Wedding Essentials

Wedding Essentials

Wedding planning and pre-nuptial bliss are all the rage during the summer months. We understand the vast amount of preparation (weeks, months, years!) which goes into making your dream wedding the perfect day. More and more brides are now opting to become their own makeup artist on their big day; saving them time and money but with the added pressure of choosing which products to buy ahead of the ceremony. There are lots of questions to ask yourself ‘ What will the weather be like? What’s my skin type? How will the make-up photograph? Will it last all day? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best products we think you should be taking with you on your wedding day.







Lily IMG

Traditionally, the ‘blushing bride’ wore a white floral scent, representative of modern day elegance and class. Wedding scents showcase strong floral undertones which sometimes can be loud and overpowering. Fragrances often act as emotional triggers which when sprayed, can capture the essence of your favourite memories and take you back to important life moments, such as your wedding day. For your special occasion, you should aim to pick something special; a scent that your partner will recognise and associate with you.


If you’re the ultimate girly girl, the idea of a floral scent will appeal to you as it will suit the femininity of your dress and the occasion as a whole. Stella McCartney’s Lily’s Absolute Eau de Parfum Spray is alive with a fresh and floral aroma which opens with top notes of black truffle and black pepper, infused with lily of the valley. Stella once spoke of the fragrance, explaining that her love of the flower ‘lily of the valley’ was so great that is was actually part of her bridal bouquet. Housed in a chic and beautiful glass bottle, which consists of a crystal and metal frame, Lily is the perfect addition to your wedding day and will encapsulate your favourite wedding day memories for years to come.



Top tip:


Dispense your wedding perfume into a rollerball bottle so that you can carry your fragrance with you all day, without the hassle of it weighing down your bag. This also allows you to apply it discreetly during the day to ensure your signature scent is always topped up. Apply to the neck and pulse points for long lasting fragrance.















With the dress, flowers, headpiece, hairstyle and shoes arranged, it can be easy to overlook something as simple as nail polish on your wedding day. But don’t forget, your hands (particularly your left) will make up part of your big day when your wedding ring is placed on your finger! So have every part of your wedding day preparation look as perfect as you do.


Steer away from bright colours or any shades that may detract from the style of your dress. Opt for a classic nude or French manicure shade which will still leave your nails feeling luxurious and impeccably clean. OPI ‘You Callin’ Me a Lyre’ is a gorgeous sheer pink which when applied, gives a very clean and feminine look.¶ÿ If you want to opt for something a bit different, why not try a pastel shade? It gives you that little bit of colour, without being too overbearing.



Top tip:


Although you want your nails looking healthy, why not make them feel healthy as well. Take a look at our Sally Hansen Fabulous Fingernails Manicure Kit to adequately prep your nails for the nuptials.









Maxfactor IMG



You want to feel comfortable in your own skin, especially on your wedding day. Make-up is often seen as a reflection of your creativity; a second skin if you like. If you’re comfortable enough to take on the wedding make-up challenge without the assistance of a professional make-up artist, you need to prepare all your ammo for the morning of your big day. Your first step is to look for long lasting products that will see you through the day, which we all know will feel like it’s flown by but in reality, you have a lot of wedding photography to get through! Remember that you’re looking for a shade that will even out your complexion, not mask it.


Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation is great for its performance and durability. This foundation claims to be long lasting and smudge resistant. It applies naturally to the skin to make you feel as though you are wearing little or no foundation and is designed with silicones that feel lighter and less greasy than other formulas. Test your shade out on the jaw line to check that is evenly blends into your neck; creating a more natural look.



Top tip:



Avoid using a foundation with any SPF, as it contains ingredients which leave a sheen to the face and this photographs badly. This can result in your skin looking oily in your wedding album. Of course, if you’re getting married in a hotter climate and require an SPF product, simply make sure you have a good translucent powder on hand to cover up any oily areas.








Maybelline Mascara IMG



With any wedding, one thing you can expect is tears and lots of them. With emotions running high, we think it’s essential to carry waterproof mascara as part of your wedding day beauty kit. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Waterproof Mascara builds length with each stroke while still protecting you from any blubbering mishaps. This mascara promises to stretch and shape your lashes so you can still achieve the ‘natural’ look on your wedding day.


Top tip: For any mascara mishaps, simply dib a cotton swab in eye make-up remover and trace it along your lids to eliminate any smudges.










Rimmel Powder IMG



It is essential to carry a loose powder with you on your wedding day to touch up any oily areas which may risk the outcome of your photos. Areas of the face that will naturally catch the light are the nose, cheeks and forehead.¶ÿRimmel Silky Loose Face Powder is a translucent powder which is long lasting and provides a semi-matte finish so that it won’t mask your pre-wedding ‘glow’. Apply the powder lightly with a soft, fat ¶ÿbrush to reduce shine.



Top tip: Opt for a translucent power so as not to make your face look ‘cakey’ or overdone. You want your make-up to look as natural as possible.



What are your reach for wedding products? Will you become your own make-up artist for your wedding day? What fragrance will you be taking along with you?



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BB Creams

BB Creams

The beauty market is currently saturated with thousands of BB products, all claiming to banish blemishes, perfect the skin and lock in moisture. But which one do you choose from this ever growing list of products? We’ve narrowed it down to a few BB creams that we think will be perfect for you (including one with a very unusual ingredient. Read on to find out more).

But before we begin, what EXACTLY is a BB cream? Also known as a ‘beauty balm’ which is often likened to a moisturiser, BB cream sets itself aside from your usual beauty regime. Although it helps to moisturise the face, BB cream takes things one step further by adding hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to regenerate the skin. Initially, the product was created by dermatologists to aid laser skin surgery patients. Although foundations and tinted moisturisers trick us into thinking our skin looks flawless, BB cream provides genuine benefits for the skin that have a long lasting effect that you can’t simply take away with a make-up wipe after a long day. Depending on your preference, you can use BB cream as a foundation or a primer. Either way, it aids the skin in not just looking healthy, but feeling healthy as well.

There is a slithering substance currently making its way through the beauty trend atmosphere and it’s just arrived at Fragrance Direct HQ in the form of Snake Venom BB Cream by Balance. Before we tell you more about the product, are you thinking ‘Why would I want to apply snake venom to my face?!’ We felt the same way, but after doing our research, it turns out that a whole range of products are jumping on the snake venom bandwagon. Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Tulisa have converted to the craze and we’ve figured out why.

A key ingredient called ‘Syn-ake’ has been introduced to a range of make-up formulas . Syn-ake is a neuropeptide that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper Snake’s potent venom. This means that it instantly lifts the face, freezes muscles and plump, fine lines whilst getting rid of wrinkles. Still not convinced? Just take a glance at Victoria Beckham’s complexion to see why this relatively new trend has turned into a bit of a craze.

So, back to one of our newest lines ‘ Balance Snake Venom BB Cream has arrived in the shade Universal. Now that you know this product is infused with exotic ingredients likened to snake venom, you can expect your skin to have more radiance, more moisture and less imperfections.


Balance BB Cream

Another new BB cream line this week is T Zone Anti Blemish BB Cream, also in a universal shade. This product is infused with tea tree, witch hazel and illumiscin ‘ ingredients which are commonly used to combat spot prone areas. This BB cream is non-greasy, so it won’t clog those important pores and with the addition of anti bacterial agents, your skin is prepped with the best defence against impractical breakouts. Expect your imperfections to be masked and your complexion to be smoothed with this new line.


Tzone BB Cream

Channel your inner Kate Moss and have a look at the Rimmel BB cream, 9 in 1 Super Make Up in light and medium shades. It adopts the name ‘9 in 1’ as it provides 9 skin perfecting ingredients in just one simple product. It promises to prime, moisturise, minimise pores, conceal, cover, smooth and mattify the skin.


Rimmel BB creamAnother line which has caught our eye is Bourjois Une Intuitive Touch BB cream. Bourjois claim to make a product with seven ‘miracle’ virtues and to get these; all you have to do is apply the BB foundation with the touch of a finger. Aside from the fact that this BB cream can smooth, unify and boost the radiance of your skin, it also has the delicate scent of the lotus flower which is sourced from a natural origin and therefore won’t irritate the skin.


Bourjois Une BB

The cheapest of our BB creams is only £2.99. The W7 BB Magic Cream is a product which blends to your skin tone while hydrating and moisturising your face. This product requires no tools or tricks of the trade, simply use your fingers to smoothly blend the foundation into your skin and create a soft, dewy appearance.




What are your thoughts on BB creams? Will you be testing out any snake venom products? Let us know by either commenting below or getting in touch via our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Boss Jour Pour Femme Competition

Boss Jour Pour Femme Competition

If you know how we roll here at Fragrance Direct, you’ll notice that we love to spoil our fans with lots of free goodies and we thought there’s no better time than the present to give you the opportunity to win BOSS Jour Pour Femme ‘ the delicious new fragrance that even Hollywood hottie, Gwyneth Paltrow loves!

Aside from the fact that if you win, you’ll be doused in notes of lime and grapefruit blossom, I’m here to tell you why you should want BOSS Jour Pour Femme as your signature perfume.

The perfume is inspired by the first light of day (how awakening does that sound?) and the fragrance was created to mirror three important facets that represent the everyday modern woman. I think we can all agree that we women are made up of more substance than just a pretty face. You’ll love BOSS Jour Pour Femme simply for the fact that the free facets that the fragrance bases its design on are ‘light’, ‘inspiration’ and ‘composure’. Can we just say, you’re certainly impressing us so far, BOSS!


The Light Facet is made up of a combination of succulent citrus and lime. These ingredients are said to represent a radiance of positivity and anticipation for your day ahead.

When you think of The Inspiring Facet, imagine a delivery of the most exquisite bouquet of clean, white roses. What lies within this facet is the heart of the fragrance, which celebrates femininity. This femininity is composed with lily of the valley, with the added benefit of honeysuckle ‘ a vine with over 180 species. This reflects the level of variety in a woman’s life.

The Composed Facet balances out the wealth a woman’s life can bring. Made with early notes of white birch and creamy amber; a new height of softness and unique femininity are achieved.

To round off these three attributes , it appears that BOSS Jour Pour Femme wishes to bask in the success of the everyday woman, something we’re certainly happy to support.

¶ÿBefore you’re totally whisked away by this sophisticated fragrance, did I mention that we’re giving away not one but FIVE bottles of the stuff?!


Have you ever felt so happy to be a woman?

To enter, simply click the picture below and submit your details via the app. The competition ends on Sunday at 11:59pm. Why not leave a comment and tell us why you’re excited for this fragrance?

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Honey by Marc Jacobs

Honey by Marc Jacobs

Who doesn’t love Marc Jacobs? From his clothes, to his handbags and now to his fragrances, Marc Jacobs is back on the scene (not that he ever left). With the success of Jacob’s previous fragrances, Daisy, Dot and Lola, the brand have launched their newest fragrance, entitled ‘Honey’ which is now available on site! With hints of vanilla, peach and honeysuckle, we’re instantly whisked away to dreams of a hot summer day, when this fragrance will epitomise our scorcher season. As always, Marc Jacobs has accompanied the scent with a playful bottle design which has striped bee-like butterflies. Cue every woman’s dream of the perfect perfume bottle. Available now, this scent includes an eau de parfum, shower gel and body lotion.



Honey Image



Do you have a favourite Marc Jacob’s perfume? Will you be buying his latest scent? Let us know! You can tweet us @FragranceDirect or get in contact via our Facebook page ‘

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Congratulations to the royal couple, William and Kate, on the arrival of their baby boy, who was born on the 22nd of July at 4:24pm, weighing 8lbs 6oz. After what seems like an eternity waiting for the birth of the royal baby, we thought the best way to celebrate was to fill you in on our little bundles of joy arriving here at Fragrance Direct today! The arrival of the baby, who is third in line to the throne, is said to boost the British economy by around £400 million, so why not spend a little chunk of that on your favourite signature perfume?



First on our list, is the arrival of the eagerly anticipated Boss Jour, which is the new scent from Hugo Boss. The fragrance was created to emphasise the three faces of a woman; inspiration, composure and ease. This light and fresh perfume is perfect for throwing in your handbag and taking with you on your busy day. We love the tall and lean milky white bottle which comes complete with clear glass lid. Available in 50ml, rejoice the royal birth and treat yourself to this signature scent.



Boss Jour

Especially Escada Elixir is landing at Fragrance Direct HQ in the form of an effortlessly girly, bright pink glass bottle, complete with a gold hardware lid. We think this scent emulates elegance and although it’s not too dissimilar from Especially Escada Delicate Notes, Especially Escada Elixir is the tougher of the two fragrances. Available in 50ml and with hints of vanilla, white musk and dry amber, this is a perfume fit for royalty.


Escada Elixir


Like a precious piece of jewellery, Vera Wang Bejeweled is a perfume to be coveted and adored by fans galore. No other perfume screams royalty and wealth quite like this fragrance, which was created for ladies who enjoy fashion, outings and a hint of glamour. The packaging screams over the top decadence as the glass bottle is littered with beautiful purple gems and jewels, almost like a necklace. Available in 50ml, Bejeweled is the Queen of fragrances.


Vera Wang


Okay, okay, we can’t forget about the male population and your need to smell good. Treat your inner ‘prince’ to Ralph Lauren Polo Red, the newest fragrance from the brand King. Housed in a royal red bottle, complete with the signature Lauren logo, Polo Red is described as a spicy and masculine scent, perfect for the modern day man. Rejoice in the birth of the newest addition to The Royal Family with this 75ml (prince) charming aftershave.


Ralph Lauren


All four fragrances are available from the website now! So if you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these scents, now’s your chance!


We also have one more very ‘sweet’ fragrance to announce so keep your eyes peeled on the blog for further updates and news!


If you have an idea of what our next new release is, tweet us @FragranceDirect or get in touch with us on our Facebook page ‘