Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa Gifts

Everyone loves Secret Santa, but finding a gift for the person you’ve drawn can be a tricky business. If you don’t know them well, or you’ve got someone who’s hard to buy for, a little gift inspiration can help pull you out your funk. So, read on and see what we have in store for under £20, so you can surprise people with top gift ideas in your Secret Santa.

Whether you’re close to the person you’re buying for well or not, you can easily find a gorgeous perfume to impress. If you’re a little unsure of their taste, go for an all-time favourite, like Laurelle Parfums Femme Eau de Parfum , or Nino Cerruti 1881 Eau de Toilette Spray. You can find top fragrances like this for anywhere between £5 and £20, so there’s something for every budget.


For men
Gifts for men can be particularly difficult to pin down, but a popular fragrance can be a great option. You can pick out top-selling aftershaves and colognes for your budget too. If they’re younger, something like Calvin Klein In2U Him Eau de Toilette Spray, or Joop Go Eau de Toilette Spray can work a treat. Or if they’re mature, modern types there’s best-sellers like Laurelle Parfums Executive Man Aqua EDT Spray, and Nino Cerruti 1881 Homme Eau de Toilette Spray.


Beauty treats
The winter season is the time to take extra care of your skin, and beauty Christmas gifts will always be well received. Balance Vitamin C Power Serum will boost a tired complexion, and Anatomicals It’s Alcatraz For Spots Purifying Face Mask is the perfect post-party antidote. For men, pick out items like the clever L’OrǸal Men Expert Cool Power Anti-Perspirant.


Makeup and more
Looking lovely is top priority over the Christmas period, and you can help a friend out by buying some makeup treats for their Secret Santa present. Calvin Klein’s CK One Volumising Mascara will give eyelashes a pick-me-up, and Bourjois Aqua Blush is a perfect handbag essential. Or, other Christmas gifts for her a gift set like NYX Intense Butter Lip Gloss Set is a great all-in-one present.


Christmas Gifts for Her

Christmas Gifts for Her

Need a helping hand with presents this Christmas? Our beauty and fragrance collections make finding the perfect present a cinch. To get you started, we’ve jotted down a few ideas based on our favourite products. So, whether she’s younger or older, loves a perfume or sumptuous beauty products, we have something in store.

Indulgent gift sets

If she has a signature scent, or even if you’d like to surprise her with something new, a gift set can be just the thing. You’ll be spoilt for choice with gift ideas from big brands like Gucci and Calvin Klein. But never fear, if that sounds like too much of a mission, you can narrow the selection down by budget and go from there. Lovely gift sets include the Calvin Klein Eternity gift set with perfume and body lotion, and Marc Jacobs Decadence gift set.


Favourite fragrances

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful fragrance when it comes to Christmas present ideas. If you know what she loves, you can impress her by buying her all-time favourite. Or, be bold and get something you think she’ll be wowed by and hasn’t tried yet. Ultra-sexy, feminine fragrances to top our list include Gucci Rush Eau de Toilette, and YSL Mon Paris Eau De Parfum. Or, for a some easy-to-wear scents, there’s Boss Orange Eau de Parfum spray, and the classy Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pure EDT.


Must-have make-up

It doesn’t get any better than finding a few lush make-up products in your present collection. Little Christmas gifts for her include beauty products for the face, eyes, lips, and nails. You can get your hands on some of the latest products from the biggest brands for a bargain too. For a clue of what’s on offer, you can get L’Oreal Infallible Lip Gloss in a shade to suit her. Or, bundle together a few essentials, like Rimmel’s Special Eyes Precision Eye Liner, or cute nail must-haves from Essie, like their Ridge Filling Base Coat.


Swanky electricals

For something a little different, check out the trendy and useful Christmas gifts in the electricals section. There’s everything for her to stay polished and pretty head to toe. Take the cool Lee Stafford Coco Loco Hairdryer for starters, and the Magnitone GoBare! Rechargeable Lady Shaver in pink.


5 Minutes with Jean Paul Gaultier

5 Minutes with Jean Paul Gaultier



The new John Paul Gaultier Essence De Parfum has just launched, with updated scents for the ever popular Classique and Le Male. We wanted to see what the inspiration was behind the brand and what perfume means to the man himself; Jean Paul Gaultier.

1. What is Perfumery for you? What does its universe embody?
Parfumerie is a bit like Aladdin’s cave for me. There are so many elements, discoveries’ I have been experimenting with new fragrances for more than 20 years now, pushing the limits in this fascinating field. There are endless possibilities.

2. Is there a link between Haute Couture and Perfume?
Of course. Perfume is the first article of clothing it sets the pace of a look. And there is a vast savoir-faire in both fields. On both sides, there is a continual search for new shapes and new scent. And it is in this savoir-faire that both couture and perfume find their fulfilment.

3. What is most difficult when launching a perfume brand?
The most difficult thing is probably staying true to one’s own universe and to oneself. And to succeed in translating one’s values and obsessions into perfume. It is only by being in this state of mind, and thanks to savoir-faire, that one can reconcile both universes.

4. Not all fashion houses have a savoir-faire in perfumery, why did you choose to embrace this domain?
My DNA is to innovate and to be at odds with conventional ideal of beauty ‘ I always wanted to show more than one side of beauty. In my perfumes, I want to keep this irreverence and keep looking for a divergent beauty.

5. Once scent you like on other people?
The smell of freshness.

6. One scent you do not like on yourself?
A scent that would be too invasive.

7. An olfactory memory that transports you?
The smell of rice powder in theatres. It reminds me of the magical world I discovered at 6, when my grandmother took me to a show at the Theatre du Chatelet. It was like breaking through an all-new world, full of magic and poetry.

8. A childhood smell?
My grandmother’s boudoir.

9. What are the necessary qualities to appreciate a perfume?
A sense of surprise, an olfactive memory, like an image that appears in your head when you smell the perfume. I am a very visual person and scents trigger images in my head.

10. Do you think that women are more faithful to their men or to their perfume?
It is a good thing to be faithful, but it is also good to change. To each their own.

11. One word to describe JPG Perfumes?
Innovating, surprising, savoir-faire and punk attitude.

12. To whom is this beautifully designed body perfume addressed to?
Bodies evolve and so do perfumes. After more than 20 years of existence, they needed a new body and new look.

13. Your favourite quote about perfume?
‘When we talk about Belle Parfumerie, it does not always mean natural and raw materials’

You can get the new John Paul Gaultier Essence De Parfum here.