KENZO WORLD the newest and most exciting launch from the brand! KENZO’s artistic directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon breathe their vision of fashion into their first fragrance’

A world in their image: bold, spontaneous, surprising, fun and colourful’ A world that celebrates freedom of expression, diversity and creativity. A playful and dynamic fragrance’ true to the KENZO spirit.

For the 2013 fall-winter collection, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon made the eye the iconic motif of the KENZO world: ‘The all-seeing eye is a major imprint of the collection and alludes to the force of the third eye and to spiritual protection from above’ they explain. ‘We loved this interpretation of the eye really informing your world and being able to personalise your world.’ Carol Lim.

As one of the most recognisable fashion icons of the KENZO collection, the eye now transcends into the universe of fragrance. The striking bottle features black rubber, pink gold and opaline, recalling the mix-and-match of KENZO fashion. Mysterious and fascinating when see from the front or above, the eye reveals itself from every angle. A stylized metaphor of the eye and its power, the box invites you to experience its magic. Embossed on the paper, concentric circles gravitate around the eye, in an optical mise en abyme of its captivating seduction. A world of endless exploration.

The KENZO WORLD flight opens with a surge of flowers by the armful, from petals to bouquets, with bursts of sweetness’ it’s a brilliant fragrance, with a lively sparkling trail, a crazy rock nectar with an intoxicating scent that titillates the nose. A shot of energy that benefits the soul. A stylish lingering aura. Francis Kurkdjian created this fragrance like a real flower explosion, where each flower reveals a new facet. Like a dreamlike bouquet, the Peony is a sublimated to accompany the ‘red berry’ facets of Egyptian Jasmine. Bewitching Ambroxan sustains the note and add voluptuousness an sensuality to a fragrance that transgresses stereotyped femininity.



‘My Mutant Brain’ by Spike Jonze
‘For us, the KENZO woman is relatable. She’s inspirational yet understandable. She’s doing things, right? She’s got things happening in her life. She’s going to school or she’s dating. She’s an activist. She’s a doer. What we wanted to convey was that yes, she possesses this extra layer. We also want her to be someone you attain to be, like the best version of yourself.’ Carol Lim.

Jonze has certainly transcended the genre, creating a madcap musical stomp that blends choreography and performance. Without pausing, he drops us into the midst of frantic life, invites us to run as far as the eye can see, with renewed energy, never of out breath, to pursue our dreams and desires.
Casting required a girl who could not only dance (mechanically and masterfully) but embody the irreverent chic and quirkiness of KENZO, not to mention the spirits of whatever was possessing her or whatever personality she was exhibiting. Upon meeting Margaret Qualley, an actress and former dancer, it was obvious they had found the perfect sylph for such a demanding role.


Margaret Qualley exudes elegance while moving to a diabolical tempo in a flamboyant green dress created by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. She aims for the moon and dives headfirst into her dreams. With a cavalcade of back flips through a series of corridors, she gives a bold performance that captivates with each move, exuding raw, provocative energy. In her wake, she pulls everything that moves along with her; she sees the world the way she wants to see it. On a par with her excessiveness. Her run finishes with a breath ¶ªtaking swan dive that tells conventionalism where to get off.

‘The KENZO girl inhabits the present, like right now. She’s not nostalgic at all. She likes movement and speed and the way things shift and slide and collide in real time. She’s never blasǸ, always enthusiastic. She stands out from the crowd.’ Carol Lim and Humberto Leon

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Spring Scents Edit

Spring Scents Edit

Spring has officially bloomed and the days are getting longer, yay! Spring is also a great time to switch up your beauty routine, think fresh glowy skin and peachy lip colours. Here at FD we’ve had loads of new fragrance launches over the last couple of months that are fresh, floral and fruity, the perfect spring perfumes! Let us know which is at the top of your wish list for your spring editions!

YSL Black Opium Floral Shock
The YSL Black Opium fragrance has always been a favourite; its fruity top notes and coffee accord base make it the perfect evening fragrance. However, the new edition to the Black Opium family is Floral Shock. It combines much fresher, floral tones with the iconic coffee notes that gives you Black Opium on ice’ A definite spring update on the original!


Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss ‘ Daisy, Eau So Fresh and Daisy Dream
The bottles alone just scream spring; they are so beautiful that you instantly want the entire collection sitting on your dressing table. The Daisy Kiss editions are new for 2017 and are a slight adaptation on the ever popular originals. The fruity and floral compositions are perfect for a light and fresh day time scent. Which one will you pick? Daisy Kiss, Daisy Dream Kiss or Daisy Eau So Fresh Kiss?


Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle
The newest release from Chloe is Love Story Eau Sensuelle. As the name suggest this perfume is very sensual and includes sweeter and more romantic notes that the previous Love Story editions. It is a super sweet, feminine fragrance that will be perfect for a day time so give this one a try and it may become your favourite spring perfume!


Narciso Rodriguez For Her Fleur Musc
‘Fleur Musc represents a bold, passionate femininity; it’s a fragrance that evokes charm and grace’ ‘ Narciso Rodriguez. Fleur Musc is the perfect spring scent for those of you who prefer a muskier note to their perfumes. It has vibrant notes of rose, spices and amber wood to create a beautiful floral fragrance. Plus the bottle is bright pink and will look gorgeous in your collection!


Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria EDT
Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria EDT is the newest offering from the Euphoria range, a more radiant, spring-time scent that is light and fresh. The fragrance opens with fresh floral compositions of whimsical notes of water lily and pear. If you’re a fan of Euphoria or Deep Euphoria this will be the perfect addition to your collection, spritz on for a light day time fragrance that will keep you smelling fresh.


Escada Fiesta Carioca
So this one gives us more summery vibes than spring but there’s nothing wrong with stocking up early! Or like us you just give it a quick spritz mid-afternoon to get you excited for summer! This fragrance is sweet, fruity and tropical; a ‘cocktail of passion’. One sniff and you’ll be transported away to that sun lounger with a cocktail in your hand. The notes include luscious Brazilian passion fruit, red raspberry and orange flower, for those of you who love those fruity tropical tones!


Bulgari Rose Goldea
Bulgari Rose Goldea is a slightly older and sexier scent than the others mentioned, with a combination of rose and white musk. This one will be perfect for those spring evenings, when you want to make a statement without too much of a fruity top note.


Nina Ricci Luna
Luna is the newest release from Nina Ricci, launched on the 27th March. The first glimpse is beautiful and enticing with notes of orange blossom and wild berries. The heart and base notes create a vibrant and bold sensuality with eternal flower, caramel and sandalwood. This is a great addition if you love something a bit deeper and sensual, perfect for an evening fragrance that is intense and captivating.


Back To Uni Essentials

Back To Uni Essentials



It’s a brand new year and the student loans have dropped, there’s no better excuse to snap up all the beauty essentials you’re going to need to get you through the next term. Out with the old and in with the new as some may say (mainly your mum) but it’s a great time to start a fresh and head back to Uni with everything you need/want! We’ve picked out some great beauty products for all you busy students including long lasting makeup, easy and simple skincare and huge packs of shampoo and conditioner that will definitely last the entire term!

Yes To is a brand that is great for younger skin, they have different families for all kinds of skin needs. From tomato products for detoxifying to cucumber for that much needed hydration. There are a few products that we love from the range that will definitely be great to add to your collection. These Cucumber Hypo Allergenic wipes include cucumbers (obviously), green tea and aloe and are great for getting rid of all your makeup and leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. The Tomatoes Clearing Facial Mask is also perfect if you have a bit of troublesome skin, it will give you a deep pore treatment to clear and purify the skin. It is filled with anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and bursting with powerful sebum absorbers to keep any oily skin at bay!

When you’re back at Uni you can’t rely on your mum for keeping the shampoo and conditioner stocked up. Tigi have some great duo’s that are literally huge, they are guaranteed to last you weeks! They also cater for all hair types and any needs you have including Colour Goddess, Urban Antidotes Resurrection, Oatmeal and Honey, Elasticate. They’re all great value and amazing quality so you can keep your tresses in top condition for a bargain.

Dry Shampoo is an absolute essential for when you’re at Uni’ chances are you’ll sleep through your alarm at least once week and have a mad rush to get dressed and out the door. Worry not; this Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo will keep all your greasy sins hidden.

A big old pamper session is a great way to make new friends in your hauls, and you can’t have a pamper session without face masks! Snap up these Purederm masks for a bargain at £1.50 each and they have a great selection including vitamin E, Shea Butter and Mango.

Real Techniques Multitask Set of 3 Brushes is perfect for taking back to Uni with you. The limited edition set simplifies your makeup routine and has the bare essentials you need to get that flawless finish. Plus it comes with cute case that will keep everything organised for you!

Leftover pizza, dirty sheets and half-drunk beer does not make for a sweet smelling bedroom! An Orla Kiely Basil and Mint Candle is the perfect addition to keep everything smelling fresh and clean. Also a nice decoration for your desk!

Don’t forget all students get 10% off all products on Fragrance Direct with UniDays, even more reason to get shopping!

FD Presents: How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

FD Presents: How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Perfume can be expensive. Sigh. The luxurious scents we love can make a huge difference to everyday mood and self-confidence, but fueling the passion can feel like a chore when replacing each bottle means such a big knock to your bank balance.

Whether you wear your signature scent each day or you’re trying to make that special occasion bottle last longer, there are plenty of ways to make your perfume last longer from the moment you apply it to your skin. Make the most of your favourite scent with our tips and tricks for longer-lasting perfume and find some more exciting ways to spend the money you save each month!

Making perfume last longer

Here are our ten expert tips for making the most of your favourite perfume:

  1. Understand perfume types
  2. Choose a stronger scent
  3. Store it well
  4. Keep your skin hydrated
  5. Moisturise before application
  6. Apply to damp skin
  7. Spray it in the right places
  8. Don’t rub!
  9. Apply scent to your clothes
  10. Use every drop!

Understand perfume types

Knowing a little about the different types of perfume can help you make the best decisions at the start of your journey. Choosing a perfume with a long-lasting formula will mean more time between replacements, so you can save money and get the most out of your favourite scent.

From eau de toilette to parfum, from cologne to body spray, there are lots of different perfume types available, which means choosing the best formula can be difficult. What’s the difference? Eau de toilette, cologne, and body sprays have a lower concentration of fragrance oils, which means a more subtle scent that wears away quickly.

If you’re looking for a formula that promises to last, choose an eau de parfum, which will be more highly concentrated and will last longer on your skin. A lot of the time, just one or two sprays will be enough to last all day! Eau de parfum can be a little more expensive, but when you consider how long it will last you might find the option is much better value for money than a lower-cost alternative.

Choose a stronger scent

Choosing a stronger scent is another sure-fire way to enjoy the effects of your perfume for longer. Powerful fragrances, like musks, tend to make more of an impact and last longer than a fresher alternative. If you can’t decide between a rich scent and a lighter option, consider how long it might last when you’re making your decision.

Store it well

The way you store your perfume can make a big difference when it comes to its quality over time. Our favourite fragrances can’t last forever, but there are a few ways you can maximise your perfume’s life.

Keep your perfume away from direct sunlight. Heat and light from sun and daylight can cause the fragrance oils to break down sooner than they might otherwise. You should also be careful not to store your perfume anywhere that gets warm, like above a radiator or in a steamy bathroom. High temperatures can affect the top notes of your scent and even turn them sour!

The best place to store your perfume is in its original box, or at least on a dressing table away from extreme high and low temperatures.

Keep your skin hydrated

Before you apply perfume to your skin, make sure you’re well hydrated. Keeping your skin hydrated is a major bonus for just about every element of beauty, from hair and nails to skin and even eye brightness. What you might not have known, however, is that having hydrated skin can help your perfume last longer!

If your skin is dehydrated, it will drink up any liquid that’s applied in an attempt to rehydrate itself. Keep yourself healthy and hydrated, and you’ll find your perfume sits better and lasts for longer.

Moisturise before application

Moisturise your pulse-points before applying perfume for a longer-lasting and more intense fragrance effect. Use a non-scented moisturising lotion on your wrists and neck to create a barrier for your perfume to sit on.

Tip: use a body lotion that matches your perfume for even longer-lasting results.

Apply to damp skin

Surprising, but a great tip! Spray on your perfume just after you get out of the shower to reap the benefits of your favourite scent. Make sure you dry off a little, so you aren’t applying perfume onto dripping wet skin, but keep your wrists and neck a little damp to help lock in the fragrance oils for longer-lasting results.

If you’re applying your perfume to shower-fresh skin, be sure to let it dry for a few minutes before you get dressed.

Spray it in the right places

Where you spray your perfume can make a pretty big difference when it comes to its effect and how long it will last. Aim for parts of your body which are naturally warmer, like your wrists and neck, for the best results.

Don’t rub!

So many perfume wearers apply a spritz onto each wrist and then rub them together, without realising that the friction created causes fragrance oils to fade faster. Rubbing perfume also impacts the natural development of the scent and can make it smell different. Instead, apply a spray and let the liquid dry naturally on top of your skin.

Apply scent to your clothes

There are lots of places you might like to spray your favourite perfume for longer-lasting results. Try a little on your clothes to intensify the scent and make it last longer than the one day between showers.

Tip: never spray perfume directly onto your clothes, as some formulas can stain.

Use every drop!

To make the most of every drop, open up your nearly empty perfume bottle and pour what’s remaining into a scent-free body lotion. Rub on a little lotion into your regular perfume spots to get more from your favourite product.

Use these simple tips and tricks to get the most out of your perfume and enjoy the sweet smell all day long. For more beauty and wellness advice, keep exploring the Fragrance Direct blog!

5 Minutes with Jean Paul Gaultier

5 Minutes with Jean Paul Gaultier



The new John Paul Gaultier Essence De Parfum has just launched, with updated scents for the ever popular Classique and Le Male. We wanted to see what the inspiration was behind the brand and what perfume means to the man himself; Jean Paul Gaultier.

1. What is Perfumery for you? What does its universe embody?
Parfumerie is a bit like Aladdin’s cave for me. There are so many elements, discoveries’ I have been experimenting with new fragrances for more than 20 years now, pushing the limits in this fascinating field. There are endless possibilities.

2. Is there a link between Haute Couture and Perfume?
Of course. Perfume is the first article of clothing it sets the pace of a look. And there is a vast savoir-faire in both fields. On both sides, there is a continual search for new shapes and new scent. And it is in this savoir-faire that both couture and perfume find their fulfilment.

3. What is most difficult when launching a perfume brand?
The most difficult thing is probably staying true to one’s own universe and to oneself. And to succeed in translating one’s values and obsessions into perfume. It is only by being in this state of mind, and thanks to savoir-faire, that one can reconcile both universes.

4. Not all fashion houses have a savoir-faire in perfumery, why did you choose to embrace this domain?
My DNA is to innovate and to be at odds with conventional ideal of beauty ‘ I always wanted to show more than one side of beauty. In my perfumes, I want to keep this irreverence and keep looking for a divergent beauty.

5. Once scent you like on other people?
The smell of freshness.

6. One scent you do not like on yourself?
A scent that would be too invasive.

7. An olfactory memory that transports you?
The smell of rice powder in theatres. It reminds me of the magical world I discovered at 6, when my grandmother took me to a show at the Theatre du Chatelet. It was like breaking through an all-new world, full of magic and poetry.

8. A childhood smell?
My grandmother’s boudoir.

9. What are the necessary qualities to appreciate a perfume?
A sense of surprise, an olfactive memory, like an image that appears in your head when you smell the perfume. I am a very visual person and scents trigger images in my head.

10. Do you think that women are more faithful to their men or to their perfume?
It is a good thing to be faithful, but it is also good to change. To each their own.

11. One word to describe JPG Perfumes?
Innovating, surprising, savoir-faire and punk attitude.

12. To whom is this beautifully designed body perfume addressed to?
Bodies evolve and so do perfumes. After more than 20 years of existence, they needed a new body and new look.

13. Your favourite quote about perfume?
‘When we talk about Belle Parfumerie, it does not always mean natural and raw materials’

You can get the new John Paul Gaultier Essence De Parfum here.


Boss The Scent for Her Launch Event

Boss The Scent for Her Launch Event



Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to a multisensory dining experience for the launch of the new fragrance by Hugo Boss ‘ The Scent for Her. The new perfume launched on the 17th August and just by looking at the packaging and the bottle you know it’s going to be a sophisticated scent.

The inspiration for the fragrance comes from the male version ‘Boss The Scent’, a captivating take on seduction from the male perspective. Now, the creative director for Hugo Boss, Jason Wu, has realised the Boss woman in Boss The Scent for Her. The Boss woman is powerful and at the same time uniquely feminine. Inspiration for the bottle has been taken from the iconic Boss cufflink ‘ and the idea that, just with a twist of the lock, the worlds of male and female could merge easily into one. ‘There’s something incredibly powerful and innately seductive about a woman dressed in men’s tailoring, which only enhances her femininity’ ‘ Jason Wu.

Throughout our evening at The Violin Factory we were walked through all the different aspects of the fragrance, encouraged to use all the senses to truly appreciate the notes. Each course reflected the different elements of Boss The Scent for Her and how the story of addiction and seduction evolves. The top notes of honeyed peach and freesia are the main ingredients used to attract, the head turning combination engages and intrigues with an elegant, yet light and delicate appeal. Our first course was a peach and ricotta tortellini served with a peach Bellini, the sweetness of the fruit was beautifully delicate and worked perfectly with the softness of the ricotta. The heart notes of oriental flower Osmanthus start to reveal themselves, the initial light and delicate allure evolves into a darker, heady quality. This is the catalyst which drives the innately seductive power of the scent. Our main course included a beautifully flavoured quinoa salad, taking on the oriental flavours to complement a monk fish fillet. Finally the base notes unleash an irresistible base note of roasted cocoa and Tonka bean that offers an addictive boost, arousing the senses further. Our final course was a creamy vanilla and Tonka bean dessert that was modelled on the shape of the Boss woman’s lips. To go along with this course we were given an espresso martini to really seduce the senses and succumb to the power of Boss The Scent for Her.

Throughout the evening we were taken on a journey through all the notes of the fragrance, not only with what we ate but also the smells of the food and the different textures they provided. The scent has many stand-out elements that reflect different aspects of a woman’s personality, leaving whoever you come into contact with seduced by the scent and wanting more.

Boss The Scent for Her is a fragrance you will be able to turn to over and over again with its sophisticated and feminine notes. Will this become your new signature scent? It’s definitely ours! Thank you to all the team at Hugo Boss for inviting us to an unforgettable evening.