What’s On Your Christmas Wish List? Blogger Edition

What’s On Your Christmas Wish List? Blogger Edition

It’s always interesting to see what’s on other people’s Christmas wish-lists so we thought, who better to ask than our favourite beauty bloggers! With lots of beauty and fragrance treats to choose from, it’s always nice to get an idea of what we can be buying for ourselves and loved ones this festive season. So we asked our top beauty bloggers a few Christmas themed questions!

Sarah Berryman from I Am Fabulicious dreams of being of being snugly and cosy this winter!

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

I’m a bit late to this craze, but I’ve decided that as I’m heavily pregnant, I want to be snugly, cosy and comfy this winter, so I’ve asked for a warm, fluffy onesie! I’d also rather like to be pampered with some sweet, yummy bubble baths and oils too! To be honest, a little Mulberry Bag shaped present under the Christmas tree wouldn’t go a miss too!

If you could receive one fragrance for Christmas, what would it be?

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb- It’s such a delicious fragrance, perfect for day or night and it lasts all day!

What’s one beauty product you’d like to receive this Christmas?

I really want to try the award winning Clarins Double Serum- With a baby on the way I’m fairly sure I’m going to need to step up my anti ageing regime pretty quickly, and this one sounds like a fab all rounder!

What’s your favourite A/W beauty look?

I’m a big fan of a simple, flawless face and statement lips in winter. Nothing says snow white like a clean complexion, slick of mascara and a bold, red lip. Bright red’s are great but I’m really into deep, burgundies and berry red’s this A/W.

What fragrance would you recommend for.. ‘Boyfriends/Husbands’?

I love my husband’s signature fragrance, Hugs Boss, with its heart of geranium, cinnamon and cloves, rounded off with a smooth base of sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood and olivewood. It’s such a masculine and distinctive fragrance without being over powering or in your face. It lasts ages and smells even better when its spent some time warming onto his skin.

Katie from Sugar Fix Beauty dreams of a serious amount of beauty products this Christmas.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

A serious amount of beauty products! I always love receiving new gift sets especially when it’s my favourite perfume. Plus the pretty boxes can be reused to store things!

If you could receive one fragrance for Christmas, what would it be?

It would be a toss up between my a time favourite scent, Thierry Mugler Alien or an Agent Provocateur scent as I’ve always found them to be really beautiful fragrances but I’ve never owned one. Don’t ask me to pick my favourite though!


What’s one beauty product you’d like to receive this Christmas?

That’s a hard one, there’s so many things I have my eye on! Probably a really lovely skincare or body set with a little of everything.

What’s your favourite A/W beauty look?

I love a soft smokey eye with bold brows and berry lips. I think it’s really striking and swapping bronzer for contour is a must.

What fragrance would you recommend for.. ‘Girlfriends’?

Definitely something flirty in a pretty bottle – the type you’d proudly show on your dressing table. Perhaps a lovely fresh, floral scent that works all year round.

Sarah Barton from Friday Is Forever is dreaming of Pandora earrings this Christmas.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

A Laura Mercier vanilla scented body soufflǸ, lots of make up, Pandora earrings and another stacking ring to add to my collection, and Vera Wangs Lovestruck perfume.

If you could receive one fragrance for Christmas, what would it be?

Vera Wangs Lovestruck. There are plenty of perfumes I constantly have my eye on, but after missing this one whilst it was on offer I’m yearning for it. It smells fresh, and the bottle is just divine.


What’s one beauty product you’d like to receive this Christmas?

Nars Guy Boudin lip pencil collection – I’m not even sure it’s available in the UK.

What’s your favourite A/W beauty look?

Dark lips, though I’ve loved it since I dyed my hair dark last winter. Dark lips, with some dark contouring around the eyes, perfection!

What fragrance would you recommend for.. ‘Mums’?

I’ve actually been really tempted to treat my mum to the new Giorgio Armani ‘Si’ perfume. It’s expensive, but it’s okay to treat your mum right? It smells mature but also modern, something I think suits my mum nicely!


Sophie’s Christmas Picks

Sophie’s Christmas Picks

With only 5 weeks, and 1 pay day left (if like me you, get paid monthly) until Christmas, I thought this would be the ideal opportunity to share with you my Christmas Picks! Personally if it’s for a present, then I will always buy a gift set as I love the little extras that come with the fragrance, although I must admit, we do have some very lovely free gifts at the moment too. So if you’re struggling for ideas of what to buy for people, then hopefully these products will give you a bit of inspiration!


For Mum – Boss Jour Pour Femme

This is the perfect gift for mum because it is elegant and sophisticated. It is the ideal fragrance gift as it is extremely versatile and can be worn for absolutely every occasion ‘ work, day out, night out. The smell is beautiful and is not at all overpowering.


For Dad – James Bond 007

Well if your dad is anything like mine, he is the most difficult person in the world to buy for! But whose dad doesn’t love (wish he was) James Bond? This gift set is really well presented and comes with lovely extras including a set of cufflinks.


For Brother – Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo

I have always liked Diesel fragrances, and I especially like the bottle designs, and this is no exception. With an awesome bottle to hold an equally awesome fragrance, what better gift to give your brother this Christmas?


For Boyfriend – Paco Rabanne 1 Million

This is a fresh and masculine fragrance. Personally I think it is the best smell in the world. My boyfriend wears it all the time. It’s his signature scent, and there are definitely no complaints from me. Without wanting to sound TOO cheesy… It’s one in a million.


For Girlfriend (For me.. I hope he gets the hint!) – Vivienne Westwood Boudoir with free gift

I have said it before, and I will say it again. I absolutely LOVE Vivienne Westwood. It is just common knowledge now. We currently have a free gift to go with our 50ml bottles of Boudoir ‘ THE most beautiful, stunningly gorgeous notebook, and I have had my eye on it ever since we received them. (If you want to see it in all of its glory, take a look on our Instagram) Realistically though, anything Westwood would make me a very happy girl this Christmas… Hint hint!

Gucci by Gucci Made to Measure Review

Gucci by Gucci Made to Measure Review

This month, we’ve enlisted the help of one of our favourite male beauty bloggers, also known as Thom; writer and founder of the Manface blog. Manface is a blog dedicated to all things grooming and beauty, so that you can read honest product reviews and gain some beauty tips along the way! Read on to find out what Manface thinks of the new masculine scent from Gucci – Gucci by Gucci Made to Measure.

Made to Measure is a new fragrance from Gucci, released just in time for Christmas 2013.

Whereas many brands take something good and continually repackage and rebrand their creation, Made To Measure, the male counterpart to Gucci Premiere, is completely new. “Tailor-made like an expensive suit”, this solidly glass-housed and heavily metal-capped bottle delivers a fabulously accessible fragrance.

At first, I noted an overwhelming watering of apple, akin to one of my favourite launches of the year, Versace Eros. But it’s plum and bergamot you’ll actually find amidst the more noticeable notes of lavender, leather, cinnamon, amber and orange blossom.


It’s a safe fragrance that’s suitable at any time, being light enough to wear during the day but heavy enough for an evocative evening aroma. This is definitely something to be worn with clean pressed cotton, a freshly laundered shirt perhaps, or following Gucci’s advice, a Made to Measure suit. I think clean cotton brings out this fragrance’s delicate notes, whereas it might get lost on a jumper or something heavier.

Don’t be afraid of overpowering your date/friends/loved ones with this scent, as it stays gorgeously light but undoubtedly noticeable.
I’d say it’s the sporty man that’d enjoy this, a man who isn’t alien to carrying around a gym bag. It’s a zippy fragrance that exudes a gym-fit masculinity; a man that both plays and works hard.

So while thinking about Christmas, Fragrance Direct are stocking all possible incarnations of the fragrance, making some gorgeous gift ideas.

The 50ml Eau de Toilette is £39.95 and comes with a free, 50ml All Over Shampoo. Then there’s the stunning Gucci Made To Measure Travel Spray (30ml for £29.95), I really want this with its inspiration taken from the Made to Measure suit fabric. Finally, there are the two gift boxes featuring a 50ml or 90ml fragrance, aftershave lotion and all over shampoo.

Will you be trying Gucci by Gucci Made to Measure? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Q&A with Essie Button!

Q&A with Essie Button!

This week, we’ve been lucky enough to have a chat with the lovely Essie Button who has given us the lowdown on her most loved fragrances and beauty products, as well as sharing some of her favourite beauty destinations online.


Want to get to know one of YouTube’s top fashion and beauty bloggers?


Just read on’


What is the Essie-Button YouTube channel and blog all about?


The basis of all of my YouTube videos and blog posts is almost always beauty, but I do try to infuse as much of my personality in there as possible. Beauty is such a fun subject for me to talk about and it’s a place for me to share my beauty-experiences with my viewers.


Why did you start beauty blogging?


I started blogging a few months after I moved to England from Canada. I was a little bit lost and feeling kind of lonely, so discovering the online beauty community was the best thing that could have happened! I started blogging to meet new people and discover new things about makeup/skincare.


You have over 200,000 followers on YouTube ‘ How does that feel?


Sometimes it can be overwhelming-like right now when I’m forced to think about it. But for the most part it just feels normal! YouTube is such a huge part of my life and being involved in something so interactive is incredible!


Did you ever think your blog and YouTube channel would take off like it did?


When I started my blog and YouTube channel I didn’t really have an end goal in sight. I started because it was fun and I wasn’t really thinking about numbers and statistics. I think it’s the type of thing that is always growing and changing, so I can’t say I ever really thought about it, but I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given through YouTube.


Who are your favourite beauty bloggers?


Don’t make me choose! I’ve always loved my friend Gemma’s blog www.gemsmaquillage.com and I also love nouvelledaily.com for a little mix of everything


What’s your favourite fragrance and why?


My all-time favourite fragrance is ChloǸ EDP because I think it’s so soft and feminine without being overpowering. It’s a very old-hollywood glamour scent that makes me feel a lot more chic than I actually am! I have so many lovely memories attached to this scent and I think it will be my number one for years to come!


What’s your favourite beauty trend for A/W 13?


I’m not sure if these are official trends, but I am loving either very nude nails or very dark nails. When I’ve had enough nude I go for a dark blood red shade and then go running back to a pale pink.




If you could only live with one make-up product, what would it be?


Just one? Probably a brow-pencil because good eyebrows completely transform the face.


What’s your holy grail beauty product?


I cannot live without a good lip balm. My favourite one is by Nuxe and it’s called Reve de Miel. It’s the moist hydrating product I’ve ever used and I apply it every night before bed.


What products are you currently loving?


I’m loving the YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation, The NARS Creamy Concealer and cream blushes!


What’s on your Christmas wish list?


I have my eye on the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette which has three gorgeous powders inside, so I hope Santa is reading this!


If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?


Most people who are familiar with my YouTube channel will already know that my answer is going to be BeyoncǸ! I adore BeyoncǸ and I would love to soak up some of her fierce personality…and maybe pick up some dance moves.

Get The Look – The Halloween Zombie

Get The Look – The Halloween Zombie

Halloween is fast approaching and we bet you’re either dusting off your old costumes or getting ready to majorly scare someone this Hallow’s Eve.The popular TV series, ‘The Walking Dead’ is back this month with a new series, so we thought what better time to talk about all things Zombie! Here at Fragrance Direct, we decided to bring a little bit of glamour to one of the most popular Halloween make-up looks ‘ The Zombie. And how can we possibly add glamour to this frightening look? Read on to find out!



We asked beauty blogger Jayne, to show us how to create the Zombie make-up look using Fragrance Direct products that you can use and keep for when the Halloween festivities are over. With her blog takeover, she’ll be telling you how to recreate this popular Halloween look. When I started the Zombie make-up look, I thought I’d make it a little different and base it on a pin-up girl, so that we can still achieve the terrifying look while still being a little bit feminine!

Maybelline Foundation

Step 1

When starting out on any on zombie make-up look you need a death-like pale base. Combining both Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation in the shade ‘Cameo’ with the Dainty Doll Concealer Pen in the shade ‘It’s A Kind Of Magic’. I was able to begin all of my designs on an even base of pale skin. I evenly blending these two products together and generously applied it all over my face to give me that ‘dead’ look. It’s best to do this with your fingers or a sponge, if you have one!

Step 2

Rimmel Scandaleyes
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Stick in the shade ‘Blackmail’ proved to be invaluable when it came to shading and adding depth to gaunt cheeks and eye-sockets. You don’t want to use this too heavily. Start off slowly and gently shade in areas under the eyes and along the cheek bones to really achieve that ‘dead’ look.

Step 3

W7 Eyeliner

Line the lips with W7 Automatic Felt Eyeliner in the shade ‘Black’. I generously outlined my lips to make them stand out across the rest of the make-up look. I also used this to greatly fill in my eyebrows, making them look dark and exaggerated!

Rimmel Apocalips

To fill in the lips, I used Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in the shade ‘Across The Universe’. I generously applied this all over the lips to double up as both glossy lips and oozing dripping blood. Be generous with this ‘ I even applied a bit on the neck, just to get the real Zombie effect!

Step 4
And then it came to the ‘wounds’. For me, this is the most important part of any Zombie make-up look. For minor detailing and definition, I used the W7 Automatic Felt Eyeliner to begin drawing the fake wounds onto my face. Using the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer again, I filled in the wounds with this deep red shade to really make them look prominent. For a little bit of added fun, I used the W7 eyeliner to add a small beauty spot just under the eyes ‘ Who doesn’t love a ‘pretty’ zombie! The pin up zombie look also required a lot of TLC in order to look glamorously undead.

Maxfactor Mascara

Step 5

Maxfactor Masterpiece High Definition Mascara in the shade ‘Black’ worked perfectly to give the look that feminine charm it required, accentuating my lashes and giving them the ‘wide eyed’ look.

Constance Carroll

Step 6

Using the Constance Carroll 9 Colour Eye Shadow Palette, I was able to shade my skin to different variations of green and blue. I did this by mixing shades together and then applying it over the foundation I applied earlier.

And there you have it ‘ The ‘Pin-up Zombie Look’. All in all the make-up which I used to create my zombie faces could double up perfectly on any night out as well as being used to transform you into the undead so even when Halloween has been and gone, you can use these products for your everyday make-up routine!

Will you be trying this hair raising look? What are you dressing as this Halloween? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Sophie’s Picks – The Bestsellers Edit

Sophie’s Picks – The Bestsellers Edit

I can’t believe its October already! Where is this year going? With Christmas on its way, we’re selling fragrances and cosmetics at rapid speed so this month, I thought I’d give you a quick run down of our best sellers that Fragrance Direct customers can’t get enough of. With a mix of men and women’s products, now might be the perfect opportunity to start putting your Christmas wish list together!

CK One

Calvin Klein CK One

It isn’t a surprise that Calvin Klein CK One made its way onto our best seller list this month. This is the original Calvin Klein fragrance which can be worn by both men and women, making it a great unisex fragrance for this winter. CK One has always been one of our best selling fragrances and I think it will continue to be for years to come!

Bourjois Mascara

Bourjois Une Casual Volume Mascara

Bourjois Une strike again with this casual volume mascara that gently helps to build up lash length and volume. The formula contains natural waxes so that your lashes are protected and nourished when you apply this product. I must admit, I have this mascara in my make-up bag and I’ve been using it non-stop since I got my hands on it. It’s great for achieving an every day eye make-up look and I’m not surprised it’s made its way into our best sellers list.

Creative Colours Nail Polish Set

Creative Colours 8 Pack Nail Polish Set

If there’s one thing I love more than nail polish, it’s eight nail polishes! This Creative Colours 8 Pack Nail Polish set has every shade you need for any occasion. It also makes an excellent stocking filler of secret Santa present this festive season. Also, each nail polish is mini in size so you can easily throw them into your handbag and take them with you so you can do a quick touch up whenever you need to!

L'Oreal Anti Dandruff Shampoo

L’Oreal Elvive Anti Dandruff Intensive Shampoo

We all suffer with dandruff, whether we like to admit it or not and I suspect this is the reason why this L’Oreal Anti Dandruff shampoo is on our best sellers list. It’s great for combating those flakes that just won’t go away. It also contains an ingredient called active selenium S which soothes your scalp and leaves your hair looking healthy. It has everything you could want from a daily shampoo.

One Direction Our Moment

One Direction Our Moment

As soon as One Direction announced that they were releasing a fragrance, I just knew this would quickly make its way onto our best sellers list. You can’t help but love One Direction and their first fragrance is intensely sweet and feminine. I was so happy when we started selling this scent as realistically, it’s the only way I’ll ever really be able to get close to One Direction!

Joop Homme

Joop Homme

Don’t be fooled by Joop Homme’s pink bottle ‘ It actually is for men! And it’s obviously doing well with our male customers as its found itself on the best sellers list for this month. This is quite an oriental scent and smells of orange blossom and vanilla which I find really nice. It’s strong but not too overpowering so if you’re wondering what to get your boyfriend/dad/brother this Christmas, this might be one for the ideas list!

Nino Cerruti

Nino Cerruti 1881

This is a classic fragrance for women and one I’m thinking of treating my mum to this Christmas (sorry if you’re reading this mum!). It was launched in 1995 and since then, it’s always been a fragrance that had a reputation for being stylish and affordable. This is a floral scent that is perfect for everyday wear.

Will you be trying any of our best sellers? Let us know by leaving a comment below!