are said to have the biggest hearts. They value friendship, make great friends and will always stand as a team player in life. We’re probably right in saying that if you wear floral scents as your choice of fragrance, then you’re always the one to put in the extra effort, you’ll surprise your loved ones when they’re feeling down, organise catch up brunches and you’ll never fail to pick up the phone and check in with your nearest and dearest when they’re feeling down.

We recommend: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Spring Ltd Edition

Fresh. Uplifting. Vibrant. Capturing the airy essence of nature and the innocence of spring; the Daisy Spring Limited Edition Perfume for her is a seasonal twist on the classic daisy fragrances. Daisy Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Spring is a comforting fresh scent with notes of green tea blossom; matcha and a bright burst of pink pepper. Transport yourself to a world of blooming daisies and lush greenery with the Daisy Spring Limited Edition Perfume.


Rich, woody smelling perfumes are perfect for the winter months and are often worn by women who love opulence and a little bit of self-indulgence. 

If you find yourself gravitating towards rich, chocolate-smelling perfumes then you’re a confident, sexy and strong woman who doesn’t hold back anything. You can often be seen as the leader of the pack who uses power to guide your way through life.

We recommend: Giorgio Armani My Way Eau de Parfum Intense Spray

My Way intense is an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, meaningful encounters and amplified experiences. An amplified florality on an addictive woody trail, made of consciously sourced ingredients. The scent opens with bright notes of orange blossom from Egypt. A new intense heart of tuberose from India unveils a creamy and velvety facet of the floral signature. At the base of the fragrance, the sandalwood from New Caledonia takes an addictive creamy turn, as it meets a voluptuous Vanilla from Madagascar.

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The Best Summer Scents For His & Hers Summer Escape

The Best Summer Scents For His & Hers Summer Escape

Planning for that dreamy summer escape and struggling to find the perfect matching scents? Whether you’re having a staycation or travelling abroad, we’ve rounded up the best summer fragrances that you should be taking. From Dolce & Gabbana to Jean Paul Gaultier, read on to find the top delightful duos right now…

Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle Le Parfum & Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Male 

Travel in style this season with La Belle Le Parfum & Le Beau Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. 

Discover La Belle Le Parfum, the new intensity of Jean Paul Gaultier’s original woman In Gaultier’s Garden, where all sins are permitted. The new original woman, La Belle Le Parfum, heightens her seduction with an addictive sensuality. A curvaceous dark red forbidden fruit for more intensity, its femininity is embellished by a necklace of gold roses. Under the golden sun and lush vegetation, her Lusciously Intense Oriental Eau de Parfum intoxicates the senses with elegance. 

Explore Le Beau Male, a men’s Eau de Toilette built around addictive tonka bean and coconut wood combined with the fresh facets of bergamot. A fresh, powerful trail for a seductive and ultra-sexy man.

Emporio Armani Stronger With You Freeze & Emporio Armani In Love With You Freeze

Whisk yourself away this season with Armani’s iconic fragrance pairing!

Stronger With You Freeze, a fresh, radiant and clean fragrance for men by Emporio Armani, captures the seductive energy of the man who lives in the present with distinct, elegant freshness. Urban, dynamic and contemporary. Stronger With You Freeze is a new fresh interpretation of our iconic Stronger With You for him. “Live in the present, as the present moment is always the happiest one” – Giorgio Armani. A celebration of life and togetherness, Stronger With You Freeze seizes each instant, freezing the moment to make it last. Stronger With You Freeze is a citrusy, woody, fougere fragrance that opens with fresh notes of lime that develop into an elegant heart of clean sage and enveloping lavender, lingering with a masculine woody amber accord. 

In Love With You Freeze, a fresh fragrance for women by Emporio Armani, captures the thrill of the most joyful love, each new day as strong as the first. Alluring, soft and delicate, yet bursting with profound sensuality. In Love with You Freeze caresses you with fresh and addictive cherry, tender and delicate peony, alluring and warm patchouli, and sensual and elegant white musk. 

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Forever & Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme Forever

Nothing captures the essence of summer more than this delightful D&G duo…

Discover a new twist to the iconic signature for Light Blue Forever Pour Homme – a sunny and sensual masculine Eau de Parfum fragrance that evokes memories of long summer days by the Mediterranean Sea. Featuring notes of cold-pressed grapefruit zest and Italian bergamot open the fragrance with a new code of freshness, instantly transporting the senses to the citrus groves of Capri. As the fragrance evolves, invigorating green notes of violet leaf combine with the fresh aquatic wave of the ozonic accord, awakening the senses to the cool azure of the Mediterranean waters. From this addictive heart, develop the woody base notes that ground the fragrance in a new play of contrasts with its zesty opening. 

Explore Light Blue Forever Pour Femme – a sunny and sensual feminine Eau de Parfum fragrance that evokes memories of long summer days by the Mediterranean Sea. Featuring notes of signature fresh top notes, an addictive duo of crisp Granny Smith apple and tangy Calabrian lemon, extracted using the traditional “sfumatrice” technique which allows the lemon to be expressed in its entirety. The perfume blooms with a new sunny floral heart of orange blossom and voluptuous white flowers, creating a joyful sun-soaked bouquet. 

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Find Your Sound With Perfume and Music

Find Your Sound With Perfume and Music

Like a chord in music, perfume is made up of a unique combination of notes. The character of the final product is due to its composition. The arrangement. A perfume can be loud or quiet, happy or sensual, popular or unique. Both music and perfume are forms of art but have you ever wondered if your tastes for them are embedded in your identity?

We’ve done some digging through the old and new archives of both music and fragrances to find the perfect pairings. Maybe you’re a fan of the songs and will find your new signature scent. Maybe you’re already a fan of the fragrance and will find your new favourite song. Come and take a look!

YSL Black Opium & Sabrina Claudio

The Scent: YSL Black Opium

The Sound: Sabrina Claudio – Naked

A sensual song for a sensual fragrance. A sweet yet spicy, breath of fresh air. A beautiful combination. To compliment the delicious perfume notes of black coffee and vanilla, this honey-sweet, R&B track from Sabrina Claudio is just as delectable. Her silky voice takes you on a journey as she sings about undressing herself physically and emotionally: “Uncover all of my truths, undress my fears, leave me nude”. If you’re a fan of the gourmand fragrance family this song is pretty much gourmand, sonically.

Armani My Way & Masego

The Scent: Armani My Way

The Sound: Masego – Silver Tongue Devil

Got a tropical holiday booked? First, you’re going to want to purchase this gorgeous fragrance from Armani for its stunning fruity notes of bergamot, orange blossom, tuberose and white musk. Second, you need to add this island-vibe track to your holiday playlist pronto! From the first few seconds of the song, you’ll be hooked and picturing yourself sipping cocktails on a sun-lounger before you know it. Masego is a musical genius, fusing his saxophone melodies into many of his iconic tunes.

Marc Jacobs Daisy & Connie Constance

The Scent: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Intense

The Sound: Connie Constance – Prim & Propa

If you’re a fan of alternative takes and twists on the norm, this perfume-music duo is the one for you. This newest addition to the Daisy legacy is a deeper twist on the classic scent. It’s vibrant and sparkling with bursts of strawberry and pear, featuring a sweet honey heart and is balanced by a crisp green moss. This fragrance’s equivalent in the world of music? Connie’s Prim & Propa. It starts out with an instantly refreshing verse, leads to a sweet, pop-y bridge and centres around a heavy, indie, band chorus.

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight & Victoria Monet

The Scent: Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight

The Sound: Victoria Monet – All You Need

Mysterious and sensual, Viktor&Rolf’s Flowerbomb Midnight is the perfect fragrance for evening wear. The perfect evening occasion? Getting ready for a date night or indulging in a pamper session with the sweet soundtrack of Victoria Monet. Having written music for Ariana Grande, think: a sugary-sweet voice but with a dash of R&B/Soul. Featuring the dreamiest harmonies, All You Need, will whisk you away.  

Armani Code & Giveon

The Scent: Armani Code Eau De Parfum

The Sound: Giveon – Heartbreak Anniversary

Smooth, silky and airy, Giveon’s voice and the effortless seduction captured by Armani’s Code Eau de Parfum is a match made in heaven. R&B/Soul artist from Long Beach, California, Giveon, is known for his baritone vocals inspired from the jazz era. His music conveys a tranquil mood that fits perfectly with the elegance of Armani Code in its latest Eau de Parfum form. If you’re looking to create a super chill ambience, this scent and soundtrack is the ultimate combo.

Calvin Klein Defy & SWMRS

The Scent: Calvin Klein Defy

The Sound: SWMRS – D’You Have A Car?

If you’re a fan of indie gigs, this perfume-music duo is likely to be your kind of style. Featuring Calvin Klein’s latest scent, Defy, with Richard Madden as the face, it’s a daring contrast of invigorating freshness and powerful woods, made up of an addictive citrus blend, earthy vetiver oil and an alluring amber base. It’s the perfect fragrance for both day and evening wear. What to listen to while you’re getting ready? This crazy SWMRS song that is guaranteed to get you moving.

Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb & CHINAH

The Scent: Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb

The Sound: CHINAH – Strange Is Better

Next up, a fragrance and a song for an acquired taste. Starting with the scent, we’ve all heard about spicy notes, but a whole fragrance created to centre on that very concept? Enter Spicebomb, an explosion of bergamot, grapefruit, cinnamon, tobacco accord, white leather, pink pepper, lavender and many more incredible notes. The perfect song to pair would be CHINAH’s Strange Is Better. It says it in the title. This three-member band from Denmark create electronic and alternative R&B. If you like the sound of this one, just wait until you discover their full discography.   

Armani Stronger With You Freeze & Camp Lo

The Scent: Armani Stronger With You Freeze

The Sound: Camp Lo – Luchini AKA This Is It

Finally, we have a classic fragrance that will never go out of style, just like this track from the American hip hop duo, Camp Lo. With just one spritz of this fragrance for him, you can smell the trendy clothes, the suave suit, the expensive car, and watch. In just seconds of the track playing, you can see him jumping in said car going about another day in his lavish lifestyle. For the lovers of timeless music and scents, this one’s for you.

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Summer Essentials That Smell Seriously Good

Summer Essentials That Smell Seriously Good

Come July, we’re all ready for lighter, cooler beauty products that leave us feeling calm and fresh. Whether it’s glowy SPF lipsticks you need or sweet scents you’re after, you can find all the fragrant summer goodies that you should have on your radar right here…

Lancaster Golden Tan Maximizer After Sun Lotion £27.99

Getting your glow on this summer? Lancaster has you covered. Discover this luxury After Sun Lotion that will leave your post-tan looking and feeling amazing. This golden tan maximizer prolongs your tan for up to one month and instantly calms sun-exposed skin. Infused with natural-origin buriti oil, this tan activator intensifies melanin production for a golden, even and long-lasting tan. Refresh your routine with this deliciously scented lotion that leaves skin feeling supple and velvety soft too.

DKNY Be Delicious Coconuts About Summer £29.99

Chill out and celebrate the warm weather season with Be Delicious Coconuts About Summer, the newest limited-edition fragrance from DKNY. Coconuts About Summer Eau de Toilette is a fresh, warm floral fragrance that adds an extra dose of all things vacay to the iconic apple scent. Revitalizing notes of cool coconut water, smooth musk and lush magnolia take you beachside for some fun in the sun. Featuring a lighter concentration of essences, it’s a tropical, celebratory scent made for summer days!

Calvin Klein CK One Summer £24.99

Bask in this sweet smelling summer scent by Calvin Klein and discover your new favourite fragrance. This bright, genderless scent was inspired by the coolness of an oasis in the sweltering American desert. This limited edition scent reinterprets the original CK ONE with fresh notes of bright citrus, vibrant rhubarb, lemon and a fresh water accord. This incredible bottle features blue waves and a collection of stickers, encouraging you to personalise your bottle too. 

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum Spray £53.99

Dive into endless summer with the warmth of the captivating Bronze Goddess eau de parfum. Showcasing a sensuous, sun-drenched blend of bergamot, warm amber and Tiare flower, it is balanced by the sweetness of vanilla and the creaminess of coconut, perfectly complementing the tropical backdrop of your summer vacation…

Jane Iredale LipDrink SPF15 Lip Balm  £11.49 

The warm heat can put you at risk of burning and stripping your skin’s moisture so it’s super important you invest in an SPF Lip Balm this season. Jane Iredale has you covered. This unique formula combines a variety of waxes and oils to provide a protective shield whilst feeling moister than a traditional lip balm. Plus, Jane Iredale is an animal-friendly skincare and makeup brand that’s certified cruelty-free!

MADARA Sun20 Weightless Milk SPF20 £16.99

Light as air, this weightless sun protection Milk delivers safe and effective, yet invisible and insensible broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection for body, hands and face, holding back sunburn, dark spots and photoageing. Based on the juicy aloe vera, this pure mineral milk spreads effortlessly and absorbs instantly, working from the moment of application. Enhanced with raspberry seed oil, this product pampers the skin for a soothed and comforted feel. 

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Your Ticket To Being A Golden Goddess This Summer

Your Ticket To Being A Golden Goddess This Summer

That summer glow, we’re all after it. The idea of having a handful of beauty products that can transform us into our most bronze, glowing selves… where can we sign up? Right here. We’ve rounded up the must-have products of the season from illuminating makeup buys to self-tan heroes, these 6 products are here to do the work for you.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

First up, fragrance. Dive into an endless summer with Estee Lauder’s decadent Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum. Showcasing a sensuous, sun-drenched blend of bergamot, warm amber, sweet vanilla and creamy coconut, it’s the perfect match for any tropical summer setting. Whether you plan to be on holiday sipping cocktails or soaking in the sun relaxing in your garden, Bronze Goddess is pretty much summer in a bottle.

NUXE Shimmering Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse

Next, we move on to a shimmering body oil. Now, you might be thinking about how glitter and oil doesn’t sound like the most manageable combination, but the trick is to use a big fluffy makeup brush. All you need is a few pumps of this gorgeous dry oil from NUXE swept across your neck, chest, arms, legs (aka any skin on show) and you’ll be glistening like the true golden goddess you are.

SOSU by SJ Endless Summer Illuminating Bronzing Powder

To add to that all important glow on your body, a shimmery bronzer is the perfect addition to your makeup bag for summer. Simply use your regular powder bronzer and then go in with a dash of shimmer on top to get that silky, wet, sun-kissed look. This one from SOSU is also great for doubling up as an eyeshadow too. When going for a more natural makeup look, monotone makeup is the way forwards. On deeper skin tones, this product would also make a stunning highlighter.

Rimmel OMG! Plump Gloss

On to the lips, any summer makeup look isn’t complete until topped off with a lip gloss. For fuller, smoother, high-shine lips, this Rimmel gloss works wonders. The shade Angel Shimmer is a favourite of many for its peachy and golden pearls that allow the gloss to look gorgeous on its own or layered over your favourite nude lipstick/liner combo.

bareMinerals Endless Glow Pressed Highlighter

And if all that glow wasn’t enough, you can always rely on a trusty highlighter to really finish off the look. It can be used on the tops of your cheekbones, cupids bow, tip of the nose, and under your eyebrow to entice the sun into hitting all of those higher points on your face. This highlighter from bareMinerals is mineral-based and perfect for giving you a naturally luminous, dew-kissed glow while blurring the look of pores and imperfections too.

Madara Shimmering Sunscreen SPF15

Moving onto all-important sunscreen, this organic product from Madara is amazing for prepping your skin for exposure to delightful sun rays. While providing a dose of SPF, the built-in aloe vera helps to prevent sunburn, dryness and photoaging too. This sunscreen also features beautiful minerals to illuminate your skin for a smooth and sensuous golden goddess appearance.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Express Pro Facial Self-Tanning Dry Mist

Finally, we have this handy tanning product from L’Oreal Paris that is perfect for bronzing up your face to match the tan on your body. With a refreshing citrus fragrance, this product provides a natural-looking glow, streak-free coverage, with micro-fine particles to provide 8-hour hydration to help keep the skin moisturised too. When wearing SPF and layers of bronzing makeup, this is the perfect product to speed up that tan whilst your body bakes away, soaking in the rays.

Lacoste Scents We’re Loving Right Now

Lacoste Scents We’re Loving Right Now

Every Lacoste creation exudes style and sporty energy, and their vibrant fragrance collection is no different. Lacoste perfumes and aftershaves include sporty and luxurious scents to suit every mood. Let’s take a look at the top Lacoste picks we’re loving right now…

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Pour Lui

Discover the essence of Lacoste style with L.12.12 Blanc Eau De Parfum. Inspired by the iconic polo shirt, this aftershave fragrance for men reveals a confident and agile masculinity with a slightly different, more aromatic composition than the original Eau de Toilette. Be free to move with assurance thanks to the unexpected freshness of this woody-floral scent. Zesty finger lime and cool eucalyptus essence blend perfectly with sappy pine and rich cedarwood, all culminating in a sense of refined comfort. The white bottle, its petit piqué engraving and its embroidered silver crocodile are evocative of the classic polo shirt created by René Lacoste. Defying conventions, he shortened the sleeves of a typical tennis shirt to create the first comfortable polo. He was one of the first to understand the need to combine freedom of spirit and movement…

Lacoste Match Point

On the hunt for a fresh new scent? Match Point fragrance: when emotion propels you to action. Breathe in the thrilling freshness of this new masculine Eau de Toilette by Lacoste, an explosive fusion of two contrasting accords. The green energy of basil and gentian bitterness combine in a breathtaking freshness. The thrilling black vibration of woody vetiver brings strength and intensity. Match Point Eau de Toilette aftershave for men is presented in an elegant bottle inspired by tennis codes. The unique concave base marks the impact of the decisive ball, while the green cap evokes the racquet of tennis legend René Lacoste. Bisected by a taut black line, the white label nods to the tennis court where the tension builds for the final Match Point. 

Lacoste L.12.12 Rose

Explore the essence of Lacoste style with L.12.12 Rose Eau De Parfum. Inspired by the iconic polo shirt, this perfume fragrance for women reveals a confident and agile femininity. Be free to move with assurance thanks to the unexpected freshness of this luminous fruity-floral scent. Energising green mandarin orange and fresh mint essence mingle with enveloping notes of musk and sweet rose, all culminating in a sense of femininity that radiates movement and elegance. The pink bottle, its petit piqué engraving and its embroidered PINK crocodile are evocative of the classic polo shirt created by René Lacoste. Defying conventions, he shortened the sleeves of a typical tennis shirt to create the first comfortable polo. He was one of the first to understand the need to combine freedom of spirit and movement. Every woman who wears L.12.12 Rose Eau de Parfum is continuing in this spirit, freeing her own unique femininity and sense of style – as if she’s wearing a classic polo shirt. Why not treat that special someone to the ultimate sweet smelling scent?

Lacoste L’Homme

Masculine and elegant, L’Homme Lacoste is the essence of modern style. A woody spicy scent, this scent channels the inimitable heritage of René Lacoste, elegantly ignoring the rules, being free from convention. The fragrance reveals the sides of the modern Lacoste man. Dynamic top notes of mandarin and sweet orange essence combined with unexpected fruit quince and rhubarb infuse the energy of confidence. Determination evident in the vibrant spices at the heart of black pepper, ginger, transparent jasmine and almond, reveal the man’s strength of character.

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