Fake It – Don’t Bake It!

Fake It – Don’t Bake It!

Why we’re over baking ourselves to achieve that bronzed glow this summer’
Our team, at FD, care about your wellbeing, which is why we’ve dug deep and selected an exclusive range of self-tanning products to assure you don’t have to dig deep into your wallets this summer.

1. St Tropez Self Tan Sensitive Bronzing Lotion 200ml – £22.99
Starting off with a tan brand staple: the St Tropez Self Tan Sensitive Bronzing Lotion. No one wants a tan which gives the illusion of melting zebra stripes and we assure you that all St Tropez self-tan products will leave you with nothing but a natural looking streak free tan. The reason it has made our hit list though, is due to this particular product being specially formulated to be gentle on the skin causing no unwanted rashes or irritation. BUT the best feature and the main reason it’s in our shopping baskets is that it contains no instant colour, meaning there is little or no residue on towels or bed sheets. The days of constantly washing bedding and buying new towels are over!


2. Guerlain Terracotta Spray Bronzing Powder Mist 75ml – £38
Although this beauty may be on the pricier side, the outcome is as natural as they come. Friends, family and even admirers on the street will be asking you where you’ve been abroad. The Guerlain Terracotta Spray Bronzing Powder Mist has been made for women who do not want to use a brush or who are constantly on the go. If you’ve just finished work and have 30 mins to redo your hair, makeup, outfit and tan, this product if perfect for you. Why? It lights up the complexion in just two seconds! With more coverage and a more even-toning effect than a GUERLAIN bronzing powder. SOLD.


3. Lancaster Self Tan Beauty Smoothing Gel For Face 50ml – £14.99
Now, if you’re the type of girl or boy, who keeps their body covered for the majority of the year or is naturally fair skinned or just simply wants to look healthy and refreshed. We have found your new beauty essential. The Self Tan Beauty Smoothing face Gel from Lancaster. It combines a natural origin self-tanning agent with melanin to mimic your natural tan colour. This light-textured moisturising gel, with Coconut Water extract caresses your skin with a perfecting, smoothing sheen, discreetly tinted for fool proof application. Switch up your face moisturiser for this summer necessity.


4. St Moriz Instant Glow Gift Set – £9.99
Not got that dream holiday booked this summer? Upgrading your part-time retail hours for over time because you’re a skint student? Don’t want to look like Casper the friendly ghost when your friends come back from Ibiza? Don’t worry we have your back. This cute St Moriz Instant Glow Gift Set which includes the Instant Wash Off Body Tan, Shimmering Bronzing Body SoufflǸ and Instant Glow Bronzing Powder, has you sorted if you want to try a range of tanning products without the hefty price tag. The Instant Wash off body Tan is perfect for a night out clubbing if you don’t want to be glowing the morning after. Going to a festival this year? Use the Shimmering Bronzing Body SoufflǸ on your legs and arms to add that extra va va voom. Are you a tan addict? Add the Instant Glow Bronzing Powder if you want to look, not just sun kissed but sun soaked.


We hope this short list has helped anyone unsure on which tan to fake it with this summer. All products are featured on our Fragrance Direct website. On a final note, we just want you to remember, if anyone compliments you on your bronzed bod, it’s okay to tell a white lie sometimes’ if it’s going to make you brown.

Summer Beauty Buys

Summer Beauty Buys

Summer’s here, despite what the weather may tell us! Whether you’re planning a trip abroad to guaranteed sunshine, or waiting for the sun to hit your own backyard, refreshing your makeup set is the fastest way to feel summer-ready.
Your skin needs a different approach during these months to look at its best. The same goes for the makeup you use. The right bronzers, highlighters and lip colours will complement a tan, and give you that fresh glow. For a bit of inspiration, here’s some of our favourite products for this summer, and as always, our 24/7 makeup sale gives you the best for less!

MAC Select Cover Up
Wearing heavy makeup when you’re on holiday is never ideal. With this nifty, lightweight concealer, you can banish dark circles without packing on layers of foundation. Made to even out skin tones, you simply need to dab it onto troublesome areas. It blends seamlessly, and creates a silky concealing base on the areas where you need it most.


OPI Nail Lacquer
Funky, hardwearing nail colours are a must for the summer months. You’ll have those feet on show, so keeping them looking perfectly pedicured is essential. OPI’s smart nail lacquers are designed to stay put, even during sandal weather. With just a quick at-home application, your nails will look beach-ready. You can choose from colours ranging from vivid orange, to sophisticated neutrals, and vampish darks.


Glo & Ray La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour
Nothing ties an outfit together quite like a dazzling lip colour. Glo & Ray are pros when it comes to creating gorgeous, sexy and totally on-trend lip shades. The Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour range has all the best summer shades, including hot pinks, deep, sensual reds, and romantic blush tones. But they’re especially lovely, because these shimmery shades pop like nothing else, moisturising your lips and making them look fuller, plumper and absolutely kissable.


Lord & Berry Luminizer
The Lord & Berry Luminizer is one product we rarely leave home without. We already have a big crush on the brand, and this smart, stick highlighter is one of the reasons why. Subtle when applied, and easy to wield, it gives your complexion an instant lift. A few flicks over your cupids bow, cheekbones, browbones and nose, and you’ll look vibrant and dazzling. Just the thing when you need to look glowing, quick-smart.


Calvin Klein CK One Powder Bronzer Compact
Every girl needs a great bronzer. We especially love the CK One Powder Bronzer Compact because it’s so easy to use, plus you can slot it into your bag and keep it with you always. It even has a little mirror for those on-the-go applications. But most importantly, this micro-fine powder slides onto the skin like a dream, for a radiant, sun-kissed look. In fact, it’s everything you’d expect from this top-quality beauty brand.





KENZO WORLD the newest and most exciting launch from the brand! KENZO’s artistic directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon breathe their vision of fashion into their first fragrance’

A world in their image: bold, spontaneous, surprising, fun and colourful’ A world that celebrates freedom of expression, diversity and creativity. A playful and dynamic fragrance’ true to the KENZO spirit.

For the 2013 fall-winter collection, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon made the eye the iconic motif of the KENZO world: ‘The all-seeing eye is a major imprint of the collection and alludes to the force of the third eye and to spiritual protection from above’ they explain. ‘We loved this interpretation of the eye really informing your world and being able to personalise your world.’ Carol Lim.

As one of the most recognisable fashion icons of the KENZO collection, the eye now transcends into the universe of fragrance. The striking bottle features black rubber, pink gold and opaline, recalling the mix-and-match of KENZO fashion. Mysterious and fascinating when see from the front or above, the eye reveals itself from every angle. A stylized metaphor of the eye and its power, the box invites you to experience its magic. Embossed on the paper, concentric circles gravitate around the eye, in an optical mise en abyme of its captivating seduction. A world of endless exploration.

The KENZO WORLD flight opens with a surge of flowers by the armful, from petals to bouquets, with bursts of sweetness’ it’s a brilliant fragrance, with a lively sparkling trail, a crazy rock nectar with an intoxicating scent that titillates the nose. A shot of energy that benefits the soul. A stylish lingering aura. Francis Kurkdjian created this fragrance like a real flower explosion, where each flower reveals a new facet. Like a dreamlike bouquet, the Peony is a sublimated to accompany the ‘red berry’ facets of Egyptian Jasmine. Bewitching Ambroxan sustains the note and add voluptuousness an sensuality to a fragrance that transgresses stereotyped femininity.



‘My Mutant Brain’ by Spike Jonze
‘For us, the KENZO woman is relatable. She’s inspirational yet understandable. She’s doing things, right? She’s got things happening in her life. She’s going to school or she’s dating. She’s an activist. She’s a doer. What we wanted to convey was that yes, she possesses this extra layer. We also want her to be someone you attain to be, like the best version of yourself.’ Carol Lim.

Jonze has certainly transcended the genre, creating a madcap musical stomp that blends choreography and performance. Without pausing, he drops us into the midst of frantic life, invites us to run as far as the eye can see, with renewed energy, never of out breath, to pursue our dreams and desires.
Casting required a girl who could not only dance (mechanically and masterfully) but embody the irreverent chic and quirkiness of KENZO, not to mention the spirits of whatever was possessing her or whatever personality she was exhibiting. Upon meeting Margaret Qualley, an actress and former dancer, it was obvious they had found the perfect sylph for such a demanding role.


Margaret Qualley exudes elegance while moving to a diabolical tempo in a flamboyant green dress created by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. She aims for the moon and dives headfirst into her dreams. With a cavalcade of back flips through a series of corridors, she gives a bold performance that captivates with each move, exuding raw, provocative energy. In her wake, she pulls everything that moves along with her; she sees the world the way she wants to see it. On a par with her excessiveness. Her run finishes with a breath ¶ªtaking swan dive that tells conventionalism where to get off.

‘The KENZO girl inhabits the present, like right now. She’s not nostalgic at all. She likes movement and speed and the way things shift and slide and collide in real time. She’s never blasǸ, always enthusiastic. She stands out from the crowd.’ Carol Lim and Humberto Leon

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The Perfect Masks To Suit Your Skin

The Perfect Masks To Suit Your Skin

Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing pamper session?! In the quest for flawless skin, a face mask every now and again is pretty much essential. With the sheer mass of face masks on the market it can be quite difficult to figure out what each one does and whether they will suit your skin type or not. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, acne prone there will be a face mask out there that’s perfect for you. Keep on reading to see some of our favourites and why they’ll suit you!

1. Purederm Deep Cleansing Peel Off Cucumber Mask. This cucumber infused mask gently peels away impurities and dead skin cells whilst leaving your skin moisturised, smooth and soft. If you have dry or sensitive skin this mask will leave your skin feeling plumped and hydrated.

2. Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask. If your main concern is ageing then you need to add this gel mask to your routine. This revolutionary gel helps to refine and smooth the skin’s surface, leaving the skin instantly smoother, tighter, shine free and more radiant.

3. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Peel & Reveal Mask. This is another peel off mask that you leave on the skin for 20 minutes until it dries and then peel away to reveal revitalised, smooth and glowing skin! The main aim of this mask is to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines so it is a great one if you enhanced pores are your problem area.


4. BeautyPro Black Diamond Peel Off Mask with Activated Charcoal. If you have blackheads or clogged pores then you need to give this face mask a go. The skin rejuvenating formula loosens blackheads and cleanses deep into the pores to remove impurities while clarifying the skin. The activated charcoal detoxifies the skin and rebalances oily areas to clear impurities.

5. Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Mask. This a sheet mask, so perfect if you prefer not to use a gel or mud mask. Simply get it out of the packet and place it on your face, sit back and relax. The collagen infusion mask minimises the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and improves the skin tone and elasticity. This face mask promotes healthy skin and helps the skin to look younger and glow from within!

6. Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask. Say Yes To the most decadent detoxifying experience ever! This natural mud mask draws out impurities with charcoal, treats and prevents blemishes with salicylic acid and conditions with a botanical blend of tomato, aloe, watermelon, pumpkin and chamomile extracts. What more could you need, slap this mask on twice a week if you suffer from blemishes and you’ll see great results!

7. Cowshed Palmarosa Revitalising Face Mask. If you have oily or combination skin then this face mask from Cowshed will be great for you. The oil absorbing Kaolin clay works with Palmosa to draw out embedded impurities and help to tone and balance the skin. The Kaolin clay is rich in pure essential oils and plant extracts.

8. BeautyPro Collagen Under Eye Mask with Green Tea. So this is a face mask that focuses on the under eye area, to reenergise tired looking eyes. Enriched with a blend of marine collagen, aloe vera, green tea and vitamins A & E, the hydro gel eye masks reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, puffiness, dark shadows and dryness for a smooth and youthful result.

9. Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum Mask. This face mask from Rodial is an innovative black peel off formula that visibly improves skin radiance and texture, whilst helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Inspired by the temple viper venom, this fast acting peptide has a mild freeze like effect on the face, smoothing out lines and wrinkles for a flawless look.

10. Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel Environmental Shield. This one is more of a peel than actual face mask, hence the slightly higher price tag! It is designed to restore skin the skin from environmental damage caused by sun, smog and stress. It instantly brightens the skin for a radiant glow; it exfoliates away dark, damaged cells and infuses the skin with moisture and antioxidants.

Gifts for Dad

Gifts for Dad

Still looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift? If aftershave isn’t your thing then we’ve got a round-up of some great Father’s Day gift ideas to make your Dad feel extra special on the 18th’

American Crew Travel Grooming Kit ‘ we all know Dad’s love a good washbag combo and this one from American Crew has everything he could need for a weekend away. 3 in 1 shampoo, shave gel, post shave cooling lotion, forming cream and a cute mini grooming bag to keep everything in.

Men’s Society Beard Grooming Kit ‘ for all those Dads rocking a beard, this is perfect. Included is a four step beard styling guide, to help understand how to use each product and make that beard look awesome. The kit contains all the essential products needed to help soften, moisturise and style a moustache or beard and comes in a handy tin box.


Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense The Grooming Box ‘ if you did want to go for a fragrance but are looking for something extra special then this is the one for you. Gentlemen Only Intense offers a sensual, powerful and subtle version of the Gentlemen Only fragrance. The grooming box includes a 100ml fragrance along with an aftershave balm to make your Dad feel like the perfect gentlemen.


Scottish Fine Soaps Body Bar ‘ I know a bar of soap seems like a pretty rubbish present but this body bar from Scottish Fine Soaps is the ultimate luxury. This rich, creamy soap is infused with black pepper, amber, sand wood and sea buckthorn for a sophisticated masculine scent and includes milk thistle extract for an extra deep clean.


L’Oreal Men De Crease Wrinkle Moisturiser Cream ‘ This moisturiser is designed to combat the signs of ageing such as crow’s feet, laughter lines and forehead lines. Maybe don’t write all that in the card though and offend your Dad on his special day! This moisturiser is essential for any man’s skincare regime, and if he doesn’t have one yet’ then he should!

YSL La Nuit De L’Homme Aftershave Balm ‘ If your dad loves a YSL fragrance then why not treat him to the aftershave balm to go with it! Plus razor rash is never pretty, this balm will leave him feeling cool and calm after shaving whilst relieving any skin irritation too.

Dear Barber Moisturising Cream ‘ This hair styling product give flexible hold for both textured and smooth styles but also leaves a soft product free feel. Dear Barber is a super cool brand that offers sophisticated alternatives to men’s hair care. Your Dad will feel like he’s getting the true barber experience and the packaging are gorgeous!