The Best Luxury Fragrances For 2021

The Best Luxury Fragrances For 2021

We all deserve a bit of luxury every once in a while, from fancy meals and cocktails to indulgent clothes and accessories that make us feel great. But how can you incorporate luxury into your daily routine without it feeling like overkill? High-end fragrances are an ideal way to enjoy a taste of the good life every day. When you spritz on a designer perfume or aftershave, you set the tone for whatever might come your way.

Looking to treat somebody special? Luxury perfumes are a perfect gift, too! While we might feel a bit guilty spending £50 or £100 on a fragrance for ourselves, we feel great about receiving these gifts from loved ones. Luxury perfume is an indulgence and can make them feel fantastic any time they wear it.

If you’ve chosen a beautiful gift and it still seems a little pricey, why not band together with friends to purchase a group present? Or shop our luxury fragrance collection for all the brands they’ll love without the hefty price tag.

The best new luxury fragrances for 2021

Looking for something new and exciting? We’re always adding to our luxury fragrance family, which means you can pick up something different each time you shop. Surprise a loved one with a new release perfume or aftershave, or treat yourself with a fragrance you’re sure to enjoy.

I Want Choo by Jimmy Choo

Cute name, elegant bottle, irresistible scent – what more could you want? This new addition to Jimmy Choo fragrances came out at the end of 2020, with florals, peach, and vanilla notes, just what we needed to feel better after that crazy year.

I Want Choo is an ode to playfulness and confidence, with every spritz practically bursting with good vibes. The stunning bottle features a gold cap and a luxurious Jimmy Choo monogram logo. The feminine peach-tinted fragrance serves as a perfect backdrop and means this luxury perfume will look beautiful on any dressing table.

Born in Roma Yellow Dream by Valentino

It’s impossible to hate Valentino fragrances – the epitome of luxury and indulgence. The iconic fashion house offers a range of now-iconic perfumes and aftershaves to suit every nose. Their latest addition, born in Roma Yellow Dream, is a new take on the wildly successful Born in Roma.

Evoke the beauty and romance of Rome every time you spritz this gorgeous Valentino perfume. Its floral, lemon, and musk notes are intense yet refreshing. And it wouldn’t be Valentino without a striking branded bottle! This perfume is sure to earn a gasp of surprise when you give it as a gift to someone you love.

Angel Iced Star by Thierry Mugler

French fashion house Thierry Mugler branched into the fragrance world in 1992 with now-iconic Angel. Since then, the Angel fragrance collection has escalated to icon status with regular new additions. And the latest, Angel Iced Star, is just as captivating as its predecessors.

The fragrance is fruity and oriental, with fresh and exotic notes of coconut water, pineapple, and patchouli. This luxurious perfume comes in an instantly recognisable star-shaped bottle with an icy crystal finish. Choose this subtle and long-lasting scent for day or night – it’ll leave you feeling your best whatever the occasion.

Dylan Turquoise by Versace

Versace is one of our favourite brands for luxury fragrance. Their latest addition, Dylan Turquoise, joined our go-tos as soon as it was released. Versace Dylan Turquoise transports you to tropical islands, where glistening waters meet soft, sandy shores.

Enjoy notes of Sicilian mandarin, blackcurrant, and vibrant woods with every spritz of this fresh and indulgent perfume. The extravagant bottle is Versace from top to bottom, with bold turquoise and gold embellishments cut into the shape of a traditional Greek vase.

The all-time best luxury fragrances for women

While new perfumes can be fun and exciting, sometimes you can’t beat an old favourite. These iconic luxury perfumes have stood the test of time, with generations of women vouching for them. So you can be sure any of this list will be well worth their price tag.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

As one of the most iconic luxury brands globally, Dolce & Gabbana exudes style and elegance. So it makes sense that their extensive perfume collection includes some attractive options to suit every occasion.

Light Blue is no exception. This bright, refreshing perfume is ideal for day or night – it’s easy to wear and a perfect choice for a luxury signature scent. Casual fruity and floral notes blend together perfectly to evoke the idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle. Green apple, bluebell, and jasmine are amongst the lineup, making this D&G perfume versatile, fresh, and indulgent.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Another firm favourite for all things designer, YSL’s fragrance collection is varied and indulgent, just like the brand’s clothes and accessories. Black Opium is one of the best-loved perfumes in the Yves offering, boasting a beautiful, heady fragrance that makes wearers feel their best every time.

Striking notes of coffee and pepper combine with softer jasmine and vanilla. At the same time, the dazzling black bottle is dressed in sequins from top to bottom. YSL Black Opium is an ideal gift for any cool, modern woman. Just ask Zoë Kravitz, muse and face of the fragrance.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

At the time of its release in 2005, Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb instantly took the fragrance world by storm. Oriental and floral notes of amber, bergamot, and jasmine hit in an explosion of joy and indulgence, then last all day and night.

Flowerbomb comes in a clear glass bottle with a diamond cut, rose gold cap, and minimal Viktor & Rolf branding. If you’re searching for a luxury perfume to give as a gift, Flowerbomb could be a perfect choice.

The all-time best luxury fragrances for men

Whether you’re searching for a new masculine fragrance for yourself or for a gift, there’s plenty on offer in the luxury department. Let’s take a look at some of the best men’s luxury aftershaves and colones out there to help narrow down your search.

Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss set the standard in luxury men’s suits, accessories, and fragrances too! Boss Bottled is one of the most iconic choices in the collection, with several options in the ever-expanding range. Still, the original Boss Bottled is one-of-a-kind and an excellent example of a wearable luxury men’s fragrance.

Let’s start with the packaging. Boss Bottled comes in a simple yet stylish grey bottle with the BOSS logo cut into the glass. It’s an instantly recognisable fragrance that will look attractive wherever it’s kept.

The scent opens up with a fresh burst of apple and bergamot, then opens into spicy black pepper, warm cardamom and cinnamon, and musk. Luxuriously masculine and long-wearing, Boss Bottled is one of our all-time favourite men’s fragrances.

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

Armani fragrances include something luxurious for everyone, and Armani Code is a firm favourite from the men’s collection. This woody, oriental fragrance is subtly seductive and a perfect choice for wearing at night.

Lemon and lavender are enriched with tonka bean, vanilla, natural cedar, and suede in this attractive men’s luxury fragrance. The tall black bottle is just as indulgent, promising to look stylish in any man’s lineup.

Why are luxury perfumes more expensive?

There are a few reasons why your luxury perfumes might have a higher price tag. For starters, you’re paying for the brand.

Suppose you choose a D&G, Versace, or Hugo Boss fragrance over a high-street brand. Your luxury perfume or aftershave will probably cost more. That’s because luxury options use high-quality ingredients and focus on different fragrance notes. That means beautiful top, base, and heart notes, while cheaper fragrances often only feature top notes.

Some luxury fragrances also contain rare ingredients and essences, flower petals or tree roots. This can make them more expensive. Often, the more essential oil a perfume of cologne contains, the better and longer-lasting the fragrance. Luxury options are formulated to last all day, so you won’t need to worry about reapplying and can get more from your bottle.

So, while luxury perfumes and aftershaves are often expensive, they’re a good investment in your mood every day. With beautiful scents to suit every personality and plenty of choices for day and night, there’s a perfect bottle out there, no matter who you’re buying for.

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!  

FD Beauty Blog Editor Tries: bareMinerals

FD Beauty Blog Editor Tries: bareMinerals

Live vicariously through our blog to get a feel for some of the best bareMinerals products that have just dropped here at FD. From the brand’s well-known original loose powder foundation to preventative and anti-ageing skincare products, our editor has tried and tested a range of products to give you the full lowdown on the bareMinerals goodies you need to get your hands on.

Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

Tinted moisturisers are a staple and the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue is now at the very top of my list. Hydrating skincare fused with natural-looking coverage? Bring it my way! I am definitely a skincare junkie, interested in any products that are going to give me a dewy, illuminating, radiant finish and this tinted moisturiser does just that. On feel-good skin days where I have minimal imperfections, this is a gorgeous product to pop on with a touch of bronzer and a swipe of lipgloss.

Original Loose Powder Foundation

To be completely honest, as with a lot of people when it comes to a foundation they’ve never tried before, I was sceptical at first. However, with the right base product such as bareMinerals BUTTER DRENCH Restorative Rich Cream to give you that layer of hydration, the bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation is a pretty amazing product. The minerals warm up on your skin and transform into a weightless cream that effortlessly evens out your skin tone and leaves you with a silky, satin base. It works best with the incredible bareMinerals Beautiful Finish Brush, and for additional coverage on blemishes, I like to dab my little finger into the powder and lightly pack it on my skin where I need it.

Mineralist Hydra Smoothing Lipstick

The formula of these lipsticks… heaven! Both matte and sheen lipstick-lovers will adore these because they carry a lot of pigment but leave you with a luscious layer of hydration that isn’t super shiny or glossy. Perfect for keeping more natural or layering a gloss on top, bareMinerals Hydra Smoothing Lipstick formula is super handy to have in your makeup bag. Available in a wide range of colours too from fiery reds to creamy nudes, we wish you good luck in choosing just one (or five).

Skinlongevity Long Life Herb Serum

Moving onto bareMinerals skincare products, we have this icon that actually won a Glamour 2021 Beauty Award. If you’re a serum collector and enjoy natural or vegan products, this is one for you. Powered by a unique superfood complex, Long Life Herb, in just two pumps, it makes the skin feel hydrated and strengthened. Serums are a step many people (myself included) are guilty of skipped in their daily skin routine, often too excited to dip into moisturisers and eye creams but applying a serum first feels great.

Ageless Phyto-Retinol Neck Cream

Finally, we have a product that’s a little more out there than others considering it focuses on neck care. You heard it right. The bareMinerals Agless Phyto-Retinol Neck Cream is a great product to use in your preventative or anti-aging skincare routine. This luxe product features Phyto-Retinol, a natural, plant-based retinol alternative that works just as well without causing the usual redness and dryness. As a young twenty-something, my neck doesn’t look super aged but it’s a great product to use knowing that when I moisturise my face and body, my neck isn’t left out!

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!  

Trending Nails This Summer

Trending Nails This Summer

Outdoor events are finally on the horizon, which means it’s time to plan your new summer nails! Not only do they look great on the ‘gram, a set of bright, funky nails can instantly transform your mood into a summer state of mind too.

Whether you’re still creating those at-home manis or you need some inspo for your next salon appointment, we’ve got you covered. From fresh sets featuring shades of neon to pastel perfect prints, there’s a little something for every taste and skill level. Read on to find the latest and greatest nails worth copying this summer…

Pick And Mix

The pick and mix mani is every young girl’s dream. This funky set is a great way to combine an assorted mix of all of your favourite designs into one. It’s fun, it’s different and it will certainly turn heads no matter where you go. @nailartbychlo 

70’s Swirls 

This graphic yet simple nail art has taken over our feeds this year. Why not put your summer spin on the look and add some fresh, bright colours to the mix? Give it a retro vibe like these bright orange swirl nails we can’t get enough of! @nailartbychlo

All Smiles

We’re completely obsessed with these smiley nails this season. This positive look has been seen on the likes of Harry Styles and Dua Lipa, need I say more? Just save this for your next nail appointment, you won’t regret it… @nailchark

Feelin’ Fruity

Have you seen anything sweeter? This manicure is giving us the ultimate summer energy we need this season. Just pick out a clear coat, your fave fruits and voila, you’ve officially got the tastiest nails ever. @nailsbyyagal

Love Is In The Air 

Heart inspired nails have been popping up everywhere. This bold, pink set is giving us all the inspo we need for our next new look. If you’re a dab hand at nail art then give this try, if not, save this picture and show your nail tech! @nailsbydannimoore

Simple Tips

If colourful and bold nails aren’t really for you, then a simple pop of colour to the tips of your nails is a great addition to have this season. Put a cute twist on a simple, classic mani and opt for a vivid colour like these. @harrietwestmoreland

Are you leaving it to the pro or giving your own mani a go? Discover our complete collection of nail products at Fragrance Direct, from cool colours to nail strengthening must-haves, we’ve got everything you could need and more for your next new look! 

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!