Coverage Hacks For Hot Weather

Coverage Hacks For Hot Weather

So far, the spring of 2019 has brought us some gorgeous sunshine and we are all hoping that this is a preview of what is to come throughout summer. But as a beauty company we can relate to the difficulties you face when wearing makeup when the temperate rise. So today in our blog we are going to run through a step by step guide to achieving a full coverage that will stay on through out the day.

The first step as you all know is making sure your skin is moisturised smoothing out all uneven areas. Throughout summer you should be thinking about smart beauty so using moisturisers with SPF such as the Dermalogica Prisma Protect. This product defends you from all environmental aggressors and delivers long lasting hydration, with SPF 30 this allows your skin to be its healthiest. It comes in a handy 12ml travel size if you want to test this product out!

Once you’ve let your moisturiser soak into your face start by applying a primer to the surface of your skin, the w7 Porefection face primer works as a great base. It allows you to maintain coverage throughout the day. Alternatively, The Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Facial Primer is a multifunctional product that works as a light dewy foundation or a as a great underlay to build on. When wearing this product, it is light, breathable and gives an even coverage.

Today we are building on it by applying a foundation as want a matte not shiny look with a light dewiness and a full coverage. The product we would recommend is a high street brand Maybelline, but their super stay 24-hour foundation competes with the best foundations for coverage. Its creamy, lightweight consistency allows your skin to move but is humidity and sweat resistant. When applying foundation one thing to think about is starting from the outside in as you don’t a foundation build up in your T-zone.

Then working a concealer in around your eyes, nose and cupids bow, start with all other areas and finish with your eyes because they can crease first, and you don’t want any creases before setting your face with powder. When blending your foundations and concealers in we recommend a beauty blender, they work really well make sure you are dampening them so they don’t absorb any of the product, but they will give you an overall great coverage. Our favourites are the new FD Beauty Blenders that you can get in a mini pack of 4 if you want it out as an alternative to a brush.

Now you have achieved your coverage look at using a finishing powder to set and mattify the areas needed. Looking at another Maybelline product the Fit Me Matte and Poreless Powder is fabulous for leaving a poreless finish giving long lasting shine control. You can work this in with a brush or beauty blender, make sure you apply enough on your T-zone and under eye areas.

To help control moisture build up on your face use a powder bronzer, stay away from cream bronzers. Using a powder, it will allow you to contour and give you the colour, so work a powder into your cheekbones and forehead in a 3 shaped motion and it will keep you matte throughout the day. The Mii Bronzing face finish is a mineralized bronzing powder that gives you a smooth, flawless finish and will leave you with a warm, healthy complexion.

Then using your feathered brush apply the highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, under brow, cupids bow and nose to give definition and glow. You want this to add to your dewiness but again use a powder so it will remain firmer on your skin and won’t clog together leaving any uneven tones. The W7 Bam! Trio Highlighter Set has a range of three shades, using the golden shade work it into the top of the cheekbones to give it a warm glow, then using the pinky tone use it to add a glow in selected areas.

Lastly something we would recommend for every make up bag no matter how much make up you wear is a setting spray. Depending on preference some people spray it on to their face prior to foundation, some spray it to the applicator for example your beauty blender, some spray the product for example your matting powder or like we are today after the look is complete. Spraying it all over your face will set and hold the look, The W7 Matte Fixer is perfect for preventing any movement created by sweat, smudging or humidity. This budget friendly product is a great one to have with you for any holidays, occasions or festivals you might be attending.

Find Your Perfect Red Lip

Find Your Perfect Red Lip

Do you dream of pout perfection? If you’d love to track down the best shade of red lipstick for your complexion, you’re in luck! Choose the right shade of red in a texture to suit you and kiss goodbye to dull, lifeless lips forever.

The first thing that you need to understand before choosing your perfect red is which undertone you are. If you’ve never heard of it before, don’t panic! Just imagine your skin has two layers – the top layer, and the layer underneath. The colour of this under-layer is your undertone.

What are the different colour skin undertones?
• Cool undertone (pink)
• Neutral undertone
• Warm undertone (yellow)

How to work out your skin’s undertone

1. The jewellery test – if silver jewellery suits you best, you’re likely to have a ‘cool’ undertone, and if you look better in gold, you probably have a ‘warm’ undertone. If both silver and gold jewellery looks great on you, you’re ‘neutral’.
2. The veins test – look at your wrist: if your veins look blue, you have a ‘cool’ undertone, and if they appear green, you’re ‘warm’. If you can’t tell what colour they are, you’re ‘neutral’.
3. The tan test – struggle to catch a tan? You have a ‘cool’ undertone. If you catch a tan easily and don’t tend to burn, you’re ‘warm’. If you can go either way, you probably have a ‘neutral’ undertone.

The best red lipstick based on your skin’s undertone

Cool undertones
If you think you have a cool undertone, look for a blue-red lipstick to complement your complexion. Wearing blue-red lipstick is also a great trick to making your teeth look whiter!

Warm undertones
Warm undertones should go for orange-red lipsticks, as the warmth of the orange will flatter your complexion perfectly.

Neutral undertones
The lucky ones! While there is no specific shade of lipstick for you based on your undertone, you should find that you can pull off almost any colour. If you want to choose a lipstick based on your skin-tone, rather than your undertone, read on.

The best red lipstick based on your skin tone

The best red lipstick for light skin tones

If you have fair skin, you might be worried about reaching for the red – well, try it! Instead of harshly contrasting your complexion, red lipstick in the right shade can perfectly complement your skin and leave you feeling amazing.

Fair skin looks fab with wine-coloured lipstick. We’ve got a lot of lip-love for Lily Collins, and she’s working the merlot-shade beautifully here.

If you have ‘cool’ undertones and fair skin, choose a bright red-blue lipstick for a timeless look. If you have ‘warm’ undertones beneath your pale complexion, cherry reds are best for you as they pick up the pigments in your skin, making you look fresh and youthful.

Red lipstick for medium skin tones

Vibrant reds are a great choice for medium skin tones, which have the warmth to carry them off. Choose a lipstick with orange undertones to enhance any hint tan you might have.

Red lipstick for medium-dark skin tones

One word – coral!

This fresh red shade looks fantastic with the warm undertones of an olive complexion, and since coral is slightly pinker than most red shades, it makes a great option for casual days.

Red lipstick for dark skin tones

If you have a dark skin tone you can work an orange-based red like no one else! Lupita Nyong’o is an excellent example of how stunning this look can be.

Lucky for you, deep skin tones can carry off most shades of red, whether it’s a bright candy colour or a captivating maroon.

Red lipstick to suit everyone

If you don’t feel confident enough to choose a red lipstick based on your undertone or skin tone, you can still wear the look with confidence. A classic red – that’s pure, unadulterated red with no orange or blue tone – looks great on everyone. Take inspiration from Anne Hathaway on this one, she knows how to do it right.

Choosing a red lipstick texture

Lip stain

New to the game? If red lipstick is out of your comfort zone, go for a lip stain that you can apply and pretty much forget about. Lip stains are one of our favourite products because they can double-up as blushers – who doesn’t love a two-in-one?


Want to work a high-powered pout? Matte lipsticks give a highly-pigmented finish that’s perfect for a sophisticated, high-fashion look.


Lip gloss is the way to go if you can’t handle the commitment of an intensely pigmented lip! Red glosses can still pack a colourful punch when layered up but stay feeling light on your lips.

If you want to wear it and forget about it, go for a lightly-pigmented gloss (rather than a deeply-coloured one) and just apply a quick slick. It will wear off gradually but won’t leave a harsh line where it’s faded.


Sheer lipsticks deliver a wash of colour in a light, non-sticky texture – it’s like using a fancy lip balm!

Red lipstick expert tips

1. Use lip liner – lip liner helps to prolong the wear of your lipstick and stops it from bleeding out to the skin around your lips. Match your liner to your lipstick if possible, or go for a shade closer to your natural lip colour for a less dramatic edge.

2. Colour, blot, colour – apply your lip colour, blot it with a tissue, then pull a tissue apart so that it’s just one thin layer; place this tissue over your lips and use a powder brush to dust on translucent powder. Then, remove the tissue, apply another coat of lipstick and enjoy long-lasting results!

Feeling inspired? You can shop our collection of red lipsticks here.

Our Top 5 Concealers

Our Top 5 Concealers

Today we are reviewing the concealers that we have at Fragrance Direct. In every girl’s make up bag we rely on a trusty concealer to brighten up our under eye and cover those breakouts that are complete mood killers. So, knowing which the good ones are to try can be over facing so today we are going to run through good fits for summer;

Firstly, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer is great for smoothing away dark circles and imperfections. Enriched in vitamin C, E and B5 this is a radiance boosting concealer will visibly brighten complexion. This is a trustworthy budget friendly recommendation.

The Elizabeth Arden Concealer is another best in class product with its stroke stick application. This product has a smooth creamy formula which seamlessly blends onto your skin covering imperfections and dark areas. This is a favourite for our bloggers!

The Maybelline Affinitone Concealer is a long lasting, light concealer which is great for every day. This concealer allows the skin to breathe without clogging pores but giving you that perfect coverage. This is an easy to use applicator as well great for having handy in your bag.

The Models Own Flawless Concealer stick another gives you that flawless appearance without being heavy or building up around creases. Perfect for hiding dark circles, blemishes and imperfections around your face, giving you coverage for everyday and evening.

Lastly, we would recommend the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Concealing Stick this is perfect for all skin types, comes in 3 shades and is completely oil free. This gentle soothing formula gives a natural look on your skin and imperfections, using your finger or brush gently pat and blend the products until is blended in.

Lastly if you don’t have a concealer brush or are thinking of treating yourself to a new one the So ECO concealer brush is a really good applicator. It’s hand shaped cut allows it to easily blend in any problem areas and remove any access, giving that ultimate coverage without breaking the bank!

Bronzers – The Holy Grail Makeup Item

Bronzers – The Holy Grail Makeup Item

Every girl knows how much of a key player bronzer is to their makeup bag. Whether you rely on it for adding some colour to your complexion or sculpting your face, a good bronzer that is perfectly matched to your skin works wonders. Today we are looking at 3 reasons why we LOVE bronzer here at fragrance direct and how we use it;

When buying yourself a bronzer you want one that is 1/2 shades darker than our natural skin tone. This will help give your winter skin a much-needed sun kissed healthy glow. When applying bronzer, you want to work in the number 3 motion, working your way from your forehead, around your eye to your cheek then round your mouth to your chin, this will emphasis your cheek bones and give shape to your face. When trying to find the perfect match if you have a paler complexion, we would suggest a shear coppery colour that has peachy undertones. We want to stay clear of any shades of orange as we all know that is not a good look. If you have medium to olive tones in your skin, then you want to be looking a chocolatey matte bronzer that will bring a warmth to your face. If you have a darker tone don’t look for one too much darker than your natural complexion. You want it to have blue undertones to emphasis your shape and add some definition.

Another reason bronzer has rightly earned its position amongst our make up bag heroes is due to it being a fabulous eye eyeshadow colour. Whether you use it to add a little warmth to a simple everyday look or as a neutral base for a heavier eye bronzer is a fabulous way to draw subtle emphasis to your look. With an eyeshadow brush, in circular motions work the bronzer into your crease, blending out the edges so you don’t leave any harsh lines.

Bronzer is not only used for the details it is used to blend everything in. Often when applying makeup, we can get build ups in areas which cause things we refer to as ‘lines. This can often happen around our ears and jawline so using your bronzer you can work the make up into our neck. This means there is no change in tones, and uneven matches. Brushes, when applying makeup can make an invaluable difference to the application so make sure you are not using a brush which will cover the entire surface area of your cheeks. Here are 3 recommendations from Fragrance direct from a high, medium and low-price budget;

The first is the popular W7 Life’s a Beach Matte Bronzing Powder in the Beach Please shade this gives you that sun kissed glow while sculpting your face in the areas you want. When applying this bronzer, use a fluffy brush and knock off all the excess before applying.

Our next choice would be the Mii Bronzing Face Finish for its velvet finish. This ultra-refined mineralized powder gives you a super smooth, sheer, natural glow and sweeps easily across your skin.

Then the Collistar Silk Effect Bronzing Powder in Bora Bora shade 8 gives you that subtle everyday sunned look. With its ultra-light and easy to apply formula it gives you that gorgeous healthy glow with a silky texture.

If you’re looking for a bronzer that you can use to blend your neck, shoulder and body into then the Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body shimmer is one will enhance all your targeted areas such as your collarbones. This is an easy to use, quick fix solution for those summer nights you haven’t pre tanned for.

Best Of The Spring Sale

Best Of The Spring Sale

If you haven’t already had a look at our spring sale, then our question would be why?! This spring some of your favourite brands have huge savings! Whether you are looking for a lighter alternative for summer or just a change for the season there is something for everyone. Here we have pulled out some exciting products that you need to get your hands on!

Let’s start with fragrances, the women’s category has some great scents such as Vera Wang Eau de Parfum. Originally launched in 2002, this classic opens with a mandarin and blossom note giving it a fruity blend which would be perfect for day or night.

Lastly for our women’s fragrance category it would be one from the iconic YSL Black Opium family; Intense. This scent has top notes of anise, jasmine sambac absolute for heart notes and a coffee accord for base notes giving it a seductive fullness perfect for your evening events.

If you have had a look at the sale you will have seen the great variety of giftsets; one favourite especially for this time of year is the CK one set. It comes as a great package including, body lotion, hair wash, with the 200ml and a mini EDT. The CK One scent is a fresh, fruity fragrance with essences of orange, lemon and jasmine and can be the perfect choice for both men or women.

Another recommendation if you have any birthdays coming up would be the new Gucci Guilty EDP Gift Set in its reinvented iconic packaging. This launch has been massively popular with top notes of Mandora, heart notes of Lilac and base notes of Patchouli giving the scent a floral richness so this is defiantly a gift set we had to talk about.

Moving on to Men’s if we were to name a few of the best buys we would start by talking about Calvin Klein Euphoria. This spray is an addictive, fresh, oriental scent with a ginger pepper cocktail and cedar leaf. This is a popular scent for aftershave or brand enthusiasts.

Next, we have the classic Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme EDT. This light, fruity scent is perfect for spring with notes of Sage, citruses and bergamot.
If you are buying for yourself or someone else the Boss Bottle Man of Today is a great one for every day or evening. The edition is part of BOSS bottled collection meaning it is a masculine scent, made from notes of apple, geranium and sensual, woody notes.

If you were thinking you needed to restock some of your skincare essentials this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. The sale includes some great products such as the Clinique Clarifying Lotion. This cleanser is perfect for dry skin removing any dead skin cells leaving your skin looking smoother and feeling cool and refreshed, great for before bed or prior makeup.

Ren Clean Skincare Rose O12 Moisture Defence oil is another great product, as you know oil’s work more effectively that moisturisers to throughout the changing seasons this is perfect for keeping your skin its most radiant condition.

If you know about American Crew already, we know you will be happy to know that their products are currently discounted on our website. Their men’s products are full of natural cleansing wheat protein which is added for strength and shine and meaning they are great for everyday use.

Lastly, we delved into make up to have a look at some of the best recommendations for you, one to look at would be the Technic summertime summer glow pressed pigment palette. This is a lovely palette which includes shimmery neutral tones of orange and pinks. The product itself applies evenly to the selected area’s making it super easy to use and would pair perfectly with a neutral lip, so you could pick up the W7 kiss lipstick in naughty nude to complete your summer look.

There’s tons of discounts to get your hands on so make sure you check out the sale category!

How To Organise & Declutter Your Makeup Collection

How To Organise & Declutter Your Makeup Collection

Spring is finally on the horizon, and for many of us that means it’s time for a huge clean-up operation. We know that one of the areas most desperate for attention in our lives is our quite large makeup and skincare collection, and we’ve been thinking about it for a while – we don’t know where to start!

Here, we bring you everything you need to know if you’re bracing yourself for a beauty spring clean…

How to organise and declutter your makeup and skincare

Here’s how to arrange your makeup and skincare at a glance:
1. Throw away any out-of-date products
2. Clean your beauty tools before you organise them
3. Make sure you have a place for every product
4. Put everything in its home (and make sure it stays there!)

1. Throw away any out-of-date products

Using makeup that’s past its expiration date is something we’ve all done. You spent a lot of money on a product, and maybe you didn’t use it up in its 12-month lifetime – what, are you going to throw it away?

Well, yes you should! Expiration dates aren’t slapped onto your favourite makeup and skincare just to make you shell out for a fresh product. Using old makeup can cause significant damage to your skin, not to mention its consistency will start to change past its use-by date, making it less effective.

Here are some of the most shocking things that can happen when makeup has expired:
• SPF in products can become less effective
• Products start to dry out and become clumpy, making them difficult to apply
• Molecules can break down, causing your skin to react (this can mean inflammation, redness, bumps, a rash, or even blisters)
• Bacteria can start to develop in the product, which can lead to eye infections and swelling

Doesn’t sound good, does it? So, how often should you be throwing away old makeup and looking for a replacement?

When does makeup expire?
You should always check the product for its specific shelf-life, but generally, you should stick to the below:
• Mascara expires every 3 months
• Eyeliner expires every 6 to 12 months
• Eyeshadow expires every 6 to 12 months
• Lipstick expires every 18 months

So, before you get to cleaning and organising your makeup and skincare collection, say goodbye to any products that are past their shelf life – your skin will thank you!

2. Clean your beauty tools before you organise them
Now we’re getting there – our collection is significantly smaller and more manageable. The next thing to do is to make sure our makeup tools – brushes and sponges – are squeaky clean and ready to put away.

We recommend using a specially formulated makeup brush cleaner, like this one by Derma V10, and a brush cleaner tool. Brush Works have a great selection – just wet your brushes and sponges, add a couple of drops of cleaner, and rub them on the rough surface of the tool to remove any old makeup. (See here for more about how to clean makeup brushes and sponges.)

3. Make sure you have a place for every product
So, everything is clean and ready to go! This next step is the most important if you’re going to keep your makeup and skincare arranged for more than a few days – make sure you have a place for every product you own so your cosmetics can stay organised long-term.

Here are some of our favourite makeup and skincare organisation techniques:
• Keep things tidy and separated in bags (and bags within bags!)
• Put plastic containers inside your makeup drawer to separate different kinds of product
• Invest in a vanity case
• Use organiser cases to keep everything together
• Separate your products into organiser drawers
• Use glass, plastic, ceramic or fabric pots for makeup brushes (half-fill your pot with coffee beans or uncooked rice to keep your brushes upright)
• Use a handing shower caddy to keep things off your shower floor

Don’t know where to start? LaRoc has a great selection of organiser cases, drawers and makeup brush stands.

When you’ve figured out what you need to organise your makeup and skincare properly, you’re ready for the final and most rewarding step of the process…

4. Put everything in its home (and make sure it stays there!)

Finish up by putting all your makeup and skincare away. Stand your brushes in pots, organise your makeup by product type (if you have a lot of it) or just move your daily products into a single makeup bag. Arrange your shower products into a caddy or into containers and put everything in its place.

Now everything has a home of its very own, make sure it stays there! Don’t forget to refresh your collection any time a product might have expired (if it lasts that long), and enjoy your new organised collection and your new clear head, just in time for spring.