What Product You Should Be Using Based On Your Star Sign

What Product You Should Be Using Based On Your Star Sign

There’s just so much to think about when buying your next new beauty product, what price should you be paying, which shade should you be buying, who knows! We think it’s best if you follow your star sign and let the universe do the talking… Read on to find out which product you should be using based on your star sign!


An Aquarius is not only a free spirit, but fabulous too! You love your independence, and you’re not afraid to experiment when it comes to your look. You should opt for the La Roc Artistry Palette, this palette is so bold and bright, it will definitely display your creative side!


You might already know this, but Pisces is a water sign, that basically means that you need to be glowing no matter what time of the day. Choose something that creates an effortless glow but also provides you with the right amount of heavenly hydration for your skin! Try the Nuxe Dry Oil, you won’t regret it.


The Aries symbol is of course the fierce and fantastic horns of a ram, so no doubt you love a strong, contoured complexion! Become bronzed to perfection with this Max Factor Contour palette and thank us later…


If you’re a Taurus, you’re likely to be a lover of luxury, don’t worry we get it, not any old product will do! We know it’s true, so try out this Dermalogica Eye Serum, it’s supercharged vitamin C formula will dramatically change your under-eye area. 


Gemini is represented by the twin symbol of Castor and Pollux, so double up on your products to see the best skincare results. This delightful duo by Philosophy has a Geminis name written all over it!


If you’re a Cancer then you’re probably a little bit more on the sensitive side… so, take care and be kind to your skin. Try using this L’Oreal Moisturiser, it’s specially formulated liquid has been produced with delicate skin in mind. 


Leo’s are super duper confident, you don’t mind standing out from the crowd, and you certainly wouldn’t say no to a statement makeup look. Leo’s should try to create a bold, bushy brow with the SOSU brow kit, this way you certainly won’t be missed!


Virgos, you’re practical and perfectionists, we know that you always want to make sure that every part of your look is 100% put together. That’s why we recommend that you use the Australian Bodycare Shampoo, it’s made with tea tree oil to ensure that your hair stays silky soft all day long!


Librans lust for grace and elegance, whether this be through your personality, or even through your makeup, it’s always a must. To really show off your preppy persona, you need to be using a bright blush that makes your skin pop! This Lily Lolo Blush is stunning and it comes in 6 different shades!


Mysterious and mystical, a Scorpio is always on the hunt for deep and darker shades of lipstick. Try this Note Matte Lip Gloss to find your inner dark side!


A wanderlust-filled sun sign who is bursting with energy and willing to try anything new! If you’re a Sagittarius who’s always curious for the next new product, weird or wonderful, then use this CBD Peppermint Spray to stay fresh and free from any stress. 


Oh so you’re a Capricorn? We know just how ambitious you are! You strive to complete any challenge you start and won’t back down no matter what. That’s why we know that you’re committed to having the perfect skin. Use this Radiance Renewal Mask by Ren to combat congestion on your face. 

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8 Beauty & Grooming Bundles You Need This Christmas

8 Beauty & Grooming Bundles You Need This Christmas

Looking for those little something extras to top off your selection of Christmas gifts? We’ve got the perfect batch of beauty gift sets for her and grooming gift sets for him that are perfect if you’re stuck for inspiration or after something a little less expensive this year. With so many great brands to shop from, let’s dive in!

LYNX Africa Countdown Calendar, £14.95

Experience an intense and revitalising Lynx Africa Giftset, Lynx best-selling fragrance for over a decade with its zesty fragrance of squeezed mandarin and sandalwood. Kickstart your day with the Lynx Africa range, including a shower gel, body spray, anti-perspirant, shower foam and a daily fragrance for all-round freshness.

Toni & Guy Complete Volume Collection Cube, £28.95

Wherever you’re heading out, don’t hide in the background. Bring back all-out glamourous volume with Volume & Bounce products. This range is especially designed for fine hair consisting of a shampoo, a conditioner and multiple styling products to boost volume from root to tip, for over-the-top hairstyles. Volume Addiction Shampoo, formulated with Wheat Extract, is part of the brand’s system that enhances natural volume and adds body with a weightless feel.

Simple Anywhere Glows Gift Set, £14.95

Let someone you know glow everywhere they go with the Simple Anywhere Glows Gift Set. This gift set contains 4 skin care products, each formulated to give that special someone a lasting, healthy glow. The Protect ‘n’ Glow Triple Protection Moisturiser provides protection against skin damaging elements, and the biodegradable face wipes gently clean skin while removing makeup. Using the Detox & Brighten face mask included in this gift set will draw out impurities like a magnet and finishing with the Rest and Reset 72 hr Hydration Gel will leave you with healthy, glowing skin for the morning after.

DOVE Nourishing Beauty 12 Day Calendar Gift Set, £13.99

Calendars are such a fun gift and this 12 Days of Christmas advent gift set for women includes a specially selected assortment of 12 Dove products and beauty accessories hidden behind the count down doors. You may be thinking of needing a gift to give on Christmas day, but advent calendars will still be just as much appreciated as they offer such a variety!

Toni & Guy Volume Styling Bag Collection, £12.95

Toni & Guy are the masters of creativity when it comes to haircare products. Lots of skill and passion have been brought into their hard-working and multi-tasking products. Each of these hair products has been expertly formulated to give your hair irresistible volume from root to tip, boosting both your hair and your confidence.

LYNX Ice Chill Trio & Powerbank Torch, £12.99

Fresh and invigorating, it’s the Lynx Ice Chill range. The range is also antibacterial to elongate that “feeling super refreshed” period. This set includes shower gel, a power bank torch, body spray and antiperspirant. Why not gift him this set of Lynx cleansing and grooming products.

DOVE Men+Care Daily Care Gift Set, £11.99

Another great buy for him, is this cleansing and refreshing set by Dove in their Men+Care daily care range. This duo gift set contains a body and face wash that hydrates for healthier, stronger skin.

Tresemme Perfect Weekend Getaway Gift Set £8.95

TRESemme’s Perfect Weekend Getaway Gift Set has everything you could need to look glamorous for your stay away, so you can have salon-quality style anywhere your heart desires. This fabulous bundle, featuring 4 gifts for women inside a beauty bag, is an ideal Christmas gift set for anyone who fancies weekend getaways or spends a lot of time travelling.

Shop our complete A Little Something edit here!

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Effortless Autumn/Winter Hairstyles

Effortless Autumn/Winter Hairstyles

The summer nights are no longer and these darker nights are beginning to make us wonder… will we ever leave the house with more than just a half-dried hair look? Luckily we have rounded up a selection of quick and easy hairstyles you can replicate at home with the use of just a comb! 

Don’t get yourself in a muddle, just follow our small guide to autumn’s hottest looks. We’ll make sure that styling your hair will never be a struggle again! 

1. Clip It Back

Go to town on your accessories with this functional and affordable look. Not only is it simple, it’s also the hottest hair trend this year, with every catwalk filled with pretty pearl clips, it’s a must-have addition to your lookbook. We recommend using the funkiest clips you can find, style your hair and then go wild! Don’t be afraid to mix and match with different sizes and textures, this will help to add a touch of personality to an otherwise casual look. 

2. Mermaid Waves

Defeat the heat and use a sock to create effortless mermaid waves. Yes, you heard it right, using a pair of socks to wave your hair is so on-trend RN. Following a viral trend on TikTok, beauty fanatics have been curling their hair with the help of a little bit of water and a pair of their fave socks! So, save yourself and hit the snooze button  tomorrow, because you won’t need to spend 30 minutes trying to salvage your bodacious bed-head, just separate your damp hair into a few sections, then weave each section of hair in between each sock in a crisscross motion. Finish the look off in the morning with the texturizing salt spray to maximise volume and create a long-lasting effect. 

3. Half Up Half Down

If your hair tends to get greasy, oily or frizzy, this look is the perfect way to deal with those extra oils. It works best on those days where you just can’t be bothered to wash your hair. Whether your hair is short, long or curly, just section the front of your hair and tie it back with a cute clip and a bobble and hey presto you’re all done! 

4. Low Bun and Scrunchie 

Hairstyle trends come and go, but the low bun is timeless. Whether you prefer your bun to be sleek or your bun to be slightly tousled, this classic look has you covered. Use a brush and either gel or pomade to pull back the hair into a bun, creating a clean, fresh finish. If you’re going for more of a relaxed feel, spray your hair with dry shampoo to create a lightweight texture, then, tie it back loosely and pull out a few strands to shape your face. Don’t forget to pop a cute scrunchie around your bun to really make your hair stand out from the crowd. 

5. Scarf It

Say goodbye to wasting time in front of the mirror and hello to lie-ins this season with the trouble-free scarf look! Wear it on your head, tie your hair with it or even wear it around your neck for an oh so chic look. The scarf is a versatile way to turn that basic pony into a playful ponytail in just a few simple steps. Autumn is here, so be sure to match your scarf to the colours that appear this season…

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Our Thoughtful Gift Edit

Our Thoughtful Gift Edit

Staying at home more than usual needn’t mean that special occasions aren’t still worth recognising and celebrating. Gifting a special someone a fragrance they will love is good for the soul, and so is treating yourself! Our curated fragrance selection of gifts and treats for yourself or a loved one is the perfect solution to adding some affordable luxury into the new stay-at-home routine – from classic brands like BOSS, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, we have you covered.

The Brands

Marc Jacobs

Give the gift of a Marc Jacobs fragrance where a spritz can enhance your every day. Shop this collection of sweet-smelling Marc Jacobs perfumes including well-known favourites and limited-edition scents are easy to love. You’re guarantee to find the best scent whether a classic you know they’ll love like Daisy or you’re on the hunt for something new like Perfect, Marc Jacobs are a go-to for refreshingly sweet fragrances.

Our favourites: Marc Jacobs Perfect, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Daze, Marc Jacobs Daisy (Original)

Hugo Boss

Diverse and bold, it’s Hugo Boss. The master of powerful, uncomplicated fragrances, this brand excels in creating something for every taste and every occasion. Playing with notes like vanilla, peach, honey, coffee and roasted cocoa, you can easily imagine just how delicious their fragrances smell. Exquisite, luminous and irresistible, you can’t go wrong with treating someone special to Hugo Boss.

Our favourites: BOSS Alive, BOSS The Scent Absolute For Her, BOSS Bottled Infinite


Every Lacoste creation exudes style and sporty energy, and their vibrant fragrance collection is no different. Lacoste perfumes and aftershaves include sporty and luxurious scents to suit every mood. Ideal for everyday wear, these budget-friendly fragrances are perfect for gifting whether you’ll be treating yourself or someone special.

Our favourites: Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc, Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Sparkling x Jeremyville

Calvin Klein

Where minimalism meets exciting, wearable fragrances, gift a loved one Calvin Klein this Christmas. This brand are the masters in creating the most refreshing, sweet scents for her and addictive, vibrant fragrances for him. However, they also create gender neutral scents like CK one that has been a classic favourite for years. CK fragrances are a go-to!

Our favourites: CK One, Eternity Fresh For Her, Eternity Fresh For Men

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Introducing… Cult-Favourite Skincare Brand NUXE!

Introducing… Cult-Favourite Skincare Brand NUXE!

Organic, eco-friendly and vegan… It’s safe to say that NUXE, just about has it all! It’s about time you got to know NUXE’s all new organic skincare range. It’s unique formulas feature active star ingredients which help to nourish and soothe the skin, leaving it looking fresh and radiant. So, sit tight, relax and read our round-up of our NUXE faves this month! 

NUXE Organic Multi-Perfecting Medium Skin Tinted Cream £24.95 

First off we have the skin tinting cream, this product acts as an ultimate two-in-one duo that works as a moisturiser and a light coverage foundation too! White tea scented and lasts all day long, the formula has a rich, melting texture that ensures that any fine lines, redness or dark spots are unified, revealing a luminous complexion. If you prefer a natural finish to your beauty routine then pick out your perfect shade and enjoy!

Top Tip: Apply this either on its own or after your usual day cream. Apply a small amount of cream onto your palm, then, be sure to lather the luxurious liquid into your skin, focusing on the specific zones that you feel need to be perfected.

NUXE Organic Micellar Cleansing Water £14.95

Fragranced with a fabulously floral scent, this micellar water effectively removes make-up and impurities thanks to its 100% natural-organic cleansing base. It’s moringa seed extract helps to remove particles and pollution from your skin, leaving you with a soft, cleansed complexion. 

Top Tip: Make this an essential step in your morning and evening skincare routine. Renew your ritual with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water, gently cleanse your face and eyes, make sure to repeat until the cotton pad appears to be clear. 

NUXE Organic Replenishing Nourishing Body Oil £26.95

A unique blend of botanical oils and a fragrant orange scent, this body oil is a must-have for the colder months. If your skin is feeling a little dry, then say goodbye, with this nourishing body oil that was made to make your skin feel smooth and supple. 

Top Tip: Warm a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand, then, apply the blend wherever you feel necessary, make sure to pay particular attention to the driest areas of your skin. Additionally, use this as a massage oil when you’re in need of a little relaxation…

NUXE Organic Anti-Puffiness & Dark Circles Reviving Eye Care £22.95

Missing out on your beauty sleep? Don’t panic, use this as your replacement! Be eye-catching with this extraordinary eye-care cream. Featuring buckwheat extract, this product targets your fragile eye contour, ensuring that it’s protected from any oxidative stress. Its rich balm-like texture is rapidly absorbed into your skin, ensuring that any dark circles you may have are visibly reduced.

Top Tip: Again, make sure to warm the product in your fingertips, this will really help the cream to thoroughly absorb into your skin. Apply the product to the eye contour area, starting with the lower eyelid and working from the centre outwards. Complete your eye care routine by tapping gently.

NUXE Organic Micro-Exfoliating Cleansing Mask £21.95

A product that strives to cleanse, purify and refine the skin’s texture while preserving its balance. This creamy mask is not to be missed, the luxurious scrub provides double exfoliation with just a single layer. The key ingredients of this product are 100% botanical salicylic acid and apricot kernel powder, giving you the perfect formula to revive and renew your skin!

Top Tip: Once or twice a week, apply a thick layer to your damp face. Avoiding the eye contour area, be sure to leave the mask on for 3 minutes, follow this with a light massage using circular movements. To finish, rinse with cold water. 

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