Date Night Makeup Ideas

Date Night Makeup Ideas

So the biggest date night of the year is almost here’ if you’re looking for some make up inspiration to take it to the next level then check out some of our favourite looks. We all like to make a bit of extra effort for date night and Valentine’s Day is no exception, so why not push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Peach Tones

Do you often think of picking up orange eyeshadows or lipsticks for your makeup looks? I know I don’t! However if you choose the right tone for your skin they can look amazing. There are varying shades of apricot, peach and orange that will work perfectly depending on your skin tone. Try to keep things sheer rather than really pigmented for this colour to pay off, so use as a transition shade on your eyes or maybe a coral blush to bring out a pop of colour. Mixed with copper, rose gold colours your makeup will look incredible. Try the Anna Sui Eye & Face Colour in Angel Tangerine, this product can be used on the eyes and the cheeks!

Fresh and Dewy

Just because you’re heading out for a romantic night doesn’t mean you need to slap on a ton of makeup. A more natural, dewy finish looks equally as stunning when done properly. This one takes a bit more prep beforehand as you need your skin to be the best condition possible. Step up your skincare routine a couple of days before and make sure you’re using a mask, serum and eye cream to make sure your skin is plump and hydrated. On the night make sure your eyebrows are groomed to perfection, use a bb cream instead of a foundation to give you a beautiful natural finish, slick on a lengthening mascara, natural lips and plenty of liquid highlighter to give you that extra glow! We love the C.A.K.E Cosmetics Sheer Glow Highlighter.


Bold Lips

A bold lip can do wonders for making it look like you’ve really made an effort, especially if a bold lipstick isn’t something you wear very often. Choose the shade that makes you feel most sexy, whether that’s a deep berry, pillar box red or a gorgeous brown shade. Bold lips can take a bit of upkeep throughout the night though unless you follow these simple steps and choose the best formula. If you want your lipstick to be long lasting and the least fuss possible (the dream right!) then it’s best to choose a matte formula. We love the MAC Matte Lipstick as they just don’t move. Make sure you line your lips and fill them in fully with the liner before applying a lipstick, this way the lipstick has something to cling onto and will last much longer.


Smoky Eye

A smoky just screams seduction doesn’t it! Choose a palette with gorgeous brown, black and gold tones in to and start to blend out on your lids for a dramatic eye look. Try and focus the darker shades closer to lash line and outside corners and blend as much as you can. You want it to look as seamless and imperfect as possible. Make sure you remember to blend underneath the eye as well as on the top lid. Pair with a nude lip and you’re good to go! The High Definition Beauty Eyeshadow Palette in Foxy has some gorgeous smoky tones.


Remember these gorgeous make up looks don’t just have to be saved for one day a year, why not try a different one for every date night!

How To Tackle Breakouts

How To Tackle Breakouts

There’s nothing quite like a breakout for effecting your confidence. Whether you’ve got a busy day at work on the cards, or a night out planned, spots are the ultimate buzzkill when it comes to your self-esteem. The good news, is that there are ways of caring for your skin to keep it fresh, healthy and to minimise those pesky spots. Here’s are our top five steps for keeping your complexion glowing and blemish-free.

1. Always remove your makeup at night

Whether you like to wear a lot of makeup or not, the same rule applies. Always take off your makeup completely before going to bed at night. Getting a solid skincare routine in place will help you to stay on top of your evening ritual. So, cleansing, toning and moisturising is the way forward. And although facewipes are ok when you’re in a fix, always opt for a proper cleanser when it comes to your day-to-day. Products like Bourjois’s Foaming Cleansing Cream will also help you effectively remove makeup and the daily build-up of dirt.


2. Cleanse and cleanse again

Yes, you heard us right! Double cleansing is the way forward. Firstly, to remove makeup with something like an oil-based cleanser, secondly with a water-based product suited to your skin type to remove dirt and sweat. The fashion-pack have been hot on this trend for some time, but it’s not just for models and celebrities. By adding this simple step to your routine, you can have fresher, brighter skin in next to no time. Check out products like Dermalogica’s Precleanse for makeup removal, paired with their UltraCalming Cleanser.


3. Buy a targeted blemish product

It’s always worth having a blemish solution in your bathroom cabinet. Then, if the worst should happen, and your see the signs of a breakout, you can tackle it quick-smart. Clever on-the-spot treatments include the Murad Blemish Spot Treatment, which is best used at the first sign of a blemish. It also heals spots within 24 hours.


4. Moisturise effectively

We love a good moisturiser, and lucky for us all, there are plenty of gorgeous products to suit every skin type. Getting one that’s right for you is key. If your skin is prone to dryness, opt for products like Elemis’s Maximum Moisture Day Cream, or DECLÇ?OR Aromessence Marjolaine Night Balm for dry and very dry skin. EstǸe Lauder’s Day Wear Anti-Oxidant Moisturiser is the perfect antidote for premature aging. And Clarins’ Multi Active Nuit Revitalizing Night Cream is made for normal or dry skin that’s tired and stressed.


5. Invest in a sonic brush

Have you read the hype about sonic brushes yet? If not, start swotting up! These innovative products go the extra mile to remove dirt and makeup, and allow your skincare products to work harder, and absorb better. Have a look at examples like the Magnitone BareFaced Vibra-Sonic Brush to get inspired.



If you have been afflicted by acne read our full guide on how to treat an acne breakout.

Dermalogica – PreCleanse Balm

Dermalogica – PreCleanse Balm

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to the Dermalogica flagship store in London. We had a great afternoon learning all about the latest products and what works best for your skin. The one product we left totally obsessed with the is the Pre Cleanse Balm! There is literally nothing this miracle product can’t remove, mascara, foundation, sunscreen, lipstick, make-up, impurities, the list goes on. Plus it comes with a cute double sided cleanse mitt for even better results.

So a bit more info about this fab product:

The average person only spends 20 seconds cleansing their skin with standard face washes or make up removal wipes. No where enough to penetrate the layers of excess sebum (oil), make up, pollutants and grime that builds up throughout the day. When not fully removed, those impurities can dull your skin and prevent your skincare from doing its job. Enter PreCleanse Balm‘

This refreshing, water activated, balm to oil formula melts away impurities for a deeper clean than cleanser alone. Natural lightweight oils inside deconstruct the residue on the top of your skin, allowing you to wash it away more easily.

For those of your who are familiar with Dermalogica skincare products you may have a few questions about introducing the PreCleanse Balm into your routine. Here’s the most frequently asked questions:

Gently dissolve and remove built up residue and make up.
Smooth, condition and nourish skin without clogging pores.
Enable your cleanser and other skin care products to work even better.


What’s the difference between PreCleanse Balm and the original PreCleanse?

There are a few different ingredients in PreCleanse Balm that make it ideal for normal to dry skin types whereas PreCleanse is ideal for normal to oily skin. PreCleanse Balm is also great for travel due to its solid form, and comes with a double sided, soft touch cleansing mitt for enhanced results.

When and how should I use PreCleanse Balm?

Use this product once or twice daily as needed to remove build up, then follow with your prescribed cleanser.

Can PreCleanse Balm be used on the eyes to remove stubborn eye make up?

Yes. Be sure to keep your eyes closed during use though!

Can PreCleanse Balm be used alone or must it be part of the Double Cleanse?

PreCleanse Balm may be used alone to moved build up, provided it is thoroughly wiped or rinsed off. However, a recommended prescribed cleanser is always recommended to help ensure that traces of PreCleanse Balm and remaining debris are removed.

Double Cleanse = Double Clean

PreCleanse Balm is the first step to the Dermalogica Double Cleanse, use the professional technique for achieving ultra-clean skin. Here’s how it works:

Step zero
Massage PreCleanse Balm into skin to attract and fully thoroughly dissolve layers of oil, sunscreen, waterproof make up, pollutants and product build up. Rinse thoroughly.

Step one
Wash your face with your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to remove any remaining traces of PreCleanse Balm and achieve professional level clean.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

That time of year is swinging around already. If you’re in a quandary, wondering what to buy your loved one this Valentine’s Day, look no further. Fragrances are the perfect, thoughtful, loved-up way to treat someone special. Finding the right one for your nearest and dearest comes down to a little bit of decision making. But fear not, this short guide will take you through our favourites, so you can pick a dreamy scent in moments.

Romantic perfumes

Nothing says romance better than a well-matched perfume. If you’re feeling brave, choose something you think she’ll smell gorgeous in. Plus, it shows you’ve given some thought to your gift. Delectable scents like Giorgio Armani’s Si Nacre Sparking Limited Edition EDP with it’s soft, feminine tones is one great option. Other classically sensual scents include Jean Paul Gaultier‘s juicy, sexy Scandal.


Baggable aftershaves

If you’re looking to impress him, splash out on an aftershave of your choice. Not only will he then smell extra gorgeous to you, he’ll also feel appreciated. BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. is the ultimate, masculine power scent for youthful types. Another delicious pick is the fresh and bold Paco Rabanne Invictus For Men, ideal if you want your man to smell godly and feel confident.


Beauty gifts for her

If you fancy adding another dimension to your Valentine’s present this year, have a look at beauty gifts. You can find pairings of fragrances and makeup or beauty treats, giving lucky ladies two presents in one neat package. Options include YSL’s Black Opium Floral Shock EDP Spray and Mascara, and Giorgio Armani’s Code Femme Gift Set complete with scent, shower gel and body lotion.