Anti Pollution Skincare

Anti Pollution Skincare

Anti-pollution skincare is a massive trend at the moment and as we become more aware of the harmful effects of pollution on our skin we need to make sure we’re doing the best we can. There are a number of things that can be harmful to our skin from UV rays to a bad diet but pollution tops the list for those of us who live in the city. Pollution is a silent assassin, you can’t see it and you can’t feel it so it can be easy to forget it’s there but you can be sure it’s wreaking havoc on your skin.

Marie Schmid, Head of Research Development at Clarins UK emphasises the effect of these factors on the appearance of the complexion: ‘An accumulation of pollutant particles on the skin surface can diminish skin’s radiance making it look dull.’ Not exactly what we’re after!

Pollution is a major skin enemy and these particles can not only clog pores, they can also penetrate deep into the epidermis and cause serious damage ‘ speeding up cellular ageing and can also cause hyper-pigmentation. I can also lead to acne, ruins your hard-earned beauty sleep, enhances dark spots and leaves skin parched.

So, what do we about it:
Dr Howard Murad, certified dermatologist and founder of Murad Skincare, recommends wearing SPF everyday no matter the weather, and searching for products that contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators.

Make sure you’re cleansing your face properly. This is a major priority to make sure you are removing as many harmful particles as possible. Do it as soon as you get home to minimise the time these particles have on your skin and then they have less chance of sinking in and doing damage.

Invest in targeted anti-pollution products. These tend to be packed with the good stuff that is specially formulated to banish pollutants from your skin. They include antioxidants to neutralise the damaging free radicals caused by pollution. Some products even create a clever barrier to stop the pollutant particles sticking to your skin in the first place.


We’ve picked up some of the top products that will combat those city fumes and keep your skin looking glowing!

Clarins Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk:
This cleansing milk with Alpine Herbs is amazing for removing all your makeup but also washing away any harmful pollutant particles. Use this morning and night to make sure you’re setting yourself up as best you can to keep your skin protected.

Murad Essential C Day Moisturiser Cream:
The entire environmental shield range is really effective at creating a barrier between your skin and the harmful effects of the atmosphere. The moisture cream works particularly well for everyday use as it’s super hydrating and also contains SPF 30. Plus, it smells of oranges, amazing!

Clinique City Block Purifying Clay Mask + Scrub:
This dual action mask purifies and polishes the skin for a proper deep clean treatment. Natural bamboo charcoal and kaolin clay help remove pollutants and impurities, while the natural silica beads gently refine your skins texture. Use once or twice a week to see the most benefits.

Decleor Anti-Pollution Hydrating Gel Cream:
This gel cream is super hydrating and perfect for slathering on your skin after a day in the city air. Enriched with Moringa Olifeira extract, this moisturiser helps to hydrate the skin and reinforce its barrier, whilst creating a protective layer against pollution particles. It will leave the complexion looking luminous and beautifully smooth.

Murad Essential C Toner Environmental Shield:
This toner is an essential part of anyone’s skin regime; it refreshes and strengthens the skin’s natural defence system. Helps restore to its natural pH levels whilst replenishing moisture and fighting free radical damage. You can use it at any time of the day to give yourself a little pick me up, the handy spritz bottle makes it’s perfect for carrying around with you.


Foundations with SPF

Foundations with SPF

It’s often a chore to apply SPF before your make-up every morning but it’s one of the best pieces of advice any beauty expert can give you. It locks in a more youthful appearance and gives you an overall radiant glow without the need of the sun. At Fragrance Direct we have chosen some of the best foundations that have added SPF for the days you might be in a hurry and forget or just for that added extra protection.

Guerlain Parure Gold Fluid Foundation SPF30
Let’s start at the high-end foundations, we know it looks pricey sitting at £56 but, hear us out ok? Not only is it infused with gold pigments – OMG – it has a collagen boosting ingredient that also illuminates dark circles (are you sold yet?). It includes SPF30 – WOW – It brings dull, lifeless skin back to life with its smooth blend-able formula.

Clinique Even Better Foundation SPF15
Clinique are renowned for their fantastic skincare and they also take that into their make-up line. The Clinique Even Better Foundation does what it says, it gives you your skin but better and you get an added SPF15 on top. It delivers brighter skin both immediately and over time, Clinique promises to help even skin tone and SPF protection will fight hyper pigmentation.


Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation SPF15
Probably one of the most inexpensive foundations to include added SPF is the Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse. It’s been around since forever and most women will tell you they’ve tried it at least once in their lives. It’s fluffy light texture feels like nothing on your skin whilst still protecting you with SPF15 for less than £4.00 which is mind-blowing to us! You can also by 5 for 4 HERE.

DECLÇ?OR Hydra Floral BB Cream SPF15
Not so much a foundation but a BB Cream with the same effect. It’s extremely light weight and gels like a second skin, DECLÇ?OR is more known for their skincare products so you can trust them to protect your face when it comes to their make-up products. It’s flawless finish leaves you illuminated and fresh-faced, to give you that perfect pick me up just when you need it.

L’Oreal Nude Magnique Teint Foundation SPF18
Drugstore foundations can sometimes be forgotten about when it comes to the small extras that foundations offer, L’oreal Nude Magnique has an SPF18 which is brilliant for another foundation that’s worth less than £4. With lightweight texture and it’s skin like finish this is a perfect inexpensive buy to throw into your holiday bag.


The Scent Of The Summer: YSL Mon Paris EDT

The Scent Of The Summer: YSL Mon Paris EDT

If you’re looking for a sexy, classy summer scent, YSL have it covered. We’ve always been big fans of the Mon Paris range. Bottling the essence of the world’s most romantic city, this gorgeous collection of perfumes is heady, sensual and 100% stylish. In fact, you could say that Parisian chic has never smelt so good.
The real question for any true French-inspired fashionista, is which Mon Paris perfume calls to you? Here’s the lowdown on the original Eau de Parfum compared to the brand new, and utterly scrumptious YSL Mon Paris EDT. And if you can’t decide which one is your next signature scent, you’ll just have to plump for them both!

Are you a Mon Paris Eau de Parfum girl?
If you’re a strong, sophisticated, confident woman, this is the perfect perfume for you.
This intoxicating fragrance is inspired by lovers everywhere. Seductive, passionate and bold, a few dabs and you’ll feel like a true goodness of love. Even better, it’s sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons by your big crush.

Perfect for:
This is the ultimate date-night scent. At the heart of the fragrance, you’ll catch the bewitching signature of Datura Orchid, a flower that blossoms in the night-time. This makes it the ideal fragrance for a big night out, especially during those longer summer evenings.

Is the new Yves Saint Mon Paris EDT for you?
Also inspired by the first flush of love, YSL’s new Paris EDT spins those heart-fluttering themes to a new level.
Fun, captivating and romantic, it’s just the thing when you need a compelling fragrance. It’s light enough to suit any occasion, and it’s always sure to make you feel utterly glamourous.

Perfect for:
Sunny daytime revelling, and fun nights out. The fruiter notes of blackberry and raspberry give the original fragrance a whole new dimension. It still has that signature musky base, and the Datura Orchid means it’s a fragrance with special allure, but there’s an element of play with this scent. So, if you need a feminine, sensual pick-me-up, this is the Mon Paris for you.