Boss The Scent for Her Launch Event

Boss The Scent for Her Launch Event



Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to a multisensory dining experience for the launch of the new fragrance by Hugo Boss ‘ The Scent for Her. The new perfume launched on the 17th August and just by looking at the packaging and the bottle you know it’s going to be a sophisticated scent.

The inspiration for the fragrance comes from the male version ‘Boss The Scent’, a captivating take on seduction from the male perspective. Now, the creative director for Hugo Boss, Jason Wu, has realised the Boss woman in Boss The Scent for Her. The Boss woman is powerful and at the same time uniquely feminine. Inspiration for the bottle has been taken from the iconic Boss cufflink ‘ and the idea that, just with a twist of the lock, the worlds of male and female could merge easily into one. ‘There’s something incredibly powerful and innately seductive about a woman dressed in men’s tailoring, which only enhances her femininity’ ‘ Jason Wu.

Throughout our evening at The Violin Factory we were walked through all the different aspects of the fragrance, encouraged to use all the senses to truly appreciate the notes. Each course reflected the different elements of Boss The Scent for Her and how the story of addiction and seduction evolves. The top notes of honeyed peach and freesia are the main ingredients used to attract, the head turning combination engages and intrigues with an elegant, yet light and delicate appeal. Our first course was a peach and ricotta tortellini served with a peach Bellini, the sweetness of the fruit was beautifully delicate and worked perfectly with the softness of the ricotta. The heart notes of oriental flower Osmanthus start to reveal themselves, the initial light and delicate allure evolves into a darker, heady quality. This is the catalyst which drives the innately seductive power of the scent. Our main course included a beautifully flavoured quinoa salad, taking on the oriental flavours to complement a monk fish fillet. Finally the base notes unleash an irresistible base note of roasted cocoa and Tonka bean that offers an addictive boost, arousing the senses further. Our final course was a creamy vanilla and Tonka bean dessert that was modelled on the shape of the Boss woman’s lips. To go along with this course we were given an espresso martini to really seduce the senses and succumb to the power of Boss The Scent for Her.

Throughout the evening we were taken on a journey through all the notes of the fragrance, not only with what we ate but also the smells of the food and the different textures they provided. The scent has many stand-out elements that reflect different aspects of a woman’s personality, leaving whoever you come into contact with seduced by the scent and wanting more.

Boss The Scent for Her is a fragrance you will be able to turn to over and over again with its sophisticated and feminine notes. Will this become your new signature scent? It’s definitely ours! Thank you to all the team at Hugo Boss for inviting us to an unforgettable evening.

Top 10 Aftershaves for Men

Top 10 Aftershaves for Men



So last week we rounded up all our top selling perfumes for women. Now we don’t want to make all you guys out there feel left out, or if you’re looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life and don’t know which to go for’ let us give you a little help! Our top 10 choices for the Men’s Aftershave coming up!

1. Armani Diamonds. The Armani Diamonds range if a firm favourite here at FD, for both men and women. The Diamonds scent is fresh and daring, it includes notes of bergamot and guaiac wood with base notes of cacao and amber. Its masculine aroma is really long lasting and perfect for those special occasions where you really want to make an impression.

2. Next up we have Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet. Now this aftershave comes in a sleek luxurious bottle that is made of glass, metal and silicone to really give off that masculine look. The scent is intense and bold, with strong notes that will be sure to leave you irresistible! A powerful combination of notes including Amber and mint, pepper and a base of vanilla and oakmoss. This powerful scent is the definition of masculine and is perfect for the confident male.

3. Carolina Herrera 212 Man is a contemporary scent for the young, modern man. Fragrance Direct customers love the 212 range and this one for males is a firm favourite for its deep, masculine scent. The fragrance opens with fresh notes of green apple and grapefruit and finishes with base notes of musk, cedar and sandalwood. It’s the perfect aftershave if you are looking for an everyday scent that can be worn both day and night.

4. Davidoff Cool Water is a classic scent that was first introduced in 1988, the first aquatic male scent to hit the market. Ever since the Cool Water range has been really popular and it’s easy to see why. The scent is cool and sexy, a distinctive scent that will soon be your signature! It is a refreshing and interesting blend of sea water, mint, lavender and rosemary and base notes of musk, oakmoss, cedar and amber. This iconic aftershave for the striking man.

5. Burberry Touch for Men is a unique fragrance that is loved by men of all ages. This classic scent is a woody, floral aftershave that is perfect for daytime or evening wear. The notes include Artemisia and violet leaf complimented with a splash of citrus mandarin orange. With base notes of tonka bean, vetiver and white musk. A truly classic scent that is loved by many.

5 of our top 10 mens aftershaves

6. Next on the list we have Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. This aftershave is a popular choice here at FD, the aromatic and wood scent combined with spicy elements gives it a cool and modern edge. Top notes include Brazilian rosewood, clary sage and rosemary and base notes of honey, amber and musk make this the perfect casual fragrance for every day wear.

7. Armani He EDT is described as a mossy and woody fragrance. Ideal for any occasion you need to make an impression because of its deep and masculine aroma. Notes include bergamot, sage, cardamom and tonka bean.

8. Another popular brand for FD is Diesel and the Only the Brave range is a winner. The aftershave is a woody and oriental fragrance, opening with notes of leather, lemon, amber and cedar wood. The fragrance is perfectly represented by the clenched fist shape of the bottle, a rich and masculine scent!

9. Calvin Klein Obsession for Men is a timeless and classic scent for men. The aftershave always holds a place in our top sellers for men due to the masculine and powerful aroma. It has a distinctive scent that is instantly recognisable; notes include bergamot, grapefruit, lime and cinnamon and base notes of amber and sandalwood. A perfect choice for the classic gentleman.

10. Finally on the list we have Joop Homme. Joppe Homme is a sensual, masculine fragrance that is perfect for the younger guy. The aftershave includes notes of orange blossom, mandarin, bergamot and Amalfi lemon, finishing with sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla to create a warming oriental side to the composition. This aftershave is super long lasting and perfect for casual, everyday wear.

our other 5 top 10 aftershaves for men

Let us know which fragrances make your top 10 over on twitter @fragrancedirect. If you wanna see more top designer aftershave at the best prices, have a look at our website and also keep an eye on our weekly perfume offers.

Top 10 Perfumes for Women

Top 10 Perfumes for Women



Here at FD we have all your favourite fragrances, whether you’re looking for that one signature scent or just after a new summer perfume to add to the collection, we have you covered! We have the luxury designer brands you’ll be coveting at great discount prices that you won’t be able to find on the high street. We’ve rounded up the top 10 ladies perfumes to make that choice a little bit easier’

1. Emporio Armani Diamonds Eau de Parfum. This perfume is the perfect feminine fragrance as it is fruity and floral. Perfect for daytime and night time wear as it is youthful and full of energy, the perfect addition to your collection! The bottle is a stunning diamond shape that oozes luxury.

2. Next up is Calvin Klein Euphoria. This perfume is distinct without being overpowering, perfect if you’re looking for that new signature scent. This popular fragrance is super long lasting, making it great for everyday wear and special occasions. Euphoria is a light perfume with top notes of pomegranate and black orchid heart.

3. Emporio Armani She Eau de Parfum is a soft, feminine scent that blends luscious notes of vanilla, musk and bergamot. You’ll love this perfume if you like a light, aromatic scent and are looking for a beautiful casual fragrance.

4. An update to the classic Eternity perfume is the Calvin Klein Eternity Moment. This is a beautiful, floral fragrance that is light and fresh. Perfect if you’re looking for a new summer scent as it has a mix of fruity notes including lychee, melon, raspberry and pomegranate blossom. The bottle is sleek and elegant with a rosey hue.

5. Vera Wang Princess is perfect for every girly girl out there who loves a feminine fragrance. This perfume evokes confidence and a magical personality and is irresistible to everyone who smells it. This scent combines notes of water lily, apple, and mandarin with a base of vanilla and amber, a fruity and fresh fragrance. The bottle is a gorgeous jewel cut heart shape topped with a gold crown, a royal addition to your collection!

160810topperfumes (5)

6. Lady Million by Paco Rabanne is a hugely popular range with Fragrance Direct. The perfume is luxurious and sexy and aims to make any woman feel a million dollars. Inspired by wealth and power the notes include raspberry, Amalfi lemon and jasmine, making Lady Million a truly seductive scent. The impressive bottle is diamond shaped and dressed in gold.

7. The next scent on our list is the iconic Marc Jacobs Daisy. The whole Daisy collection is youthful, sweet and perfect for summer! Daisy is light, fresh and easy to wear for either the day or night time and really long lasting, so perfect if you want to make this your signature scent. Notes include strawberry, blood grapefruit and jasmine with base notes of musk, vanilla and white woods. The bottle is decorated with daisies which look beautiful, a must for all young women!

8. Another scent that is really popular at Fragrance Direct is Lacoste Pour Femme. Pour Femme is a cool and elegant scent that is ideal for day time wear. If you are looking for a new everyday scent, this is the one for you. It is natural and sporty, a true representation of the Lacoste brand. Notes include bergamot, freesia and rose. The bottle is simple and stylish, perfect if you’re looking for a fresh and attractive scent.

9. Next up is Ghost Eau de Toilette. This perfume is a bright, floral and fresh scent with notes of hibiscus, rose petals and sandalwood. Ghost is the ideal scent for any occasion because of its fresh and feminine tones which is why it is so popular here at FD. The bottle is simple and elegant and will look beautiful added to your collection.

10. Finally we have Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy. This perfume is irresistible and the perfect feminine fragrance for day and night. The notes open with pink pepper, mandarin and bergamot and the base includes vanilla, sandalwood and soft musk. Housed in a sleek pink bottle 212 Sexy comes with a 2 in 1 dispenser that provides just the right amount to leave you smelling delicious.

160810topperfumes2 (6)

So that’s the roundup of all our favourite women’s perfumes here at Fragrance Direct, why don’t you let us know what makes your top 10?

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

July Favourites!

July Favourites!



Over here at FD we get a bit obsessed with all things makeup, hair care, fragrance, the beauty list is never ending. So we wanted to share some of our favourites from the last month that we’ve been getting excited about and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good review? Get all this products added to your beauty collection and we’re sure you’ll be raving about them just as much as us!

First up we have the gorgeous new scent from Stella McCartney ‘Stella POP’. Now you’ve probably seen this cute pink bottle popping up all over Instagram in the last couple of weeks and it’s no surprise because this stuff smells incredible! It’s the perfect scent to keep you smelling fresh this summer and the bottle will make a great addition to anyone’s perfume shelf. If you love girly, vibrant scents, this is definitely one to check out!

Next up, we have rediscovered a classic’ The Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Ceramide Night Cream. This stuff works some crazy overnight magic that leaves you with a glowing, healthy looking complexion when you wake up. What more could you want from a night cream? This moisturiser is perfect if you have dehydrated, dull skin and are looking for something to give that extra boost.

Onto new makeup products and we are loving these additions from Revlon. First up is the Colourstay 24H Foundation. This foundation is perfect for you if you have combination/oily skin as it leaves you looking dewy but not greasy! It leaves the skin looking flawless and is super lightweight so you don’t feel like you’ve got a ton of product on your face. We can’t vouch for it staying put for 24 hours (I mean who leaves their foundation on for 24 hours anyway?) but it definitely stays pretty perfect looking for the most of the day. Also from Revlon is the new Volume and Length Magnified Mascara. Now volume and length is something I actively look for in a mascara as someone who was not blessed in the eyelash department, sniff, so I was really excited to try out this one from Revlon. It’s so so so good! It coats the lashes without looking clumpy and leaves them looking super long and fluttery!

fragrance, makeup & cosmetic favourites - july 2016

Still on makeup products we have some new little editions from Bourjois, Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadows, to be precise. For individual eyeshadows they’re a steal at £1.99 and the pigmentation you get with these babies is amazing. Snap up all the colours to create as many different eyeshadow looks as you like! Tip: apply wet for a more intense pay off.

Rounding of makeup/skincare, we have this Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover. It’s super gentle on the skin, so is perfect for the eye and mouth area. It’s so great for removing pesky, hard to budge mascara products in one (or a couple) of easy sweeps.

On to haircare’ now in the summer months our hair can become a little bit limp, frizzy and heat damaged. Cue Charles Worthington’s Long Lasting Straight Spray, this stuff is a miracle in a bottle for those of us with wavy, curly or frizzy hair! The weightless formula tames frizz and smooths curls to leave the hair looking soft and smooth throughout the day. Definitely one to snap up if you’re heading off on holiday and have some humid heat to deal with!

Let us know some of your favourites from this month and chat with us over on Twitter with #FDJulyFavs

Makeup Trends through the Ages

Makeup Trends through the Ages



Last week we took a trip to the Manchester Art Gallery to visit the Vogue exhibition: A Century of Style. It showcases a huge range of photography that has been commissioned by British Vogue since it was founded in 1916. Decade by decade it showcases Vogue’s position at the forefront of new fashion and style and the key trends we’ve seen throughout the century. If you have a spare afternoon we definitely recommend it for whiling away the hours taking in exceptional photography. It’s on in Manchester until the 30th October so you’ve got plenty of time to check it out.
The exhibition inspired us here at FD to check out the key beauty trends over the last century and see what just keeps coming back around and also what’s definitely best left in history!

1920’s: The roaring twenties were when women really started to come into their own with hair and makeup. Coco Chanel appeared with a tan and with that the pale shades of foundation went out of the window. The bronzed look was well and truly established. Eye makeup was heavy, dark and smudgy and a red lip was a must to complete the look, Applied in the exaggerated Cupid’s bow shape.

1930’s: The 30’s was an era of Art Deco and Hollywood celebrity. Eyebrows were plucked to virtually none ‘ existent thinness and high arched. A small cat eye effect was used with eyeliner for the first time to define and elongate the eye.

1940’s: Foundation became darker than the previous decade in the 40’s with silver screen actresses becoming the icons. Women started to use more powder blush, similar to today, in light rosy pink hues. Eyebrows were no longer plucked to the extreme of the 30’s and rather groomed into a natural appearance. Mascara and eyeliner was used sparingly to enhance natural beauty and red lips were back in fashion.

1950’s: In come the big icons like Doris Day, Sophia Loren and of course Marilyn Monroe. Perfection and glamour were the key trends of the decade as women were encouraged to look impeccable at all times. Thick, dramatic eyeliner and mascara were used to define the eyes and bright red cherry lips were a must.

1960’s: The 60’s focus moved away from luscious red lips and became vivid, huge eyes, most notably Twiggy (the first supermodel). Foundation became a lot more natural than previous decades and the eye was the focus. Blending different eyeshadows became popular, along with thickly applied liquid eyeliner and plenty of mascara (on both top and bottom lashes)! Lips were nude or glossed.

1970’s: Skin became much fresher and dewy in the 70’s and powder blushes gave way to cheek stains. For the evenings women were applying glitter and pearlised shimmer all over the eyes and the cheek area. Wet look gloss was applied to lips or a nude coloured balm.

1980’s: Concealer had its birth in the 80’s, applied before foundation to correct any blemishes or imperfections. Dark liner and mascara was used heavily along with bright clashing eyeshadows. Lipstick was bright pink or fuchsia and then glossed over. Think Madonna.

1990’s: The 90’s was the era of grunge, think Kate Moss. A heavy smoky eye with greys and dusty browns with little or no blush and a nude matte lip colour was the signature look.

2000’s: Makeup trends have seemed to change on a daily basis throughout the last few years with 80’s making a comeback, a 70’s revival or the 50’s been back in Vogue. Contouring, strobing, baking, no makeup makeup’ it’s difficult to keep up! With the rise of beauty bloggers and vloggers we’re sure to see trends constantly changing and evolving.
makeup from 1960 through to 2000