This ’90s Makeup Trend Is The Perfect Autumnal Accessory

This ’90s Makeup Trend Is The Perfect Autumnal Accessory

What could it be? When you think of makeup in the ‘90s I bet you think of pencil-thin brows, intense blue eyeshadow or ghostly pale foundation. Well, I can happily say that the one trend making its way back is not within that list. Instead, it’s a trend that never completely went out of the window and is still in fact loved by many. A luscious brown lip. Of course, there are different variations, but a stunning chocolatey brown is set to make the ultimate comeback.

The classic ‘90s brown lip will be infiltrating our makeup bags this autumn and winter as the colour palettes change for the season in both fashion and beauty. Now, when you picture a brown lip, you’re probably thinking of something super dark and unwearable, but it doesn’t have to be! Think nude, nude, nude. One great trick in the lipstick department is that you can lighten any lipstick for a more ‘nude’ look by adding a dab or two of your concealer – not quite to the extremity of foundation lips but to creating a slight ombre effect. Another great thing about doing this is that you can make your lips appear to be bigger than they are with this trick too. On that note, let’s dive in to some products that’ll help you achieve the ultimate ’90s look in no time.

NYX Turnt Up! Lipstick in Dirty Talk – This is a great lipstick that will let you go as soft or as bold as you like. Whether you’re planning on making a statement with a dark chocolatey brown or are planning on the nude trick with a dab of concealer, this lightweight creamy lipstick will glide on effortlessly leaving your lips with high-impact colour.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour in Caffeinated – A gorgeous, long-lasting lip colour that lasts up to 12 hours. Not only will you have a fresh dose of vibrant colour to play around with, you’ll also have super moisturised lips thanks to the conditioning top coat! Kiss proof, party proof, life proof, food proof – I mean, what more could you ask for?

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Scandalous – This one is a stunning, high-intensity lip colour that sweeps over your lips leaving you with a sumptuous velvety matte finish. This light-weight liquid lipstick formula delivers true coverage in just a single stroke. It then dries in no time. The trick with lightening these kinds of formulas with a concealer is to dab some on whilst your lips are still wet. Both products will then dry together and blend perfectly!

Sleek MakeUP Lifeproof Concealer – Speaking of our good old trusty concealer, we recommend this pocket hero by Sleek MakeUP. They come in a really great colour range too depending on how light or true brown you want your ‘90s inspired lip to go. We recommend Ristretto Blanc to lighten and Creamy Cocoa to add a touch or warmth back into the lip.

What do you think of the ‘90s brown lip trend that is making its way back just in time for autumn? If you’ll be trying it out for yourself, be sure to tag us on Instagram @fragrancedirect for a chance to be reposted!

The Cruelty Free Beauty Edit

The Cruelty Free Beauty Edit

It feels good to do good. So, why not start building up a collection of cruelty-free makeup and beauty goodies? For so long we’ve been buying into our favourite brands just because they’re the ones we know and love, but the truth is, some of the smaller brands who put ethics at the heart of their creations are the ones who are really delivering the goods. Our mission today is to introduce you to some new brands and products that you may not have even come across before to get you acquainted with some amazing new products!

Dr PawPaw Shea Butter Balm is the first product featuring in today’s cruelty-free beauty edit. This amazing 100% natural shea butter formula soothes, dry cracked skin while providing relief for sensitive skin too. It’s an incredible all-in-one product that moisturises dry chapped lips, cuticles, and even your hair! You could say it’s magic in a bottle.

Natura Avocado Infused Sheet Mask is a staple. It’s enriched with the natural oils of avocado that penetrates deep into the skin, hydrates and repairs while smoothing out wrinkles. It’s deeply nourishing, great for anti-ageing (preventative ageing is also a thing) and even vegan.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge will give you the pixel perfect, flawless base you have always dreamed of. The sponge is completely unique, giving you 3 ways to apply liquid foundation; it has rounded sides to blend large areas of the face with a repeated dabbing or stippling motion. If you don’t have one of these in your makeup bag, you are massively missing out. For the best application, before each use give it a quick wash with a drop of shampoo and it will practically double in size to give you the softest sponge, perfect for applying your foundation, concealer and any other cream products.

BareMinerals BarePro Performance Wear Foundation is a high-performance pressed mineral powder foundation that’s clinically shown to stay right where you apply it for a whopping 12 hours. This breathable foundation formula delivers an ultra-smooth, silky texture that glides effortlessly for superior customisable coverage. This cruelty-free foundation has even been clinically proven to show overall improvements in skin clarity, the reduction of pore size appearance and control shine!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture is an incredible eyeshadow palette perfect for the transition into autumn. Featuring 14 edgy, full-pigment shades ranging from grungy ultra-mattes and duo chromes to bold metallics to give your eyeshadow looks an underground vibe. The shades are all super easy to blend and this palette does indeed have a large mirror inside which makes it perfect for travelling too.

Fudge Cool Brunette Blue-Toning Shampoo is a miracle-worker. So, you’ve heard of purple shampoos for blonde hair but did you know you can tone your brunette hair too? This one is perfect for brunette hair suffering from red and orange tones. This special shampoo uses a repairing opti-plex technology to erase unwanted colour. It’s blue pigment also helps to cleanse and refresh brunette hair leaving it with an even healthier shade.

And there you have it! A bunch of products you can shop right now on our site and they’re all cruelty-free. We’re big fans of these brands for putting ethics at the heart of all of these creations and can’t wait to see more from them. Which of these products will you be trying out for yourself?

The Bargain Series: Less Than £10

The Bargain Series: Less Than £10

At Fragrance Direct, indulging in luxury for less is pretty much our mantra. We’re all about getting the most for your money and with our fantastically low prices, you can stock up on as many beauty and fragrance goodies as you like without breaking the bank! Today’s post to kick off the bargain series is a bunch of product picks all below £10. So, without further ado, we’ll introduce you both…

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick is one to look out for! It’s a portable version of the brand’s renowned Eight Hour Cream with a subtle hint of colour. Intensely nourishing and protective, the lip formula is infused with emollients, sunscreen and antioxidant Vitamin E to keep the lips moisturised and safe.

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer SPF20 is the ultimate secret to long-wear foundation. Max Factor’s Face Finity will extend the wear of your favourite foundation to keep your make-up look in place preventing it from melting away. With the added help of SPF, it will act as an extra barrier against sun damage to the skin.

Zmile 45 Piece All You Need To Go Palette is a makeup must-have with a shade perfect for any occasion. With this 45-piece palette, you’ve got everything you need from eyeshadows to blushers, contours and highlights. This one would also make a great gift for anyone looking to build their makeup collection.

Sally Hansen Salon Chrome Kit contains a Chrome powder, Special Effect Top Coat and a sponge applicator. With this handy nail kit, you can get ready to snap up pictures of your new manicure in no time. Are you a fan of rose gold, midnight blue or gunmetal? If so, you’re in for a treat because we’re stocking all of those, and more!

Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo helps to keep those rich caramel brown and spicy red hues as delicious as the day you put them in your hair with an ultimate aim to shield the hair from untimely colour loss. This sulphate free shampoo smoothes and shines while also helping to protect against UV damage.

Britney Spears Curious Eau de Parfum Spray represents the young woman who pushes boundaries and revels in adventure. This exhilarating white floral fragrance accented with Louisiana Magnolia is also wrapped in the sensuality of vanilla-infused musk. With notes of juicy pear and refreshing lotus, this fragrance is definitely one to try out for a unique twist on your usual fruity scent.

Beckham Homme Eau de Toilette Spray is a stylish and masculine fragrance, reflecting all the charisma and charm of a superstar. With woody and spicy elements, Beckham Homme is a distinctive fragrance which is made up of citrus, coriander and ginger top notes, heart notes of leather, cashmere wood and rosemary on top of a base of musk, patchouli and mahogany. Perfect for the modern man.

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Eau de Parfum Spray is a classic. It’s clean and fresh with bergamot, orange blossom, lily, spice and sandalwood notes – a stunning combination. This refreshing scent is an ideal everyday perfume that will be sure to awaken the senses and have you feeling energised in the mornings.

Shawn Mendes Signature Eau de Parfum Spray is the first scent released by the Canadian singer. With fruity notes of pineapple, red apple and lemon which melt in a sweet heart of maple sap, frangipani and rose. All of which sit on a base of dulce de leche, musk and cedar.

Yardley Elegant Iris Eau de Toilette is inspired by bountiful, beautiful and blossoming floral bouquets. With fresh and bright scents of daisy with crispy green leaves and red fruits, the elegant, contemporary woody floral fragrance bursts into a feminine heart combining iris, wild rose, freesia and jasmine resting on a warming, woody-ambery base.

We made a promise and we delivered! Which of these goodies for less than £10 will you be trying out for yourself? Make sure to tag your purchases on socials with #FDBeauty for the chance to appear on our story!

Beauty Sleep: Everything You Need To Know

Beauty Sleep: Everything You Need To Know

Sleep is ALWAYS a hot topic! Did you get a full 8 hours last night? Are you struggling to drop off? According to stats a third of us aren’t regularly getting enough sleep! A well-rested sleep is essential to waking up feeling energized and alert. But we’ve all heard of the term ‘beauty sleep’ so are you getting enough of the zzz’s to make sure you wake up looking fresh faced and glowing?

Sleep is essential for repairing the skin, when we sleep our stress hormone (cortisol) goes down and our sleep hormone (melatonin) goes up. This means our body and skin is in repair mode, it gives our skin the opportunity to shake of the day and recover from any damage it may have caused.

So, what are the main benefits of getting a good night’s sleep?

Youthful and glowing skin

When we sleep this is your skin’s opportunity to repair itself, new skin cells grow much faster when we’re asleep. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of skin renewal and wake up with fresh, luminous skin.

Slow down the ageing process

Your skin’s clock literally turns backwards when you’re asleep! So even though you might feel like you’re getting older at an alarming rate, if you get enough sleep your face won’t show it. Sleeping on your back helps reduce the pressure on the skin which can cause creasing and lead to set in lines. But the continued cell renewal process you get when you sleep helps keep your skin as youthful as possible so give it time to work its magic!

Allows your skincare products to work harder for you

While the layers of your skin are working hard through the night to repair any damage, it also allows for your skincare to properly penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. Your skin is working to build new collagen, which helps keep your skin smooth and firm. The skincare you choose for your night time routine will help aid your skin’s recovery.

So, how do we drop off with ease?

Make sure you properly switch off before heading to bed, put your phone down and get all zen! Use some sleepy, meditation music if you struggle to fall asleep and try some deep belly breathing exercises. This combination will help place your body and brain into a sleepy routine that will help you get those full 8 hours.

A sleep spray for your pillow can be a great addition to help you drift off; they often contain blends of lavender that work to clear your mind and help you fall asleep quicker.

These are our favourite products to promote a full night’s beauty sleep:

Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner
High Alpine Lavender helps maintain the skin’s natural pH balance whilst effectively clarifying the complexion. It will help close the pores after cleansing and rehydrate the skin. The soothing lavender scent will have you drifting off in no time.

REN Clean Skincare Sleep Pillow Spray
A soothing compilation of bio extracts that help to relax and calm the senses for better sleep. With hints to frankincense to put the mind at rest, relaxing hops extract and lavender help to reduce anxiety. This calming spray helps to reduce stress and easy the body into a restful sleep.

Decleor Aromessence Iris Rejuvenating Night Balm
This night balm is formulated to work best when you’re asleep. The sensual and aromatic balm relaxes the senses before sleep and has a heavenly melt-in texture allowing it to be rapidly absorbed by your skin. It intensely moisturises the skin to leave it energised, toned and redefined.

AA Skincare Lavender Calming Multipurpose Gel
This gel is made with pure essential oils and herbal extracts, it’s perfect for calming and soothing irritated, inflamed and unhappy skin. The lavender scent is perfect for relaxing you into a deep night’s sleep, rub a bit of the temples to fully absorb the scent.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon
This revitalising treatment gel-cream transforms the skin overnight by optimising night time skin recovery. Tamarind Seed Extract creates a nourishing cocoon of comfort for softer, more hydrated skin while encapsulated, motion-activated French Lavender Essential Oil works all night to promote deep, restful sleep for healthier looking skin by morning.

This Festival Survival Tips Checklist Will Have You Covered For Eternity

This Festival Survival Tips Checklist Will Have You Covered For Eternity

Come rain or shine, festival happenings are pretty unpredictable. Will it be the time of your life? Will it rain? Will the sun be unbearably hot and burn every last inch of skin on show? You’ve got to give it to English weather – you never know what you’re going to get. However, one thing you can do to take control of whatever situation is to be prepared. Beyond the essentials. Today we’re bringing you some of the best tips out there when it comes to surviving any music festival. Take a look.

Wipes, wipes, wipes

Baby wipes will be your saviour along with deodorant, of course. They’ll also be your shower. When you’re well into your third day of camping and there’s no bathroom in sight, a pack of refreshing wipes will keep you somewhat refreshed. You can even go as far as buying deodorant wipes too. Paired with a fresh fragrance, this combo will help to give you an extra boost of energy.
FD Recommends: Pacifica Coconut Milk & Kale Extract Deodorant Wipes

SPF, don’t forget
When it comes to SPF, so many people reserve sun creams for only the sunny days. Don’t. To fully protect your skin, you should be wearing it every day. Many clinical trials have proven that one of the biggest environmental factors that contributes to skin ageing in exposure to the sun. Knowing that, why wouldn’t you choose to protect it if that means you can increase your chances of having youthful-looking skin for longer. When you’re at a festival, outside and dancing around all day, this is a prime time to wear it!
FD Recommends: Piz Buin 1 Day Long Lotion SPF30

Keep it clean
A little bit of hand sanitiser goes a long way. There’s no way to prepare yourself for the monstrosity that is the state of the portaloo when you need it most. So just go in, get it done, come out and have a pump (or ten) of your hand sanitiser and you’ll be good to go. By killing off any nasty bacteria on your hands too, this should mean that you’ll be a lot less likely to come home feeling under the weather too.
FD Recommends: Anatomicals Hand Sanitiser

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