Best Of The Spring Sale

Best Of The Spring Sale

If you haven’t already had a look at our spring sale, then our question would be why?! This spring some of your favourite brands have huge savings! Whether you are looking for a lighter alternative for summer or just a change for the season there is something for everyone. Here we have pulled out some exciting products that you need to get your hands on!

Let’s start with fragrances, the women’s category has some great scents such as Vera Wang Eau de Parfum. Originally launched in 2002, this classic opens with a mandarin and blossom note giving it a fruity blend which would be perfect for day or night.

Lastly for our women’s fragrance category it would be one from the iconic YSL Black Opium family; Intense. This scent has top notes of anise, jasmine sambac absolute for heart notes and a coffee accord for base notes giving it a seductive fullness perfect for your evening events.

If you have had a look at the sale you will have seen the great variety of giftsets; one favourite especially for this time of year is the CK one set. It comes as a great package including, body lotion, hair wash, with the 200ml and a mini EDT. The CK One scent is a fresh, fruity fragrance with essences of orange, lemon and jasmine and can be the perfect choice for both men or women.

Another recommendation if you have any birthdays coming up would be the new Gucci Guilty EDP Gift Set in its reinvented iconic packaging. This launch has been massively popular with top notes of Mandora, heart notes of Lilac and base notes of Patchouli giving the scent a floral richness so this is defiantly a gift set we had to talk about.

Moving on to Men’s if we were to name a few of the best buys we would start by talking about Calvin Klein Euphoria. This spray is an addictive, fresh, oriental scent with a ginger pepper cocktail and cedar leaf. This is a popular scent for aftershave or brand enthusiasts.

Next, we have the classic Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme EDT. This light, fruity scent is perfect for spring with notes of Sage, citruses and bergamot.
If you are buying for yourself or someone else the Boss Bottle Man of Today is a great one for every day or evening. The edition is part of BOSS bottled collection meaning it is a masculine scent, made from notes of apple, geranium and sensual, woody notes.

If you were thinking you needed to restock some of your skincare essentials this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. The sale includes some great products such as the Clinique Clarifying Lotion. This cleanser is perfect for dry skin removing any dead skin cells leaving your skin looking smoother and feeling cool and refreshed, great for before bed or prior makeup.

Ren Clean Skincare Rose O12 Moisture Defence oil is another great product, as you know oil’s work more effectively that moisturisers to throughout the changing seasons this is perfect for keeping your skin its most radiant condition.

If you know about American Crew already, we know you will be happy to know that their products are currently discounted on our website. Their men’s products are full of natural cleansing wheat protein which is added for strength and shine and meaning they are great for everyday use.

Lastly, we delved into make up to have a look at some of the best recommendations for you, one to look at would be the Technic summertime summer glow pressed pigment palette. This is a lovely palette which includes shimmery neutral tones of orange and pinks. The product itself applies evenly to the selected area’s making it super easy to use and would pair perfectly with a neutral lip, so you could pick up the W7 kiss lipstick in naughty nude to complete your summer look.

There’s tons of discounts to get your hands on so make sure you check out the sale category!

Beard Hygiene

Beard Hygiene

Faecal hair ‘ FD investigates what lies beneath the beards of the UK’s men
-Spoiler alert- it’s gross.

Take a walk down any UK street, or spend any time in any one of the many artisan coffee shops around the country and you’re sure to spot plenty of guys with beards. But what’s lurking underneath all that hair? And could any of the bacteria found there be bad for your health?

We wanted to know more so enlisted the help of the Microbiology Department at Manchester Metropolitan University to conduct a study, to reveal what kinds of bacteria the average beard contains. Research involved controlled swabbing of the beards of participants, and analysing the samples to reveal what germs beards frequently harbour ‘ spoiler alert ‘ it’s gross.

A shocking 47% of the facial hair sampled contained the microorganism ‘Enterococcus spp’, which is commonly found in the human bowel and in faecal matter. The beards that contained these bacteria were of varied lengths and styles, meaning no facial hair is safe!

The majority of participants claimed they had washed their beards with soap on the same day as the test, but results suggest these men need a little guidance in the beard hygiene department. We have compiled some top tips to keep nasty bacteria at bay:

1. Wash your hands in the bathroom!
This one seems like stating the obvious, but recent surveys have claimed around 60% of men don’t actually wash their hands after using the toilet. A quick squirt of soap, massage, and a rinse post-toilet should be top of everyone’s hygienic habits.

2. Make sure you shampoo
Everyone knows to shampoo their head hair, but beards need some attention too. Try this Ted Baker Grooming Room Beard & Hair Shampoo to thoroughly clean and cleanse your beard in the shower.

3. Condition Too
Caring for your beard is essential for its health, helping it stay fresh to keep the bacteria at bay. Try Beardsley Ultra Conditioner for Beards, for its antibiotic and astringent properties to keep your beard germ-free.

4. Brush that beard
For the lengthier beard bearers, the Proraso Moustache Comb and Beard Brush Set is perfect for ridding your beard of pesky bits of food that manage to bury themselves in your budding facial bush.

5. Care for your beard in between showers
To groom and tame that beard between washes, try this American Crew Beard Serum. It contains beneficial oils that instantly condition and keep hair soft and well-groomed, so your beard is not a habitat for unwanted germs.

Find more beard grooming essentials in the Fragrance Direct Men’s Haircare section.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming around quickly and before we know it the 17th of June will be here! Make your Dad feel extra special this year with a gift to blow his (brand new) socks off! Why not treat him to the perfect signature scent or maybe a best-selling fragrance gift set for that extra special element. Keep reading to check out our top picks for all the Dad’s out there this Father’s Day’

First up we have some fragrance favourites that will make your Dad feel super special this year.

BOSS Bottled United
If your Dad loves football then you need to pick up the latest fragrance from the legendary Hugo Boss! BOSS Bottled United combines the freshness of the outdoors with the urban warmth of woody notes. For those men who act with passion, loyalty and integrity, BOSS Bottled United is the one!

Armani Code A List
Make him feel extra VIP this year with Armani Code A List! The newest scent from Armani, Code A List will make him feel super exclusive. Code A List has been infused with the original notes of Armani Code, yet has been distilled further into a rare blend.

Davidoff Cool Water Man Gift Set
A gift set is the best way to give something a little bit extra this Father’s Day. This Davidoff Cool Water Man gift set has the added benefit of including a 75ml EDT, a shower gel and an aftershave balm. This iconic scent is bound to be a winner’

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Gift Set
The Paco Rabanne 1 Million is a fresh, classic scent that opens with top notes of mandarin, peppermint, rose and cinnamon. With the 1 Million gift set comes with a 100ml fragrance and a shower gel housed in a gorgeous gold metal box. It really does look like the ultimate gift!

Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Gift Set
We love this Issey Miyake gift set as it comes with a 125ml EDT and a great 40ml travel size fragrance too! Perfect for on the go or travelling. L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme is a fresh yet warm, woody scent accented with spicy notes. A well rounded fragrance that is perfect for every Dad!

Don’t fancy gifting an aftershave this year, maybe he already has his signature scent (and we all know men can be stuck in their ways!) so why not pick up an extra special grooming product for something a bit different.

Baylis & Harding Fuzzy Duck Cedarwood Daily Grooming Kit
This set is the perfect gift as it comes in such gorgeous packaging! The set includes a hair and body wash, face wash, aftershave balm and shower gel that all come in handy travel sizes.

L’Oreal Men Expert Cool Power Gift Set
For the Dad’s that are always on the go then the L’Oreal Men Expert Cool Power gift set is perfect! This set includes a body, hair and face wash and a deodorant in fresh, cool scents. For £5.99 it is great for those on a budget!

Scottish Fine Soaps Face & Beard Care Kit
Is your Dad one of those that LOVE their beard and could never be without it? Then we have the perfect gift for him! Scottish Fine Soaps Face and Beard Care Kit includes a wooden beard comb, beard oil, face moisturiser and a face soap. It’s scented with thistle and black pepper which will give him the ultimate grooming experience!

Men’s Society Sportsman Recovery Kit
Is your Dad very active and love to play sports? Then the Men’s Society Sportsman Recovery Kit is the perfect Father’s Day Gift for him. It comes in a handy little tin that makes it feel extra special, including a relaxing bath oil, a soothing muscle oil a stretching elastic to help improve flexibility!

Remington Wet Tech Rotary Shaver
Looking for something extra special this Father’s Day and really want to push the boat out? Then how about this Remington Wet Tech Rotary Shaver. With steel blades, a flexing head, rechargeable batteries and waterproof you can be sure he’ll get the best shave of his life!

Skincare Tips for Men

Skincare Tips for Men

It only takes a few tweaks to refine your skincare routine, even if you’re a man on-the-go. By looking after your skin, you’ll look better and feel healthier. The good news is that you don’t need a cabinet full of cosmetics to get that youthful glow either. The trick is picking the right products for you and sticking to a routine that works with your skin and your lifestyle.


Washing your face daily, especially after exercise, will cleanse your skin of pollutants, dirt and sweat. Rather than opting for harsh soaps and hot showers, make sure to go for a cleanser that’s gentle enough for daily use. Your skin type will dictate what sort of cleanser will suit you too. Jack Black’s Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser is a perfect addition to your shower caddy, or if you want something for a deeper clean, check out products like Elemis’s Men Deep Cleanse Facial Wash.

Have a shaving routine

With the right shaving accessories, you’ll be able to keep your grooming technique in order, and your skin fresh and razor-burn free. Avoid cheap disposable razors at all costs and swot up on shaving techniques before you put a blade to your skin. All this will help you avoid unsightly lumps and bumps post-shave. Depending on your style, there are clever electricals like the BaByliss For Men i-Stubble 3, and the Braun Series 3 Style n Shave 3 In 1 Shaver. Pre-shave products like foams and shave soaps will help razors glide over your skin, and post-shave balms and lotions, like American Crew’s Post Shave Cooling Lotion, will soothe and protect.


Whether you’re a man who shaves every day or not, moisturising is an essential if you want to look younger and keep your skin healthy. Think of ‘cleanse and moisturise’ as part of your immovable daily routine, and you can’t go wrong. Again, look for a moisturiser that works with your skin type. If you’re unsure what that is, check out typical traits for different skin types and familiarise yourself with what you need. Great moisturising products include the NUXE Men Moisturising Multi Purpose Gel, and Jack Black’s Clean Break Oil Free Moisturiser.

Use SPF creams

Sun damage is one of those things that can really add years to your face. More importantly, protecting your delicate skin from harmful UV rays is just common sense. Even during the gloomier months, it’s good practice to add a little SPF to your skin. Look for higher factors for better protection, like Ultrasun’s Face Anti Ageing Sun Protection Sensitive with SPF30.

Get the odd pamper product

Who’s to say men can’t have a bit of pampering at times too? There are plenty of great products designed for men’s skin that enable you to indulge every once in a while. BARBER PRO’s Under Eye Mask With Activated Charcoal reduces puffiness and calms irritated skin, and little treats like NUXE’s Merveillance Expert Lifting Eye Cream are a simple, luxurious addition to your daily routine.

Grooming Tips for Men

Grooming Tips for Men

Nicks, scrapes and blemishes are easily avoided with the help of a few well-chosen shaving products. To get started, you need to consider both pre-shave and post-shave to make sure your skin is cared for. Depending on whether you’re clean-shaven, with a full beard, or somewhere in between, there’s a whole range of finely tuned products out there. But don’t forget to also take your skin type into account. Each of these little elements will help define your choice.

Pre-shave conditioning
Prepping your skin is a top priority before setting that razor to your skin. Pre-shave oils and moisturisers will hydrate your face, giving the blade a smooth surface to glide across, avoiding unsightly post-shave bumps. Lush products include the ultra-nourishing Dear Barber Shave Oil, and GENTLEMEN’S TONIC Pre-Shave Oil. For the shave itself, choose a cream or foam that’ll keep your skin supple, like Rogue Lubricious Shave Cream.


Post-shave soothing
Soothing your skin post-shave can reduce redness and irritation, and replenish lost moisture. All important points if you want to side-step that blotchy, red-faced look. Great post-shave products include the BOSS BOTTLED. Aftershave Balm with a zingy, fresh scent. Jack Black’s Post Shave Cooling Gel is soothing and alcohol-free if you need something for sensitive skin, and The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser is hydrating with a masculine scent.


Razor sharp blades
Ditching old blades is one of the biggest shaving tips you can rely on. Sharp, clean razors are the key to a smooth shave. Your budget and skin type with help you choose the right products. On-the-go, Gillette’s Blue 3 Disposables Razors come in handy. The patented King Of Shaves Hyperglide System Razor is great for a close shave, and the Edwin Jagger Chrome Lined Long DE Razor is ideal for experienced wet shavers.


Looking after your beard
If you’re a proud bearded type, keeping your whiskers shiny, conditioned and fresh is a must. Luckily, you have a huge selection of products to choose between. Just like American Crew’s Beard Serum, Woody’s Grooming Stache Wax, and U.S Apothecary‘s super-smoothing Juniper Geranium Beard Balm.


Christmas Gifts For Him

Christmas Gifts For Him

If you need the perfect present for him this Christmas, look no further. This blog is packed with gifting inspiration. From delicious aftershaves to top-selling electricals, there’s something for even those hard-to-buy-for men.

Delectable gift sets

Give him everything he loves in one package with a gift set. Best-selling designer brands like Paco Rabanne, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss are all there. To give you some handy ideas, sets include Paco Rabanne 1 Million 50ml gift set aftershave and shower gel duo. There’s also a Calvin Klein Euphoria Men combo, and Hugo Boss Bottled gift set.


Swoon-worthy fragrances

Christmas is the best time for topping up a fragrance collection. Whether you’d like to surprise him with something new, or get a tried a tested favourite, all the big-hitters are there. You can even shop by budget, and work to a price to suit you. You can get your hands on all-time favourites likes Joop Homme, and Lacoste L12 12 Eau De Lacoste with just a quick browse.


Shaving and grooming must-haves

A nice little alternative to fragrance gifts, shaving and grooming kits are just the thing for any stylish man. Pre-shave, post-shave, razors and blades, and beard care products give you a whole range of options, whatever his grooming regime. Some lovely present ideas include Edwin Jagger’s ebony and chrome fusion razor, and Jack Black’s bump fix razor bump and ingrown hair solution.


Cool electricals

Fancy changing things up a bit this Christmas, and buying something he definitely won’t have already? You can choose from a full collection of fancy electrical items. Here you’ll find products like Remington Ceramic M&R Beard Trimmer, Beurer’s 2-in-1 mood light for a pick-me-up during those dull winter months, and Wahl’s ultimate lithium clipper kit.