Power Couples

Power Couples

His and hers fragrances are becoming increasingly popular; more and more brands are bringing out complementing scents for each new fragrance launch. So, do you ever think about matching your scent to your partners? They’re often uniquely balanced and design to complement each other perfectly. Like the best relationship you’ve ever had’ Check out our collection of the most iconic power couples in the fragrance world!

Armani Because It’s You/Stronger With You
Discover the power of two with the two newest Armani fragrances Stronger With You and Because Of You. The two fragrances have an alliance which balance and empower each other, as a symbol of powerful love.
Because It’s You is a delicious and sparkling perfume for women with notes of neroli and vanilla, an elegant and natural scent.
Stronger With You is a spicy perfume for men, communicating with sensuality. Including notes of cardamom, pink peppercorn and violet leaves.


Hugo Boss BOSS The Scent/ For Her
Inspired by the art of seduction and the irresistible act of getting closer, the luxurious and sensual scents are designed to elicit a hidden seductive power.
First there was the men’s fragrance BOSS The Scent, a captivating take on seduction from the male perspective. Then the BOSS woman was realised in BOSS The Scent for Her ‘ a powerful but uniquely feminine reflection.
BOSS The Scent includes exquisite notes of ginger, maninka and virile leather.
BOSS The Scent for Her compromises honeyed peach, freesia blossom and tonka bean.


Jean Paul Gaultier Classique/ Le Male
This iconic duo are true classics, as the name would suggest’ Each scent is a symbol of freedom and seduction. The transparent bottles of Classique and Le Male reflect the male and female form in all it’s glory, a signature style for Jean Paul Gaultier.
Classique is a scent that provides a hint of temptation to help you seduce and conquer. With notes of rose, orange blossom and sensual amber.
Le Male is a fresh, charismatic fragrance which will seduce with its contrasts. With notes of wormwood, bergamot, cardamom and lavender it is the perfect fragrance for casual or formal wear.


Paco Rabanne Olympea/ Invictus
These two fragrances from Paco Rabanne embody the phrase power couples; they are fragrances for the gods and goddesses of the world. Olympea is inspired by strong iconic women like Cleopatra, this enticing and sensual scent is designed to turn heads and is the ultimate match for Paco Rabanne’s Invictus. With notes of fresh, green mandarin, water jasmine and salted vanilla.
Invictus is inspired by the original Olympians, it is powerful, fresh and irresistible. Made for champions, Invictus blends marine top notes with deeply masculine guaiac wood, pepper and grapefruit zest.
Together the Paco Rabanne champions are invincible.


Calvin Klein Obsessed for Women/ for Men
Calvin Klein Obsessed is a reinvention of the iconic CK fragrance Obsession. The two scents mix memory and desire, masculine and feminine, the past and the present. At the heart of Obsessed is the memory of a past love, triggered by the scent of another on the skin.
In 1993, Obsession truly attained iconic status when Kate Moss became the fragrance’s face. She was 18 years old and her then boyfriend Mario Sorrenti shot her for the campaign. The ground breaking and provocative imagery reflected the couple’s real love story.
Obsessed for Women compromises notes of white lavender and creamy musk.
Obsessed for Men includes notes of dark vanilla, amber and woods.




NKD SKN is every girl’s self-tanning dream come true. Ever wonder how to get an effortless bronze without putting in too much time and energy? With NKD SKN, self-tanning has never been so easy.

From festival lovers to bikini enthusiasts, NKD SKN gives our #NKDSKNBabes a perfect and effortless glow. NKD SKN takes the fear out of self-tanning by making it easy and completely natural.

Forget all the toxins or ingredients you can’t pronounce in other self-tanners. NKD SKN gives you nourishing, organic ingredients at an affordable price point. NKD SKN contains hydrating and all-natural ingredients such as aloe vera, melon, licorice, shea butter, marula, raspberry, lychee and grape.

NKD SKN has combined nature and technology to ensure your tan will fade gradually and naturally. Never worry about streaking again with NKD SKN’s flawless finish. Whether applying with a self-tanning mitt or without, NKD SKN can guarantee an even and natural bronze.

NKD SKN also uses Odour Remove’½ technology for zero smell. A completely non-toxic formulation, NKD SKN won’t leave you smelling like harsh chemicals and will let you get back to your usual routine in no time. With zero smell and zero transfer to clothes, NKD SKN is the go-to solution for girls on the go.

To align with NKD SKN’s organic and all-natural lifestyle, NKD SKN is cruelty-free and doesn’t test on animals. Every NKD SKN product carries the promise of being completely paraben, perfume and alcohol free. NKD SKN’s luxe tanning formulas are infused with organic and natural skincare ingredients that hydrate, condition and nourish skin.

With so many benefits, it’s no secret why NKD SKN products have been honored by Self Magazine’s coveted Beauty Awards and why these hero products are catching the attention of beauty bloggers everywhere. NKD SKN’s Pre-Shower Tan has been featured in Allure Magazine and won the 2016 Shape Beauty Awards.

Make sure to grab your NKD SKN products to achieve gorgeous summer skin! With every product under £20, organic, all-natural and non-toxic doesn’t need to be expensive. NKD SKN is here is to make you look and feel gorgeous with a beautiful and natural glow.

7 Fragrances You Need For Summer

7 Fragrances You Need For Summer

Summer has to be one of our favourite times of the year. Sunshine, beaches and gorgeous scents kind of go hand in hand. We have scoured the net to find our top 7 fragrance you need for summer for men and women. Perfect as a treat yourself kind of purchase or a birthday/anniversary gift. Ladies first then …

YSL Mon Paris Eau De Toilette
One of our best sellers since it hit the shelf, YSL cannot do any wrong when it comes to beauty (handbags also obz). Their scents are always a stand out signature smell so you know exactly who’s wearing YSL. The Mon Paris EDT is not only pretty to look at but with its sweet romantic notes and stand out scent it’s the perfect first date perfume.


Prada Candy Gloss
Prada’s Candy Gloss looks exactly as it smells, girly flirty and divine. It’s hot pink bottle makes it a stand out choice for us women. It packs a fruity punch when you walk into the room whilst boasting fun yet sophisticated vibes which we love all the more for.


One of our newer fragrances to launch at Fragrance Direct, Kenzo World has definitely made a big impact. It’s floral lingering scent is light enough to wear to the beach, whilst on holiday around the pool or just for a day of fun! KENZO World is all about being unapologetically yourself with plenty of spontaneity.


GIVENCHY Live Irresistible Delicieuse
Hot pink is clearly the summer trend of 2017 and GIVENCHY has taken it to a whole new level with its outstanding perfume bottle. A strong sassy sweet scent with floral notes to compliment each other this is another beautiful summer holiday fragrance that we can only picture ourselves wearing whilst on a night out in Marbella, that means we have to book a holiday now doesn’t it?


If you or your boyfriend/husband/son/dad or anyone in your life struggles with picking a decent manly fragrance then HUGO MAN Iced is the perfect solution or as we like to think of it as the ‘perfect starter scent’ or PSS for short 😉 Think of camping outside next to a lake in the middle of the woods and the fresh crisp air, then bottling it and being able to spritz it on you everyday. Doesn’t that sound incredible? A piece of the outdoors at your fingertips!


Lacoste Magnetic
It’s unmistakably electric blue-bottle the Lacoste Magnetic is the perfect sportsman scent. Off to the tennis? Out to watch the football or are you a rugby man? Lacoste is the most iconic sportsman fragrance in the world and you will be the envy of all the guys down the pub. It’s fresh, playful and light so it’s your smell but better.


BOSS Bottled Tonic
The sun’s coming down over the mountains and you’re enjoying your meal on the blanch looking over the sea, it’s the perfect end to a perfect day, a gust of wind picks up your fragrance and floats past your wife surprising her, tickling her senses. BOSS Bottled is a gentlemen’s scent that has twists of woody notes, citrus and spices.


Festival Essentials

Festival Essentials

What comes to mind when you think of festivals? Mud, music and mayhem? It’s true that you’ll need to be on your a-game to look fresh and glam while you’re there.

Covering off all bases when it comes to wind, rain and shine is the surest way to stay chic. And if you’re going abroad, travelling light is an absolute essential. But never fear, you don’t have to pack everything but the kitchen sink to stay prepared. Here’s some of our fresh, festival beauty products.

Gucci Bamboo 30ml
Smelling tip-top at a festival might sound like an impossibility, but we dare to disagree! With the right perfume tucked on your person, you can bring a little glamour to every crowd. Gucci Bamboo is one of our personal favourites for summer partying. Elegant, charismatic and feminine, it’s light enough to make you feel carefree and liberated, and bold enough to create that special allure. A handy 30ml bottle is just right for any fun-loving, stylish festival goer.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Purse Spray
Go all-out on summer vibes with Marc Jacobs Daisy Purse Spray. What can be better than having a mini fragrance made to slot into your tiniest clutch? Not only does this cute scent save room in your bag, it gets around hand luggage restrictions, and it’s the ultimate girly summer scent. Floral, frilly and fun, it’s deliciously feminine, and light enough to wear all day long.

Malibu sun protection
Taking care of your skin is a must, especially if you’re under the rays all day. Even the British sun can pack a punch if you’re out without sun protection. UV sun lotions are the best way to keep your skin protected, youthful and in Malibu’s case, smelling scrumptious. We especially love Malibu’s coconutty allure, and the 100ml Dry Oil and lotions are perfect space-savers.

Yes To Cleansing Wipes
Keeping up your normal skin regime during a festival is near to impossible. Luckily, Yes To have the job in-hand. Their luxe cleansing wipes give your skin all the care it needs when you’re living out of a bag. Choose from blueberries or coconut depending on your skin type, and you’ll have cleansed, bright, cared-for skin in a few sweeps.

Tangle Teezer
Windswept, bed-headed and wild, festivals are the time to really let your hair down, but that doesn’t mean you have to be content with bushy locks. The original Tangle Teezer is the quickest way to keep your hair sleek and beautiful, without painful, post-partying detangling. They’re also funky, lightweight and compact, so you can pop one into your bag with ease.

Mii BB Cream
There’s no time to spend hours in front of the mirror when you’re revelling in the festival atmosphere. An easy-to-apply quick fix is just what you need to brighten and even out your skin tone. The Mii BB Cream does all that and more. This five-in-one cream has SPF protection, a primer to banish imperfections, plus it moisturises and nourishes to give you that beautiful summer glow.

Big brows are no longer enough: this festival season you’re going to need glitter, gold and – let’s face it – a lot of guts because the party just moved to your forehead and everyone’s invited. Work this catwalk trend with a just slick of mascara and your pick of a bright or natural lip.

Get the look: Start by combing brows upwards and outwards to create maximum surface area; if you’re going to do it, you may as well really go for it! For a delicate, ethereal look, use a gold-coloured mascara to coat your brows. Wait for it to dry before repeating, for plenty of coverage. If you’d like even more impact, however, create a solid block of colour by drawing a frame around your brow with a gold-coloured liquid eyeliner, before working along your brow from the inner to the outer edge, using the liquid liner to fill in the frame with small, precise brush strokes.

Who cares about practicality when you can have diamond-dusted kissers?
Get the look: Slick on a lip gloss – preferably one with a bit of glitter in it to create a multi-layered sparkle. Next, grab a pot of loose glitter, (one designed for eyes is fine) and decant a small amount into the lid or onto a tissue. Use your finger or a lip brush to pat the glitter on to your pout. If any falls on your face or outside of your lip line, you can either gently touch a piece of sticky tape to your skin to lift it off, or use a powder brush to flick it off a bigger area in one go.

Partying all night can leave you with some pretty unattractive under-eye circles, so what better way to instantly perk up your face than by completely covering them in miniature stars and multi-coloured sparkles!?

Get the look: Turn your makeup bag into a craft box by stocking up on as many different shades of glitter, types of sparkle and star-shaped stickers and gems as you can possibly get your hands on. If they need a little help to stick, begin with a good layer of glittery gel or mousse eyeshadow – adding the loose sparkle before it sets. For larger gems, false lash glue will help them stay put.

Ditch The Glass
Taking your favourite fragrance to a festival can be a little bit tricky sometimes with most festivals having a no glass policy, meaning everything needs decanting into a plastic bottle beforehand, but luckily for us, some of our favourite scents are available in plastic bottles already. Gucci Bamboo and the fruity Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists are perfect for this, so pick up one of these and say goodbye to decanting!

Keep It Au Naturelle
No one likes feeling hot and sweaty in the Summer, especially for an entire weekend with minimal shower facilities. Swap your foundation for a tinted moisturizer with SPF protection to avoid any cakey mess and keep your pores clear. We love the Bourjois BB cream Bronzing Cream which keeps skin bright and soft with a healthy sunkissed glow.