A Cosy Evening In With AromaWorks

A Cosy Evening In With AromaWorks

Forget FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out; it’s time to throw off the weight of expectations and start embracing JOMO, the Joy Of Missing Out. Sure, you could accept every invite, attend every event and fill your social calendar with endless outings, but are you making sure you set time aside for yourself?

Balance is a crucial part of self-care, so claim back some of your time and use it to recharge and re-energise your body and soul. AromaWorks knows all about bringing rest and relaxation into the everyday, with their 100% natural, essential-oil infused range of bath, body and hand care.

Ready to upgrade your self-care? Find everything you need for the ultimate cosy evening below.

Set The Scene With A Diffuser 

Scent plays a pivotal role in how you experience the world, recall memories and even in your day-to-day mood. So, it goes without saying that it can be therapeutic to fill your home with a fragrance that creates the right ambience.

AromaWorks Soulful Reed Diffuser gently releases fragrance into any room of your house, filling the air with an aromatic blend of frankincense, juniper, bay and patchouli. These essential oils have been shown to soothe and de-stress while boosting confidence and improving mental clarity. Place the diffuser in an area of your home where you’ll benefit from it the most, such as your living room.

Mist Your Bedroom

It’s not only your living room that deserves the fragrance treatment – but why not tailor the scent to suit your needs. Bedrooms should be a haven for peace and relaxation. Lavender, chamomile and neroli are just a few popular fragrances that have been shown to help you unwind and drift off after a long day.  

AromaWorks Serenity Room Mist is a gorgeous blend of lavender, neroli, geranium and lemongrass, which helps to relax and de-stress. Spray it straight into the air, or onto fabrics for a longer-lasting scent. Bliss!

A Few Drops Of Essential Oil

Of course, as fantastic as it would be to have a diffuser or room spray with you everywhere you go, that’s not particularly practical. For those times you want to grab and go, a bottle of essential oil is a must. 

Add a few drops into a bath, your oil burner or just open the lid for a quick burst of fragrance when you need to destress – this really is a versatile aromatic to keep in your toolkit. With notes of rose, rose geranium, bergamot and mandarin, AromaWorks Harmony Oil is an instant mood-booster. It’s the perfect scent for creating a cosy atmosphere on a budget, or for keeping in your handbag. 

Throw In A Bath Bomb

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a hot tub at the end of the day. Let every muscle in your body relax as the water washes away your stress. And, for a luxurious treat, turn it into a sensory experience with a fragranced bath bomb.

Using the same blend of essential oils found in the Serenity Room Mist, described above, the AromaWorks Serenity AromaBomb Single makes a blissful addition to your bath. With detoxifying Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and skin-soothing calamine, you’ll step out of the tub feeling like a new woman. 

Get Fresh Faced With An Exfoliator 

Dry, dead cells can cling to your skin, making it look dull, textured and unhealthy. Buff them away with an exfoliating mask that leaves your skin bright, polished and ready to soak up your favourite serum. 

A physical exfoliator, AromaWorks Nourish Exfoliate Mask uses fine bamboo powder to break the bonds that hold dead cells in place, exposing the beautiful, healthy skin below. Sustainable and free of microbeads, it’s good for your skin and the planet. 

Replenish Your Skin

Make the most of that clean, clear complexion by applying a nourishing serum and moisturiser straight after you exfoliate. With plum extract, rose and neroli oils and hyaluronic acid, AromaWorks Absolute Face Serum is a transformative treatment for all skin types. 

Then, to lock in all those beneficial ingredients, follow up with an even layer of AromaWorks Nourish Night Cream. Designed to tackle fine lines head-on, the formula regenerates and hydrates as you sleep. Now that’s the sort of skincare magic everyone needs in their life.

Don’t Forget That Pout

Before you hit the hay, there’s one last step to top off your cosy night-in and ensure you wake up looking as good as you feel – lip balm. Your lips are often the first part of your face to show signs of stress and dehydration. If yours look a little worse for wear, moisturising alone won’t be enough. 

AromaWorks Rejuvenate Lip Balm is designed to soothe and protect your lips while nourishing and revitalising. Unlike many high street lip balms that use highly refined petroleum, in the AromaWorks Rejuvenate Lip Balm, you’ll find natural jojoba wax, shea butter and castor oil. Apply before bed, and anytime your lips need a little pick-me-up.

Explore the full range of AromaWorks home fragrances and skincare products.

Top Bath Products For A Relaxing Soak

Top Bath Products For A Relaxing Soak

At the end of a hard day, nothing quite compares to the feeling of sinking into a hot bath. Up to your chin in bubbles, the combination of warmth, steam and fragrance helps release the tension you didn’t even realise you were carrying. 

Who doesn’t love a relaxing soak in the tub? Whether it’s your nightly ritual or a rare treat, make your next bath night a treat for the senses with the addition of these indulgent bath products. 

Yardley London English Lavender Bath & Body Set

The epitome of luxury, Yardley London has been creating bath and cosmetic products since 1770. Inspired by fields of fragrant spring flowers, the English Lavender Bath & Body Set is sure to add a touch of elegance to your next bath experience.  

The set includes: Yardley Body Wash 100ml, Yardley Body Lotion 100ml, Yardley Hand Cream 50ml, and, to top it all off, a pair of Yardley branded slippers. Crafted with up to 95% naturally derived ingredients, each skincare product boasts the same exquisite floral fragrance, so you’ll radiate the calming scent of lavender from dusk to dawn.

Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash

While you’re soaking your troubles away, why not give your skin an added boost of moisture with an at-home facial? Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash has the resurfacing properties of an exfoliator yet is gentle enough on the skin to use daily. 

The microdermabrasion impact of this Philosophy face wash leaves your skin polished and smooth, while antioxidants, hydrating fatty acids and botanical oils help retain its moisture levels.  Incorporating an exfoliating facial into your bath is so easy that you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. 

AromaWorks AromaBomb Signature Quad

Bath bombs are the ultimate addition to your soak, but it can be challenging to find quality products that don’t dry out your skin. AromaWorks is an award-winning natural skincare company renowned for its gentle yet effective products. 

The AromaBomb Signature Quad uses only the finest ingredients, blending detoxifying Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and soothing Calamine powder with 100% Pure Essential Oils to create fragrant, skin-friendly bath bombs. The set includes Nurture: May Chang & Sandalwood; Serenity: Lemongrass & Geranium; Inspire: Bergamot & Black Pepper; and Soulful: Juniper Berry & Frankincense. 

Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck Cotswold Floral 4 Piece Set

A set that you can enjoy as much during a short shower as you can during a long bath, the Baylis & Harding The Fuzzy Duck set contains four luxurious products inspired by the Cotswold countryside. The collection includes Wild Flower Meadow Body Wash 250ml, Woodland Bluebell Shower Crème 250ml, Woodland Bluebell Hand Cream 30ml and Wild Flower Meadow Scented Candle. 

In a presentation box ready for gifting, it’s a great set to keep on hand for emergencies as a gift that anyone is sure to love. But order two; you’ll want to keep one for yourself. 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream 

Despite being great for relaxation and wellbeing, hot water can sap moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and itchy. So, follow a long soak with plenty of hydration, courtesy of a quality moisturiser. Super moisturising and super-sized, the Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream by Elizabeth Arden is ideal for a post-bath treat. 

The 500ml body cream includes a range of beneficial ingredients, including natural honey and green tea extract, which help to nourish, condition and calm dry skin. Beautifully fragrant, with notes of rhubarb, bergamot, peppermint and musk, it’s the ultimate way to end your home-spa experience. 

Sassy Shop Wax Bedtime Baby Whipped Soap

If you’re a fan of Sassy Shop Wax Melts, you’ll adore the brand’s bath and body range. The indulgent foamy texture feels heavenly against your skin and provides a luscious dose of moisture. Lather it before shaving for silky smooth legs, or simply use it to create a scented bath experience like no other. 

The soothing Bedtime Baby blend includes fragrances of mandarin, lavender, chamomile, neroli and lily of the valley over base notes of hay and musk. A gentle, floral scent that will help lull you into a blissful beauty sleep. 

Take back time for self-care and upgrade your bathing experience with these and many more indulgent products from FragranceDirect. 

Bath & Body Must-Haves For The Ultimate Relaxing Soak

Bath & Body Must-Haves For The Ultimate Relaxing Soak

Transform your standard soak into an unmissable bathing experience with our line-up of Bath & Body must-haves that we’re loving right now. From nourishing bath oils to luxurious bath salts, keep scrolling to see 6 super products that will leave you feeling incredible...

The Somerset Toiletry Co. Sleepeze Calming Bath Salts

Struggling to sleep? The Somerset Toiletry Co. has you covered. Add a capful of these luxurious calming bath salts to your tub and prepare to embark on a truly relaxing experience. The sleepeze calming bath salts combine essential oils of lavender & chamomile which help to calm & comfort before bedtime…

Aromatherapy Associates Moment Of Indulgence

Masks, candles, soothing scents… What more could you want? Aromatherapy Associates Moment Of Indulgence promotes good well-being with a soothing and relaxing blend of pampering treats. Nourish your skin and your mind with this unmissable collection of bath favourites. Perfect for gifting too, it’s time to count on the powers of relaxation and aromatherapy now.

AromaWorks Serenity Bath Oil 

Formulated entirely from 100% pure essential oils wrapped in the beautifully nourishing coconut oil & evening primrose, this bath oil is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling revitalised, restored and silky smooth after just one use. Featuring soothing ingredients of mood boosting lemongrass, uplifting geranium and de-stressing lavender, this luxe oil is the perfect product to relax and unwind this season.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath 

If you’re a bubble bath obsessive then this one’s for you. Designed specifically to soothe tired muscles and limbs, the seaweed & arnica foaming bath features a fragrant recipe of seaweed, comfrey and arnica with pure essential oils of lemon, pine, juniper and lavender. Use this product to give your bath an energising effect that helps support the body against fatigue. Simply add a generous amount to the bath under running taps and voila, your foaming bath begins!

Nesti Dante 60th Anniversary Luxury Gold Soap

To celebrate Nesti Dante’s 60th year in production, the limited edition Luxury Gold Soap has been created to commemorate this milestone. Infused with 24 carat gold leaves and enriched with the intense powdery scent of noble iris, the flower symbol of Florence, this limited edition soap will make a thoughtful gift to any soap lover. The precious, natural soap is hand made by traditional saponification process, which ensures the creation of a high quality, rich soap that promises to leave skin feeling ultra-soft and nourished from top to toe. So whether you’re gifting a friend or treating yourself, give it a go today!

The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush

A product worth talking about, The Organic Pharmacy’s Skin Brush is the perfect way to finish your indulgent soak. This unique brush exfoliates and conditions your skin, leaving it looking and feeling incredible. This tool is perfect for everyday dry brushing, it sweeps away dead skin cells and improves the appearance of skin. These natural fibres gently smooth, while the long detachable handle makes for easier reach across the back. Pair this unmissable product with luxe body oils for an enhanced detox experience. 

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!