Where on earth is this year going? I can’t believe that it’s August already! I am definitely relieved that it is the start of the month though, because that means it has just been my most favourite day ever… payday!!! This current selection of products are some of the lovely things I have bought with my hard earned wages. Take a look… I hope you like them too.


Marc Jacobs Honey

I realise that this is probably quite predictable after picking Daisy last time, but honestly, it is beautiful. I have been looking forward to its release for months, and now it’s finally here I am definitely not disappointed!!! I was scared it might be too sickly and sweet smelling, but it is just perfect! Well done Marc Jacobs.


Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

I love this stuff! It comes in a great selection of both brighter and more natural colours. I like that it is applied like a gloss, but has all the characteristics of a great lipstick. Personally I feel that I can wear it every day as it feels more casual than wearing a lipstick, but it still provides strong colour!


Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Eyeliner

Going for a night out? Eyeliner is a biggie for me in terms of my evening make up especially as I don’t wear it day to day. This eyeliner is lovely. It’s easy to use and best of all it is waterproof, meaning that it lasts longer and doesn’t slide off and leave you with an embarrassing set of Panda Eyes while you are out enjoying yourself!


Bourjois Une Skin Matt Foundation

Seeing as it was payday this week, and we have got some pretty great offers on make up, I have taken advantage and I’m trying out some new products. I have never used Une products before working here, but I am definitely a fan. This is a great foundation, it’s so easy to apply, it matches my skin tone perfectly, and it’s a complete bargain!!!


Eye Candy Strip Eyelashes

My night out make up is not complete without a set of false eyelashes! Personally I don’t believe the bigger the better. I think it’s all about adding volume so your lashes look thicker and stand out! This pair is great because they look more natural and as an extra bonus they can be reused (if your night isn’t too messy!)


False Eyelash Applicator

I have to admit I still haven’t quite got to grips with properly applying false eyelashes, so I bought one of these handy little gadgets a while ago, and it works a treat. No more pesky glue all over your finger tips, or awkward arm angles to try make sure your lashes land in the right place! My main recommendation is to make sure you put plenty of glue on your lashes in the first place, and ALWAYS take the glue out with you just in case you have an eyelash emergency during your night out!!!

bun ring
hair spray

Sibel Bun Ring

Unfortunately for me, I am not much of a wiz when it comes to styling my hair. I pretty much can’t do anything! So imagine my glee when I discovered this little contraption, and realised I could actually use it! It keeps my hair nice and tidy, it’s REALLY easy to use and it is up to date with current fashion trends! Although, I would recommend making sure you have plenty of hairspray though to ensure your hair will withstand the test of time. I would recommend using IQ Intelligent styling Super Style Spray.

colour blockBourjois Colour Block Nail Polish

This little box of polishes is brilliant and comes in a range of gorgeous bright colours. Maybe you’d rather take a more subtle approach? Don’t worry. There is also a range of pastel shades too! And if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not try a different colour on each nail, and mix things up a bit?

nail art

Nail Art Stencil Kit

Now I don’t know about you, but personally I don’t really have the talent (or patience) to create wonderful looking nail art… I can do polka dots, and that’s about as far as my talents stretch really. That’s why I am in favour of absolutely anything that makes me seem really creative and look like I am amazing at nail art, so here is my secret weapon. This is a great little cheat to DIY nail art that actually looks half decent!