The Best Face Masks for Every Skin Type (and Budget!)

The Best Face Masks for Every Skin Type (and Budget!)

When your skin is literally begging for some TLC, face masks can be the best remedy. They offer the ultimate pick me up for your skin whether you need to rejuvenate dull skin, treat acne, soothe inflamed skin or reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Sensitive, dry, oily, combination… these are usually the main categories we all fall into but it’s so much more complicated than just labelling your skin. After all, our skin changes all the time, even sometimes by the hour depending on the time of day, the weather, what environment you’re in and so on. However, having a vague idea of where your skin sits on that chart can make life a bit simpler when choosing your skincare products. If you’re on the hunt for a great face mask it just makes sense to have a few different options in your stock to make sure you have just what you need to give your skin some love!

Dermatologists suggest you really listen to your skin and experiment with different products and ingredients to see what works best for you and which don’t agree with your skin. If you feel like you need a bit of extra help, book an appointment with a dermatologist to give the experts the chance to really drill down into your skin’s needs.


Garnier Skin Active Juicy Peel Mask
This face mask combines Lemon Extract and Smoothing Active Glycolic Acid in a jelly texture that illuminates for smooth, radiant skin with a healthy glow. This mask contains no parabens so it’s also great for those with sensitive skin who like to keep the ingredients as simple as possible. At £0.99 per pouch, it is super affordable for this one-use mask.


Derma V10 Clay Mask Detoxifying Tube
This clay mask is designed to help both tighten pores and absorb any excess oils. The detoxifying mask is perfect to draw out any impurities and works really well for those who suffer with breakouts as it really clears out and tightens the pores. Use 2 or 3 times a week and it will work wonders for keeping your skin clear.


Elemis Superfood Berry Boost Mask
This smoothie inspired purifying mask featuring Brazilian Purple Clay and Omega-rich Super Berry Complex that balances the skin and mattifies the T-zone. Perfect if you want a little pamper session and you often get an oily t-zone, this mask works really well to give the skin a boost of super berry ingredients to leave your skin clear and glowing throughout the day.

Oily/Acne Prone

Hit The Spot Acne Patches
Now this isn’t your usual face masks as they are patches you apply directly to breakouts. However, we couldn’t not include them because they work absolute miracles! When applied to a breakout they act as a protective cover to help improve the appearance of the breakout but reducing the inflammation and drawing out any impurities to help the area recover in double quick time.


Skin Academy Collagen Sheet Masks
These sheet masks are infused with collagen that helps to plump and hydrate fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is the component that keeps the skin’s elasticity and plumpness, as we get older, we don’t produce as much collagen. This mask thoroughly hydrates the skin leaving it much brighter and plumped up. You get two sheets for £1.99!


REN Cleanskin Evercalm Comforting Rescue Mask
This a moisturising, soothing mask designed specifically for sensitive skin to help strengthen it’s protective barrier, help in recovery, and increase it’s ability to handle stress and instantly reduce redness, irritation, itchiness and inflammation. This mask is £15.99 so has a slightly higher price point, however this tube will keep you going for several applications.


Anatomicals Hawaii Glow Tropical Hydrating Face Mask
This mask is ideal when your skin is feeling dehydrated, dry or stressed. Winter weather or office air con affects your skin drastically and often leaves it dehydrated. Lather on this rich mask and it will help restore hydration levels with a blend of skin loving ingredients. Kaolin to cleanse, Papaya and Pineapple to gently exfoliate, Coconut Water to hydrate and nourish and Shea Butter for deep moisturisation.

London Fashion Week’s Beauty Trends For Less

London Fashion Week’s Beauty Trends For Less

With different fashion weeks taking place all over the world, it can be hard to keep up. Of course, everyone obsesses over the fashion and it will have been the first thing to catch your eye in any pictures you caught a glimpse of. However, the makeup and all things beauty are just as beautiful. So today, we’re presenting you with some of the best beauty trends we’ve spotted so far along with all the info you need to recreate them including luxury products for less!

The New Cat Eye. London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 19 saw lots of bold eyeliner only the shape and mood of this classic Amy Winehouse-inspired look was softer and curvier to mirror the silhouettes of the clothes seen on the runway. There were lots of defined, graphic eyes strutting down the catwalks with the occasional glitter look to create the ultimate party vibe.
Get the look: Joan Collins Frame Line Eyeliner

The Trending Combo. At many of the fashion shows, we saw that less is definitely more. The fashion world is slowly but surely becoming more conscious and is switching things up with an aim to help the environment and this is slowly seeping into the beauty world too. Many makeup artists took blush, bronzer and gloss to multitask across the cheeks, lips and eyes. One great thing about this trend is that you’ll also save money by buying fewer products.
Get the look: Calvin Klein CK One Cream & Powder Blush Duo

The Darkest Of Lips. This season, this particular beauty aesthetic is one of the most challenging because it’s about facing a fashion fear – gasoline black lips. Many of the catwalk shows saw lots of dark lips shades from deep wine-reds to the blackest of blacks and creamy pistachios. So this may not be a look you’d go for everyday but for a party why not aspire to haute couture look?
Get the look: Models Own Lip Gunk Lip Paint

Wet, Wet, Wet. Slick, wet hair complete with comb grooves and hair partings that look like you’ve just stepped out of the shower were all total vibes. Typically, British, we all love banging on about the weather, so this lifestyle element really pulled through into the hair department. So basically, when you run out of time to do your hair in the morning after your shower, that wet look is actually fashionable right now – winning!
Get the look: Label M Sea Salt Spray

Crazy-locks. Freedom and whimsical vibes took over the London catwalks featuring all kinds of wonderfully weird hairstyles. A wild, untamed aesthetic was one of the biggest beauty trends with some looks even featuring added straw headpieces woven into models’ hair – but we’ll leave that extra detail to the couture experts. However, what you can take away from this trend is to generally be more laidback when it comes to styling your own hair. Get the look with a loose plait or low bun – elegant and effortless.

Which of these Fashion Week season beauty trends will you be trying out for yourself?

FD Winners of Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards for 2019

FD Winners of Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards for 2019

How exciting? Allure magazine aka The Beauty Expert recently announced the winners of their very own Best Of Beauty Awards for 2019 and we’re proud to tell you that some of the products us and our customers swear by are now officially award-winning! And what’s better is that here at FD Beauty we’re all about value for money so just in case you spotted some products you’d like to try but don’t have the funds to invest, we have unbeatable prices that you just won’t be able to resist.

But how does it all work and how does each product gain that red stamp of Allure approval? In their official post announcing the winners, Executive Beauty Director, Jenny Bailly explained that they ‘distribute thousands of the world’s most ahhhmazing beauty products, in dozens of categories, to five-person testing teams. Carefully log their feedback over several months. Create 10-person shade-swatching panels to try umpteen lipsticks and shadows. Call cosmetic chemists and dermatologists and manicurists and makeup artists and hairstylists to find out what they love most of all, what they think about that new clinical study and what they open their wallets for.’

This year, with the help of the amazing brands we stock, some of our best products are now award-winning. So, let’s take a look!

Mugler Angel – Launched in 1992, this classic fragrance is a cult favourite. With refreshing notes of melon, coconut and bergamot coming into waves of warming oriental vanilla to finish with final notes of sweet amber and caramel.

Lancome Idole – Structured like a kaleidoscope, Idole’s fragrant accords radiate from its potent heart. This innovative arrangement of ingredients means that Idole adapts to each wearer. Harnessing her essence to become a declaration, an intention to be her best self. To become her own Idole…

Calvin Klein Women – Feminine. Sensual. Luminous. This woody floral fragrance celebrates women throughout the ages. Timeless beauty, poise and confidence. With notes of eucalyptus acorns, orange flower and Alaskan cedarwood.

Rimmel Stay Matte – The infamous setting powder perfect for achieving up to 5 hours of natural shine control. Featuring natural minerals, this powder also helps to reduce the appearance of pores. Whether you have naturally oily skin or are looking for something to set your makeup, you can’t go wrong with this baby.

Sexy Hair Healthy Surfrider Dry Texture Spray – Enriched with Mimosa Oil and moonstones, this is a lightweight, dry texturizing spray that provides texture and definition for a perfectly imperfect look. It is easy to layer so you can apply as often as you need to achieve a soft, tousled, texturized style.

St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse – A favourite of many, this is a super lightweight and easy to apply. This velvety mousse delivers an ultra-even all over tan. Infused with conditioning aloe vera and long-lasting colour, you’ll have that perfect-looking, streak-free tan that dries in an instant. All without that classic biscuit smell thanks to St. Tropez’s innovative Aromaguard technology.

Real Techniques Setting Brush – Made by the incredible professional makeup artist and beauty blogger, Samantha Chapman, this Real Techniques brush is the key to completing any look with a controlled dusting of powder or highlighter for that pixel-perfect look.

Color Wow Root Cover Up – Those dreaded greys need to stay away! But if we’re truly honest with ourselves, it’s just inevitable. Not, with this magical tool. Color Wow’s Root Cover Up is a powder that instantly camouflages grey roots without peroxide. It’ll last until your next shampoo too!

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Organic Lip Balm – Because who doesn’t love a nourished lip? This highly moisturising and deliciously fruity lip balm treats your lips to a nourishing island treat any time of the day. Let sweet coconut and jojoba seed oils take you to a tropical land far far away.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer – Finally, we thought we’d end on a gadget you can’t live without. This 25-degree angled tip grabs every hair with precision every time. Ideal for any and every makeup bag of course!

Why Goji Berry Is The Ultimate Underdog

Why Goji Berry Is The Ultimate Underdog

Before we jump into the ‘why’, let’s start with the ‘what’. So, you may have noticed the ingredient goji berry popping up in a lot of skincare formulas and that’s because it pretty much has superpowers. This ancient Chinese berry is rumoured to not only massively improve your skin but it can even help people live longer so it’s no wonder that people are dying to smother it all over their faces, right?

Goji berries are full of antioxidants and fight free radicals meaning that they can bless you with clearer, brighter skin. This ancient berry that was once added to tea is fast becoming one of the most revolutionary ingredients in beauty products to have ever existed. In addition to this, they have anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and protective properties too. If you’re wondering what it feels like in cosmetic formulas, you can expect a lightweight consistency where a little goes a long way as goji berry skin care is said to brighten your complexion, strengthen your skin’s elasticity and even out your skin texture. How magical?

So, now we’re pretty much fully educated on the stuff, let’s dive into some products that you can get your hands on right here, right now that all feature this legendary ingredient that just might be the answer to all of your skincare concerns!

Cougar Acai Goji Berry Hyaluronic Acid Facial Oil Gift Set – This goji berry gift set features a day cream, facial oil and eye serum. It rejuvenates, firms and tightens the skin increasing moisture and hydration to eliminate skin imperfections. It ultimately provides the skin with 100 vitamins and minerals to help eliminate wrinkles and slow down the ageing process. Whether you’ve got a skincare fanatic friend with a birthday coming up or you just fancy trying out a full collection of products for yourself, this one is a must-have!

Alumine Goji Berry Amplifying Treatment Mist – Moving on from the skin, next is a product for your soon-to-be silky locks. This one is a nourishing leave-in conditioner that detangles and hydrates your hair while adding volume. This hydrating blend of ingredients repairs and strengthens each strand of hair to help restore its vitality leaving your hair silky and smooth.

Rituals Goji Berry Fragrance Sticks – Finally, just in case you wanted to go the extra goji berry mile, why not indulge in the scent completely? These luxury fragrance sticks are a natural and stylish way to give your home a wonderful fragrance. These can last for up to an incredible five months and the uniquely sweet and fresh goji berry scent has been said to be a positive influence on your mood too!

Which goji berry products are you tempted to try out for yourself? Don’t forget you can shop all of the products mentioned above on our site right now, just click on through. Happy browsing!

Have You Heard About The Glass Skin Trend?

Have You Heard About The Glass Skin Trend?

It’s going viral and that’s because Korean skincare trends are some of the most innovative in the beauty industry and can always be guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention. Today, we’re going crazy over glass skin which is actually the fancy name for clear, luminous, seemingly transparent skin, that transparent you can see through it like glass! It’s all about cleansing and layering lightweight, hydrating skincare products to help create the appearance of glowing, dewy skin. So, if you’re up for jumping on to this new trend and testing it out for yourself, just carry on reading…

A gentle cleanser is the perfect place to start. As with any and every skincare routine, it’s super important to make sure your skin is free of any oil and dirt throughout the day or from your pillow at night while you sleep. As you’ll be following up with an exfoliator, a gentle cleanser is the way forward.
FD Recommends: Guinot Demaquillant Hyrda Sensitive Gentle Cleanser

The next step is to, of course, exfoliate. It’s a totally crucial step in achieving that ‘glass’ skin look because it works to buff away all the dead, dull-looking skin cells from the surface of your complexion. However, because you’ll be aiming to have this super nourished-looking skin for the whole day, you’re best off using a gentle exfoliator for the morning time so that you aren’t making your skin all red and irritated underneath some of the makeup you’ll be applying.
FD Recommends: Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator

After this, it’s time to get serum-ous! Seriously. Glass skin is all about that dewy goddess glow so hydrating your skin to the max is not up for debate – it’s an absolute must. After you’ve cleansed and exfoliated, you can apply your serum onto damp skin to provide you with the most intense hydration. Most serums are absorbed fairly quickly and will leave your skin looking and feeling plump and youthful.
FD Recommends: Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase

Layer up! That’s right, more moisture is coming your way. You’ll want to layer a moisturiser on top of the serum you previously let soak in. What this will do is effectively lock in the moisture and give you that ‘glass skin’ glow. A water-based moisturiser is definitely the best way to go, just apply a light, even layer and smooth it all over your entire complexion until it’s all absorbed.
FD Recommends: Dermalogica Calm Water Gel

For that extra coverage, you’ll want to choose a foundation or bb cream that is moisturising – steer clear of any mattifying or oil-control formulas as they will reverse all the work you’ve just put in. A medium-coverage is great to correct any redness or dark under eyes as well as letting your beauty marks and freckles show through.
FD Recommends: L’Oreal Bonjour Nudista Skin Tint BB Cream

Do NOT set your foundation. As tempting as it may be due to it being part of your holy grail routine, instead of powdering immediately afterwards, pick a lotion instead. And by this, I mean a hydrating lotion such as illuminator drops. To add a gorgeous bright sheen, squeeze a little bit on your fingertips and tap it delicately onto your skin in a c-shape around the outer corners of your eyes stretching from your cheekbone to your browbone on each side. For a cute effect, add some to the tip of your nose, cupids bow and inner corners of your eyes.
FD Recommends: Sleek Barekissed Illuminator

Finally, you’re going to want to give your cheeks a lick of colour with a cream blush or bronzer but keep your eyes as subtle as possible. This will also give you that no-makeup effect that everyone is always going crazy after! Your eyebrows will always be a staple in framing your face and are bound to make you feel more put together too so adding some product there will help you to really complete this natural, ultra-nourished look. Have fun re-creating!