The low-down on Liner!

The low-down on Liner!

FD are going to give you the lowdown on liner…

Are you ready to draw a line under boring eye makeup?

Here’s all you need to know about the different types of eyeliner out there – and the effects they’ll create. It’s time to give your eyes some serious wow factor:

Liquid Eye Liner

How it looks: Clean lines in bold, richly-pigmented colours.
Perfect for: Defining the outer lash lines – upper, lower, or both.
Not so good for: Soft or smoky effects, and cannot be used on the inner rims of the eyes.
We love: The retro-inspired looks that liquid eyeliner can create. Think dramatic flicks or chunky, 60s-inspired doe-eyes
Wear with: Bright red lips for full-on glamour, or give it a fresh twist for summer by opting for bold pink lips instead.

Pencil Eye Liner

Check out: P.I.A Waterproof Kohl Eye Pencil, £0.99.
How it looks: Soft, smoky, but buildable: aside from gel, pencil is the only eyeliner you can smudge and blend, and it is the easiest to work with.


Perfect for: Lining the inner rims of your eyes, creating a wash of colour, layering the depth of colour by blending and smudging, and even by heating up your pencil to get a thicker, blacker line.
Not so good for: Precise details or staying put (especially in hot weather!)
We love: The classic smoky eye
Wear with: Nude lips and a touch of bronzer for a sexy, smouldering look that lets your smoky eyes do all the talking.

Gel Eye Liner

Check out: L’Oreal 24H Super Liner Gel Eyeliner, £5.99.
How it looks: An intense, almost wet-look line of colour.
Perfect for: A bold, deeply-coloured line that you can smudge slightly, meaning it’s easy to press right down into the lash line for full-looking lashes and a really defined eye.
Not so good for: A subtle hint of colour – gel makes an impact! It needs to be applied with a brush so may not be the best choice on-the-go.
We love: How easy it makes the feline flick! Just grab an angled brush, load it with gel and press it down twice on to the outer edge of your eyelid to make a point, before filling it in.
Wear with: A wash of brown-toned eye shadow underneath for captivating, but not overdone, eyes.

Felt Eye Liner

Check out: W7’s Automatic Felt Eye Liner, £2.75.
How it looks: An ultra-thin, precise line with an intense colour.


Perfect for: Precision detailing and beginners.
Not so good for: A soft or smoky look, or a thick, dramatic line.
We love: The graphic results felt pen eye liners are great and you can be as wacky as you dare!
Wear with: Flawless skin, nude lips and low-key hair: you don’t want your ‘do and your eye liner art vying for attention!

Glitter Eye Liner

Check out: NYC Showtime Glitter Eyeliner, £0.75
How it looks: Bold, colourful, wacky or subtle – wear it as you will!


Perfect for: Party time of course! However, glitter eyeliner is also great when you just fancy brightening up your day-to-day look. Light-reflecting particles will give you a twinkle that’s gorgeous alone or layered over other types of liner or eye shadow. If you don’t have a steady hand, opt for a glitter liner with sparkle set in a clear base – you won’t have to worry about sticking to a clean line.
Not so good for: Mature eyes. Glitter can sit in skin wrinkles, making them appear more pronounced. Try an eye shadow with a subtle sheen instead.
We love: This for a disco-ready eye!
Wear with: Natural lips, delicately flushed cheeks and flawless skin for a fresh, fashion-forward look.

FD Presents: Get the Look for Autumn

FD Presents: Get the Look for Autumn

Fragrance Direct have teamed up with Stephanie Toms creator of Cocochic and The Beauty Corner to bring you a new YouTube Series. Don’t miss our first instalment a GET THE LOOK for the new season and make sure you subscribe here for more!

With Autumn on the way it’s time to start focussing on more fall-friendly makeup looks. Think velvet skin, berry lips and a light contoured complexion. Check out how Stephanie creates her favourite fall look in just a few simple steps with this handy tutorial.

To begin, apply your favourite moisturiser and primer to ensure your skin is fully prepped. Then, apply to Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation with a flat foundation brush to create a medium-coverage complexion. Start by apply to the product to centre of the face and work outwards for a more natural finish.

Conceal any dark circles and blemishes with the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer – this also acts as a great highlight for the cupid’s bow and inner corners of the eye.

To add structure to the face, apply a light dusting of Glo Minerals Bronzing Powder to the contours of the face. Take it one step further by bringing the colour underneath the neck and across the collar bones. Finish off with a dusting of Calvin Klein Velvet Blusher, or any other berry-shade of your choosing.


If you’re looking to enhance your brows, begin brushing them through with a brow brush or spoolie, then apply the Colorsport Smokey Eyes & Perfect Brow Kit that matches your natural shade, beginning at the middle of the brows. To add extra dimension, add a highlighter or creamy shade to the brow bone.


Next, apply the Becca Eyeshadow in the colour ‘Tweed’ to the creases of the eyes. This will add dimension, make the eyes pop and give a sultry finish. Follow up by creating a cat flick with the L’Oreal Gel Liner and apply a few coats of Elizabeth Arden Maximum Volume Mascara in Black for added drama.


For the lips, line the cupid’s bow and bottom lip with a nude liner – we used Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Brownie Pink – and complete by filling in the rest of your pout. This will ensure your lipstick stays on all day! Finish the look by applying a Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Brownie, let your hair down and head out the door!

Festival Flowers

Festival Flowers

FD are having one last festival fling this weekend, so we thought we’d round up this summers festival themes with the classic floral trend. We’ve got 3 hot looks to ensure your looking your best for this final festival weekend.

Petal Lashes’
If you can’t be one with nature when you’re in a field, when can you?

Flower Lashes
Get the look:
You’ll need to do a little preparatory foraging for this look, rounding up the prettiest petals you can find – or visiting a craft shop for some fakes. Using Technic Eyelash, £0.99, false lash adhesive carefully glue single petals to your lash line – upper or lower, whichever you prefer. To ground the look, echo the petals’ colours in other aspects of your makeup, we love the W7 Purple Haze Eyeshadow Palette, £2.99, in Purple Haze for this look.

Floral Face Paint’
Get creative around your eyes, down your neck or even across your forehead: wherever they are, flowers rule the festival field. The secret to achieving this look is having the right applicator brush, try the So Eco Eye Brush Kit, £9.99, and add a grungy, smoky eye to balance out all that girly floral.

Pixie Lott Daisy
Get the look:
You’ll need the Astor Eye Artist Eye Shadow Palette, £0.99, to achieve the daisies and Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick, £1.99, in Eros and Fusion shades for a more intricate rose design.
Use a narrow brush to create Pixie Lott-inspired daisies. Just dab a circle of yellow in the centre then flick single lines of white outwards from the dot, for the petals. If you feel like getting arty with roses, grab another brush and apply a red lip colours to your face. Because of the brush’s domed shape, it’s easy to create petals in one colour before revisiting your flower in another, more pinkish lipstick shade, just in certain areas to create a 3D effect.
Finish your face with a smoky eye, we recommend the Glo Minerals Smoky Eye Kit, £16.99, to add some attitude – now you’re really ready!

Daisy Nails’
Choose any base colour from Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish Duo to tailor your fab daisy fingers to you! This is super easy!

Daisy Nails
Get the look:
Apply your base colour and let it dry. Grab Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish, £0.99 in ‘Get Your Shades On’ and create two circles on each nail using a toothpick or nail art pen, one on one side near the tip, one on the other side of your nail, near the base.
Take using OPI Nail Lacquer, £3.99, in ‘My Point Exactly’ on a fine brush to make tiny sweeping motions, work all around your central dot creating the petals. Add a few dots here and there in another colour if you like, we love, OPI Nail Lacquer, £3.99 in the shade ‘Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?’ then let your artwork dry. Apply your strengthening topcoat from the Rimmel Duo to protect it.
Tah dah! Festival-worthy fingers in a flash!

GlamBeauty’s Hamper Favourites

GlamBeauty’s Hamper Favourites

Hello lovelies, do you remember when I won that fantastic Fragrance Direct Hamper a little while back? Well I thought it was about time I told you about my favourites from the hamper and why they are all so fabulous. I have been getting a lot of use out of these and I have also managed to find a couple of dupes for you so lets get started!



First of all lets talk brushes (They have just been cleaned in the image above hence the lack of fluffiness). I specifically asked for these brushes to go in my hamper because I really love Real Techniques brushes, I have quite a collection now and I have to say they have to be the best quality brushes I have used so far in terms of longevity and quality. The Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection, £21.50, are super soft and feel like a dream to use, this set consists of three brushes; a face brush, contour brush and an eye brush. I have pretty much been using them for what they say they are which I have to say is quite rare for me because I pretty much always find a new use for brushes but these have been perfect.


The face brush is amazing for applying a light amount of powder to set foundation and it’s also a great brush to add light swoop of bronzer without overdoing it. The contour brush has been amazing to use with my cream contour products, it has been amazing for application and blending. Finally the eye brush has been wonderful to smooth out any harsh shadow lines and softening the overall eye look. The last brush I asked for was the Stippling brush, this has been fantastic for applying cream blushes which is something I’m rather obsessed with at the moment and in a moment you’ll hear which blush I have been using this for.

OK so on to face products…


that blush I was talking about is the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips and Cheeks, £17.50, in the shade Calypso Coral 02. This blush is absolutely beautiful and the coral shade is just perfect for summer, as mentioned I have been using the Real Techniques stippling brush to apply this and it works really well. You need the tiniest amount of product for application and it goes so far, I also love to wear this on the lips for a pretty flush of colour. Next up I have been loving the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, £14.50, I have been applying this before my makeup in the morning and find my makeup sits really well on it and it’s also fragrance free which is really nice and perfect for sensitive skin.

I have also been loving this Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick, £2.25, which is a total bargain and a very close colour match for Mac Costa Chic, this one appears a little more red than coral but on the lips they look pretty much identical which is amazing. Finally I have been enjoying this L’Oreal Lash Architect Mascara, £4.99, the wand is a good size that manages to get all my lashes covered and I find I only need a couple of coats and I’m ready!

Ooh let’s talk haircare, you all probably know by now my hair has been feeling a little dry and damaged lately so I was in desperate need for some products to rescue that. I received this Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, £16.45, and I have been obsessed with it since and have been giving my hair a treatment once a week and I have noticed a huge difference, amazing product that smells gorgeous too. Once my hair is washed I like to pop some Royal Moroccan Serum Treatment, £10.99, on to the ends and I have to say this is pretty much a dupe for my ultimate favourite Moroccan Oil, the bottle is very similar and the texture too.


The smell is slightly different, a little more of a holiday coconut scent but equally as nice and half the price! Now my hair is feeling great and soft I just like to add a couple of drops of the S Factor Dream Drops – it’s been so popular it’s already sold out but the TIGI S Factor Silky Smooth Moisture Serum, £9.99 – is a great alternative, this stuff smells so amazing and it just gets rid of any frizzy bits and fly aways which I often get due to Post Partum Hair loss and lots of baby hairs growing back.

I have saved the best until last here because I have been absolutely obsessed with this fragrance since I got it. The Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight, £43.99, may be a bit of a mouthful to say but my word it’s an incredible Summer scent. I have to admit when I first sprayed it into the air and had a smell of it I instantly thought this is a little more floral than I’d usually go for then I got some fruity notes come to me and I instantly sprayed some onto my skin. Once this product warmed up on my skin I fell in love with this light fresh summer scent, it has a floral smell with a fruity twist with base notes of Amber and Musk. A stunning perfume and it’s taken pride of place on my vanity with that stunning bottle!


I hope you enjoyed this mini round up post, have you tried any of these products before?

I’d love to know whatƒ??s on your wish list right now, I now have my eye on the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Fragrance!


Techniques Masterclass: The Perfect Blow Dry

Techniques Masterclass: The Perfect Blow Dry

Salon worthy blow-dry? If you’ve got the locks, FD have the know-how! The tools you need, and the secrets to using them!

Great tools give great results: Start with a high-quality hairdryer with a nozzle attachment to concentrate the flow of hot air – this gives you smoother, shiner locks and more control over the finished result. Choose a lightweight hairdryer to prevent your arm getting tired too quickly. Celebrity hair expert Kevin Murphy adds that you shouldn’t start blow-drying while your hair is too wet, for the same reason. He also suggests always beginning at the front of the hair, giving it all your attention while you have the energy, before moving on to the rest of your head when you’re feeling less enthusiastic!


The brush you use can make a big difference too. A classic vent brush is the perfect blow-dry brush as it lets the hot air flow through, speeding up the process – try the Denman Vent Brush, £5.25. If you’d like more volume at the roots and a soft, glamourous curl down the lengths (as you’ll achieve by following our blow-dry tutorial below), try a round barrel brush such as the Head Jog Radial Brush, £4.50. It takes some practice, but this brush is perfect for lifting sections at the root – creating maximum lift – and for twirling the ends of your hair to create curls as you dry.

Products can transform your tresses – but only if you use them properly!


‘½ Smoothing your hair with a serum or hair oil? Keep it away from your roots to avoid them going flat. Start applying it in the mid-sections and work your way down.

‘½ Using a volumising product? Focus it at the roots for maximum lift.

The perfect blow-dry: a step-by-step guide…
1) Wash your hair and thoroughly towel dry it.
2) Spritz a heat protection spray all over your locks from roots to tips.
3) Now’s the time to apply a volumising product – and remember to focus it on your roots.
4) Using a lightweight hair dryer without the nozzle attachment, roughly blast your hair to make it more manageable.
5) Attach the nozzle, grab a round brush and – section by section – blow dry your hair, being sure to angle the jet of air downwards to create a smooth finish. As you reach the end of each section, give your brush a little spin to twirl the hair. This will give a glamorous loose curl.
6) When you have done all of your hair, let it cool thoroughly without brushing. This will allow your new style to set.
7) If you want even more volume, grab a backcombing brush and get to work on your roots – taking care not to disrupt your curls too much.
8) Hairspray your ‘do to help it go the distance – and enjoy!