How To Curl Hair And Make It Hold

How To Curl Hair And Make It Hold

Cute, curled locks are all the rage at the moment. But if you’re one of the many that struggles to keep curls in, all that time and effort with the tongs can feel a little pointless. The trick is to use the right products and techniques to add a bouncy, nourished curl that won’t drop. So where do you start? Follow our easy curling tips to find out.

Prep your hair

Often this first stage is the one that’s overlooked or skipped entirely. If you’re serious about keeping those curls in place, make sure to spend time on your prep. That means washing and drying your hair and applying the right products to encourage your locks to maintain the curl.

But there’s another good reason for this step. Heated tongs can damage your hair if used incorrectly, so a good heat defending styling product is a must. To give you some inspiration, Wella’s Silvikrin Brilliant Shine and Hold gives you volume and staying power, and VO5’s Tame & Shine Spray Heat Defence will give your hair added protection before you apply the heat.

Invest in the right tongs

A good quality tong is essential if you want to perfect those curls. It can be tempting to drag some dusty old tongs from a cupboard, but if you really want to end up with a look that turns heads for the right reasons, you’ll need to splash out on the right styling tools. When it comes to technique, remember to wrap your hair around the tong, rather than rotating the tong up through each strand.

If you have straight hair, you’ll need to increase the heat, and buying tongs that can reach those higher temperatures is the first priority. Barrel size matters too. Often it feels safer to go for a larger barrel size, but brave a smaller one, and you’ll end up with curls that last longer. We love BaByliss’s Pro Ceramic Dial-a-Heat Curling Tong, which can create anything from tighter curls to soft waves.

Cool it down

Not a step to be missed, once you’ve magicked up some gorgeous waves, you’ll need to give them time to set. That means pinning them in place and leaving them to cool completely before you start messing with them.

Once you’re ready to take the pins out, tousle your hair with your fingers rather than using a brush. This will allow you to perfect your style without risking brushing all your hard work away.

Finish to perfection

Before you quite literally bounce on through the door, don’t forget to fix your style in place. A good hairspray will give your curls more reason to stay exactly where they are. Keep your distance with that spray though. Panicking and applying hairspray too close will give you a crunchy effect. Not ideal! Great, hardworking hairsprays include Charles Worthington’s Style Setter Strong Hold Hairspray, and Tigi’s Bed Head Flexi Head Strong Hold Hairspray.

Better Than Duty Free

Better Than Duty Free

Oh, we do love a summer scent! Maybe trekking through duty free in search of the latest fragrances and the best deals to boot is one big perk of your summer holiday. We know we’re guilty of spending way too much time in the airport’s duty-free aisles.

So, what if we told you that whether you have a holiday planned or not, you can get hold of delicious fragrances with better than duty-free prices? Music to your ears, right? Here are just some of FD’s favourites both old and new with lovely prices to match.

For the girls

There are more than a few ways to spice up summer when it comes to selecting the right scent. Always remember that the heat turns up the power of any fragrance. That means it’s worth working with the less is more theory when spritzing your favourite on. Summer is also the perfect time to bring out the fruity, floral and exotic fragrances. If we had to pick just two, these are the ones we’d add to our collection.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle
You’d be hard-pressed to part us from our beloved Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle. Firstly, we adore everything in the Daisy range. Secondly, it evokes all those dreamy elements of summer.
Inspired by sun and sea, this beautiful scent bottles the essence of warm summer days. Fruity, creamy and with a woody, musky hint, it feels both sexy, chic, and sublime.

Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps Eau Florale EDT Spray
Our ideal summer would be filled with long, lazy, sun-drenched afternoons, with all the scents and sounds of a lush, green garden around us. Nina Ricci manages to capture all these notes in her irresistible L’Air du Temps Eau Florale EDT Spray.
This limited-edition perfume is as feminine as the original, and light enough for those warmer months. But it’s the floral notes of honeysuckle and peony blended with alluring wood violet that really make it for us.

For the boys

Just like women, men should always opt for a lighter fragrance for the summer. It’s also a great time to play with some different notes to really make the most of the season. By going for something that’s clean with a crisp hit, you’ll be well on your way to feeling and smelling delectable.

BOSS Orange Man Feel Good Summer Eau de Toilette Spray
The name says it all! Yes, the BOSS Orange Man Feel Good Summer Eau de Toilette Spray has summer vibes written all over it. It’s been one of our favourites for a few years, and here’s why.
This energy-boosting scent is crisp and sparkling, with a fruity, spicy appeal. Apple, Szechuan pepper, vanilla bean and Bubinga wood are all in there giving you a balanced, masculine fragrance.

Calvin Klein Eternity Air For Men Eau De Toilette
We’re enraptured with the new twist Calvin Klein have put on Eternity for Men. Yes, Eternity has been a firm fixture for men and women since the 1980’s, but everything about this new aftershave is hot-right-now.
Capturing the breezy elements of blue, summer skies, Eternity Air For Men is just the right kind of evocative, sparkling scent for us. It’s also utterly romantic. Just what you need during these wistfully long days.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love

There’s a new addition to the Daisy family!

Under blue skies on a golden beach, love fills the air and the carefree spirit of daisy shines, a new chapter of sisterhood begins’ Daisy Love Marc Jacobs!

For more than a decade, Daisy Marc Jacobs has won hearts all over the world with a youthful spirit and spontaneous charm. This summer, Daisy Love transports Daisy’s beloved universe from verdant fields to a sun-drenched beach where love and happiness shine with a new radiant gourmand fragrance and visually stunning advertising campaign featuring Daisy muse Kaia Gerber.

Shot entirely on film by celebrated British fashion photographer Alasdair McLellan, the imagery captures Kaia and model Aube Jolicoeur and Faith Lynch as they revel beneath the golden sun on a dreamy California beach.

The campaign celebrates the beauty of sisterhood and friendship through a series of vibrant images that mirror the high-spirited essence of the fragrance and stay true to Daisy’s belief in living life to the fullest.

The Fragrance

Daisy Love fills the air with radiant florals and sparkling gourmand twists that evoke the bliss of watching the sun reflect on the ocean under blue skies. Undeniably feminine with a youthful yet sophisticated composition, Daisy Love opens with a bright pop of crystallized cloudberries that exude multi-faceted sweetness.

At the heart, the solar yet creamy floralcy of petals from the Daisy tree mingle with the warmth of cashmere musks and driftwood for a delicate and memorable dry down.

Top: Crystallized cloudberries
Heart: Daisy Tree petals
Base: Cashmere musks, driftwood

An ode to the larger-than-life spirit that embodies Daisy Love, the new bottle is a completely original design that complements her sister fragrances in a playful yet refined way. Luxurious in craftmanship, the innovative cap features a single oversized white Daisy bloom and a gold centre accent for an elevated touch.

The clear glass bottle is elegantly faceted with raised petals at the top to give the illusion of the sun casting a floral shadow and is structured with a sleek circular base that highlights the warm glow of Daisy Love‘s juice within.

Daisy Love is available at Fragrance Direct now!

Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

Now that holiday season is here, we have gathered some top tips on how to make the most of those final few gym sessions before the big beach body reveal. From melt proof mascara to workout enhancing gadgets and stylish sports bras, we’ve teamed up with health and fitness club, Anytime Fitness and online retailer, Coco Bay to ensure you pack your gym bag like a pro.

Our top tips for Makeup in the gym

During a sweat session at the gym, our pores open and the sweat clears out all the toxins in our skin. Wearing a full face of makeup gets in the way of this, causing trapped dirt and breakouts to happen. The best option for your skin is to go bare faced, but for those looking for a little confidence boost on the treadmill, here are some more gym friendly options.

1) Foundation – When picking products for your skin, look for lightweight and breathable coverage options. Oil free and powder foundations are less likely to settle in your pores. For those who are happy with a lighter coverage, tinted moisturiser is a great option. Try Dermalogica Sheer Tint for a light coverage and all day hydration.

2) Waterproof mascara – Nobody needs an eye full of mascara during boxercise, so use waterproof mascaras to keep those panda eyes at bay. Bourjois Volume Reveal Waterproof Mascara will give you all the volume and staying power you need.

3) Lip Tints ‘ A Kardashian pout might be a little too much for the gym, but lip tints give the perfect amount of glamour and stain the lip so it won’t rub off during your workout. Try one of these Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Sheer Tints.

4) Fixing spray – To help your makeup stay in place during the torturous spin class, try using a fixing spray. Use W7 Matte Fixing Spray to get a matte finish whilst preventing smudging.

5) Makeup wipes ‘ For those brave enough to go bare faced in the gym, keep a handy pack of makeup wipes in your gym bag. Try Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes to refresh and tone your skin ready for your workout.

Work out Enhancers with Anytime Fitness

Finding the motivation to get to the gym can be half the battle, so health and fitness club, Anytime Fitness have provided their recommended gym essentials to cut out any excuses, and help you take your workout further.

1) Water bottle and water ‘ This is a must-have! If you’re dehydrated, research shows that your fitness levels can dip down as much as 10%. Preferably, refillable water bottles should be aluminum or special glass and as a last resort, plastic bottles.

2) Two towels – You should have one small towel for use on the gym floor and one shower towel with you. It’s vital to have the small towel with you all the time while you’re training, both to wipe the sweat away and to be considerate to other members by wiping down equipment after you’ve used it.

3) Heart rate monitor – You might have a smart watch with you but if you don’t, then a heart rate monitor is a great gym companion. This tells you exactly how hard your heart is working and is a great way to benchmark progress as resting heart rate is an accurate measure of your overall fitness.

4) Headphones ‘ A lot of people enjoy music as a way of channeling concentration. By listening to music and helping minimise distractions around you, you can be a lot more focused during your workout. If you use Bluetooth headphones, remember to charge them!

5) Smartphone – In a situation where you’re looking to have access to workouts or exercises, track your progress, access your music or connect a heart rate monitor, your smartphone is a must-have. Fitness club providers such as Anytime Fitness have its own apps such as Anytime Workouts which supports and guides you in performing new exercises and ensure you get the most out of your workout ‘ essentially a personal trainer in your pocket with access to over 1,000 workouts.

However, make sure you’re using your phone at the right time and in the right way, keeping on top of your social media in a busy gym when others are waiting to use equipment isn’t one of those times!

Top Activewear Picks for Effortless Gym Style from Coco Bay

Feeling comfortable and confident is a major key to achieving your fitness goals so choosing good quality, well-fitting activewear is an essential part of any fitness routine.
If you are new to working out, or even if you’re a seasoned pro, buying gym gear should be easy and un-intimidating, but with all the different products on the market it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve teamed up with Coco Bay to receive 5 top tips on what to look for when choosing your essential gym pieces.

1) Get your leggings right – Choosing the right leggings can be a daunting experience when faced with the sheer amount of choice out there. It’s important that you purchase a pair that are functional as well as comfortable and work with your body whilst you work out. Opt for a super-stretch, moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that will help to keep you cool throughout your workout.

Product tip: The Activewear Liquid Leggings by Body Glove are the perfect combination of practical and stylish which are super easy to wear whether you’re off to a sunset yoga session, or hitting your local Pilates class. You can find them here.

2) Choose the best Sports Bra for you – Getting the right sports bra for your shape is really important, especially if you are doing any high impact exercise such as running or a HIIT session. We recommend trying a few different styles and sizes to find your perfect fit. Start with your bra or dress size, but don’t be afraid to up or down size if it feels right for you. Don’t forget to do a few energetic jumping moves when trying on your bra to make sure it’s going to do the job you need!

Product tip: for a product with maximum support plus an attractive design, we love the Body Glove Activewear Black Quake Sports Bra with its 3-adjustment hook back to ensure the fit is perfectly suited to your shape. Check it out here.

3) Find a top that you love – Wearing the right top for your workout will not only help you feel happy and confident, but is also key to not overheating while you exercise. You’ll need a top made of light weight, high-performance fabric that will help take moisture away from your body. The fit needs to be tight enough to avoid any unwanted rubbing, but if you are feeling self-conscious then opt for something a little longer or looser.

Product tip: For a real all-rounder try Body Glove’s Meltemi Tank Top, a casual vest top in a relaxed fit which comes in a fabulous range of bright colours, such as this pink.

4) Throw on a pair of shorts – Shorts can be a great addition to your gym kit especially in the summer to keep you cool in the gym or out in the sun. Make sure you opt for a pair made from light, stretchy fabric that also offer plenty of ventilation.

Product tip: These Bloom Gaia Shorts by Body Glove can also be worn for water-based activities, so if you are surfing, paddle boarding or swimming, these are the shorts for you.

5. Don’t forget – If you feel comfortable and confident in your workout clothes, you’ll be able to exercise longer and harder. We all know it can be hard to motivate ourselves from time to time, which is why we really believe in maximising these moments and getting the most you can from your work-out.

The Best Of The Summer Sale

The Best Of The Summer Sale

Our huge summer sale is here’ Get your sunnies on because you’re about to be blinded by all the amazing discounts we have on offer! We have a huge range of fragrances, skincare products, makeup items, gifts and plenty more with huge price drops! Why not treat yourself to some new holiday beauty essentials, a new Summer scent maybe? Keep reading to find out what are favourite products in the sale are and some of the biggest savers!


Jimmy Choo Flash
Jimmy Choo Flash, the perfect companion for any party girl! The gorgeous fragrance has sparkles of pink pepper, tangerine and strawberry at the top, moving into a middle and base of white flowers, tuberose and powdery woods. Jimmy Choo Flash is the perfect accessory for your handbag! With a huge saving of £22 we’re stocking up!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle
Inspired by a shimmering oasis where the sun dazzles and water glistens, Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle is a sparkling interpretation of the classic Daisy. Daisy Twinkle is a bright and playful floral green perfume with an uplifting bouquet of floral and fruity notes that embody the youthful energy of joyful springtime. This is the perfect Summer fragrance to take on holiday with you and with £25.05 off you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else!

Makeup Products

Bellapierre Cosmetics Glowing Palette
We love all kinds of highlighters, especially in summer, but this Bellapierre palette gives you SIX to choose from! The 6 illuminators offering options for all different skin tones and makeup looks. Formulated with natural ingredients, these highlighters melt seamlessly into the skin and can be layered to achieve a natural or super glam look! In the sale this palette has a huge £20 off, make sure you snap it up before they all go!

Covermark Face Magic
Covermark Face Magic was the first facial derma cosmetic to conceal any minor skin imperfections whilst also protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun with added SPF 20. It offers the perfect for coverage if you suffer with acne, age spots, rosacea and it can even cover tattoos! If you’re a lover of a full coverage foundation, then this is the one for you! At £19.99 that’s a massive £9.76 saving!

Marco By Design 12 Piece Brush Set
This gorgeous Marco By Design 12 Piece Brush Set contains brushes for eyes, brows and face! The gorgeous white brushes allow for a smooth application making your makeup flawless. The collection comes in a beautiful leather brush roll to keep them protected but its also great for travelling so you can take them anywhere with you! With a huge saving of £27 you’re be crazy to miss out!

Skincare Products

Elemis Pro-Collagen Facial Oil
If you read our previous article all about the benefits of skincare oils you’ll know they are a great addition to any skincare regime! The Elemis Pro-Collagen Facial Oil is a gorgeous product that has been formulated with a trio of seaweeds to help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, help to support the skin’s moisture barrier and help with the texture of your skin so it feels revitalised and renewed. In our Summer sale there’s a massive £23.50 off this oil!

Rodial Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser
You may have heard about this product, it’s got a massive following on social media for the amazing results it produces! A multi-functional day moisturiser that plumps and firms dehydrated skin for 24 hours. Hyaluronic acid and Gransil provide long lasting moisture and tighten fine lines. Chromabright and Vitamin B3 even skin tone and illuminate for a brighter complexion whilst Dragons Blood soothes and protects the skin. I mean it sounds like a miracle worker and with a saving of £25, we’ll definitely be snapping it up!

Sun and Tanning Products

Piz Buin Instant Glow Lotion SPF15
Piz Buin Instant Glow Illuminating Sun Lotion is infused with delicate light reflecting pearls that instant illuminate your skin with a subtle golden simmer to enhance your natural skin tone. The lotion gives you protection from UVA and UVB rays to make sure your skin is super protected from the sun. It’s also a gorgeous light formula that moisturises your skin without feeling greasy. In our Summer sale you can save a huge £7.49 on this sunscreen!

Ultrasun Tinted Sun Protection for Sensitive Skin SPF30
Providing a fast absorbing, non greasy formula, the Ultrasun Tinted Body Lotion combines GSP-T for Infrared protection and lamellar technology to provide an even, bronzed complexion. Basically it will protected your skin from the harmful rays of the sun whilst giving you a gorgeous bronzed look, what more could you want?! Well a saving of £8 would be nice’

St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan
In the Summer months and especially in this gorgeous British weather we’ve been having, you want to make sure your skin is looking its best. Just adding 3 minutes to your shower routine, the St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan is a super easy way to build up a sunkissed, gradual glow that provides up to 24 hours of moisturisation! You can have a huge £5.55 in our Summer sale!