Get to Know The Brand: Kierin NYC

Get to Know The Brand: Kierin NYC

We’ve welcomed a brand new perfume brand to Fragrance Direct, Kierin NYC! Kierin NYC is a bold, disruptive brand challenging the rules of fragrance. Unlike conventional fragrance brands, Kierin NYC invites people “to be inspired, not defined or confined, by fragrance.”

Kierin NYC is artistic, genderless and individualistic. Diversity and inclusion are core to the brand and not just presented as an afterthought. Kierin NYC is a brand for young people of all ages, colours and nationalities.

Each fragrance is an artfully crafted collage of scents inspired by real NYC stories and the energetic vibes of an urban lifestyle. Kierin NYC connects the human experience of scent with story telling and hopes that people will make the brand deeply personal through their own individual #MyKierin stories.

Keep reading to find out more about each individual perfume and find the perfect one for you!

Santal Sky Eau de Parfum

Intertwined like vines, we stroll through the park. Leaves release their woody fragrance. Under a canopy of trees, in the centre of it all, we are a million miles from city life. Music from impromptu drum circles, the rhythm of runners’ footsteps, diverse languages fill my ears like poetry. This retreat into nature refreshes the soul. The sun smiling down upon us, I pull my loved one close. In synchronicity, we breathe.
Santal Sky is an amazing, thoughtful scent with a touch or irreverence. Woody, intimate and serene fragrance and bound with earthy vibrancy, it refreshes the soul and embodies a calm heart in the fast beat of city streets.
Vibe: Intimate – serene
Olfactive Harmony: Woody – spicy
Key Ingredients: Cardamom – saffron – sandalwood – vetiver
Clean and Conscious: This product is cruelty free and free of skin allergens, parabens, phytalates, unnecessary stabilisers and animal products. Sustainably sourced and recyclable.

Sunday Brunch Eau de Parfum

I arrive at a trendy café on West Broadway. Peeking through my sunglasses, I spot my friends – my “city family” – waving my over to join. A smile spreads across my face. Waiters serve freshly squeezed juice and Earl Grey tea as I manoeuvre a sea of brunching socialites. Our weekly ritual, a flittering mimosa and the open chair they saved me, awaits.
Sunday Brunch inspires a celebratory mood and making memories well lived. A unique blend of scents, this fragrance is citrusy, cheerful and luminous.
Vibe: Cheerful – luminous
Olfactive Harmony: Citrus – floral
Key Ingredients: Italian Bergamot – lemon – earl grey tea – jasmine
Clean and Conscious: This product is cruelty free and free of skin allergens, parabens, phytalates, unnecessary stabilisers and animal products. Sustainably sourced and recyclable.

10 am Flirt Eau de Parfum

Crisp green grasses sway high above the concrete jungle. Refreshed by the breeze, I gaze over the immense cityscape of New York. A path extends before me, with possibilities seeming limitless. In an instant, our eyes lock. A magnetic attraction. Electrified by this, our lips form a smile.
Are you in a fresh, magnetic, flirty mood?
10 am Flirt is a complex yet clean, unique scent that reserves its most lasting and memorable notes for those you allow to get close.
Vibe: Flirty – magnetic
Olfactive Harmony: Floral – woody – green
Key Ingredients: Gardenia – fig – cashmere wood – sandalwood
Clean and Conscious: This product is cruelty free and free of skin allergens, parabens, phytalates, unnecessary stabilisers and animal products. Sustainably sourced and recyclable.

Get to know a bit more about the founder of the brand Mona Maine de Biran…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your career background?

I am the female founder and visionary behind KIERIN NYC, its mission and brand values. Proud to be an outsider to the fragrance industry, my career background and successes give me both a fresh perspective and the courage to be a disruptive brand. Challenging the conventional rules of the fragrance industry, as we do, is not for the faint of heart.

What inspired you to start the business?

Inspired by New York City, one of the greatest cities in the world—full of hope, diversity and equality and offering an amazing lifestyle. It was frustrating to see no other fragrance brand on the market doing it justice. We were inspired to create KIERIN NYC to respond to these gaps. KIERIN NYC is the first and only NY-centric fragrance house to celebrate real stories of people living an urban lifestyle with a bold collection of 100% vegan and cruelty-free, clean, sustainably sourced, recyclable, accessibly priced, gender-all, prestige perfumes.

What was your mission in the beginning?

We began and continue to be a brand with values, challenging the conventional rules of the fragrance industry. Unlike many elitist, aspirational brands, we aim to inspire people about the beauty of what’s real, the individual, life in the street, smelling good as well as unique. Art is our muse and our message is “good vibes only”.

How has the business grown since you started and where do you see it in the future?

With little more than a year under our belt since we launched, we’re already been incredibly well received in the USA and UK. We focus on doing things in a qualitative way with an eye on long-term growth, strategic partnerships, and longevity. We’ll be continuing that expansion globally, launching new markets this year. The future is bright for KIERIN NYC.

What Kierin NYC product would you say is a must-have and why?

Sunday Brunch is a cheerful, celebratory scent with an energetic yet calming vibe. As a people lover who loves seeing (and making) others smile, Sunday Brunch is my most frequently used scent and state of mind. For me, every day of the week is a good day for a Sunday Brunch with friends and loved ones.

Halloween Makeup Removal: The Tricks You Never Knew You Needed

Halloween Makeup Removal: The Tricks You Never Knew You Needed

You know you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your Halloween makeup when it takes three days to fully remove every last trace of black liner, fake blood and that sprinkling of glitter you thought would “zhush” it up a bit. Becoming someone or something else for Halloween is all part of the fun, but what’s not so fun is the transformation back to reality. Today we’re delivering you some of the best tips around to banish all that makeup so you can jump into bed after your party or night out pronto!

First up is the preparations. Put an old towel down in the bathroom to stand on near the sink to catch any splashes of paint or gooey glue. Lots of heavier products like paint, fake blood and liquid latex are made to come off with good old soap and water so starting with this is always a good option. If you go straight in with wipes, you’ll get yourself in a hot and sticky mess before you’ve even started.
FD Recommends: Himalaya Herbals Cucumber Refreshing Soap

After you’ve removed the messier stuff, a few dashes of makeup remover will dig just that little bit deeper to start pulling up traces of makeup, oil and dirt out of your pores. If you’ve got makeup wipes to hand, they will work too but if you’re prone to spots, using a liquid formula with a muslin cloth or cotton pad is a little more hygienic.
FD Recommends: Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

If you’ve still got a tacky feeling on your face from glue or thicker gel-like products you’ve used, an oil will solve everything. Run the hot water tap until it starts to get steamy then fully drench a muslin cloth in it. Just before you do that, grab an oil whether it’s another makeup remover in oil form or good old coconut oil, and massage it into your face. Then take the cloth and gently massage in circular motions, rinse, then start wiping away excess makeup. This is a similar process to what’s called a hot cloth cleanse!
FD Recommends: Jarrow Formulas Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

In regards to that left-over makeup in your hair, it’s going to have to be a regular shampoo and condition job especially if you’ve used sprays and glitters or anything like that as these products are just going to have to be washed out. It’s worth having a good quality shampoo and conditioner lying around anyway to use day to day to keep your locks in the healthiest condition too.
FD Recommends: Love Beauty And Planet Happy & Hydrated Shampoo & Conditioner

Finally, to remove stains from your skin, shaving cream is a miracle-worker. It’s great for large areas as it won’t irritate your skin as much as using toothpaste or nail polish remover which are also other popular products that are used to do a similar thing. When it comes to removing any stains from your clothes, baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and water will do just the trick. All you have to do is mix it into a paste and rub into your clothing before putting in the washing machine!

Which of these Halloween makeup removal tricks will you be using this year?

Love Beauty and Planet – Get To Know The Brand

Love Beauty and Planet – Get To Know The Brand

Love Beauty and Planet started with one goal… to make you more beautiful and to give a little love to the planet. They want to help make a little difference towards a happier, less wasteful planet, with every shower. Love Beauty and Planet give careful thought into their ingredients and product packaging.

Love Beauty and Planet was started by a group of like-minded people who believe that looking good and doing good should go hand in hand. They are obsessed with creating fantastic beauty products that we would all love to use.

They started with one simple goal: whatever they do must be good for beauty and give a little love to the planet.
They also work towards making you and planet a little more beautiful, they want to share their journey with you.

Powerful & passionate…
Beauty packed in 100% recycled bottles. The Love Beauty and Planet bottles aren’t 100% clear and that’s because they are made with recycled plastic. They are 100% recyclable, too! The use of recycled plastic sometimes gives the bottles a little colour, but it’s worth it.

Goodies & goodness…
Uncompromised beauty for your skin and hair. The collections are infused with natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil and murumuru butter. Love Beauty and Planet are committed to sourcing high quality ingredients, but responsibly. They also make their products vegan and make a point of skipping parabens and colourants too.

Scents & sensibility…
Ethically sourced fragrance oils and absolutes. Each of the fragrances are infused with ethically sourced essential oil or an absolute such as French heirloom lavender, Moroccan mimosa flower or Bulgarian rose petals. They carefully create every fragrance to delight you in the shower and pamper your senses. They know some of these extracts are rare and fragile, so they source them responsibly.

Carbon conscious & caring…
Their carbon footprint reduction efforts. Love Beauty and Planet are always transparent and open about their carbon footprint. As part of that commitment the not only disclose their annual carbon emissions created through the production and distribution of their products but also work to reduce their carbon footprint by 20% by the year 2020.

Here are some of our favourite products from Love Beauty and Planet:

Muru Muru Butter & Rose Hair Masque – this mask helps keep your hair vibrant. A light treatment, infused with muru muru bitter, moisturises the hair for a healthy-looking gloss. Time for a fragrant kiss of nature and freshness from the hand-picked Bulgarian rose.

Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Face Sheet Mask – An instant anti-pollution mask that helps neutralise the effects of pollution on your skin. Bring the spa home with this sheet mask infused with a blend of refreshing tea tree oil and vetiver.

Shea Butter & Sandalwood Shampoo – Don’t let hair dehydration give you a bad hair day. This shampoo infused with natural shea butter, hydrates hair for a lusciously moisturised feel. Immerse your hair in the delicate sensual and mysterious scent of Australian sandalwood oil.

Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Body Lotion – Give your skin a boost of freshness with this coconut water infused body lotion. Your body will feel hydrated and refreshed for 24 hours and is left with a delicate mimosa flower scent.

Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang Shower Gel – Always dreamed of living the island life? Bathe your skin in a delicate tropical touch and enter your own private cabana. Infused with organic coconut oil and ylang ylang flower, this shower gel nourishes your skin with an early morning freshness. The hint of holiday in your shower!

Argan Oil & Lavendar Roll On – Vegan deodorant? Yes please, need we say more? Gives you 24-hour odour protection, to make sure smell beautiful all day long.

How To Banish Brassy Hair Once and For All

How To Banish Brassy Hair Once and For All

Whether you’re a root-to-tip blonde or a mid-tone balayage, if you have bleached hair, you’re probably familiar with those unfortunate yellow, red, or orange tones. We call them ‘brassy tones’ for obvious reasons, and they can be infuriating and difficult to manage if you aren’t sure how to treat your newly coloured hair.

If you’re new to the world of bleach and brassiness, there are some things that you should know about which can help maintain the beautiful shade of your dreams.

Why is your hair going ‘brassy’ a few weeks after bleaching?

Brassiness is most common in naturally dark hair which has been dyed blonde. It can also appear in highlighted hair or dark hair which has been lightened to a lighter shade of brown.

The brassy tones which many of us dread have always been there, dispersed among natural hair pigments, but they only become visible when ammonia and peroxide bleach oxidises darker pigments. When darker pigments are lifted the mid-brassy tones that were once covered up are allowed to appear.

Getting rid of brassy hair at the hairdressers

Even the most talented hairdresser can’t prevent brassiness from creeping through a few weeks after your appointment, which is why many bleachers choose to revisit the salon for frequent toners.

Toner is a deposit of hair colour which stays in place for a few weeks. It’s a great way to test a colour without the commitment of a permanent dye, and it’s also the perfect way to banish brassiness!

Toners are fantastic because they allow you to switch up your hair colour every time. Try a super ashy blonde, a deeper honey shade, or even a warm chocolatey brown – the toner will wash away after a few weeks!

We understand that it’s not always convenient (or affordable!) to head back to the salon for a toning treatment every couple of weeks, but thankfully there are more ways to restore your hair colour.

How does purple shampoo work?

Hair dyes contain red, yellow, and blue colour molecules in different quantities. When brassy tones come through it’s because the blue pigments in your hair dye have faded away more quickly than the warmer tones

Purple shampoo works by neutralising unwanted brassy tones. It’s applied just like a regular shampoo, so you can work to fix your hair at home without the expensive salon appointment.

TIP: Don’t use your purple shampoo more than once a week. Over-depositing the pigments can turn your hair blue or purple.

Here are some of our favourite purple shampoos:

Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo

Wave goodbye to brassy yellow and say hello to super-ashy silver tones with this product by Osmo. Perfect for extremely lightened, grey, or bleached hair, Super Silver No Yellow shampoo has been developed to reduce yellow tones.

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo

Developed to help banish unwanted brassy and yellow tones in bleached hair, this shampoo by forever-favourite Fudge is deeply cleansing. It’s formulated with guarana and a unique Hydrating Hair Drink complex, so it’ll leave your locks looking healthier and more vibrant after every use.

Bristows Silver Shampoo

Thanks to its violet colour pigment, Bristows Silver Shampoo helps remove brassy and yellow tones in grey, white, and platinum blonde hair.

Fudge Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet-Toning Shampoo

Get more with this new product by Fudge. Combining the benefits of the brands bestselling Clean Blonde and their new Damage Rewind shampoos, this product strengthens while it tackles unwanted yellows – win-win!

Mood Silver Shampoo

Mood’s silver shampoo is formulated with blueberry extract and violet pigments to contrast warm tones in colour-lifted or bleached hair.

Fudge Cool Brunette Blue-Toning Shampoo

One for the brunettes, this blue shampoo is perfect for naturally dark hair that’s suffering from red and orange tones. The unique blue pigment helps lift dark hair more effectively than a purple alternative.

Fudge Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Shampoo

Another great option from Fudge, try this Damage Rewind Violet option to get your hair back in tip-top condition after bleaching.

PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Colour Care Shampoo

Budget-friendly and great for removing brassy and yellow tones from bleached hair, PRO:VOKE’s Touch of Silver gently cleanses and helps to protect against environmental pollution to keep colour locked in.

Top tips for avoiding brassy tones

While it’s not always possible to completely avoid brassy tones, there are a few things you can do to keep your colour cooler for longer.

1. Use a shampoo for colour-treated hair

When you’re not using your purple or silver shampoo, make sure you choose a product which has been designed specifically for bleached or colour-treated hair. Colour-protecting shampoos are often gentler than regular products and can help maintain your hair colour for a longer period.

2. Keep your hair out of the sun

It’s hard to say no to a little sunshine, particularly if you’re on holiday, but if you want to keep the brassy tones at bay, it’s best to keep your hair in the shade.

Sun exposure can encourage hair colour to fade more quickly, which is likely to make your brassy tones more visible. You can avoid this and keep your hair healthy by covering up with a hat or headscarf or investing in a hair sunscreen.

3. Avoid chlorine

Chlorine is notoriously damaging to hair. By stripping away natural oils, the chemical can leave strands dry and damaged. When your hair is damaged, your hair colour is likely to fade away faster, making those underlying brassy tones more visible.

4. Attach a filter to your shower head

Do you know what’s in your water? When you wash your hair, you might be rinsing with water that contains mineral deposits, including chlorine and iron, which can be drying and can encourage your hair colour to fade.

Using a shower filter can help reduce the minerals which come through with the water, so you can hang onto your cool tones for longer.

TIP: Use our Water Hardness Calculator to see what’s in the water where you live. We’ll even recommend the best products for you based on your hair type and local water hardness!

If you’re thinking about plunging into the world of bleach, make sure you’re prepared for a little brassiness. Don’t worry – it’s super-easy to manage when you’re armed with the right information and products. Stock up on silver shampoo and be prepared to head to the hairdressers a little more regularly and enjoy your new lighter life!

Looking for something else?

Keep exploring the Fragrance Direct blog for more guides, just like this! From festival survival tips to the ultimate guide to facial cleansing, we have you covered when it comes to beauty and skincare.

Wonderfully Wicked Beauty Tricks and Treats!

Wonderfully Wicked Beauty Tricks and Treats!

Halloween is one of our favourite days of the year. Costumes, candy, creepy nights out, what’s not to love?! However, coming up with the perfect outfit can be a huge amount of pressure! Is Halloween stressful? It shouldn’t be but really it can be! That being said, we’ve got some great tips and tricks that are super effective that will make your Halloween look incredible!

Stumped on application, setting, creating the intricate details you’ve seen all over Instagram? Don’t worry we’ve done our best to make sure your Halloween prep is as easy as it can be, it’s meant to be fun remember!

1. Invest in the Halloween makeup products you need for your desired look. You don’t need to purchase a million different products but investing in one palette with a huge array of colours in is going to make your life easy for years to come. We love the LaRoc 35 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 04 for the amazing range of bright colours it has.

2. Use what you already have in your collection! There’s plenty of everyday makeup items that can be used to achieve different looks. A liquid eyeliner works wonders for drawing on spider webs… Using what you already have available will save you loads of time and money so make sure you check out your kit first.

3. Use tutorials! There are millions of amazing Halloween makeup tutorials on the internet that break down the looks step by step. If you’re a face painting novice when check out a few tutorials before you start to see which you think are easy to follow. Head over to the Fragrance Direct Instagram to check out our skull and bleeding eye tutorials!

4. Make sure you set your makeup! There is nothing worse than heading for a Halloween night out with incredible makeup to have it slip and smudge on your face. Making sure you look as good at the end of the night as you did at the start is the ultimate aim! So, make sure you use a setting spray before you leave the house. Spray it as many times as you want to hold everything in place! We love the Technic Makeup Setting Spray.

5. Keep things simple. If you don’t fancy going all out with very complicated designs, then just keeping it simple can be just as effective! A touch of glitter, adding super voluminous lashes or a bold lip can make you stand out just as much! Check out our recent blog post about the best false lashes for Halloween here.

6. Do your research. Don’t leave it till the last minute to decide what you want to do on the night! Check out Instagram and save an album of Halloween inspiration that you can refer back to you. This way you can be super organised and get the practice in if necessary!

7. Remove everything before bed! This is an essential step! Heavy Halloween makeup can cause havoc for your skin if you don’t remove it all properly. Nobody needs post Halloween breakouts! Leave a bottle of micellar water and some cotton pads by your bed for desperate times! We love the Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water.

The products below are our top picks for creating the best Halloween looks:
Technic Face Cream
LaRoc Intergalatic Eyeshadow Palette
Prima Makeup Face Gems
Technic Loose Glitter
Technic face Palette 8
Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick
Technic Liquid Eyeliner
W7 Glamourous Stick On Nails
W7 Get Real Lashes
Head Candy Rebel Semi Permanent Hair Colour

You can also shop our entire Halloween category here!