The Best Concealers for Flawless Skin

The Best Concealers for Flawless Skin

Concealer is an make up bag must have! If you hit the jackpot with a concealer they can give you flawless, glowing skin that hide blemishes, under eye circles, pigmentation, the list goes on! Whether you need a full coverage to camouflage blemishes or something a little bit subtler to colour correct under the eyes we can help you find the perfect fit.

People often make the mistake of using the same concealer to brighten the under-eye area but also to try and cover problematic areas. Keep reading to find out why you need to invest in two types of concealer’

If you’ve had a heavy night or lack of sleep, dark circles or under-eye bags are one of the unfortunate symptoms. To give you that bright eyed look, you need a light reflective formula to highlight this area and brighten it as much as possible. Choose a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone and this will help counteract any darkness.

Now for when you need to cover blemishes, dark spots, enlarged pores you need something with a bit more coverage to give the staying power we need. Make sure you match the shade to your skin (or foundation) exactly as you want it to blend in this time rather than highlighting or brightening the area. If you have a particularly bad blemish that you just can’t seem to cover, try applying concealer to the area before your foundation, then layer your base and then conceal again. Sounds like a lot but the thin layers will help disguise the redness. Make sure when you are covering any blemishes that you don’t use the concealer applicator, use a brush or your fingers so that you aren’t spreading the bacteria to other areas of your face.

Now these are the concealers that pack a punch in our opinion!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer ‘ This stuff does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a full coverage concealer that will brighten your under eyes to make it look like you’ve had a full 8 hours of beauty sleep (the dream right!). It is also infused with peptides and Vitamin C to help keep the under-eye area plump and hydrated.


MAC Select Cover Up ‘ This concealer is amazing for covering any spots, uneven skin tone or enlarged pores. It’s super full coverage but doesn’t look cakey! It also stays put for hours, which is exactly what you need when covering blemishes.


Guerlain Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator ‘ For those with a higher budget, this concealer from Guerlain has luxurious gold radiance pigments! Used under the eyes, the rejuvenating complex formula awakens the skin and gives a gorgeous, youthful glow to erase all traces of fatigue!


W7 Got It Covered! Concealer Palette ‘ Now this palette kicks ass when it comes to multi use! It covers dark circles, blemishes, pigmentation, basically anything you need to correct! With 6 shades it covers all bases and has a creamy texture to give you the coverage required. With a range of different shades as well you can use it to colour correct darkness, redness or sallowness.


Guerlain Multi Perfecting Concealer ‘ This concealer is perfect for those with dry skin. The consistency of some concealer can be quite dry and thick which a big no no for dry skin. The Guerlain Multi Perfecting Concealer has hydrating active ingredients to help moisturise dry areas, particularly under the eyes. It will help leave the skin looking perfected and flawless!


Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Did you sleep well last night?
If the answer is no, you are not alone! Sleep problems are experienced by up to 45% of the global population, affecting our health and quality of life. In today’s fast-paced world, we sometimes view sleep simply as a period of low productivity. Often we push ourselves to do as much as we can in the day, and see how far we can go on a small amount of sleep. Not only does this slow our thought process down the next day, it also affects our overall health and how our skin looks and feels

Sleep and your skin
Just a few nights of missed sleep can lead to dull skin and fine lines; continued sleep insufficiency can lead to dark circles, puffy eyes, sallow skin and early ageing. Insufficient sleep can cause excess cortisol to be released by the body resulting in collagen breakdown. More importantly, the natural skin renewal process is also impaired. So when it comes to your skin care routine, sleep is a crucial component for the skin’s recovery from the assaults of the day.

Your skin is nocturnal
At around 9:00pm, sleep inducing melatonin is produced and as levels of this hormone rise, stress hormones begin to fall and skin regeneration and repair begin. So, the optimal time to apply your night-time skin care products is between 9:00pm and 11:00pm when skin repair reaches its peak.


Transform by night, glow by day
Introducing Dermalogica‘s new Sound Sleep Cocoon, a night gel-cream that harnesses the power of nature with science to promote sound sleep and healthy, radiant skin!
How it works: This revitalising treatment gel-cream optimises night-time skin recovery with active ingredients that take advantage of the body’s overnight recovery and repair process to transform skin by morning, along with motion-activated essential oils to promote deep, restful sleep for healthier looking skin.
Persian Silk Tree Bark, Fruits of the Wu-Zu-Yu Extract, Kakadu Plum and Tamarind Seed Extract have been selected for their abilities to rejuvenate skin and reduce signs of fatigue. And to promote a deep, restful sleep, Lavendin Oil is encapsulated in motion-activated microcapsules that allow it to be released by massage of the product and throughout the night as you toss and turn. Additional essential oils of Sandalwood and Patchouli calm the skin and soothe the senses, encouraging sound sleep for healthier looking skin.

Get a better night’s sleep
Dermalogica’s new Sound Sleep Cocoon app puts a restorative night’s sleep at your fingertips. It features a unique musical track that incorporates patented technology to produce sleep-inducing alpha and theta brainwaves. It also includes a video of the Sound Sleep Cocoon Essential Oil Activation Technique, tips for getting more restful sleep, and information about how scents can improve your dreams.
Use the Sound Sleep Cocoon App before bed in conjunction with Dermalogica’s new Sound Sleep Cocoon transformative night gel-cream and wake up with glowing skin by morning!


Sweet dreams!

Sound Sleep Cocoon is available to buy from the 15th March here at Fragrance Direct.

Mother’s Day Fragrances

Mother’s Day Fragrances

Special occasions are always the perfect time to gift a fragrance. They’re the ultimate, thoughtful present that show that you really know a person. But if you’re tired of buying the same perfume for her each time, you can always venture into the unknown and pick something new. Lucky for you, new releases from big-hitters like Carolina Herrera, Issey Miyake and Yves Saint Laurent are all there for the taking. Here are just a few of our favourites to get your creative juices flowing.

Coach Florale Eau de Parfum

Coach are known for their stylish designs, whether that’s on the catwalk or instore, and their fragrance collection has the same sense of refinement. If the mum you’re thinking of is classy, sophisticated and feminine, the new Coach Floral EDP is just the thing.
Taking inspiration from the blooming tea rose, this fragrance is delicate, understated, and fresh. Oozing allure and charm, it blends spring gardens with sensual musk and sandalwood.


Givenchy Live Irresistible Blossom Crush Eau de Parfum

Any fan of the Givenchy Irresistible fragrance will love this new take on the original. Designed with fun-loving, spontaneous women in mind, it’s the perfect pairing for youthful, confident mums.
Blossom Crush gives you a big hit of floral tones, making this one ultra-feminine scent. Just like the original fragrance, it has a complex blend of flavours like cocoa bean and roses to give you an alluring perfume that can be worn both day and night.


Stella McCartney Peony Eau de Toilette

English fashionistas of any age love Stella McCartney. The ideal gift for trendy mums, Stella McCartney Peony EDT is chic, bold and elegant. Made for women that take action, it’s certainly no shrinking violet of a scent.
Just like any Stella perfume, Peony EDT is powerful and complex. Delicate florals meet with earthy cedar and spicy pepper. Amber at the base and a soft rose heart add to its tantalising appeal.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle

Who doesn’t like a fresh burst of summer during those dark days? Marc Jacobs has his mood-boost nailed with the gorgeous new Daisy Dream Twinkle. Giving us a new take on the Daisy range, the limited-edition Twinkle collection is sparkling and energetic.
Daisy Dream Twinkle is one of our favourites, and it’s made for mums with a sense of spirit and humour. Inspired by sunny skies and floral bouquets, it mixes berries with spring flowers, sensual white woods and violet leaves.


Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Carolina Herrera creates a new fragrance, capturing the bold femininity and sensual duality of the modern woman.

Good Girl is the ultra feminine fragrance that embraces the modern women of today. Good Girl revels in her unapologetic duality ‘ her femininity and sensuality, her timeless elegance and casual irreverence, her hopeless romance and fearless independence. The House of Herrera has created a fragrance that captures and celebrates her glorious, high spirited duality.

With Good Girl, Carolina Herrera makes its boldest, most provocative statement to date. For more than 30 years, the House of Herrera has created fashion and fragrances defined by the effortless elegance and sophistication that epitomises New York style. Always relevant, Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance reflects the multidimensional attitudes of the modern woman, further expressed through the campaign hashtag ‘#It’sGoodToBeBad’.

The Perfume

To create Good Girl, Carolina Herrera de Baez turned to master perfumer Louise Turner. Known for her adventurous, innovative approach, Turner was the perfect perfumer to capture in scent the excitement and exhilarating complexity of today’s sophisticated woman.

Black and white, dark and light, good girl bad girl. It is both freshly light and moodily dark. The sweet, alluring qualities of jasmine give Good Girl it’s brightness and femininity. The darker side of Good Girl is created with richly fragrant cocoa and intoxicating Tonka. Almond and coffee bring Good Girl its immediate vibrancy. Tuberose, extracted in a new way that creates a rich delicacy, is what Louise calls the fragrance’s ‘wild card’, bringing fluidity and femininity.

The Good Girl bottle makes a powerful, emotional statement. A glass bottle of a very high-heeled shoe, it speaks as eloquently of the power of modern femininity and a woman’s dual nature as the fragrance itself. Made of sleek, smoky midnight blue glass, the Good Girl stiletto bottle stands on the tallest, thinnest gold heel.

An unexpected, highly innovative fragrance in a bottle as memorable and emotionally engaging as the fragrance itself, Good Girl captures the spirit and imagination of a modern powerful woman.


Good Girl is brought to life through a series of images tat capture the essence of the fragrance. Super model Karlie Kloss weaves a spell that exposes a woman’s sensuality and mystery and at the same time speaks to her bold intelligence and playfulness ‘ the delight Good Girl takes in being absolutely unapologetically herself.

Karlie Kloss embodies the perfect Good Girl. She incarnates the feminine power, she is strong and sensual. Kloss is not only a model but also an entrepreneur in a male dominated world of tech enthusiasts. She is fearless. She had the strength to give up her Victoria’s Secret wings to focus on her studies. Kloss is a modern supermodel. She has run the Carolina Herrera Runway now for many years and now she is Good Girl by Carolina Herrera New York.


Does Stress Affect Your Skin?

Does Stress Affect Your Skin?

The short answer is yes! It’s so difficult to avoid stress in our everyday lives, there’s work, bills, just life in general that can all get on top of us. But we need to learn how manage this stress so that it doesn’t show in our skin, hair and nails! Keep reading to see how stress can affect our looks but also what we can do to prevent it’

Under Eye Bags

Not getting enough beauty sleep due to stress can leave serious under eye bags! Not exactly attractive’ Not getting enough sleep causes fluid to pool below your lower eyelids, which is why you end up with puffy eye syndrome in the morning. Try and de-stress before bed time as much as you can and get an early night! Shut off your smartphone at least an hour before bed, the light simulates sunlight and keeps your brain awake.
If you still have some darkness under your eyes in the morning, then apply a concealer in triangles under your eyes. This will help conceal any darkness or puffiness. Our favourite concealer is Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer.


Dry Skin

If you’re stressed, chances are you’re too busy whizzing around to drink enough water. Also drinking coffee or soda to keep you awake is super dehydrating for your skin. When your skin is dehydrated it ends up looking tight and papery, which also accentuates any fine lines or wrinkles. Water is the holy grail for your skin, so get drinking! Green tea is also amazing as it has loads of antioxidants that work wonders for the skin.
For a quick boost of hydration use a serum that contains hyaluronic acid, it holds on to water to plump your skin. Try the Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist when you’re feeling particularly dried out. It will give you an instant shot of hydration and calm the skin.


The worst side effect of stress is acne. Stress causes the skin to flare up whether you’re prone to acne, eczema, psoriasis, basically any sensitivity will be increased by stress. Stress can throw the hormones off balance and lead to breakouts across the face and body, particularly in the chin area.
Again, drinking a lot of water is key for keeping your gut and hormones in balance but also maintaining a healthy diet will work wonders. Your body can handle stress much better when it’s properly nourished and functioning well. Cutting down on sugar is also another huge benefit for your skin (depressing I know) but sugar can result in sporadic acne breakouts.
If you have annoying breakouts use a special targeted product to reduce inflammation and clear out the blocked pores. Murad Blemish Spot Treatment can be used from the moment you feel a blemish occurring, it encourages healing by reducing the size and redness with hydrolysed oat flour and liquorice extract.
If you need to treat a sudden or unexpected acne breakout take a look at our complete guide on acne flareups so you know what to do!


Fine Lines

When we’re stressed we frown a lot! I mean it’s obvious isn’t it, there’s furrowing of the brows, pursing the lips and generally screwing up the face. These small but consistent movements when you’re super stressed can lead to deeper wrinkles forming in these areas.
Ok so first up, stop frowning! Easier said than done right’
So to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and to try and prevent them forming, use a silicone based formula under your makeup. There are plenty of make up primers that contain silicone as it stops make up from settling into fine lines. Try the Dermalogica Hydrablur primer, it also gives you a silky luminous finish!