Himalayan Pink Salt – The Benefits

Himalayan Pink Salt – The Benefits

Have you heard about Himalayan Pink Salt? We are talking about a salt which can be the answer to many skin woes that we suffer with due to environmental issues, everyday stresses and hormonal changes. Himalayan Pink Salt is known for being the purest salt available to us, with being 98% sodium chloride this is a pure, unspoiled, oxygen rich, nutrient full substance which is small enough for our body to absorb providing our skin with numerous benefits.

There are numerous benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt to the body such as lowering blood pressure but today we are focusing on the benefits to your skin.

Balancing out your pH Levels – You’re skins ability to fight environmental stresses and infections can be affected by the pH level, side effects to your pH level being to alkaline or acidic could result in eczema, rosacea or dermatitis. Your diet, smoking, water, the sun and pollution are all factors than can sway your balance so using a facewash with pH balancing or soaking a cotton pad in a cup of dissolved Himalayan pink salt will help keep or this conditions at bay.

Exfoliating Dead Skin Cells – Salt scrubs have been around for years, but Himalayan Pink Salt are the new thing! They work to remove dead skin cells increasing the speed of cell turnover, leaving your skin silky soft and glowing.

Treat Acne – Himalayan pink salt is a natural antiseptic so can kill bacteria that leads to acne. It removes excess oil meaning any oily build ups which can could outbreaks will be cleansed and it balances of pH levels which can also be the cause of acne breakouts. Looking for Himalayan pink salt in a toner will massively improve your skins appearance.

Skin Detoxifier- Running yourself a bath with Himalayan pink salt’s will therapeutically benefit your body as well as remove any toxins from your skin. Removing any grime, dirt or bacteria from your pores will prevent breakouts and keep your skin in the best condition. Adding a couple of handfuls of salts into your bath will allow you to really see the benefits, and who doesn’t love an excuse to have a candle lite bath?

Decreases fine lines and wrinkles – Himalayan Pink Salt gets rid of free radicals and other substances in the air that may have caused signs of pre-aging such as lines, dull areas or dark circles. Not only that it can help you sleep, and everyone knows the more sleep you get the better you look.

Scalp Care – If you suffer with dry skin or dandruff on your scalp using Himalayan pink salt will allow you to cleanse your skin, improving hair follicles and its ability to grow. You should treat you scalp like an extension of your face and use products that will help nourish the skin not only wash your hair.

Himalayan Pink Salt can be used in face scrubs, toners, mists, body scrubs and detox bath products but here at Fragrance Direct we have a range of products for everyone’s budget. A favourite is the Isla Apothecary Himalayan Salt Soak perfect for encouraging cell growth and problematic or mature skin.

Pinterest Beauty Trends

Pinterest Beauty Trends

More and more of us are turning to Pinterest for inspiration and trend forecasting so we thought we would pull out some of our favourites for you to have a look through!

The first one which we are sure you have all seen is ‘GOING GREY’! Yes, very tempting! This trend has developed into many ashy shades and people are now mixing ombre with shades of grey and it is gorgeous. With the evolution of silver shampoos, it makes it easy to maintain at home; so here is one to crush on.

The next trend we are seeing on social media is Reflective Make up. If you haven’t already seen it, this stuff is amazing! It comes in a particle spray and gives you a full body glow. This is one to keep an eye out, especially as soon we will be in full festival season swing.

Coffin nails have been the in thing for shape, but we are seeing a new pattern becoming increasingly popular on Pinterest and that is Tortoiseshell nails . They add a sense of sophistication and style and that’s why at fragrance direct we love this trend!

The makeup world is ever evolving but one who is heavily desirable at the moment is Charlotte Tilbury. Her glowy make up turned the Victoria secret models in to actual angels demonstrating this more natural, no makeup, make up look. Some of us are looking to move away from the heavy eyebrow and intense contouring to this all round subtler, glowy look.

Some products at FD that can help you achieve these trends;

The Fudge Clean Blonde Damage Rewind, Violet- Toning Shampoo combines their bestselling cleaning shampoo and their damage rewind shampoo. This is a good shampoo for blondes and greys due to its neutralising violet pigment and proteins, hydrating guarana and oti-plex which tackles any unwanted yellow tones, strengthens, refreshes and cleanses.

The Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Facial Primer – This award-winning primer is perfect for creating an effortless, ‘make-up free’ dewy look. It can be worn under foundation or on its own and smooths over any lines or wrinkles leaving you with a beautifully even skin tone and dewy complexion.

Mother’s Day Gifts For All Budgets

Mother’s Day Gifts For All Budgets

Whether you’re celebrating your own mum this Mother’s Day, or preparing to show your partner or a friend how much they mean to their younger kids, choosing the right gift – however small – can make all the difference.

When it comes to finding a Mother’s Day present for the special lady in your life, don’t let your budget stop you from choosing something they’ll love. There’s no need to worry about buying an expensive gift if you don’t have the money to spare – chances are, your mum will adore anything you give her just because it’s from you!

To make things a little easier, we’ve put together some of our favourite Mother’s Day gift choices to suit all budgets:

1. Mother’s Day Gifts Under £10
If you have a low budget for Mother’s Day this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t still choose a great gift to make her smile. Try one of these Mother’s Day gifts under £10 for an easy win. If you have little more time, choose a couple of Mother’s Day gifts for less than £5 and put them together in a hamper for your mum – nothing says ‘I love you’ like than a touch of thoughtfulness.

Taylor of London Tweed Eau de Toilette Gift Set
With a perfume, hand cream, soap, scented candle and two bath bombs, all for less than £10, this eau de toilette gift set is an excellent low-budget gift for Mother’s Day. It comes beautifully packed in a patterned box, so it’s also a pleasure to unwrap.

Muelhens 4711 Eau de Cologne Gift Set
This simple gift set by Muelhens contains a 50ml eau de cologne and a delicate cream soap bar. The fragrance is refreshing and citrus – the perfect pick-me-up for a hard-working mum this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Under £5
If you want to go down a different route with your Mother’s Day offering this year, why not pick up a selection of smaller bits and put together a hamper or goodie-bag? Our 3-for-£5 makeup is perfect for this! Throw in a card, a bottle of wine, or some of your mum’s favourite chocolate, and you have yourself a Mother’s Day gift she’s guaranteed to love.

Here are some of our favourite skincare gifts for less than £5, perfect for filling up your Mother’s Day hamper:
Bio Glow Apricot and Rosemary Face Scrub
Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolour Butter
Derma V10 Clay Mask Purifying
Balance Active Formula Dragons Blood Eye Serum
Balance Gold Collagen Serum

Now you know – the perfect Mother’s Day gift doesn’t need to cost the earth!

2. Mother’s Day Gifts Under £30

If you feel like spending a little more on your special lady this Mother’s Day, we have a fantastic selection of fragrance and skincare gifts to suit a £20-£30 budget. Here are some of our favourites:

Anna Sui Miniature Fragrance Gift Set
This Anna Sui minis set is an excellent Mother’s Day gift if your mum is difficult to buy for. With five fragrances included, your chances of introducing them to a new favourite are high!

Nina Ricci L’Air Du Temps Gift Set
Nina Ricci’s feminine fragrances are iconic, and L’Air Du Temps is the designer’s best-known scent. Timeless, sophisticated, and favoured by women around the world, this fresh fragrance makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil Set
A beauty must-have, Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream leaves skin feeling soft, fresh, and replenished. This gift set includes a bottle of Eight Hour Miracle Oil, an Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisture Hand Treatment, and an Eight Hour Skin Protectant – it’s the gift of beautiful skin!

3. Mother’s Day Gifts Under £50

Splash the cash this Mother’s Day with a luxury gift – you won’t believe what you can get your hands on for under £50! If you’re struggling, start by checking out some of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts for under £50.

Dermalogica AGE Smart Skin Kit
With a Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, Antioxidant Hydramist, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, Dynamic Skin Recovery, and Multivitamin Power Firm, the AGE Smart Starter Kit by Dermalogica contains a full month’s regimen that your mum can use every day for firmer, smoother, healthier skin. Trust us – she’ll love it.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Gift Set
Daisy Dream is a variant of Marc Jacobs original and hugely popular Daisy fragrance. This gift set includes an eau de toilette spray, a shower gel and a body lotion. It comes beautifully packaged in a sweet blue box, so the only thing left for you to do is write out the card.

Gucci Bamboo Gift Set
Strong yet graceful, Gucci Bamboo has been designed to represent diversity in women. The Gucci Bamboo gift set, which includes an eau de toilette spray and a body lotion, is perfect for Mother’s Day, no matter who you’re buying for.

The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day – Candles!

The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day – Candles!

Everyone loves candles! Whether you use them for decoration, to scent your home or to create a cosy or relaxing atmosphere, everyone enjoys that feeling you get when you take your new candle of out the box and find a place for it in your home. So, we are going to run through some of our favourites that might be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift or if you are just treating yourself!

Our first recommendation would be one from the Woodwick Collection, these candles come in a variety of sizes and scents, but we love them at fragrance Direct because they crackle when burnt. If you are buying for your mum, then there are some lovely scents such as Sea Salt Magnolia in the Artisan hourglass or Pomegranate in the clear with wooden lid, that would make a great present.

The next candle we love is the Plum & Ashby Honey and Amber scented candle. This candle has notes of zesty citrus and sweet vanilla, inspired by glorious afternoons in the British country side. Designed to give to ultimate relaxation in its simplistic and sophisticated packaging, this would be a create addition to anyone’s home.

One which would make a wonderful gift is the Ted Baker Fig and Olive Candle, our favourite scent of the collection. Warm and fresh in an elegant deep grey this floral scent would be perfect for anyone with style. Each candle is carefully crafted and housed in a weighted glass vessel and inspired by the exotic fragrances from Ted’s travels.

If you are wanting a traditional styled candle, one that would look nice on a coffee or dressing table the Heart and Home ones come in a sweet frosted jar with lid. Due to the time of year we would recommend the White Jasmine and Freesia scent as it is light and fresh for spring.

Lastly if you have a smaller budget, a brand we all know, and love Baylis and Harding do a good range of candles in a sleek and sophisticated glass bottle. At Fragrance Direct we love the Mandarin, Grapefruit and Lemon scent for its fresh yet subtle fusion.

If you prefer a diffuser then have a look at our huge range. One which we really love is the Orla Kiely Geranium Home is a fresh scent packaged in her signature, cheerful print this would be a wonderful feature in your home for spring or a thoughtful present.

Perfecting That Shelfie!

Perfecting That Shelfie!

We are all aware of the classic selfie but here at Fragrance Direct we have been working on our shelfie’s. For those that don’t know it is a trend on social media and it stands for a picture of your shelf. Displaying those gorgeous perfume bottles, positioned next to a candle, with some stunning make up products and a cactus in the background is something many of us are trying to create that ideal home image. So, here at Fragrance Direct we have been assessing what we would want in our shelfie and here’s what we came up with:

If you fall into a younger age bracket these products would be a great selection for you. Firstly, for a perfume the new Emporio Armani In Love with You Eau de Parfum is a favourite. This fruity fragrance has addictive notes of jasmine absolute and patchouli essence and represents a modern personality of fragrance. In this classic and stylish bottle, it definitely qualifies for our selection.

Now looking into skincare these products are some industry favourites; the Gatineau Tan Accelerator Lotion is a unique triple action that helps to prepare, boost and prolong tanning. If you like you get a natural glow through summer, this prepares your skin in the best way as it encourages your skins natural self-protection through advanced performance melanin productions activators.

Now to feed your face the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a soap free gel that removes impurities without disturbing the skins natural moisture balance. The calming balm includes mint and lavender extracts that soothes the skin while removing toxins and debris leaving you with a super fresh face. Dermalogica products are always gentle and perfect for skin types that suffer with blemishes or dry skin. To finish off your face care you need a reliable moisturiser the Lancaster Aquamilk Day Cream 24 Hour Deep Moisture is perfect for skins that suffer with dryness, leaves your skin in the perfect condition for the day.

Now your shelf is full of some of the best brands one thing to add would be some hair care; the Toni&Guy Intense Softness shampoo and conditioners are known for helping with everyday vitality, keeping its natural softness and healthy-looking shine for you all the time, not just when you leave the hairdressers.

At Fragrance Direct we know when you get older what you want out of products changes so for our second shelfie these are the products we pulled out for an older age group; for fragrance the new Lancome La Vie Est Belle En Rose Eau de Toilette is the reinvented version from the original which was widely loved. It has notes of red fruits, peony accord and sandalwood oil and is in the bottle known as the crystal smile.

Looking at skincare if your aims are to tackle signs of aging then a recommended cleanser would be the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser which is the new generation of anti-aging products that will reveal a youthful complexion. This cleanser will defend you against daily pollutants with skin protecting moringa seed peptide and great burdock which will help balance out the skin.

For a moisturizer the Gatineau Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Cream would be a great investment. It contains 2 avant-garde active ingredients; Gen-control blocks the expression of visible signs of aging and the fibro-repair helps promote skin elasticity which will get your skin feeling smoother, firmer and more radiant.

What we really love about this one is the one-click makeover feature. These makeup looks are created using perfectly matched seasonal colours and products. Users can try on timeless or modern makeup looks and discover what suits them best, without having to splash out on all the products before-hand.

For a body lotion the bestselling Ahava Mineral Body Lotion Sea Kissed is a shelf worthy product, its light, luxurious and includes ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel. This allows it to absorb quickly without leaving any stickiness or grease.

Now for your hair the Goldwell range is one to try, they are professional hair care brand known for their colour care or smoothing treatments. If you suffer with frizzy hair the Goldwell Dual Senses Just Smooth gentle-as-water shampoo has ingredients such as Kukui Nut Oil which nourishes and rinses away any impurities smoothing your frizz-prone hair.

Two fabulous shelfie’s if we don’t say so our self! We know you want to make sure the products on your shelf the best in class, so you see the best results and they don’t just sit in your cupboard. We hope this helps!

Top 3 Beauty & Makeup Apps You Need To Try

Top 3 Beauty & Makeup Apps You Need To Try

These days, there’s an app for just about everything and the ever-current beauty industry has stepped up to the mark.

We’ve been seeing beauty and makeup apps springing up for a couple of years now, and we can’t get enough of them! With developments in facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence moving forwards in leaps and bounds, if you’re new to the world of beauty apps, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

Whether you want to try on virtual makeup looks, order a new collection or appoint a professional hairstylist or beauty therapist to your door, these apps have it all. Here are a few of our favourites.

1. YouCam
YouCam is one of the most popular makeup apps available and can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.

By using facial detection, this smart beauty app gives you a true-to-life experience in real-time or on photos. There are hundreds of gorgeous makeup and beauty products to choose from, so you can mix and match until you find a combination that suits you!

The YouCam community is thriving – members can share and discover makeup tutorials, fashion news and tips. Some of our favourite features of this app include:
• One-touch skin analysis
• Beauty live streaming
• Real-time makeovers

This app has it all and is a great place to start if you’re new to the game.

2. Mary Kay Virtual Makeover
Mary Kay’s Virtual Makeover app is perfect for makeup lovers. You can try makeup and beauty products on your own face, or choose a model to try on, and share your designs with your friends on social media.

What we really love about this one is the one-click makeover feature. These makeup looks are created using perfectly matched seasonal colours and products. Users can try on timeless or modern makeup looks and discover what suits them best, without having to splash out on all the products before-hand.

This one is available on both iTunes and for Android.

3. Slapp
Finding the right shade of foundation, especially online, can seem impossible. There are so many makeup apps that promise to match your skin tone to your perfect shade of foundation, concealer or lipstick, and often they fall short of the mark.

Well, enter Slapp! This is one of the few skin-matching apps that really work, and we can’t get enough.

Available on iTunes and for Android, this free-to-use app works by analysing a picture of you, focusing on your cheeks, chin, and forehead, before bringing you a list of all the best products to suit your shade. You can filter products depending on your needs, and the app will serve up a whole selection of colour matches from all your favourite brands! Amazing, right?

So, it seems no matter what you’re in the market for, there’s a beauty app available to help. Did you know we have an app of our own? Download the Fragrance Direct app to browse and buy all your favourite products at the touch of a button! If you’re a little more old-school, stick to the Fragrance Direct blog for all your beauty and makeup tips, like how to clean your makeup brushes and sponges, or how to gym-proof your makeup.