The Christmas Number One

The Christmas Number One

You know how popstars battle for the coveted Christmas Number One spot in the charts? Well if you didn’t already know, fragrances do that too. Yes, really! Or at least they do here at Fragrance Direct. And like the UK charts, we want our lovely Fragrance Direct customers to vote for their favourite fragrance!

We’ve narrowed it down to four fragrances, two for the ladies and two for the gentlemen. We’ve taken into account our biggest releases of 2013, our best sellers and those scents that people have just been raving about to bring you the ultimate Fragrance Direct chart list! So which one is going to make it to the coveted number one spot?

Marc Jacobs Honey

Marc Jacobs

When we first heard about Marc Jacobs Honey back in the summer, we didn’t expect anything less than brilliant and we weren’t left disappointed. Marc Jacobs had mastered it again by combing a fun and unique bottle with a carefree and light fragrance inside. This sweet and warm scent is represented by an adorable polka dot bottle, complete with miniature bee designs. Created by the same perfumer who was responsible for Dot (and what a scent that still is today), Honey is a vibrant and likeable fragrance which isn’t too overpowering. It won’t drown you in essence; it will elegantly bathe your skin in a likeable, everyday scent.


Paco Rabanne

Not a surprising contender this Christmas, Paco Rabanne Invictus has confidently stridden into the fragrance game this year. Designed with champions in mind, Invictus has been nothing short of impressive. The stylish trophy design hit a chord with its male audience and transformed it into a fragrance that men would be proud to have in their collection. A successor to 1 Million, Invictus is fresh and aquatic with notes of woods and amber. It’s a highly wearable fragrance for men and one that has been top of their wish lists this Christmas!

Our Moment

One Direction

Love them or hate them, One Direction certainly aren’t stepping off the scene anytime soon, so naturally, they released their first signature fragrance entitled Our Moment. Like their popular singles, Our Moment has become one of the best selling perfumes of 2013. Inspired by their fans, One Direction created an effortlessly feminine fragrance which contains notes of raspberry, fresh fruit and seasonal flowers, creating a warm, sweet and wearable scent for women. This has definitely been a fragrance that has been popular with the younger generation.

CK One

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein CK One is an oldie but a goodie. A classic, unisex fragrance, it would be impossible not to include this scent on the chart list. Sleek and stylish, CK One is an absolute classic. It’s a wearable, everyday fragrance which boasts notes of Jasmine, Rose and Lily Of The Valley. CK One is intensely fresh and inviting and has been a pillar of fragrances since the 90s. We thought it was only fair to allow CK One to have a major comeback and be in with the chance to swoop the number one spot.

Which one would you pick to get to number one in the Fragrance Chart? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Party Look Debates

Party Look Debates

Parties go hand in hand with Christmas. The excitement of receiving presents, giving presents, parties and special occasions all blend in together to create a season filled with, well, joy, to be precise! For me, I enjoy the fun of being able to shop around for my must-have party dress and all my beauty essentials that are going to leave me feeling glammed and ready for action.

One thing I wanted to explore this holiday season are a few age old debates about make-up products that we come to depend on year by year. Do we really need all the make-up products we think we do? Or can we sacrifice one item in place of another?

Eyeshadow vs Eyeliner

Eyeshadow is a staple product that has always had a proud place in our make-up bag. You can cater your eyeshadow shade to your outfit and create so many different looks. Eyeshadow is such a versatile product that can double up as an eyeliner and even a brow shadow as well. So when we put it up against our trusty eyeliner pen or pencil, which one could we go without?

Glo Minerals

Glo Mineral’s Smokey Eye Kit contains four classic shades that you can mix and match to create the ultimate smokey eye. The kit also includes an instruction guide, just in case you need to brush up on your smokey eye skills. The nice thing about this Glo Minerals set is that you can double up any of the darker shades as your eyeliner if you use an angled eyeliner brush. This set will be a fail safe tool for all your Christmas and New Year parties.

w7 eyeliner

But just as it may seem this kit will swoop the prize for your most beloved eye make-up product, take a look at W7’s Sparkle Stix Eye Liner Pencil. Available in a striking gold shade, this eye liner is perfect for adding a touch of Christmas glamour and sparkle to your eye make-up look. You can apply this eye liner along your water line or you can add a pop of colour to the inner corner of the eye.

So, who do you think has won this round?

False Lashes vs Natural

Elongated, voluminous lashes are every girl’s best friend. Our eyes look so much more awake as soon as curl and apply product to our lashes. Fake lashes are a great way of adding even more glamour to your eyes. But do we need them? Do you find them difficult to apply? Which one will you be setting aside this festive season?

Individual lashes

Royal’s Individual Lashes are a great way of taking control of your lashes. Unlike most lashes, you can have full control of how much you want to build them up. These individual lashes are great for adding length to the outer corner of the eyes, creating the ultimate 60s look. The pack comes with a small pair of tweezers and eye glue so that you have everything you need to apply the lashes quickly and efficiently.

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

But what if you don’t have the time to spend on applying fake eyelashes? Many beauty gurus will argue that a good mascara product can create the same effect as falsies. Rimmel’s Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara is the must-have party mascara. The wand is long and thin which makes it perfect for lengthening those hard-to-reach places such as the inner and outer corners of the eye.

Lip Gloss vs Lipstick

Pairing lipstick and lip gloss has always felt like such a natural routine of make-up. Lipstick creates the perfect base while lipgloss can enhance and even change a lipstick shade entirely. Could we possibly hope to give one up over another?

Astor Lipstick

Astor Soft Sensation Lipstick is available in 10 wearable shades. The formulation is creamy and moisturising with a semi-matte finish. It is also enriched with vitamins so that your lips don’t dry out after application. The colour needs little to no topping up throughout the day so that you can enjoy a long lasting and noticeable colour.

L'Oreal Lipgloss

But can we really resist a little bit of shine? L’Oreal’s Glam Shine Lip Gloss helps to create the appearance of fuller looking lips, mainly due to the glam shine crystals which are featured in the lip gloss formulation. The creamy consistency of this lip gloss offers ultimate coverage and will look great when it’s paired with your favourite lipstick. Which one will you possibly pick?

Party Look Bargains

Party Look Bargains

You’ve found the outfit you want to wear to your long list of Christmas parties and you’ve blown the last of your party look budget on those shoes that you had to have, but, you’ve forgotten about one important thing ‘ the make-up!

The good thing is, we’re going to help take some of the pressure off with our party look make-up bargains that will allow you to splurge on some make-up essentials without feeling too guilty. We’ve put together a list of party look bargains that will leave you feeling calm and confident this holiday season.

Maybelline 24Hr

Maybelline Superstay 24HR Lip Colour

Maybelline Superstay 24HR Lip Colour stretches the limits by promising up to 24 hours of lip colour that will see you through the night and straight through to the next day. Created in the style of a lip gloss, this Maybelline Lip Colour guarantees no fading, transferring, smudging or drying so you can enjoy your favourite shade for longer. You have 12 shades to choose from which range from deep ambers to timeless pinks, so that you can find a lip colour for an array of occasions.

Creative Colours Nail Polish

Creative Colours 8 Pack Nail Polish Set

This Creative Colours 8 Pack Nail Polish Set allows you to mix and match a wealth of shades so that you can cater your colour to your chosen outfit. These 8 mini polishes feature classic shades of reds, blues, pinks and subtle hues which will carry you through from season to season, so when Christmas has passed, you can start thinking about your spring nails.

Yardley Powder

Yardley Perfect Finish Pressed Powder

They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing! Christmas parties are fast and few between, so you’re going to want a powder that will last you through the evening. Yardley’s Perfect Finish Pressed Powder is great for controlling shine and oil, without causing your make-up to look cakey. Available in a range of shades which are designed to suit a multitude of skin tones, Yardley’s Perfect Finish Pressed Powder is an essential for your make-up bag. Our top tip for applying this product is to use a large, fluffy powder brush so that you can dispense the product evenly.

Astor Eyeshadow Duo

Astor Eye Pure Colour Eyeshadow Duo

Create the perfect smokey eye with Astor’s Eye Pure Colour Eyeshadow Duo. This handy little duo is great for storing in your night out bag and features colours which effortlessly complement each other. Shades of purple, blue, gray and black are available to choose from so that you can pick your perfect base colour and then use the accompanying shade to fill in your eyelid crease, creating a subtle smokey eye.

W7 bronzer

W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder

This cute little box of colour houses W7’s Honolulu Bronzing Powder ‘ the perfect product to have when you want to add a touch of natural colour to your party look. Complete with a small contouring brush, this product is great for defining your cheeks bones while adding an overall natural glow to the face. A good tip for when applying bronzer is try not to start off with too much product. Sweep the brush a long the bronzer and take most of the product off on the back of your hand. This means that when you apply it, you can build the colour up at a steady pace.

Sunkissed Eyeshadow

Sunkissed 12 Shade Eyeshadow Compact

12 eye shadow shades within one compact is always going to be a great product when you’re preparing for a night out. This Sunkissed Eyeshadow Compact contains a range of wearable shades that can help you transition from a day to night look. Creamy ivory, golden, bronze and brown shades all feature as part of this affordable compact so that you can cater your eye look to your occasion.

Our Guide To What’s Hot This Christmas

Our Guide To What’s Hot This Christmas

It was only when I noticed the absolute pandemonium in the shops over the weekend that I realised that it’s finally December. Arguably, the best month of the year is finally here! People rushing around, Christmas trees in windows and the odd novelty Christmas jumper are but a few of the tell-tale signs that Santa is getting his sleigh ready. And of course, there are lots of holiday deals for you to choose from.

If you know us well, you know that we love a bargain, so today, we’re bringing you our guide to what’s hot this Christmas with products that won’t break your bank balance. It will also help give you a few ideas as to what’s popular this festive season and what your loved ones will be eager to get their hands on!

Laurelle Together Forever

Laurelle Parfums Together Forever

The great thing about Laurelle parfums is that they smell great and are very affordable. For £4.99 you can enjoy their Together Forever Pour Femme Eau de Parfum, which is a flirty and floral scent that comes in this adorable heart-shaped bottle. Gold in colour and perfectly festive, this Laurelle fragrance is selling fast. Quick Tip ‘ We think this would make an excellent stocking filler.

MJ Honey

Marc Jacobs Honey Gift Set

We do like to rave about Marc Jacobs but that’s because he simply is that good! Marc Jacobs has always been one of our best sellers, we we couldn’t contain our excitement when MJ’s newest fragrance, Honey, was released as part of this stylish gift set. The only thing better than that Marc Jacobs Honey fragrance is all the indulgent extras that feature in this fragrance gift set. The packaging is effortlessly adorable and is perfect for housing this wearable fragrance. Featuring notes of orange blossom, peach nectar and honeysuckle, Honey is an addictive fragrances, which explains why it’s flying off our virtual shelves this Christmas.

Joop Homme

Joop Homme

Joop Homme has always been one of those staple fragrances for men. It’s instantly recognizable, mainly because of its blend of Orange Blossom, Mandarin and Jasmine. Although it’s always nice to choose a new fragrance, Joop Homme is a scent that quickly builds up an army of loyal fans that will continue to wear it for years to come. So whether you want to try it for yourself or you’re searching for a perfect Christmas fragrance present, Joop Homme is a worthy contender that is selling pronto.

Bourjois Une Casual Volume Mascara

Bourjois Une Casual Volume Mascara

The Bourjois Une Casual Volume Mascara has been one of our best selling make-up products over the Christmas period. The great thing about this product is that it creates natural looking lashes without piling on the product. The wand is thin and long which makes it easier to get into those hard-to-reach spots of the lashes, such as the outer and inner corner. The product is also formulated with natural waxes so that your eyelashes aren’t damaged when you apply the mascara. So those horrible evenings of scrubbing at your eyes to take off your mascara will soon be gone!


Paco Rabanne UltraViolet Man

Straying away from 1 Million for a few moments, let’s take a look at Paco Rabanne’s UltraViolet fragrance for men. This is one of our other best selling Paco Rabanne fragrances. UltraViolet is a bold scent that contains notes of Pepper, Spices and sweet notes of Vanilla. The bottle design is very sleek and modern and that little bit different. This is a perfect fragrance for the strong, confident man.

Creative Colours Lipgloss

Creative Colours 18 Colours Lipgloss Set

18 lipgloss colours in 1 make-up set? It isn’t hard to figure out why this is one of our best-selling make-up products. An excellent present for Christmas time or as an all round treat to yourself, this Creative Colours set has a great variety of shades so that you can mix up your look depending on your mood, occasion or festivity.

Making The Right Choice – The Fragrance Edition

Making The Right Choice – The Fragrance Edition

Once you’ve found your staple fragrance, you just know. I still remember my first fragrance, which was Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne (I had a bit of an eye for expensive luxuries, much to my parent’s dismay). Parisienne is an intensely floral fragrance which cemented my love of sweet and fresh scents up until today. So will I ever stray from my all-time-favourite fragrance? I’m sure many of you are asking the same question. Not only is it difficult to purchase a new fragrance for ourselves, what about finding one for someone else?

The wealth of fragrances on today’s market makes it difficult for us to find a new scent. Having so much variety is great but where do we start? We know what fragrance notes we like but how do we find our way through the perfume maze for someone else? Keep reading for some tips on how to make the right choice when it comes to fragrances.

Top Starting Tips

A few tips to remember before you launch into perfume shopping are to not dive into too many fragrances too soon. Department stores are full of counters that want to pounce on you with their latest fragrance and before you know it, you’re smelling four different fragrances at once. Try to avoid this. Trying too many fragrances at a time can de-sensitise your nose, causing all fragrances to smell similar.

If you love the smell of a fragrance that your best friend, mum, sister etc. are wearing, don’t rush out and buy it instantly. All fragrances smell different on each individual due to factors such as our body chemistry, diet and age. Try it on yourself first before making a decision based on someone else’s fragrance.

Fragrance Families

If you’re looking to purchase a fragrance for a friend or loved one, the first step you may want to take is looking at what fragrance they already own. They’ll appreciate you taking note of what they like and spending the time trying to find a scent that compliments them.

Fragrances tend to fall into their own categories which cover different note families, for example, florals, spices and musks. Search for a similar bouquet to what they already wear, which you can usually find within the same brand family. Keep reading to see our suggestions of what fragrances work well within brand families.


Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs is a fragrance family that’s great for mixing and matching particular scents. Marc Jacobs Perfume range, much like his fashion line, is renowned around the world and his quirky bottle designs make a perfect present. But it isn’t just the visuals that make MJ fragrances a good starting point. Take Daisy ‘ One of Marc Jacob’s most popular fragrances. Its light, floral and intensely wearable essence is popular with a range of women and this is mirrored across all of his fragrances lines. So if she’s already adopted Daisy as her signature scent, then it might be nice to treat her to his newest fragrance, Honey.

Marc Jacobs Honey

Whimsical and spontaneous, Honey is a light blend of freshness that boasts notes of white florals, orange blossom, vanilla and not surprisingly, honeysuckle. The bottle perfectly complements the fragrance and will be a delight to open as a gift. Honey is bright and feminine and could easily become her new favourite scent.

Daisy Eau So Fresh Gift Set

A gift set is a great alternative to simply buying the individual fragrance product. If you already know that the particular scent is her favourite, then an indulgent gift set will be a real treat. The Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Gift Set features the Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrance, a body lotion and a shower gel so that you can integrate the quirky and glamorous scent of Eau So Fresh into your daily routine.


Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Paco Rabanne is another fragrance family that is great for selecting a range of scents, particularly for him. It isn’t surprising that Paco Rabanne 1 Million is one fragrance that is universally welcomed by men of all ages. It features notes of peppermint, rose, amber and leather, which creates an addictive and warm scent. If you know that he loves the Paco Rabanne range, you can treat him to this all-time-favourite fragrance.

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man

Ultraviolet Man is another fragrance from Paco Rabanne that is often hidden in the shadow of 1 Million. Ultraviolet is a worthy alternative to 1 Million and contains notes of black pepper, oak moss and patchouli. This is an intense fragrance that is ideal for everyday wear and one that may just surprise him.

Paco Rabanne Invictus Gift Set

If you would like to keep his gift within the Paco Rabanne family, you could opt for an entirely new fragrance from the range. Invictus is the newest scent from the brand and is described as a vibrant burst of freshness, designed for the masculine, confident man. It features notes of jasmine, bay leaf and patchouli , creating an inviting and wearable scent. The Invictus gift set includes the Eau de Toilette and a shower gel which would make an excellent gift for any man.

There are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate a fragrance into your everyday life and additional brand products, such as luxury body crÇùmes, indulgent shower gels and refreshing deodorants are nice little extras that can help you achieve this. Often, within the same fragrance families, you’ll find matching body products that will allow you or a loved one to really enhance your favourite fragrance. Below are a few of our favourite fragranced body products.


Calvin Klein Beauty Bath and Shower Cream

Inspired by the Calvin Klein ‘Beauty’ fragrance which was launched in 2010, this bath and shower cream is a luxurious product that sinks into the skin, leaving it feeling soothed and well looked after. The cream is lightly scented with a medley of florals, jasmine and ambrette seed which create a warm and inviting smell. The best time to apply this product is directly after your bath or shower. This is an excellent product for anyone who is a fan of Calvin Klein.

Paco Rabanne Pour Home Deodorant Stick

Pour Homme from Paco Rabanne is a classic fragrance that contains spicy elements of clary sage, rosemary and tonka bean. This Pour Homme Deodorant Stick is a good way of implementing the addictive scent of Pour Homme into your every day routine with an essential product. As much as we may like to think that deodorants are unglamorous, the fact of the matter is that we need them, so whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, this is a gift that will secretly be appreciated.

Nino Cerruti 1881 Perfumed Body Lotion

Nino Cerruti 1881 is one of our best selling fragrances so it’s always nice to implement this feminine scent into your day with not only a fragrance, but a body lotion as well. This silky body lotion is lightly scented with the sharp notes of sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla, making it a beautiful body product that possesses a luxurious and rich quality. Pair this with the Nino Cerruti 1881 fragrance and you’ve got a winning duo.

Meet Your New Dressing Table Favourites

Meet Your New Dressing Table Favourites

We’d be lying if we didn’t say that sometimes, on the not-so-rare occasion, we purchase fragrances purely based on the bottle. Cute or unique packaging definitely has a power over us. There’s nothing quite like adding a new, striking bottle design to our dressing table. It’s almost like finding that new perfect dress that you can’t wait to put on show.

Below are a few fragrance bottles that we couldn’t resist shouting about. Sweet, striking and a little bit on the unusual side, you need to feast your eyes on these delectable bottles!


Marc Jacobs Honey

We’ve raved about Marc Jacobs Honey since the day it came into stock. Like the name suggests, this bottle design is all about making that sweet, Honey. The first thing that that catches our eye are the little honey bees which adorn the bottle. These have striped wings with tiny pearl detail bodies which instantly add a major cute factor to the design. The glass bottle is also covered in a polka dot design which makes it essentially girly and a must have for our dressing table.


Valentino Valentina

The Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum is an effortlessly girly perfume that comes with an elegant and sophisticated bottle design. As soon as you see it, you know this is one fragrance that you’ll be eager to add to your collection. The bottle features a delicate rose detail which was exclusively designed by Rudolph Valentino and serves as the emblem of the brand. Simple yet pretty, the Valentino Valentina bottle is an art in itself.


Katy Perry Killer Queen

Katy Perry’s Killer Queen is the newest fragrance from her perfume collection and features a very distinct and very unique bottle. Designed in the likeness of a Queen’s Scepter, the Killer Queen bottle emphasizes royalty and wealth. Royal red and gold shades run throughout the bottle design which makes you feel as though you’ve gotten hold of a little touch of luxury.


Vivienne Westwood Cheeky Alice

Cheeky Alice is a mischievous scent from the Vivienne Westwood collection which comes with an adorable fragrance bottle. Designed to look like a magic potion, Cheeky Alice is decorated with a red bracelet that fastens shut with two hearts, both emblazed with the iconic Vivienne Westwood emblem. This cute attachment can be taken from the bottle and worn as an everyday accessory which adds a fun element to the overall bottle design of Cheeky Alice. Irresistible and charming, it would be wrong not to add Cheeky Alice to your dressing table.


Lady Gaga Fame

We wouldn’t expect anything less than a dazzling and unique bottle from a Lady Gaga fragrance and Fame does exactly that. The gold and black bottle is simple yet striking and reminds us of an egg shape design, almost as though it’s going to crack open something exciting. Lady Gaga Fame definitely makes a statement with its stylish bottle which is an accessory in itself.

What are your favourite dressing table fragrances? Let us know by leaving a comment below.