Reveal Your #MaskMoment With Philosophy

Reveal Your #MaskMoment With Philosophy

We teamed up with Philosophy not too long ago to help you guys reveal your #maskmoment. Just in case you missed it, we ran a competition on our Instagram story inviting our followers to send in selfies wearing their favourite face masks with a caption of what they liked doing while they let their mask work its magic. Here were the most popular #maskmoments…

You said…

As you can see, the majority of us love popping a mask on while sitting back in a bubble bath for a heavenly escape. Another bunch of us are big fans of diving into a good TV series or film and getting carried away in the moment.

They said…

We also invited some of our favourite influencers to get involved and share the things they like doing most to wind down while we’re all stuck indoors right now. You’d be surprised at how putting aside the time to treat yourself to something as small as a face mask works wonders. It’s the perfect pick-me-up if you’re searching for something to brighten your day.

We said…

Finally, us here at Fragrance Direct HQ, submitted our #maskmoment while we were all working away at home. The verdict: singing, wine, Netflix and more… Netflix!

The Brand Behind Revealing Our #MaskMoment

Philosophy is an incredible skincare (and fragrance) brand that creates products that truly transform. The words on all Philosophy bottles are their #philosophytoliveby and are actually designed to uplift your mood and inspire a positive outlook too. This wonderful brand has an unending commitment to mental health which is why a percentage of all sales goes towards supporting mental health communities around the world!

Back to the competition, one lucky winner took home not one but two Philosophy bundles for herself and a friend. The bundle included Philosophy’s Purity Pore Mask, Renewed Hope Peeling Mousse Mask and the Microdelivery Vitamin C Peel Kit. Sounds like a dreamy bundle really doesn’t it? If you’re wondering just what those different products do and how they work, carry on reading.

Purity Pore Mask, £24.95, Philosophy

Transform dull, tired skin with this cleansing mask. In just 60 seconds it gives your skin a luminous, spa-like glow. Mineral-rich, deep-cleansing sea salts help naturally purify and detoxify while marine extracts and vitamin E help smooth the look of skin. This result is visibly healthier and softer after just one use.

Renewed Hope Peeling Mousse Mask, £26.95, Philosophy

One minute to glowing skin, this magical peeling mousse if definitely one to try out. Finally turn the page over on dull skin with this 1-minute peeling mousse to help visibly roll away, dry, flakey skin. Instantly, you’ll see a smooth, polished complexion and after just 3 uses, you’ll be able to restore your skin to its ideal state with less visible lines and an even tone all over.

Microdelivery Vitamin C Peel Kit, £52.95, Philosophy

This two-step kit contains an at-home peel that resurfaces and rejuvenates sun-damaged, hyper-pigmented and ageing skin along with an activating gel made up of vitamin C peptide crystals and lactic salicylic acid. This is a great skin treatment if you dream of having a celeb-worthy dermatologist to cater to every skincare need. Only, this time we’re bringing this experience into the comfort of your very own home.

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Gift A Loved One You’re Missing Right Now

Gift A Loved One You’re Missing Right Now

Let your friends and loved ones know you’re thinking of them even if you can’t be with them. We’ve got just the gift for whoever it is that you’re celebrating whether it’s their birthday or a surprise gift. What’s better is that we’ll deliver it straight from our door to yours. If you’re in need of inspiration, why not start here by having a little scroll?

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Legere Gift Set 50ml, £54.95

Perfect for… the one who loves a statement piece!

Representing strong women, this would be the perfect fragrance to gift her while you can’t be with her. The iconic symbol of a ‘femme fatale’ has been reimagined, keeping the haute-couture gold stiletto heel from Good Girl and empowering it with a new equally seductive personality. This stunning black-lacquered bottles graduates from a clear transparent base to a midnight blue crown, representing the transition from Day to Night.

YSL Black Opium Gift Set 50ml, £69.95

Perfect for… the one who loves haute couture!

It’s pretty safe to say that over the years, each reinvention of this classic YSL fragrance range is loved by everyone. This glam rock scent full of mystery and energy is an incredible gourmand perfume with delicious notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla for sweetness and sensuality. This set features an incredible cosmetic bag along with a YSL lipstick. This set is perfect for gifting special occasions such as birthdays for that extra sparkle.

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Gift Set 75ml, £29.99

Perfect for… the guy who loves something timeless!

Fresh, vibrant and elegant this gift set features Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey, a timeless fragrance with a very masculine signature. When the vibrating freshness of Yuzu meets Sandalwood a totally arresting explosion of scent-sational goodness takes over the senses. Why not treat him and send a new fragrance his way if you can’t be together? Even if it’s as a complete surprise, this gift set is sure to impress.  

Bomb Alpaca My Bags Wash Bag Gift Pack, £21.50, Bomb Cosmetics

Perfect for… the one who loves a bath bomb!

Why not bring a bit of llama into a loved one’s life with this super cute bath set from Bomb Cosmetics full of fruity fragrances and essential oils. This stunning vegan-friendly beauty brand who are creating handmade, natural pamper products have some of the best skin-saving formulas around. Featuring the power of essential oils too, this would make the perfect gift to escape in the bathtub and enhance your mood.

Soothing Body Ritual Set, £25.95, Urban Veda

Perfect for…the one who loves a refreshing pamper set!

Treat someone to this set and give them the gift of drifting away with a full range of Urban Veda Soothing bodycare products to calm sensitive skin. This set includes a full-size Soothing Body Wash, Soothing Body Scrub and Soothing Body Lotion held in a drawstring cotton bag. The products are enriched with balancing balmy sandalwood, calming lavender and harmonising ylang ylang to nourish the skin and lock in every ounce of moisture.

Daily Glow Duo Gift Set, £13.50, Dermalogica

Perfect for… the one who loves indulging in skincare!

If you didn’t already know, all of Dermalogica’s products are unisex. This set is great for a deeper clean than just cleanser alone. Treat someone to the experience of Dermalogica’s double cleanse. Start by melting away excess sebum (oil), waterproof make-up and product build up with their PreCleanse Balm. Before then moving on to the Daily Microfoliant made up of a unique rice-based powder that activates upon contact with water releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells leaving the skin instantly smoother and brighter.

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How to get your fake tan application perfect – every single time!

How to get your fake tan application perfect – every single time!

We all know using fake instead of baking our skin in the sun is much better for us, but achieving that natural looking, streak free tan is no mean feat.

First up, there’s so many different types of fake tan to choose from that it can become a little overwhelming. There’s mousse, spray, lotion, masks and mists? Then there’s the technique to get your head around too, no one wants streaky or patchy tan!

If you’re a tanning novice, then luckily for you we’ve got all the best tips and tricks for how to apply fake tan flawlessly every time!

  • Body prep is key to achieving a beautiful steak-free glow

If you want your fake tan to go on as smooth as possible and stick around, then prepping your limbs is key. Exfoliating is essential before you apply a layer of fake tan. This gives you the best base for the product to stick to and will help reduce accelerating fading as dead skin cells naturally shed. Exfoliate your entire body the morning or night before you plan on tanning.

Use a product like Scrub Love Cacao Scrub to buff away any dead skin.

  • Moisturise any dry areas

If you have any particularly troublesome dry patches, then you need to make sure you moisturise these thoroughly after you’ve exfoliated and also just before tanning. Dry skin is devil for fake tan, as the product just clings and will look patchy. Try to focus on the elbows, knees and ankle with a light moisturiser as tan can over absorb in these areas.

Try using the Decleor Aroma Comfort Moisturising Body Milk

  • Use the right tools – not your hands!

Never use your bare hands to apply fake tan, your palms will be stained for days! For seamless application, get yourself a handy fake tan mitt which makes applying product so much easier. Using a mitt ensures a smooth and streak-free application. Try using sweeping motions to distribute the product evenly across the body, starting at the bottom and working your way up.

Our favourite fake tan mitt is the Sunkissed Double Sided Application Mitt

  • How to tan your hands and feet

Hands and feet are the main places you’ll give away tell-tale fake tan signs. Leave your hands and feet until last and try using the residue that is left on your mitt to gently buff over these areas. With less product it will be easier to blend out over your hands and feet without leaving any lines of smudges.

  • How to fake tan your back

There is no easy way to do this alone… if you can rope in a friend or partner, then do so! If that’s not possible, try turning the mitt over so the application side is on the back of your hand, this will give you more flexibility to reach round. Or try using a mist instead and spray over your shoulder.

We love the St Tropez Dark Self Tanning Bronzing Mist

  • How to fake tan your face

Fake tanning your face is essential if you’re regularly doing your body, no one wants to be walking round with your face not matching your body. One way to do it is to adjust the shade of your foundation to match up with your neck or there are plenty of face tanning products available that you can apply regularly. Face mists and tanning drops work really well alongside your regular skincare so you can add them into your normal routine to keep up a lovely glow to skin.

Why not try the SOSU by SJ Dripping Gold Wonder Water Face Tanning Mist

  • How to make your tan last longer

So now you’ve got that flawless, golden glow… how do we make sure it sticks around? Firstly, make sure you take care of your tan while it develops. Avoid tight clothing and leave it to air dry as long as you can to avoid moving the product around too much. No sweaty workouts or doing the dishes, basically avoid water at all costs! Then once your tan has fully developed and you’ve washed off any residue, make sure you apply a body lotion or moisturiser daily to make it last as long as possible. Keeping your skin hydrated will help to lessen the fade!

Make sure you have Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion in your collection, not only does it keep skin soft and supple, it also smells incredible!

And there you have it, the easiest and most effective tips and tricks for applying fake tan for a gorgeous golden glow all year round!

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CK Everyone – The First Clean, Vegan, Gender-Free Fragrance!

CK Everyone – The First Clean, Vegan, Gender-Free Fragrance!

Calvin Klein introduces its first clean, gender-free and environmentally conscious fragrance, CK EVERYONE.

CK EVERYONE is formulated with naturally derived ingredients, naturally derived alcohol, is vegan, recyclable and is packaged with recycled materials.

The new fragrance has just achieved a Material Health Certificate at the Silver Level from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute for Calvin Klein’s first clean and environmentally conscious fragrance, CK Everyone Eau de Toilette.


1 CK EVERYONE CONTAINS INGREDIENTS FROM NATURAL ORIGIN: 79% of the ingredients are naturally derived. The other 21% are synthetic and added to the formula to enhance the scent and stability. It is distilled with alcohol from plant sources.

2 CK EVERYONE IS VEGAN: It is developed without any ingredients that are animal derived or identified as an animal by-product. Coty does not test on animals anywhere in the world, unless required by law.


  • Bottle: 10% of the glass is from recycled materials. The cap, elastic band and the pump are not recyclable but can be removed and reused for a second life.
  • Outer pack: 30% of the box is from recycled materials. The current cello-wrap will be removed from our production line as of Spring 2020 while ensuring full product integrity and safety. Important to note that the cello wrap can be recycled but requires a channel to collect it and a process to transform it (according to your local council).

4 CK EVERYONE HAS A CLEAN SCENT: Master perfumer and creator of the original CK One, Alberto Morillas, has combined patchouli and organic orange essential oil for a new gender-free, clean and fresh fragrance.

Five icons are printed on the outer pack, these are self-certifications which are supported by scientific rationale.


Top 5 Cult-Favourite Jimmy Choo Scents

Top 5 Cult-Favourite Jimmy Choo Scents

Jimmy Choo won our award for Perfumes Of The Month in April 2020 and we wanted to share exactly why. With our favourite top 5 fragrances that have had us all head over heels for years, we’re digging into notes we’ve fallen in love with and what each fragrance truly represents!

Before we jump into the eau so sweet stuff, let’s take a look at the brand’s history. More than 20 years ago, in 1996, the first Jimmy Choo store was opened in London. Offering an empowered sense of glamour and a playful daring spirit, Jimmy Choo fast became a favourite brand of many. Their fragrances soon shot to the top of the charts thanks to their instinctively seductive, daring and luscious note combinations.

Now, let’s dive into our top 5 favourites…

Jimmy Choo Blossom Special Edition 40ml, £32.99

Favourite notes: Exotics Fruits Accord, Frangipani Flower & Sandalwood

Coming in at number one is the newest fragrance Jimmy Choo Blossom Special Edition. Celebrating the joyful return of Spring, bright colours and an explosion of sumptuous scents, this stunning new scent features alluring notes that offer the perfect balance between elegance and warmth. The super pretty rosy coral shade sums up spring’s renaissance on the scent’s iconic faceted bottle, dressed in an alluring gradient of colour that reveals the joyous fragrance inside. What better pick me up than a new fragrance to flaunt around the house and get that just out the shower feeling?

Jimmy Choo Floral EDT 40ml, £31.99

Favourite notes: Bergamot Oil, Apricot Flower & Blond Wood

This much-loved blooming fragrance Jimmy Choo Floral is a supple scent evoking the pleasures of springtime in the city; parks and pavements awaken, and nature explodes into bloom. The texture of each flower petal is almost tangible, subtle yet luminous, sophisticated yet urban, a radiant expression of femininity and a symphony of flora, fruity and musky notes. The bottle looks just an incredible as the perfume itself smells too – definitely collector-worthy!

Jimmy Choo EDT 40ml, £31.99

Favourite notes: Tiger Orchid, Tea Rose & Ginger

Time for a throwback to the OG Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette that is home to a dazzling aura of glittering femininity. Glamorous in attitude, confident, intelligent and with a sense of fashion and fun, this fragrance is modern, fruity and floral with sensual woody depths. It’s a fragrance inspired by modern women, strong, empowered, beautiful, seductive and alluring with a hidden and mysterious sense of confident sexuality. With the addition of crisp top green notes and a vibrant base of cedarwood, this fragrance leaves a seductive aroma on the skin.

Jimmy Choo L’Eau ETD 40ml, £31.99

Favourite notes: Hibiscus Flower, Bergamot & Sweet Nectarine

Jimmy Choo L’Eau is an expression of the dynamic, alluring and adventurous Jimmy Choo woman. As delicate as she is defiant, as elegant as she is audacious; her personality is matched by L’Eau’s strong, free-spirited yet resolutely feminine scent. With top notes of hibiscus flower and bergamot blend with sweet nectarine and floral peony at the heart of the scent. The fruity and floral notes are grounded by base notes of cedarwood and musk, embodying the sensual yet sweet contrasts at the heart of the Jimmy Choo woman.

Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower EDT 40ml, £32.99

Favourite notes: Grapefruit, Jasmine & Mandarin

Have you met Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower? Created for the graceful woman, unafraid to toy with the rules but never goes too far. This fragrance opens up with voluptuous notes of apricot, zest of mandarin and the floral notes of freesia. In the heart, enhanced by a vibrant duo of grapefruit flower and jasmine, the ultra-feminine rose weaves her charms, whilst delicately wrapped in a soft and sensual musk. In the base, sensual woody notes of Cashmeran meet the creaminess of sandalwood to perfectly close the fragrance.

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