Level Up Your Mani With These Top Brands

Level Up Your Mani With These Top Brands

Nothing says “pamper time” quite like a DIY manicure. Filing, shaping, protecting and polishing; there’s something very zen about the whole process. And, whether you love a pop of colour or the classic simplicity of French tips, these brands have everything you need to get your nails looking perfect for the coming season. So, the only question is, which will you be wearing next?

Nails Inc 

100% cruelty-free and based right here in the UK, Nails Inc offer innovative, expertly formulated nail products for every step of your mani. Try the Powered By Collagen range, which restores health to thin and brittle nails. Or,  try the plant-powered Dont Stop Beleafing Duo, which includes two truly stunning shades; forest green Grow Your Eco, and copper Palms In The Air polishes.

Elegant Touch

When it comes to false nails, Elegant Touch brings variety, quality and on-trend styles. Colours include classics, like French Bare and Berry Blast, as well as more show-stopping options in the Luxe Looks range. Try Strip Tease, with pink glitter ombre tips, or Don’t Mocha Me, nude nails with metallic accents. Whatever look you’ve been coveting, you’ll find your fantasy falsies with Elegant Touch.


Who needs a salon when you can get professional-quality gel nails from the comfort of home? Award-winning gel nail brand, Bluesky, offers a vast range of gel polishes, so the only limit is your imagination. The Bluesky Starter Kit contains a UV light and three base coat colours to get you started, then top up with whatever hue takes your fancy from the rest of the range. We’re living for the Lucky Set 3, which includes six shades that are perfect for autumn. 

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen is one of the biggest names in the industry, and for good reason. Starting with a dedicated nail care range, the brand has been primarily focused on improving nail health and have taken this same approach to their cosmetic polish lines. Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure Vegan Nail Polish is an excellent example of this, with a plant-based formulation that still delivers long-lasting, vibrant results.


Rimmel knows a thing or two about beauty, and the two-step Rimmel SuperGel is one of the company’s best-selling products. Created to allow you to achieve gel nails at home without a UV lamp, the system starts with a base coat of thick, pigmented colour and finishes with a top coat of protective nail lacquer. Best of all, it’s both easy to apply and remove, so you can change your shade whenever the mood takes you.

Max Factor

Known as the makeup of makeup artists, Max Factor is a distinguished brand in the cosmetics industry. If you don’t have the patience to cure your gel polish under a UV lamp, Max Factor Nailfinity X-Press Gel Nail Polish is a great alternative. A glossy, gel-like polish with a chip-repellent finish, the polish comes in a variety of vibrant shades, including VIP and Spotlight On Her. Try something bold or stick to your favourite; the choice is yours.

When it comes to home manicures, you’re spoiled for choice, with a rainbow of quality nail polishes, all available at Fragrance Direct.

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The Best Supplements For Your Wellbeing

The Best Supplements For Your Wellbeing

Nothing is more important than your health and wellbeing, but eating a few vegetables and getting the odd early night doesn’t quite cut it. If you’re not eating a balanced diet rich in a diverse blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, you’re not alone. The good news is that you don’t have to become a nutritionist or chef to access the beneficial ingredients your body craves. 

Here you’ll find a collection of the best supplements for your wellbeing. From improving your cognitive function to boosting your immune system, this list covers it all. So, listen to what your body tells you and discover a supplement that can take you from blah to blooming fabulous.

The Organic Pharmacy Immune Boosting Kit

With ongoing covid concerns and the winter flu season upon us, a healthy immune system is top of most Christmas wish lists this year. The Organic Pharmacy Immune Boosting Kit has everything your body needs to operate at its best, with dual day and night capsules. Enjoy the fatigue-reducing properties of vitamins A, D and C during the day and the relaxing benefits of chamomile, poppy and lemon balm at night.

The Organic Pharmacy Magnesium Stress Complex

Feeling weighed down by the daily grind? The Organic Pharmacy Magnesium Stress Complex contains a blend of magnesium, calcium, vitamin D and zinc. Magnesium and calcium work synergistically to improve metabolism, muscle function, and the immune system while also reducing tiredness and fatigue symptoms.

The Organic Pharmacy Phytonutrients

Phyto, or plant, nutrients are an organic, vegan-friendly way to improve your health. The blend contained in The Organic Pharmacy Phytonutrients + MSM includes shiitake, maitake and reishi mushrooms. Together, these fungi support your body’s natural defences and offer immune support. 

The Organic Pharmacy Essential Fatty Acid + B Complex

Fatty acids are vital to the health of your skin and cells, but it’s challenging to get enough from diet alone. The Organic Pharmacy Essential Fatty Acid + B Complex uses plant-based linseed and evening primrose oils to improve skin from the inside out. Additional B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 further support the brain and nervous system.

Neocell Super Collagen +C

Depleted collagen proteins contribute to the early signs of ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin. But the effects of low collagen go even further, with your hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones all being impacted too. Neocell Super Collagen +C gives your body 6000mg of collagen, with added vitamin C for activation. Together, these bioactive and readily absorbed compounds improve flexibility and strength between the body’s cells. 

The Organic Pharmacy Daily Probiotics

Science is continually discovering ways that gut health impacts other areas of your body. From skin conditions to joint inflammation, the health and diversity of flora in your gut have a knock-on effect on many areas of your body. The Organic Pharmacy Daily contains a potent blend of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis to help balance intestinal flora for better overall health.

The Organic Pharmacy Holy Basil B Complex

A herb used in Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, for thousands of years, Holy Basil supports the nervous system by calming the adrenal glands. Together with guava, lemon extract and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9, the body can better fight environmental stressors. The Organic Pharmacy Holy Basil B Complex may help with high blood pressure, insomnia, mood swings, colds, infections and fatigue.

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How To Give Your Makeup Brushes A Deep Clean

How To Give Your Makeup Brushes A Deep Clean

Any beauty expert will tell you that one of the cardinal sins committed across the country is a lack of beauty tool cleansing. But let’s face it, your brushes never feel completely clean anyway. You lather, rinse, repeat, spend an eternity waiting for them to dry, and they’re still not that clean. Well, help is at hand. 

We’ve gathered up the quickest, easiest and most efficient ways to deep clean your makeup brushes. With just a few minutes of effort, you can have sparkling clean beauty tools and get a smoother, more even application from your favourite makeup products. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

If properly cared for, makeup brushes can last for many years, so invest in a set you love and make sure they’re well looked after. 

The experts tell us that brushes should ideally be cleaned after every use, but at least twice a week for powder brushes and daily for brushes or beauty blenders that are used with liquid foundations or cream cosmetics. While a deep cleanse can be done less regularly, those daily cleanses ensure your brushes don’t harbour bacteria.

Finally, if your brushes’ bristles start falling out or pointing at stray angles, even after cleaning, it’s time to replace your brush.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Before we look at the various methods for deep cleaning your makeup brushes, there are a few tips that apply across all methods.

  1. When running your brushes under the tap, always point the bristles down toward the plughole. If water flows into your brush it can weaken the glue that holds the bristles in place, shortening the life of your brushes.
  1. When drying your brushes, it’s best to lay them flat or upside down. Again, this is to keep water away from the glue at the base of the bristles. There are tools you can get to hang or hold your brushes as they dry, but laying them on a sheet of kitchen roll does the same trick.
  1. Don’t forget to give your handles a clean with disinfectant too.

Method 1. Soap And Water

This is the method most people use to clean their brushes. It’s labour intensive but all you’ll need is soap, water and patience. 

Run the bristles of your brushes under lukewarm water (hot water can loosen the glue), then add a few drops of soap to the palm of your hand. We use the term “soap” loosely here as dish detergent, hand soap, bar soap or baby shampoo all do a similar job. 

Taking one brush at a time, swirl the bristles into the soap, lathering it to help lift away oil and pigment. Then, rinse with clean water and repeat if necessary. Finally, squeeze the bristles gently to help remove water, mould the bristles back into place and leave to dry.   

Method 2. Brush Spinner

If you’ve been using Method 1 and feel like there has to be a simpler way, this might be the option for you. 

There are no end of beauty gadgets available online, and while brush cleaners can be a little hit or miss, there are definitely some great finds out there. Most brush spinners operate in a similar way, with your brushes pointing downward, a little soap and water added to the container and a spring-loaded or battery-operated base that swishes the liquid around the bristles. 

Is it entirely necessary? No. 

Is it more fun than doing it all by hand? Absolutely.

Method 3. The Dip And Dash

If you haven’t tried this method, do it today. Not only is it the easiest method on our list, but it can be done with household ingredients and only takes 20 minutes from start to finish. 

The main consideration with this method is finding the right container. It needs to be deep enough that all your brush bristles will be adequately covered, but not so narrow that the water is forced up into the handle of the brush. 

Combine 1 cup of warm water, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dish soap in your container, then drop your brushes in and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse and dry to reveal beautifully clean brushes. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, so this method gets bonus points for killing any nasties lurking in your brushes.

There you have it, three easy ways to give your makeup brushes a deep clean. Try them all and discover your favourite today.

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The Latest Beauty Products We’re Obsessing Over

The Latest Beauty Products We’re Obsessing Over

With new beauty launches and trends happening so often, it can be hard to choose a product that’s actually worth spending your money on. We’ve taken the guesswork out of shopping this month by sharing with you the products we’re obsessing over right now. From luxurious cleansing balms to magical nail products, read on to find out more…

At1 Deep Cleansing Balm

The all new At1 skincare range has officially dropped at FD! Featuring luxurious creams, hydrating toners and incredible eye creams, this new brand is the one to watch this season. 

Right now we’re loving the Deep Cleaning Balm, this life changing product helps you to cleanse the day away by effortlessly removing dirt and makeup, even waterproof mascara too! Combining grapeseed oil with high-quality crambe oil that nourishes skin, whilst apricot and blackcurrant oils to plump the skin using all natural sources of vitamins A, C & E. Plus, it even includes echium oil to soothe skin, minimise redness and irritation too.

Sensori+ Mood Lifting Mist Swan River Sunshine

Magical skincare, mood lifting beauty and luxe gift sets. Sensori+ has landed! 

Discover Sensori+ Mood Lifting Mist Swan River Sunshine. At the heart of the sunniest city of Australia – Perth, the luminous water of Swan River flows through, surrounding every passer-by with captivating iridescent lights and dreamy reflections. This uplifting blend of invigorating bergamot, delightful clary sage and lush ylang ylang, recreates the optimistic energy of this cloudless day. Using natural yet clinically proven mood lifting ingredients; This Advanced Detoxifying Mood Lifting Mist has a profound positive effect on energising and uplifting the mood. It is all-natural and plant-derived and contains ChloresPURE®, an exclusive green technology developed in Australia. The technology provides a gentle healing solution, eliminates malodours, and neutralises airborne toxins on a molecular level.

Nails Inc Dont Stop Beleafing Duo

The colder months are setting in, this only calls for one thing – deep, rich, wintery and warm nail colours.

This super cute nail polish set by Nails Inc features two vegan polishes that are powered by a 73% plant based formula. These luxurious polishes work overtime to be kinder and gentler on your nails with no compromise on colour, quality or wear time. Mix and match with two incredible shades of forest green and copper. These shades are formulated with the patented wide hugging brush, making it easier to achieve flawless application. 

SOSU by SJ Brow Beautiful Brow Gel

Up your brow game this season with SOSU by SJ’s Brow Beautiful Brow Gel. Say Goodbye to bad brow days and enhance your brow shape with this clear, quick drying formula. The mini brush evenly coats and precisely grooms hair, with conditioning Vitamin E for a silky smooth finish that stays in place all day long. Try out this quick drying formula that’s infused with incredible ingredients and comes in 5 different shades too! 

bareMinerals GEN NUDE Patent Lip Lacquer

Pucker up and transform your lips with the Patent Lip Lacquer by bareMinerals. Not only is it full coverage, moisturising and infused with minerals, it provides next level shine that lasts all day too! This high gloss liquid lipstick features good-for-skin nudes made for every skin tone. The cushiony, hydrating formula helps to keep lips soft, while a dual-sided applicator smooths on full coverage with one swipe. If you’re on the hunt for a product to try this month, give this one a go and discover every shade including mauves, pinks, peaches and beiges. 

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Weather-Proof Hair & Makeup Hacks for Autumn

Weather-Proof Hair & Makeup Hacks for Autumn

The change in season is upon us, so it’s time to pack away those summer beauty supplies and bring out the heavy hitters. Autumn is a tricky season to predict, one moment you have clear skies, the next you’re battling blustery gales and sudden downpours, so it’s essential to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you.

Here are your must-have products for weather-proof hair and makeup this season. 

It’s All About That Base…

When it comes to makeup, having a good base to build on couldn’t be more important. Well-primed skin not only allows for smooth application of your makeup products but also helps your cosmetics stay in place for longer. Try one of these best-sellers:

bareMinerals PRIME TIME Original Foundation Primer

Even tone, blur pores and smooth your complexion with bareMinerals PRIME TIME Original Foundation Primer. The lightweight, matte finish is perfect for layering under your foundation or can even be worn on its own for a casual “no makeup” look.

Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Retexturising Primer

Are you looking for a primer with the added power of a serum? Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Retexturising Primer is rich in botanicals and antioxidants, including grapeseed oil, avocado and birch bark extracts. Retinyl linoleate improves skin texture and tone, making this primer ideal for mature and problem skin. 

Flormar Pore Minimizer Makeup Primer

Enlarged pores spoiling the finish of your makeup? Try Flormar Pore Minimizer Makeup Primer. This oil-absorbing primer has a velvety finish which effectively reduces the appearance of pores, helping your foundation to glide over the skin’s surface for a smoother finish. 

Fix Your Face In Place…

Not all makeup is created equal. That lightweight foundation may be perfect for fair weather but will pool at your jawline at the first sign of stormy skies. Choosing the right products for the season is key to season-proofing your makeup look. The beauties below will keep you looking fabulous come rain or shine. 

Flormar Compact Powder

With its fine and silky texture, this powder goes on flawlessly to offer naturally sheer protection. The formulation is available in a range of tones and is resistant to sweat, humidity and moisture. So, whether you’re running for the bus or get caught without a brolly, you’ll have the confidence of added staying-power.

Glamglow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray

Dewy, hydrated skin without the shine? Yes, please. With ingredients including caffeine infusion and TEAOXI® complex, Glamglow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray gives skin a boost of nourishment and moisture while keeping your makeup in place.  

Wonderfully Windswept…

Beachy waves are so last season. Channel the autumn vibes with windswept hair on your terms. No one wants to look like they got caught in a tornado, but with a little help, you can create voluminous waves and texture that stays in place throughout the day. 

Redken Wind Blown 05

With a flexible finish and mild hold, Redken Wind Blown 05 is the perfect hairspray for creating light texture and weightless volume. Ideal for locking your windswept hair into place, this is a must-have for your adding a little extra “autumn” into your style.

Shu Uemura Kumo Hold Hairspray

The micro-fine mist of Shu Uemura Kumo Hold Hairspray offers a lightweight, buildable hold that can be tailored to your needs. Inspired by the Japanese art of minimalism, Shu Uemura is used by everyone from Kate Middleton to Katy Perry.

Shu Uemura Ishi Sculpt Paste

Even short hair isn’t immune to gusty weather, so if you’re rocking a pixie cut or need a little added hold, Shu Uemura Ishi Sculpt Paste is for you. The workable, demi-matte paste gives short styles long-lasting texture without any stickiness or residue.  

Want more beauty tips? Read Makeup Brushes That Will Leave You Looking Flawless.

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