Vera Wang Be Jeweled

Vera Wang Be Jeweled

Be Jeweled is the newest fragrance release from Vera Wang and when it landed on our desks here at Fragrance Direct, we were more than excited to have a peek at this highly anticipated perfume.

If you haven’t purchased a Vera Wang fragrance before, then you might be asking ‘Why should I look forward to this fragrance?’ and ‘Why should I try it?’ Vera Wang is one of those brands that when you hear their name, you expect something a little bit different. Besides their attractive and let’s just say it, ‘cool’ bottle designs, it’s the face behind the fragrance that built up its amazing reputation.


Our Thoughts

Well, it’s just as good. We’re big fans of the packaging. Like any typical girl, the ladies in the Fragrance Direct office quickly became fans of this extraordinary bottle. With the top of the bottle covered in contrasting gems, Vera Wang Be Jeweled instantly becomes likeable.

Even when we’ve used up every last drop of this perfume, the bottle will have a well earned place on our dressing table. It’s far too pretty to ever throw away. It’s almost an accessory in itself and is ideal for popping into your handbag. Whether you’re hopping on a train, bus or plane, when taking this out of your luggage, Be Jeweled is bound to attract some attention.


If Be Jeweled was a song, we think it would be ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ because that’s what Be Jeweled is all about. It was inspired by a carefree lifestyle and represents being able to leave your worries at the door. When you wear this scent, you’ll feel glamorous and ready for what the day has in store.

I wouldn’t call myself the ultimate girly girl but the glitz and glam of the Be Jeweled fragrance is too contagious for even me to ignore.


The All Important Ingredients

Vera Wang Be Jeweled contains notes of red currants mixed with a splash of champagne. We’ll cheers to that! Like Vera’s previous fragrances, flowers are never too far away from a Wang perfume. A flirtatious peony bouquet also features as a key ingredient in Be Jeweled and gives the perfume a soft and sweet element that lies gently on the skin.

Be Generous

Be Jeweled is a light and summery fragrance so don’t shy away from topping this perfume up during the day. If you want it to last longer, don’t forget to apply it to pulse points. The well known ones are your wrists and neck, but you can also apply a spot of perfume to the back of your knees and even lightly spritz it onto your hair brush before brushing. This distributes the fragrance easily without weighing your hair down with lots of oil and grease.


Vera Wang Be Jeweled is perfect for the younger generation. It’s flirty, it’s playful and the bottle is modern and glamorous. It’s definitely a fragrance that will quickly be doing the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because to have it, instantly gives you major cool points.

Will you be swayed by Vera Wang Be Jeweled? Or have you already tried it and fallen in love? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Bare Faced Confidence

Bare Faced Confidence

Bare-faced confidence comes with age, new statistics reveal. Forget mascara, lippie and foundation: 46-plus women are anything but concealers.

Half of women let their partners see them with no makeup all the time, research by Fragrance Direct has revealed, and women aged 46-plus are most likely to let a partner see them without cosmetics after spending just one day together.

The bare-faced approach is by far the most popular. Across all the combined age groups, 50 per cent of women go makeup-free around their partners all the time. This surpasses the small number who answered that they never let their partner see them makeup-free (two per cent) and those who answered ‘only when I’m ill’ (two per cent). Slightly more said they only bare all straight after a shower (four per cent), or just before bed (seven per cent), and more women still (35 per cent) said their partner sees them without makeup ‘around the house’. However, the clear favourite indicates that regularly going makeup-free is the preferred choice during a relationship.

The poll found that it is most common to reveal a makeup-free face to a partner within the first month (with 46 per cent of respondents waiting this long). However, women aged over 46 are the quickest to go without cosmetics in front of their partner, with the highest proportion of women who said their partners see them product-free the next day after starting a relationship being in the 46-plus age bracket.

Anne, a 41 year-old personal trainer and weight management coach discusses the possible reasons for the apparent increase in confidence that allows more women aged 46-plus to go makeup-free: “I feel that as you get older, people see you in a different light, or are looking for different things – it’s as though they are looking for the ‘real’ you.”

Anne goes on to talk about the role of makeup within a relationship: “There are probably less games to play as you get older, so not wearing makeup at all isn’t really a big deal. When you are younger you have the feeling that you need to continuously impress.”

Fiona, part of the E-Commerce Team at Fragrance Direct, said: “It’s great that people can feel comfortable enough to let their partner see them without makeup, but using cosmetics is not just about covering up. Makeup can play up your best features, offer you a new way to try out the season’s colours and give you that sense of occasion.”

Anne agrees, saying that makeup has its place on special occasions: “I don’t think it ever stops being important to do the full works when you’re going out: it should be about clothes and makeup, as opposed to just clothes as it is on a normal day.”

With regards to the high number of women aged 46-plus who are happy to go without makeup, Fragrance Direct commented: “It’s worth bearing in mind that skincare plays an even more important role than cosmetics in ensuring your face looks its best, so perhaps women within this age bracket prefer to rely on a good beauty regime for the confidence to let their natural beauty shine, letting cosmetics take a back-seat until that special occasion arises.”

What are your opinions on bare faced beauty? Can you ditch the makeup for a day? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Honey Reviews

Honey Reviews

Marc Jacobs Honey arrived at Fragrance Direct a month ago and since then, it’s been a sure hit with our customers. Beauty bloggers and Youtubers have been raving about it before it even hit the virtual shelves. We predicted Honey would be a fragrance winner and we’ve been proven right!

Thankfully Honey is back in stock! With a fresh batch sitting ready for you to try, we thought we’d enlist the help of our elite blogging team to give you an insight into why it’s just that good. So, who’s first?

Honey Image

Avia from The Sparkelicious

Truth be told I have never been one of those women who has a classic signature scent. I love so many fragrances that I find it impossible to only pick one, and I’m a huge believer in your fragrance being season appropriate. I love sweet, heavy and slightly spicy fragrances in the winter, and fresh, light ones in summer time, so that’s what I’m here to talk to you about today.

I have been a fan of Marc Jacob’s fragrances for years, the first one I ever used was what my mother use to wear, I believe it was called Rain, and that was just what it smelt like, pure and fresh. Then I moved on to Lola and Daisy, and it didn’t hurt that the packaging on the last two was pretty amazing too, which brings me to the latest addition: Honey.

Honey is described as a fruity and floral fragrance with key notes of pear, orange blossom and honey and has that distinctive Marc Jacobs look. When I first tested this, I was surprised how fresh it smelt, and how little it actually had that sweet honey scent, which i’m not a fan of in the warmer months. Honey smells very light and fresh and I would say the most noticeable note in the fragrance is pear, which I adore as it’s so light and summery!

Once it settles on the skin it’s very subtle and feminine, and ever-so-slightly more grown-up than the likes of Lola and Daisy. I find it lasts longer on the skin too. In terms of the packaging, the box is a super cute bright yellow polka dot design that looks fun and young, and the bottle itself is a classic shape, that has that added MJ cuteness to it, in the form of the stripy flowers and gold hardware.

Julie from Raining Cake

As a fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances, you can imagine my excitement when they decided to release another scent to follow on from the success of the previous ones. All of them have a firm place in my heart for different reasons and Honey is definitely joining the group as a solid contender.

Housed in the most gorgeous polka dot bottle with a design that resembles bumble bee’s, it has a light, fruity edge, with a sweet and fresh scent. Honey is one of those perfumes that can be worn day or night, thanks to its ability to stay soft without being too overpowering. These days, I look for fragrances with versatility and Honey definitely fits the bill.

Will you be trying out Honey?

Ella from HelloEllaxo

I have always been a fan of perfumes by Marc Jacobs. I recently ran out of Oh Lola which was quite a fruity fragrance. The bottles are so well designed and easy on the eye (definitely the best looking perfumes!), with the bonus of being appropriate for any occasion.

Their latest perfume ‘Honey’ is my new favorite out of all the Marc Jacobs range, It’s very sunny and happy with the sweet scent that reminds me of summer! I sprayed it once on myself and now everywhere I go I can still smell it. It’s a real summer fragrance and really worth the price, again perfect for a gift.

So there you have it! Honey is gathering up quite a large fan base. If you’re a Marc Jacobs fan and want to try the new Honey scent, you can find it here!

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

There’s an air of excitement in the Fragrance Direct office this week because we have lots of lovely new arrivals landing on site! We have not one, not two, but five new releases, just in time for autum.

Aside from all the lovely ingredients that make the fragrance what it is, we know that it’s always nice to be able to see what the bottle looks like too.

Roses de ChloǸ


Roses de Chloe is lovely, it’s as simple as that. Chloe have magically seemed to have bottled a garden of roses and in doing so, have created a scent that is overwhelmingly fresh, in the best sense of the word!

The Inspiration

Roses de Chloe was created to celebrate 50 years of the house of Chloe. If you didn’t know already, Chloe is a French fashion brand which was founded in 1952. The name ‘Chloe’ was chosen for its warm and feminine appeal and the founders believed it was the perfect choice for representing the mood of Paris. Chloe has dressed a range of celebrities, some of which include Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Alba and Clemence Poesy.

As you would expect, Chloe’s designs are good quality, luxury products and this is carried through to their fragrances.

The Smell

Roses de Chloe is a blend of lots of intriguing ingredients, some of which are white musk, amber, magnolia and the damask rose. But are you thinking ‘what exactly is a damask rose?’ and ‘why do we want to smell like it?’ We thought so. The Damask Rose is an intensely fragrant form of the popular flower, which usually makes its way into our favourite bouquets. We can’t help but think these sounds like the ideal ingredient for a perfume.

So swiftly moving on from your flower lesson, why do we think Roses de Chloe will capture your heart? The certainty is that Roses de Chloe is a timeless scent. It lingers on the skin and continues to develop throughout the day, providing you with new levels of delicacy at each interval.

The Bottle

The Roses de Chloe bottle is simplistic. It isn’t vying for your attention with a screaming design that will quickly go out of fashion. It radiates class and elegance. Complete with a dusty pink ribbon, the Roses de Chloe bottle mirrors the sweet yet memorable fragrance inside.

CK Downtown


Calvin Klein is the newest scent from the CK family. They’ve made no secret of the fact that their scents are geared towards a younger audience and we have to agree that CK Downtown is not one for your grandmother (unless she’s super trendy, of course). If you’re constantly singing ‘I’m feeling 22’ then we think Downtown is right up your street.

The Inspiration

CK Downtown is the new alternative to its popular sister fragrances which have included names such as Euphoria and Eternity. As mentioned before, Downtown wants to gain its adoration from a younger generation; a generation that seeks adventure in the urban jungle, or in simpler terms, the big city. If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker and love a fast paced environment, then CK Downtown is definitely worth a try.

The Smell

It’s sweet. Very sweet. Downtown features a blend of bergamot, neroli and pear which is hard to forget. This is the perfume you want to have for those last minute nights out with friends. It’s memorable and ideal for wear at any time during the year.

Downtown is a floral-woody construction which opens with Italian lemon and bergamot. Middle notes incorporate gentle gardenia petals, pink pepper and violet leaves which are beautifully complimented with base notes of cedar, incense and velvet musk. To sum it up nicely, CK Downtown smells good!

The Bottle

Simple and sweet, quite like the fragrance, the CK Downtown bottle is effortlessly stylish. Its size is perfect for throwing into your handbag taking with you throughout your day.

Giorgio Armani Si


The Inspiration

Giorgio Armani took inspiration from his mum when he set out to design the brand’s newest fragrance, entitled Si. The Eau de Parfum is depicted as a classic scent with strong Italian roots. It is bursting with cassis and rich vanilla; symbolic of the chypre fragrances worn by the fashion mogul’s mother. (Fact file ‘ Chypre is a family of perfumes which are characterised by accords of citrus!).

It’s comforting to know that Si is a fragrance that is inspired by memorable moments in Giorgio’s life; it’s almost like we’re looking into a little piece of Armani history. The new release is also fronted by the strikingly beautiful, Cate Blanchett, whose involvement instantly gives this alluring scent a more grown up edge.

Si is suitable for any age but we can see it becoming a firm favourite amongst the more mature generation (mum’s next birthday present, maybe?).

The Smell

Heart notes flourish with Roses de Mai and Egyptian jasmine and are rounded off with base notes of patchouli oil, amber and vanilla. Basically, a very yummy perfume cocktail that instantly gives you that feel-good charm. Si is definitely worthy of a spot amongst your perfume collection.

The Bottle

The Giorgio Armani Si bottle is simplistic, yet elegant. This is another fragrance bottle which won’t weigh down your handbag so you can take it with you wherever you may be going.

Dolce and Gabbana Pour Femme Intense


The Inspiration

Pour Femme Intense is an updated version of the popular D&G Pour Femme fragrance which was launched in 2012. As the name suggests, their newest perfume for women has been intensified to create a sense of strength.

With an advertising campaign shot by the hugely talented Mario Testino (he’s photographed the legendary Kate Moss), Pour Femme Intense is set to be a real eye catcher.

The Smell

The fragrance opens with a deeply intriguing combination of green mandarin and neroli which lead into an opulent heart of tuberose and orange blossom. The best way to describe Pour Femme Intense is to simply say that it is very alluring! It has an addictive smell and is definitely an indulgent perfume that you need to treat yourself to and spray to the fullest!

The Bottle

Its deep burgundy colour instantly whisks us away to thoughts of the new season and we think that D&G Pour Femme Intense is the ideal autumn fragrance. It’s cool, collected and effortlessly chic.

Are you a sucker for a new fragrance? Let us know which one you’re dying to try by leaving us a comment below.

The Dry Hair Clinic

The Dry Hair Clinic

With British temperatures soaring up to 30 degrees this summer, we’ve had to quickly adapt our beauty regimes to suit the soaring climate. With weather mimicking that of countries such as Spain and Portugal, you can easily forget about the level of damage your hair is subject to. Dry heat and humidity can lead to unmanageable, brittle hair which we naturally counteract with different levels of heat to disguise the fact that our hair is unhealthy in the first place. Although straighteners may temporarily mask the frizz and fuzziness which has consumed our head, they’re only contributing to the wild jungle which is our hair.

Dry hair not only feels unpleasant, it looks it too. Your hair can quickly lose its shine and vitality can be diminished. No matter how good your genes are, no one is immune to having dry hair; whether you have fine, straight, thick, coarse or curly hair, you could be under threat from this hair threatening ‘condition’.

Whether you’re on holiday or simply enjoying our heat wave season, it’s important to remember your hair and adapt your beauty regime to cater to its needs. It’s evident that dry hair is primarily caused by lack of moisture. Follow our guide on how to rejuvenate your strands and give your head a well deserved drink.

Although you may not want to hear it, your bad hair is self inflicted. A lot of us don’t realise the level of care that must go into achieving those luscious locks that we always long for. Your first steps towards this is to accept that you may not be able to abstain from your long list of heat and colour products that have harmed your hair in the first place. Setting the straighteners down, ditching the peroxide and throwing out your heated rollers are a start but in the long term, you need to make changes to your hair care routine.

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. Split ends are never attractive and easily snap, leaving hair looking weak and fragile. By using a leave in conditioner, such as Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost Split End Mender, you hair will quickly be on the road to recovery. Apply this product to damp hair to seal and protect it whilst still focusing on your split ends. With scents of berry, this split end mender is truly a treat to the hair. Containing a highly conditioned blend of ingredients, this Tigi product will protect the hair from chemical treatments, shampooing and brushing. The added bonus of this treatment is that you don’t have to wash it out after application, so that’s a little less added stress for you!


We’ve tackled split ends, but what about the rest of your head? The best way to give your hair that added boost is to enrich it with a hair masque. L’Oreal Absolut Repair Cellular Lactic Acid Masque is ideal for damaged hair. With the added ingredient of Lactic Acid, this repair masque is able to create saline bonds between the keratin chains to create a lustrous shine and hair that not only looks healthy but feels healthy too. Apply and massage this into your hair following your shower. Spread it thoroughly, leave for 2-3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


Oil treatments have proven to be very popular amongst hair care experts. Macadamia Healing Oil Spray combines two hair saving ingredients, known as Macadamia and Argan. These two products are natural and are used to rejuvenate the hair, leaving it healthy and shiny. Up until now, Macadamia was one of the beauty world’s best kept secrets but now it can be found in a range of products. Macadamia Healing Oil Spray is made up of a light, non-greasy formula so that your hair isn’t weighed down when applied. With instant absorption and natural UV protection, this Macadamia Healing Oil Spray truly is a miracle worker. Your hair has hope yet!


100 strokes a day will keep the doctor away? Well definitely not the hair doctor. Over brushing your hair can cause the strands to break, thus causing more split ends, thus creating more damage overall. We realise that telling you not to brush your hair is not a plausible solution so we suggest using a hair brush that doesn’t pull on those knots and tangles so hard! The Tangle Teaser Compact Styler Hairbrush is an essential for any hair care lover. Other than the fact that these brushes are small and compact, their ‘teeth’ are specifically designed so as not to pull on the hair when you’re detangling it, therefore leaving it looking smooth and healthy whilst still protecting the hair cuticle. With a range of cute colours and designs, it’s the perfect hair care accessory.


Dry hair is inconvenient, time consuming and unsightly, but one thing it isn’t is untreatable! Take these small but meaningful steps towards achieving healthy, salon quality hair.