Christmas Gifting With Lancôme

Christmas Gifting With Lancôme

Lancôme is synonymous with luxury fragrances and cosmetics and boasts some of the most popular women’s perfumes of all time. This universal appeal makes a Lancôme gift set a great choice for the wonderful women in your life, particularly at Christmas. Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift for your mum, sister, daughter or friend, there’s sure to be a Lancôme fragrance with her name on it. 

Read on to discover more about some of the best-selling Lancome gifts this year, and who it’s best suited to.

Lancôme Favourites Miniatures Fragrance Gift Set

Why settle for just one fragrance when you can try them all? The Lancôme Favourites Miniatures Fragrance Gift Set features five of the brand’s best-selling scents, so you can experience each one before deciding on your favourite. 

Did you know that a perfume’s scent changes depending on your body chemistry and the climate? This is one of the reasons you might fall out of love with the way a particular fragrance smells as the seasons change and is why it’s a good idea to have a selection of scents to alternate throughout the year. This Christmas gift set from Lancôme includes scents for all seasons and includes:

La Vie Est Belle 4ml – a sweet, fruity fragrance that shines in the cooler months.

La Nuit Trésor 5ml – a decadent perfume for the evening, with praline and caramel.

Miracle 5ml – a floral scent with spicy notes, ideal for spring and summer.

Idôle 5ml – a warming fragrance with rose and musk notes to wear year-round.

Trésor 5ml – a complex blend of fruity and floral notes for autumn and winter.

Buy it for: that notoriously difficult-to-buy-for person on your gift list, a younger relative who hasn’t yet identified the types of fragrance they prefer, or yourself!

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Gift Set 

One of Lancome’s best-selling fragrances, La Vie Est Belle, is a sweet, delicate perfume inspired by an appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. The fragrance opens with fruity notes of pear and black currant, then develops a beautiful floral complexity thanks to notes of jasmine and iris. The base is a smooth gourmand combination of tonka bean, praline and vanilla, with a woody edge courtesy of patchouli.

The Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Gift Set includes a 50ml bottle of La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum, as well as a miniature bottle for the handbag, office, or to gift onward. You’ll also receive a 50ml of La Vie Est Belle body lotion, which, when used in combination with the perfume, helps extend the scent’s duration. 

Buy it for: a confident, elegant woman who would pick chocolates over flowers on Valentine’s Day. 

Lancôme Idole Gift Set 

A fragrance that is feminine without being dainty, wearing Lancome Idole is reminiscent of eating a juicy pear in a garden of jasmine. Fresh and fragrant with an unmistakable touch of warmth, it’s equally well suited to the peak of summer and the depths of winter. The fragrance opens with notes of pear and bergamot before deepening into richer floral notes of Turkish rose and Indian jasmine. The base of the fragrance is a warming blend of white musk and vanilla. 

Within the Lancôme Idole Gift Set you’ll find a 50ml bottle of Idôle Eau de Parfum, 50ml Idôle La Power Creme and a miniature-sized Lash Idôle Mascara for lash touch ups on the go. 

Buy it for: an iconic woman who leads, innovates and inspires. The woman who doesn’t stand shyly in the corner when there’s work to be done or change to be made.

Lancôme La Nuit Tresor Gift Set

For a date night scent, look no further than La Nuit Tresor. The epitome of a sultry, smouldering perfume, it balances juicy fruits including lychee, strawberry and pear with a dark smoky base to create a rich fragrance that will get noticed for all the right reasons. The bewitching blend of black rose, praline, vanilla, incense coffee and patchouli might make La Nuit Tresor a no-go for summer days, but it’s as cosy as a cashmere scarf when the temperature (and lights) go down.

Included within the beautifully packaged Lancôme La Nuit Tresor Gift Set is a 50ml bottle of Lancôme La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum, as well as 50ml bottles of matching body lotion and shower gel. 

Buy it for: the seductive woman who is hot on the dating scene and needs a perfume as alluring as she is.  

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal EDP

Newly released in 2021, La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal is a flanker to La Vie Est Belle and offers a fresh take on the original. Unlike its predecessor, which is best for cooler weather due to its rich gourmand notes, Soleil Cristal is ideally suited to summertime.

The citrus notes bring an effervescent, refreshing element to the fragrance with a sparkling fruit opening of mandarin and bergamot. The sunkissed floral heart features tropical ylang-ylang and iris atop a warming base of Madagascan vanilla and coconut. If you were to bottle the scent of your skin after you’ve soaked up the afternoon sun in the lush garden of an island paradise, it would bear a striking resemblance to Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal EDP.

Buy it for: the easy-going, vibrant woman who radiates sunshine everywhere she goes.

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Gift Him Something Extra Special With Ralph Lauren

Gift Him Something Extra Special With Ralph Lauren

“When I design, I create a world. I imagine every detail – the place, the man, the women, what they are wearing, right down to the fragrance.” Ralph Lauren fragrances are timeless, each reflecting a modern definition of a luxury lifestyle. They’re the perfect present when it comes to the gifting department!

Ralph’s Club

Enter a place where icons of style and culture meet. The greatest night of your life captured in a fragrance. Ralph’s Club Eau de Parfum is an authentically masculine fragrance that draws you in with its perfect balance of elegance and sophistication. Fresh notes of Lavandin are combined with the warm richness of Virginia Cedarwood, woody Vetiver and aromatic Clary Sage for a uniquely seductive scent. The ingredients are distilled to their highest quality to achieve a clean and long-lasting aroma, making it the most natural fragrance in the Ralph Lauren portfolio. Seductive, Powerful and Unique.

World Of Polo

A trendsetter: masculine and casual, yet sophisticated, Ralph Lauren Polo was first introduced in 1978. Since then, the range has expanded to include such favourites as Polo Green, Polo Blue and Polo Red Rush, spurring many to collect the entire range. And, with each bottle offering a feast for the senses, you’ll want them all too. So, what will your colour be?

Polo Red

Discover Polo Red Eau de Parfum, an incredible male fragrance in the Polo Red collection. Crafted with rich, natural woods, the fragrance brings a new level of luxury to the Polo Red family. This perfume is elevated by a fresh citrus blend of red grapefruit and cranberry combined with the peppery, spicy hues of Ginger. Clary sage and Lavender create an intensely masculine and aromatic heart. Finally, the base notes of Red Wood Accord and Benzoin ensure a long-lasting impression of warm sensuality and pure sophistication. Sophisticated, seductive, and luxurious.

Polo Blue

Ralph Lauren is a classic American label stock at Fragrance Direct. The collection includes a range of sporty male and female perfumes. New for 2003 is the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Eau de Toilette, this fresh aromatic fragrance is perfect for an active man. Polo Blue opens with bright top notes of melon, cucumber and mandarin. The heart then flows with notes of basil, sage and geranium. Finally, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue comes to a close with familiar base notes of musk, leather, suede and woodsy notes.

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Mindful Gifts For The Super Stressed

Mindful Gifts For The Super Stressed

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s a lot of importance placed on “busyness” and little put on the healing properties of stillness. It’s easy to feel as if there simply arent enough hours in the day to spend time being, instead of doing. But, as anyone who practices mindfulness will tell you, you can incorporate it into any part of your day. 

From brushing your teeth to boiling the kettle, these small moments are opportunities to reconnect with your inner self and bring your full attention to the here and now. This Christmas, treat yourself or a loved one to a gift that can be used in tandem with mindful practices to reset body and mind.

Millefiori Milano Glass Hydro Diffuser

Experts suggest that you find a quiet, dim space to practice mindfulness, especially if you’re new to the practice. While it’s a nice idea in theory, the reality is that many of us struggle to find a room in our home that fits the bill. With the Millefiori Milano Glass Hydro Diffuser, you can turn any space into a zone for switching off and unwinding.

This beautiful glass diffuser uses water to disperse your chosen fragrance into the room, while the inbuilt lighting produces a relaxing effect that is ideal for helping you tune out your surroundings without having to sit in the dark.

The Organic Pharmacy Rose Diamond Skincare Kit

As much as we appreciate the importance of embracing a slower pace, it’s always a nice bonus if you can kill two birds with one stone. This is one of the reasons that incorporating mindfulness into your skincare is such a no-brainer. While you could theoretically use whatever moisturiser or serum you have lying about, there’s something a little more satisfying about giving yourself a mindful facial with a luxury cream, which is where The Organic Pharmacy Rose Diamond Skincare Kit comes in.

Using a combination of diamond powder, Persian silk tree extract and rose extract, this hydrating formulation increases elasticity to plump fine lines and wrinkles. The kit includes a Rose Diamond Exfoliating Cleanser, Face Cream, Eye Cream and Night Lotion, along with an organic muslin cloth. Challenge yourself to mindfully carry out one step of your skincare routine, then increase to two steps as you gain experience.

Spotlight Oral Care Rose Gold Sonic Toothbrush

It might not seem like an activity you’d associate with mental wellness, but brushing your teeth can be an excellent opportunity to bring mindfulness into your daily routine. As you brush, bring attention to the taste and smell of the toothpaste, the way the bristles feel in your mouth and all the minute details that are so often overlooked as you get lost in thoughts about your day’s to-do list. 

The Spotlight Oral Care Rose Gold Sonic Toothbrush makes mindful brushing a breeze, as its high-frequency oscillation deeply cleans your teeth, leaving you free to pay attention to your senses. And, with all that brushing power, your pearly whites will be as clean and clear as your mind. 

gruum Relaxing Pamper Gift Set

Inspired by Scandinavian quality and ideals, gruum is a bath and body company started by four Manchester friends and has quickly made its name in the UK skincare scene. The gender-neutral products are suitable for people from all walks of life, with clean natural ingredients that are specifically chosen for their nourishing properties. 

The gruum Relaxing Pamper Gift Set uses lavender and chamomile to encourage restfulness, with a selection of products to help you indulge both your body and mind. The gift set includes älska Pink Clay Mask, blöta Lavender & Chamomile Bath Salt, sömn Relaxing Sleep Mist and a muslin face cloth, all within a wash bag crafted out of salvaged ocean plastic. Good for you, good for the planet.

Balance Me Beauty Sleep Gift Set

Ending your day with mindfulness practice isn’t just good for your wellbeing, but it also encourages more restful sleep. But, if you’re in the habit of staying up until the early hours scrolling through your social feeds, you might benefit from a little extra help. 

Balance Me Beauty Sleep Gift Set contains four holistic products to help you recalibrate at the end of the day. Before falling into bed, apply age-defying Bakuchiol Soothing Serum and Super Moisturising Hand Cream to give your skin the boost it needs, before applying Beauty Sleep CBD Concentrate to your pulse points. The rollerball releases a relaxing fragrance that helps you fall into a blissful sleep. Use in tandem with Beauty Sleep Hyaluronic Mist, a scented spray that hydrates your skin for a plumper, healthier complexion overnight. You’ll wake refreshed and ready to face a new day with a positive outlook.

Start 2022 as you mean to go on, taking small steps toward a more mindful life. 
 “Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.” – Buddha.

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Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. Either they’re the type to buy what they want when they want it, or any requests for ideas are met with a shrug. Of course, not all men fall into these two categories, but if you’re reading this article, it’s because you’ve got one of these guys to buy for. 

You already have enough on your plate without spending hours scouring the internet for that “perfect” gift (spoiler alert: it doesn’t exist), but the special man in your life still deserves something other than socks and pants this Christmas morning. In this list, you’ll find a collection of great presents that will go down well with men of all ages and stages. All that’s left for you to do is pick one out and cross another name off your gift list. 

Lab Series Daily Rescue Spend The Night Kit

Reveal smoother, softer skin with deeply nourishing Hydra2G technology. The innovative hydration system of Lab Series’ Daily Rescue range replenishes lost moisture and maintains the skin’s natural barrier, leaving skin both looking and feeling healthier. 

The Lab Series Daily Rescue Spend The Night Kit includes everything he needs for travel or at home, with Daily Rescue Gel Cleanser, Daily Rescue Water Lotion and Daily Rescue Energizing Face Lotion. Cleanse away dirt, oil and pollutants with the lightweight gel cleanser, then follow with the fast-absorbing toner to draw moisture to the skin. Finally, the gel-lotion gives skin a hydrating boost of ginseng and caffeine for a brighter complexion.

gruum Ultimate Beard Gift Set

Whether he rocks a handlebar moustache or a full lumberjack beard, gruum’s Ultimate Beard Gift Set has everything he needs to keep his whiskers in top shape. This Manchester-based business was created to bring Scandinavian ideals into UK skincare, offering high-quality products without the matching price tag.

gruum uses natural ingredients such as beeswax, argan and jojoba oils to nourish and tame facial hair. The gift set includes kóri Exfoliating Face Wash, gösta Facial Tonic, pur Gentle Moisturiser, bård Beard Shampoo Bar, leif Beard Oil, tor Beard Wax and a wooden beard comb, all contained within a wash bag crafted from ocean plastic. 

Barber Pro 12 Days Of Essentials Advent Calendar

Everyone loves a good advent calendar, and he’s no different. Forget the paltry chocolate calendar of old and instead treat him to twelve days of skincare surprises with the Barber Pro 12 Days Of Essentials Advent Calendar

Although we don’t want to ruin the surprise, we know you want a sneak peek at what to expect. The advent contains a range of skin and grooming essentials, including a foaming cleansing mask and calming under-eye mask. What’s behind the rest of the doors? Well, you’ll have to wait and find out when he opens them, but with the contents clocking in at a total value of £57.40, it’s safe to say that he’ll be one happy chappy in the lead up to Christmas day.

Baylis & Harding Men’s Black Pepper & Ginseng Gown Set

When it comes to exquisitely scented gifts, Baylis & Harding are an easy choice. A household name with their luxury hand soaps, their range of products also includes home fragrances and a full spectrum of bath and body products for him and her. 

The Baylis & Harding Men’s Black Pepper & Ginseng Gown Set contains a body wash, face wash, muscle soak crystals and the piece de resistance, an opulent black fleecy robe. An ideal masculine scent for winter, Black Pepper & Ginseng has a combination of spicy aromatic notes that will warm him from top to toe—getting envious? Don’t let him have all the fun; pick yourself up the Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck Winter Slipper Set so you can get cosy too.


Fragrance can be such a personal choice, but choose well and a bottle of cologne makes an incredibly thoughtful gift. Not only is this BOSS BOTTLED. Trio Gift Set a safe “blind buy” – a scent that is likely to appeal to all – but you’ll also be hedging your bets by giving him three unique scents to fall in love with. 

BOSS BOTTLED is a solid choice of masculine fragrance due to its warming vanilla and woody notes combined with juicy green apple. This set includes both the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum versions of the fragrance, with the EDP having a spicier overall impression. You’ll also receive BOSS BOTTLED INFINITE, an aromatic flanker that adds lavender, sage and rosemary notes. The three fragrances are packaged in a grey presentation box, ready for gifting.

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The Ultimate Christmas Candle Edit

The Ultimate Christmas Candle Edit

Fragrance is a powerful tool in creating an impression. Whether it be a waft of your grandmother’s perfume transporting you back in time or the smell of toasted marshmallows making you feel all warm and cosy, smell is one of our most important but underappreciated senses.

Fragrance helps to set a scene, adding another dimension to memories and our ability to recall moments. In the same way that a spray of your signature scent is the finishing touch of your outfit, you can increase the festivity in your home, using scented candles to help create a multi-sensory experience. 

Discover fragrances that will add something special to the backdrop of your Christmas, from refreshing pine needles and spicy sandalwood to juicy red berries and roasted chestnuts – your perfect seasonal scent is only a click away.

WoodWick Crimson Berries Ellipse Candle 

As one of the UK’s best-selling candle brands, WoodWick knows a thing or two about creating inviting, inspiring scents. WoodWick Crimson Berries Ellipse Candle is an excellent example of a quintessentially Christmas candle that will fill your home with the sweet smell of luscious spiced fruit. 

Crimson Berries features juicy notes of apple, pear and berries alongside cinnamon, cloves, crushed pine needles and assorted woods. The Hearthwick wooden wick crackles and flickers as it burns, replicating a roaring fireplace for added appeal. With a 50 hour burn time, you’ll be able to enjoy this candle all season long. 

Yankee Candle Merry Berry Large Candle

Another giant of the candle world, Yankee Candle is no stranger to festive-themed fragrances. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, the Yankee Candle Merry Berry Large Candle has raspberry and sugar plum notes with added indulgence from vanilla butter cookies. 

As Yankee-lovers will know, the large candle offers exceptional value for money, with up to 150 hours of burn time and an airtight lid to seal in the fragrance when not in use. Discover this fruity, mouth-watering candle for yourself and see what you’ve been missing out on.

Heart & Home Ellipse Twin Wick Cranberry Spice 

Designed in England by a Yorkshire-based team, Heart & Home have gained global recognition for their innovative, environmentally conscious range of products. Heart & Home Ellipse Twin Wick Cranberry Spice is a simple yet rich blend of juicy berries, warming spices and regal forest pine.

Created using an eco-friendly blend of two natural soy waxes, this candle features two wicks and a burn time of 40 hours. With a frosted glass jar and embossed lid, this candle will look gorgeous in your home even when it’s not in use – and it’s perfect for gifting too.   

Wax Lyrical Baby It’s Cold Outside Deck The Halls Candle

With over 40 years of manufacturing quality candles for UK customers, Wax Lyrical has released its Christmas Joy range of candles just in time for the festive season. Wax Lyrical Baby It’s Cold Outside Deck The Halls Candle is a warming blend of spicy cinnamon, clove and nutmeg with a touch of citrus and a base of pine and amber.

Deck The Halls has a burn time of 50 hours and comes in a beautiful monochrome gift box. Give it to someone special or keep it for yourself as the frosted red glass is sure to complement your Christmas decorations. 

Shearer Candles Christmas Tis’ the Season 3 Wick Candle

Founded in 1897, Shearer Candles made its beginning in the historic candle making area of Glasgow, Candleriggs. Today, the brand is known for its artisanal approach and craftsmanship, with candles lovingly created in their Scottish factory. 

Shearer Candles Christmas Tis’ the Season 3 Wick Candle is a decadent scent of frosted pears poached in festive spices, paired with crisp pomegranate. With three wicks for even heat and scent distribution, Tis’ The Season will burn for approximately 35 hours, filling your home with exquisite fragrance.

Sassy Shop Wax Winter Gift Bag

Sassy Shop is home to a vast assortment of wax melts handcrafted in Bristol. Launched in 2017, the brand’s humble beginnings began with a Facebook shop and, in three short years, had moved into a 5,000 SQ foot commercial space. If you love melts, Sassy Shop is the only name you need to know. 

With its handy storage bag and selection of four scents, the Sassy Shop Wax Winter Gift Bag is a great way to sample some of the best-selling winter wax melts. The gift bag includes Winter Frost, Chestnuts & Brown Sugar, Candy Cane and Sweater Weather.

Yankee Candle Christmas 12 Votives Tree Gift Set

Can’t choose just one candle for the Christmas season? You don’t have to with the Yankee Candle Christmas 12 Votives Tree Gift Set. Presented in a beautiful themed box, the set includes 12 glass votives with fragrances from the Signature Collection.

Scents include White Spruce & Grapefruit, Silver Sage & Pine, Holiday Zest, Smoked Vanilla & Cashmere, Wild Orchid, Amber & Sandalwood, Bayside Cedar, Lakefront Lodge, Black Tea & Lemon, Praline & Birch, Pink Cherry & Vanilla and Spiced Banana Bread. Give a few as stocking fillers and keep the rest as a well-earned treat for yourself – we won’t tell if you don’t.

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Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Is your mind frazzled by the tinsel and to-do lists yet? Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it’s also one of the most stressful. With feasts to plan, cards to send and gifts to buy, it’s no wonder so many of us rip into those Quality Street tins a little earlier in the month than is usually socially acceptable. 

Below you’ll find a collection of our top picks for Christmas giving, with a selection of gifts that are ideal for any important woman in your life. Shop for loved ones, or give your other half a fighting chance of picking something you’ll love by slipping this article into his DMs.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Gift Set

Philosophy has taken the world by storm with its simple yet stunning fragrance collection. Philosophy Amazing Grace is one of their best-selling scents, with fruity top notes of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Mandarin Orange; floral middle notes of Freesia, Jasmine and Rose and a warming base of Musk. The result is a clean, soapy, feminine fragrance that makes a subtle signature scent. 

The Philosophy Amazing Grace Gift Set includes a 60ml bottle of Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette, Shampoo/Shower Gel and Firming Body Emulsion, all presented in a Limited Edition gift box. 

BeautyPro 12 Days of Christmask Advent Calendar 

Who says advent calendars are only for kids? The last few years have seen the rise in advent calendars for people of all ages, offering everything from gourmet chocolates to alcoholic beverages. The BeautyPro 12 Days of Christmask Advent Calendar is our top pick of women’s advent calendars in 2021, with a decadent sheet mask behind every door. 

Between the harsh weather and *ahem* changes in our diet, the festive season is when our skin most needs a boost of hydration. This advent is perfectly timed, with 12 x full-size sheet masks including nourishing ingredients such as collagen, olive oil and green tea extract. 

bareMinerals Full Size Eye Essentials Trio

bareMinerals are renowned for their transformative cosmetics and vegan-friendly formulations, making them a favourite with the eco-conscious consumer. The bareMinerals Full Size Eye Essentials Trio is the ultimate gift for fabulous eyes for the festive season, with full-size liner, mascara and brow gel within a seasonal presentation box.

The bareMinerals Strength & Length Mascara is enriched with a fortifying plant-based serum to encourage fuller, longer, healthier lashes in as little as eight weeks, while the Strength & Length Brow Gel uses the same serum to reveal fuller brows. 

Dermalogica Your Brightest Glow Yet Gift Set

Help her rediscover her inner glow with a powerful duo of decadent skincare products. The Dermalogica Your Brightest Glow Yet Gift Set comes in a beautiful box containing Biolumin-C Serum 30ml and Biolumin-C Eye Serum 15ml. 

Enriched with potent vitamin C, the serums work together to transform tired, dull skin, resulting in a brighter, smoother complexion. The face serum is formulated to tackle fine lines and signs of ageing, while the eye serum is gentle enough to use on the delicate skin around your eyes while still providing results.  

YSL Black Opium Gift Set

This Christmas, show her how much you care with a luxurious fragrance set from Yves Saint Laurent. A captivating blend of coffee, vanilla and juicy pear with a base blend of cedar and cashmere musk makes Black Opium the perfect winter fragrance and one she’s sure to love. 

The YSL Black Opium Gift Set contains a 90ml bottle of Black Opium Eau de Parfum, a miniature 7.5ml bottle for on the go, and a stunning YSL Tatouage Velvet Cream lipstick in the most luscious shade of deep red, #206 Club Bordeaux.

Marc Jacobs Perfect Gift Set 

A thoughtful gift with a not-so-hidden message, tell the remarkable woman in your life how you feel about her with a gift from Marc Jacobs. Perfect is a complex but exquisitely balanced fragrance that combines the tart sweetness of rhubarb with creamy almond milk and rich cedar. The result is a cosy perfume that is neither too fruity nor too floral; it’s just… perfect.

Marc Jacobs Perfect Gift Set includes a 50ml bottle of Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Parfum and a matching 75ml bottle of body lotion. Used in combination, the Perfect fragrance will last from dawn to dusk. 

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