Stock Up On The Best Stocking Fillers

Stock Up On The Best Stocking Fillers

Padding out that Christmas stocking with lovely gifts is easy if you have some inspiration. With the right gift ideas, you can give your loved ones some of their favourite treats, without breaking the bank, whether that’s gifts for her like make-up, perfumes, hair products or beauty tools. There’s something to suit all ages and every whim, so to find out what you could bag this Christmas, read on for our top stocking fillers.

Makeup Treats

Make-up gift sets and little individual beauty bits can all add up to make the perfect stocking. Calvin Klein’s CK One All Day Perfection Lipcolor in shades ranging from pink to sultry deep reds are just one luxurious option. There’s also a colourful collection of shiny nail polishes in L’Oreal’s Color Riche Nail Polish range. Max Factor’s Smokey Eye Drama Kit is always a popular choice, and Maybelline’s Colour Sensational Shine Gloss is a handbag essential for any girl.


The Perfect Fragrance

Christmas is the time of year to give your favourite people a lovely new fragrance. It’s a good excuse to top up a collection, and you can find some price-friendly options for cheap Christmas gifts if you don’t have enough cash to splurge. Ideal stocking fillers include Gucci Rush Eau de Toilette Spray, or Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Blush Eau de Toilette Spray. And for him there’s designer scents like Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man Eau de Toilette Spray.


Lush hair products

Pampering products don’t just stop at make-up and fragrances. There’s more than one way to show someone special that you care, and our collection of luxe hair products are just one option. You can top up your gifts with extras like the Tigi S Factor Vivacious Lustre Gift Set with lusterizer and hairspray. Philip Kingsley Smooth Cream is the perfect tonic for dry winter locks, and the Charles Worthington Salon At Home Moisture Seal Masque will help battle the elements too.


Quick-fix beauty tools

Beauty tools are another handy option if Christmas gift ideas are running low. The Real Techniques Starter Kit is just one perfect package to complete a stocking, or their lovely Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection. W7 have some great beauty tools too, like their Brow Parlour: The Ultimate Brow Grooming Kit.


Body Collection 5 Piece Brush Set – £0.99
This brush set is perfect for the beauty lover! This makeup brush set is an absolute bargain including a blusher brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow applicator, eyebrow brush and lip brush. Perfectly travel sized, it will be a great addition to anyone’s beauty kit!

Technic Colour Fix Contour Palette – £2.99
Everyone’s been obsessed with contouring since a certain Kardashian made it famous’ This palette from Technic is ideal for the contouring beginner, its super creamy and pigmented but also very easy to blend. With a great selection of colours this will suit every skin tone!

Nuxe Holiday Cracker – £10
Pull the cracker this festive season to find some of the most luxurious beauty treats from Nuxe. This cracker includes cute minis of their most popular products; nourishing and protecting hand and nail cream, rose-petal based micellar cleansing water makeup remover, softening dry oil for face, body and hair and finally moisturising anti-fatigue cream. All help to keep your skin healthy and glowing!

Royal Enhance Makeup Bag – £2.50
This makeup bag is great value for money and is roomy enough to fit all your essentials in for trip away. This cosmetic bag is a beautiful design and a great deal at only £2.50!


Laurelle Parfums Together Forever Pour Femme 100ml – £5.99
To get any perfumes in under a tenner is a great achievement and this cute fragrance from Laurelle is an absolute steal at £5.99! Flirty and floral, this perfume is great for popping in a stocking or for a secret Santa present. It comes in a gold plated heart shaped bottle, perfect for a Christmas treat.

Yes To Grapefruit Rejuvenating Wipes – £3.99
Yes To is quickly becoming one of our favourite brands, with their all natural ingredients they have a family of products to treat all skin types. These grapefruit wipes are perfect for on the go and the packaging is gorgeous! They exfoliate and leave the skin feeling bright and soft, what more could you want.

Malibu Lip Care Balm – £1.99
Keep chapped lips kissably smooth with these gorgeous Malibu lip balms. They come in 3 different flavours, watermelon, vanilla and tropical so are perfect as an extra little gift. These lip balms are also great for the summer months as they have SPF 30.

Body Shop Exfoliating Bath Gloves – £0.99
Lather up with body wash and gently buff away any dead skin cells with these exfoliating gloves from the Body Shop. They leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and at 99p you can’t go wrong! Everyone and anyone needs to exfoliate so this gift will go down a treat!

Nesti Dante Fig and Almond Milk Soap – £4.75
These handcrafted soaps are the perfect gift this Christmas; they are inspired by the beautiful regions of Florence and so luxurious. Also the packaging is super cute and bound to impress and really who doesn’t love to get bath and body products at Christmas?!


We hope this helps with some small gift ideas for your loved ones and all for under £10 is such great value for money!

Skincare Hacks

Skincare Hacks

We recently ran a competition on our Facebook and Instagram with Magnitone where you all had to tell us about your favourite skincare hack. We had so many amazing entries that we decided to do a blog post with all the best ones!

Helen Walker ‘ ‘A simple hack is to steam your face in the shower or over a bowl of water whilst gently massaging. This gives your face a healthy glow, improves circulation and feels wonderful afterwards when you apply moisturiser.’

Georgina Booth-Purdy ‘ ‘Always remove makeup before bed & use a good night cream especially this time of year when the heating is on. This is my golden rule regardless of how many glasses of prosecco I may have consumed that evening lol!’

Sarah Sej Pelham ‘ ‘I love to drink tea but my skin loves it as a facial treatment for spots or tired eyes. I leave a warm teabag on the affected area whilst watching a youtube video or film, et voila, happy skin’

Zukeika Shaik ‘ ‘Mashed papaya works really well to hydrate and brighten my skin. It also helps to lighten pigmentation. On days when time is against me I rub the inside of the peel on my face and it works just as well to give my skin a healthy glow’

Lauren Mitchener ‘ ‘Combining masks so I put a deep cleansing mud on my t-zone and then add a moisturising mask on the dry areas on cheeks etc for a combined facial to target both skin problems in one go’

Dawn Cordell ‘ ‘Coconut oil is my saviour, takes off my makeup and even waterproof mascara’ amazing and all natural’

Lilian Walker ‘ ‘Avocados are the best thing for your skin, also great for a hair mask. Used on my skin for years.’

Karen Watson ‘ ‘My skin tip is to use a nice deep moisture mask every week or so. As well as leaving my skin lovely and soft it also gives me reason to relax for 10 mins’

Melissa Major ‘ ‘Drink lots of water. Wash face in the morning with pure water then apply a toner and moisturiser. Before bed apply a serum and overnight moisturiser.’

Hellen Clare ‘ ‘Beauty sleep. Sleep is so important for your mental and physical health, but also when it comes to skin health!’

Maggi Liu ‘ ‘Always give yourself a facial massage while putting on your moisturiser, it improves circulation to your skin and rejuvenates your face!’

Lisa Sauer ‘ ‘A scrub with a teaspoon of sugar and coconut oil leaves the skin super smooth, soft and moisturised. Perfect ritual before going to bed.’

Kate Williamson ‘ ‘Drinking warm water with squeezed lemon juice every morning helps to purify the skin from the inside out helping to reduce the chance of blemishes.’

Amy Fidler – ‘Always use an overnight sleep mask, if skin is playing up, I find I wake up with improved skin.’

Helen Barber ‘ ‘Always cleanse, tone and moisture morning and evening. Also drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated.’

Tess Robinson ‘ ‘Always, ALWAYS take your makeup off ‘ even if you’ve had a lot of prosecco and just want to go to bed!’

Emily BO ‘ ‘ My favourite skincare hack would be using tea tree oil on blemishes. They minimise overnight, leaving a less noticeably blemished face.’

Faith Anderson ‘ ‘I add a hydrating serum to my moisturiser and I always wash with hot/warm water and rinse with cold/cool water.’

It’s time to get body-beautiful from head to toe, and do you know what? Thanks to the yummy-smelling, luxurious-feeling products around this autumn, your pampering session will be just as enjoyable as the gorgeous results.

Greet the new season with a better complexion by treating yourself to a mini-facial featuring a luxurious facial oil. Could this be the ideal definition of ‘me time’? We think so’
‘½ Begin by gently working a good quality facial oil into your face and neck. We love Decleor Aroma White C+ Brightening Cleansing Oil for its luxurious feel and ability to remove all traces of makeup.
‘½ Pat your skin dry then reach for your regular cleanser. Try refreshing Shiseido The Skincare Rinse-Off Cleansing Gel if you’re between products.
‘½ Now to exfoliate! Take a pea-sized amount of a product like Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator on to wet fingertips and massage into your skin before rinsing.
‘½ Mask time, and opt for one that best suits your skin type – looking for ingredients like added moisturisers or clay to purify.
‘½ When you’ve removed your mask, apply a serum or moisturiser – or both for a super-boost! We recommend Clinique Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Moisturiser to look extra fresh in the morning.

If you’ve skimped on the sunnies-wearing this summer, an eye cream can help smooth out some fine lines and give the delicate skin under your eyes a boost when used long-term. For an instant eye-brightening treatment however, we rate Elemis Absolute Eye Mask.

Relax and pamper your body with a good soak in the tub. Using products with relaxing or uplifting fragrances will mean you get extra benefits, so choose Yardley English Lavender Foam Bath before bed or luxuriate in Yves Saint Laurent Paris Bath and Shower Gel to refresh before a night out.
Buff away dead skin the easy way. We love exfoliating gloves!
Envelop your skin in the delicious scent of cocoa butter with Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion – perfect for banishing those autumn blues.


Don’t forget your hands, as dry, flaky skin and ragged cuticles can really let down your look. We turn to cult classic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Hand Treatment to keep our mitts looking their best, but for a quick, intense boost, try Purederm Botanical Choice Deep Moisture Hand Mask.

Give yourself the perfect quick pedicure with these *ahem* step-by-step instructions.
‘½ Buff the soles and sides of your feet with a foot file. We love Opal Crafts Eco Spa Bamboo Foot File.
‘½ File your nails straight across.
‘½ Use a nail buffer to smooth out any nail ridges and remove any staining. You can also use it to smooth out the skin around your nail edges.
‘½ Just use a clear topcoat to give your nails a shine, or opt for a colour for a feel-good lift. We love Essie Multi Dimensional Top Coat in Stroke of Brilliance for an on-trend finishing touch.

Enjoy looking and feeling gorgeous!

Skincare To Help A Hangover

Skincare To Help A Hangover

So we’re heading into that time of year’ Christmas parties, Christmas after work drinks, it’s Christmas so it’s ok to drink whenever you like phase! A cocktail may have seemed like a great idea at the time, but not so much when your alarm’s going on the next morning and you’re hauling yourself out of bed. It’s not just our heads that suffer after a night of drinking, it will also play havoc with your skin. Do you know what to give your skin to help counteract the effects of the night before? No, well keep reading’

Hydration ‘ the main thing that alcohol does is dehydrate your entire body, including your skin. When you have dry, dehydrated skin it can leave it looking sallow, wrinkles become more obvious and enlarge your pores. The first thing to do is obvious; get as much water into your body as possible. However that isn’t going to give you glowing, plumped skin instantly so we need a quick fix. Try a face mask that contains hyaluronic acid, this will draw as much water into the skin as possible. We love the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque.

Caffeine ‘ grabbing a coffee first thing when you’ve got a hangover is actually really good for the skin! Caffeine helps to constrict the blood vessels whereas alcohol dilates them. Which is why you can often wake up with puffy eyes after a night out. There are also some great eye creams that contain caffeine, our favourite is the Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream. It will help you look awake and refreshed, even if you don’t feel it’

Start the night before ‘ I know what you’re thinking this can be easier said than done! But there are a few things you can do before you go to bed that will do your skin wonders. No brainer ‘ take off your makeup! Sleeping in your makeup is the worst thing you can do, it clogs pores and doesn’t allow your skin to do its usual rejuvenation. Even if it’s just a quick swipe with a face wipe it will make all the difference. Next slather on a super thick night cream, this will help your skin hold onto as much moisture as possible even when it’s dehydrated. Try the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Night Time Skin Protectant. Finally sleep with an extra pillow under your head, sounds weird right? Well sleeping with your head elevated will help with fluid drainage so you won’t wake up looking all puffy.

Exfoliate ‘ give your skin a good but gentle scrub the next morning. You need to buff away all the dead, alcohol damaged skin cells to give yourself the best chance of healthy looking skin. Many exfoliators include ingredients that are anti-inflammatory which will help any reddened, inflamed skin. Stock up on a few Anatomicals Get Outta My Face Apricot Face Scrub and have them ready!

Your skin will look and feel much better if you follow these simple steps, we’re just sorry we can’t help with the pounding headache!


Luxury Christmas Gifts

Luxury Christmas Gifts

If you want to get something extra special for him or her this Christmas, there’s a whole host of luxurious products to add to the Christmas list. Fragrances, candles, diffusers, and lush skincare products are all perfect ways to impress a loved one. With top luxury brands from Clarins to Cartier, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Decadent fragrances

Top-class perfumes and extravagant aftershaves are ideal gifts if you really want to treat someone. Sophisticated ladies will love fragrances like Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau de Parfum Spray, or the Bulgari Goldea Gift Set complete with shower gel and body lotion. Or for a lighter perfume, something like Cartier’s Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu EDT Natural Spray is a great choice or the Hugo Boss BOSS The Scent for Her. When shopping for presents for men, there are standout scents like Comme des Garcons Blackpepper Eau de Parfum, and Tom Ford Noir Eau de Parfum Spray.


Luxe candles and diffusers

Treating the home with a favourite scent can brighten up even the darkest winter evening. Some of the best designer brands have beautiful candles and diffusers that make unique gifts, helping your family and friends to create just the right ambiance over Christmas. Archipelago Botanicals Home Collection Lemongrass candle will give you a feel-good boost, and Abahna’s Frangipani & Orange Blossom Reed Diffuser is a pure blast of summer just when you need it most.


Gorgeous skincare

If you’re bored of buying fragrances and candles for that special person, there are other ways to win them over with a thoughtful gift. Luxury skincare brands have everything to treat her from top to toe, making ideal gifts for girlfriends. Just some options include Miller Harris’s Rose Silence Body Cream, DECLÇ?OR’s Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm, and beauty salon favourite Elemis’s Advanced Brightening EvenTone Serum. Or, you can search for big brands like Clarins, with products like their popular Super Restorative Redefining Body Care. Just to mix it up further, Dermalogica have a great range of unisex products for him and her, like their Daily Microfoliant.


Human and Kind

Human and Kind

Human and Kind are a new brand for Fragrance Direct and we’re super excited to have them on board. If you don’t know much about them,they offer effective skincare products that are natural, simple and affordable. Skincare that is kind to humans, kind to animals and kind to the environment. What more could you want?!

Human and Kind try to give back to communities and the environment and as a result have a number of different projects that they work on. They believe their company can make a difference and the products they sell help to do this.

‘½ Their aim is to improve the communities of the world therefore they work with organizations worldwide and offer aid, whether that be time, money or resource.
‘½ They endeavour to make sure their customers businesses are financially healthy to enable them to treat their employees and customers fairly. They do this by ensuring they offer a fair price and trade.
‘½ They support their suppliers by ensuring they can continue to source sustainable products.

All of Human and Kind’s products are based on natural ingredients. They don’t use parabens in their formulas and definitely don’t test on animals! They have now grown their product range and offer face, body and hair products for both cleansing and moisturising.


Here’s some of our favourite products from the range:

Human and Kind Body Oil ‘ This 3 in 1 multi talking body oil helps boost the skin’s natural radiance. The moisturizing and anti-oxidant rich formula helps reduce the appearance of scars and stretchmarks and also improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. You can use this oil on the face as a night time moisturiser, all over the body and on the hair as a serum.

Human and Kind Coconut Dream Shower Mousse ‘ this product is a must for your shower, it smells incredible! Pamper your skin with softening puffs of foam, the light and delicate mousse leaves your body feeling cleansed and beautifully soft.

Human and Kind Raspberry Lip Balm ‘ keep your lips soft and smooth throughout the day with their special blend of natural goodness containing Vitamin E rich Olea Europaea Fruit Oil. It’s also great for underneath lipstick to keep your lips hydrated.

Human and Kind Face Scrub ‘ this face scrub is formulated with oat kernel and soothing cocoa butter that gently exfoliates away dead skin cells to leave beautifully smooth and glowing skin. It also includes ingredients that help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier to give you more radiant, hydrated skin.

Human and Kind Day Plus Night Cream ‘ this is a great moisturiser for both day and night, although it says night cream! It has a super light texture but also has a richness of a night cream. It has so many properties to help your skin including improving the appearance of damaged skin, boosting circulation and improving the collagen foundation of the skin and smooths out wrinkles. It really is a lovely product that feels like you’re doing you’re skin some good!