Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night

The newest fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier is here! Scandal By Night!

Scandal was free spirited.

Shape and style

Now, with Scandal By Night our spirits will be unchained!

Now, with Scandal By Night our spirits will be unchained!
Welcome to Jean Paul Gaultierƒ??s night of the shameless and the brazen, that reprobate of Pigalle, where the night masks a thousand sins and where the purple neon lights are the colour of temptation!

“Where and with whom are we going to have fun with tonight?”

Where? In Pigalle!

With whom? With the Jean Paul Gaultier gang!

A very intense version of Scandal! The bottle expresses this perfectly! The bottom of the bottle is a more intense burgundy, as though caught in the neon lights of a Parisian night. It’s as if the bottles were blushing! The juice itself takes it up a notch. An even more addictive blend, with key notes of Tuberose, Honey, Sandalwood and Tonka Beans. We see it gleaming through, like a call to party!


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Our Tips For Easy Eyebrow Maintenance

Our Tips For Easy Eyebrow Maintenance

Your eyebrows are a major part of your look. Although it might be easy to side-line brow maintenance while you primp and preen other parts of your face, beauty experts will tell you that a little brow TLC can go a long way.

The trick is finding which style suits you and getting all the right tools and products to help you care for your brows long term. To give you some inspiration, here are our favourite brow cheats.

Shape and style

Brow shapes and style has varied massively over the decades. Currently, big and beautiful is the flavour of the day. But what if you’re not blessed with bushier brows? Or, years of plucking, threading and waxing has already depleted your once-glorious eyebrows?

The best advice is to leave your brows to grow for at least six to eight weeks before creating your style. That way, you can see the natural shape of your brows and work from there. You can even encourage hair growth by rubbing a small amount of Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly on the brow area.

Preparing for plucking

Beauty pros will tell you to find the start of your brows by holding a pencil from the middle of your nostril. The end of your brow should finish at the outer corner of your eye, with the arch falling at the outer edge of your iris.

With that mapped out, youƒ??ll be ready to tweeze! But not before you’ve prepped the skin first. Using a facial oil like Bio Oil’s Treatment with Purcellin Oil will allow hairs to be tweezed easier, and it will moisturise that sensitive area of your face to reduce the stress on your skin. The rule of thumb is to always pluck one hair at a time, in the direction of the hair growth and in natural daylight.

Brow makeup

Perhaps your brows need a little extra help to look at defined as possible. If you do have lighter hairs or even holes in your brows a good eyebrow pencil like Technic’s Brow Pencil & Definer Brush can make all the difference.

With any brow makeup, always select a colour closest to your own natural brow shade. If you really want brows that pop, go over the pencil with a powder in a similar shade, with a product like Collection 2000’s Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder. Then, finish with brow mascara, such as Bourjois’s Brow Design Mascara.

Minimalist gels

If you have brows to be proud of, flaunting them with just a little gel can dramatically improve your final look. Gels like Billion Dollar Brows’ Brow Gel are clear and give you a simple, effective way of keeping those brows groomed and in place. Or, you can go for a gel with a colour tint to even out hair tone and increase definition across your brows.



An emphatically captivating fragrance from JOOP! Fragrance house

Enchanting, seductive and alluring are just some of the attributes synonymous with femme fatales throughout time. Such qualities epitomize JOOP’s latest feminine fragrance to embody and incite a confident and liberated state of mind. Following the success of the male edition, WOW! is launching its new female interpretation as it upholds the sophistication of an exclusively shared DNA. JOOP! WOW! WOMAN is an irresistible companion that empowers women. A fragrance that is chic and refined, JOOP! WOW! WOMAN is the new scent to unveil a woman’s true femme fatale.

JOOP! WOW!, the Woman
Embrace your hypnotic charms

The WOW! Woman is a modern woman who is in control of her own destiny. Her chosen fragrance is her signature and reveals her feminine power. The WOW! woman possesses an authentic and emancipated self-confidence paired with an independence from other people’s expectations. Inspiring the irresistibility of the femme fatale, the WOW! Woman creates that certain magic to embolden her passion and sophisticated temperament. The WOW! Woman embodies true femininity. Seductive, hypnotic, and easily recognizable, she leaves an unforgettable and alluring trail of captivating attraction.

JOOP! WOW! WOMAN, the Fragrance
The scent that reveals the woman

JOOP!, a brand renowned for its unique and eccentric elegance, appointed acclaimed perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin to create a distinctive, unexpected and bold fragrance. With a powerful and hypnotic signature, WOW! WOMAN is crafted using fine raw materials of captivating flowers and a rich and sensual white musk to shape a powerful fragrance with character and seduction. ‘Deep red ingredients’, Fabrice explains, ‘could only embody the Femme Fatale power of seduction.’ Therefore, he skilfully combined the hypnotic strength of rose infusion with sparkling and juicy facets of wild raspberry to compose the dangerous elixir, part of the floral chypre family. The duo of red rose absolute and peony creates a captivating floral heart as the green and airy notes merge with spicy and voluptuous facets. The fragrance reveals all its richness and warmth with cetalox, providing elegant amber notes, and patchouli, in a mysterious blend of woody, balsamic and leathery nuances. White musk sensually wraps the composition as it is enriched with intense and powdery facets.

JOOP! WOW! WOMAN, the Bottle
Sleek and intriguing simplicity

A companion to JOOP! WOW! MAN, the female fragrance bottle complements her predecessor in shape yet it draws its distinctive style by the vibrancy of a deep burgundy with the audacity of an intriguing black metal cap. The attractive silhouette is seductively lacquered in burgundy to allude to the rich and dangerous elixir. Finally the bottle is emblazoned with gold lettering upon a black glossy label, to identify the distinctive brand synonymous with eccentric elegance, while introducing the new WOW! WOMAN.

JOOP! WOW! WOMAN the Campaign
The seductive art of moving pictures

A fascinating personality, who exhibits the versatility of the woman today, is the face of JOOP! WOW! WOMAN, Milla Jovovich. Acclaimed actress, model, musician, fashion designer and media personality, Milla’s career encompasses a multitude of accomplishments while staying true to her impeccable sense of elegance and femininity. As a brand ambassador for JOOP!, she exudes all the quintessential qualities of the modern woman who epitomises the captivating traits of the femme fatale, sublimely characterized in the campaign. Seated at the helm, is none other than acclaimed multi award winning French director Olivier Dahan who captures the refinement and seductive sophistication of the WOW! woman. Shot in hypnotic black and white, the film creates an enigmatic and metaphoric ambiance as it utilizes the allegorical image of the white panther. When Mila appears, she is the personification of the mystifying transformation, who like the panther, embodies intuitive strength, fascination and lethal attraction. Her fragrance is her metamorphosis into revealing her true femme fatale. The femme fatale that no man can resist!

Summer Smoothie Recipe

Summer Smoothie Recipe

There’s nothing better in the summer time that a fresh, fruity smoothie to give you a little bit of a pick-me-up. Especially in all the hot weather we’ve been having recently it can feel a bit much and a summer smoothie is the perfect way to pack in your 5 a day!

The combination of peach and pineapple is definitely a winner in our eyes and this smoothie we found on the gorgeous Madeleine Shaw’s website will definitely hit the spot!

Ingredients – makes one smoothie

1 peach
100g pineapple
300ml of coconut water
4 fresh mint leaves
1-2 medjool dates
4 ice cubes
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract


All you need to do is put the ingredients into a blend and whizz away! So simple, just make sure you blend until smooth for the perfect smoothie! Enjoy!

Summer Body Care

Summer Body Care

If we’re lucky, the summer is all about spending lazy days in the sunshine. Most of us look forward to the al fresco lifestyle the warm weather brings, but just like the cold winter months, the more extreme the weather, the more pressure it puts on your skin.

Looking after your body head to toe throughout the season will make you feel and look your best. It’s all about knowing which areas to target, and what products to pick. So, here’s what we’re crushing on this year.

All over SPF protection

We can’t say it enough. SPF isn’t just for the sun, it should be a year-round fixture in your beauty cabinet to fight against damaging rays and premature aging. Extra sun exposure and bared flesh in the summer ramps up the need to slather on the SPF.

There are some gorgeous sun creams out there, with summery scents and all the UVA and UVB protection you need. Australian Gold Spray Gel SPF30+ is just one of our favourites. But don’t forget those other sensitive areas, like your lips and scalp. A dry mist like Garnier’s Ambre Solaire Dry Mist SPF 50 will help you protect your scalp. And a lush lip balm like Malibu’s Lip Care Balm MMT SPF 30 will give you a kissable pout in all weathers.

Exfoliate like a pro

Oil build-up is a common issue in the summer. Environmental factors along with added SPF applications and sweaty conditions all up the oil levels across your skin. That means only one thing – you need to up your game when it comes to exfoliation.

Pay particular attention to drier areas like elbows and knees, and make sure to exfoliate a couple of times a week. The exfoliator you choose will depend on your skin type. Go for something gentle if you have sensitive skin. An in-shower body scrub like the delicious Elemis Frangipani Salt Glow Body Scrub is our preferred way of buffing to perfection.

Hair removal that doesn’t smart

More skin on show results in extra hair removal for many. That can add another dimension of wear and tear on delicate skin unless you use the right stuff in the best way.

Remember to follow best practices for hair removal whether you choose to wax, shave or epilate. Exfoliate well between each session, but not just before you get ready to whip hair out. And moisturise well post-treatment. It’s also worth paying particular attention to calming razor bumps and ingrowing hairs. Nad’s Ingrown Hairs Treatment Ingrow Solution is one we love, with its green tea extract that soothes razor bumps and reduces the blocked pores that lead to ingrowing hairs.

Cool down and cleanse

The hotter it is outside, the more likely you’re going to fancy a cold shower. But actually, turning the temperature down in the bath or shower will actually benefit your skin in a few ways. As well and cooling you down, it will keep moisture levels up, and it can reduce body acne breakouts, another common side effect for the sweatier months. While you’re bathing, use a cleansing body wash like Cyclax’s Natural Pure Vitamin E Refreshing Bath & Shower Gel to help minimise the signs of unsightly body ache.

Get set glow

If you really want to look luminous head to toe, stock up on rich moisturisers and glow-giving body creams. This can give you a healthy, radiant look, and helps battle against the fatigue sun, shaving and heat can have on your skin.

Pay particular attention to your legs to look supermodel chic. A body butter like Derma V10’s Body Butter Coconut is a good place to start, before adding a dose of sparkle with something like Squeeky Clean’s Saint or Shimmer Lotion.

Love your hands and feet

It’s easy to forget your hands and feet with all the extra attention on hair removal, exfoliating and moisturising, but bared feet and sun exposure will affect those areas too.

Use an SPF on your hands while smoothing it across the rest of your body, and a good hand cream like Possibility’s Raspberry Pavlova Hand & Nail Cream at night. For your feet, regularly remove dead skin using a product like Finesse’s Footcare Pumice Stone and moisturise each evening with a targeted product like the magic CCS Foot Care Cream.