ManFace reviews HUGO BOSS & Elemis

ManFace reviews HUGO BOSS & Elemis

As part of the fabulous Fragrance Direct #NoTiesPlease campaign for Father’s Day, I wanted to suggest an alternative to golf-tees, on-offer supermarket brandy and novelty socks. A fragrance is always a good place to start when it comes to great grooming gifts and there are some superb go-to fragrances that won’t let you down.


One such fragrance is Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited, which when settled delivers more than your ordinary men’s cologne with top notes of iced violet leaves; a tangy heart of pineapple (very prominent) and a base of sandalwood with musk. But that’s it, 4 notes, each as deliciously fresh, light, airy yet endemically masculine as the other. It’s got a decent fragrance-throw so let him know that he doesn’t need to dowse himself in it as if it were the seventies’ classic, Blue Stratos or the ‘coming back with a vengeance’ Old Spice. Finally, could this be his perfect summer fragrance? Most definitely.


Now we’ve got the fragrance nailed, how about a post-shave saviour from Elemis that is most certainly linked to my fragrance choice (bear with me). I’ve been using The Elemis Post Shave Recovery Mask for the last week or so and from someone who’s prone to outstanding shaving rashes, due to the curse of fair/paper-white and sensitive skin, this could not come more highly recommended.

With a base of Kaolin clay, an ingredient used the world over for it’s drawing/extracting properties, it removes impurities from the skin without harshness or irritation. To soothe and hydrate, there’s Shea butter, an indigenous nut extract from northern Africa as well as mixed vegetable oils; all non-greasy I must point out. Finally to soothe, there’s Thyme, Lavender and Rosemary; three of the most powerful and natural anti-inflammatories out there leaving freshly shaved skin, soft, calm and nourished.

‘So how do these two products link in!?’ I hear you cry. Well, The Elemis Post Shave Recovery Mask leaves your skin with a delicious thyme and lavender kick, which blends beautifully with the top notes of iced violet leaf from the Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited; together, the scent is insane and without being too crude, mum will love it too.